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Can I Find Someone By Social Security Number

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Reasons You May Not Find Your Ancestor

How to Find Someone By Social Security Number
  • The person who entered the information into the database may have made typographical or other errors. The information may also have been incorrectly recorded during the initial application process. This was especially true when Social Security numbers were first issued and involved a multi-step application process with an opportunity for errors at each step.
  • Many of the records prior to 1962 were never added.
  • Your ancestor’s death may have never been reported to the Social Security Administration.
  • It may be possible that your ancestor did not have a Social Security card. Many occupations prior to 1960 were not eligible for social security enrollment.

How To Freeze Social Security Number Transunion

To freeze your balance by mail, send a request to TransUnion LLC, Box 2000, Chester, PA 19016. You must include your legal name, address, date of birth, and Social Security Number, as well as copies of documents proving your identity. and address, e.g. driver’s license, passport, utility bills, etc.

How To Keep Your Social Security Number Secure

  • Suggest an alternative form of identification. If a company or organization asks for your social security number, please provide your driver’s license number.
  • Ask why and how the citizen service number is managed. Ask questions if the company insists.
  • Leave the card at home.
  • Destroy mail and documents containing personal data.
  • Do not use your citizen service number as a password.

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Where Can I Find The Social Security Application Form

Updated October 22, 2019 in SS5, en application used shape to register for you. SSocial Security The program can be an excellent genealogy resource for studying ancestors who died after 1936. application for a copy of your ancestor s Records, you have to find them first Social Security Death rate.

Get A Social Security Statement

Social Security Number Search

The Social Security Administration maintains an online service that lets you find out what you have paid into Social Security, how many hours of work your employers have reported each quarter, and what your expected benefits would be if you were to retire or go on disability in the near future.

You may think that would be wonderful since the worker reporting hours to your Social Security account is moving you closer to vesting your Social Security benefit, but in fact, you can have your expected Social Security payments greatly reduced if someone is reporting low-wage labor to your account. So you want to clear up any double-dipping of your Social Security account.

Requesting your statement is straightforward. You will need to create a my Social Security account if you dont already have one. You can access the sign-in/account creation page here. Once logged in, you can request a Social Security statement to print out from your account. If you prefer a low-tech approach, you can fill out a request form and mail it in, and get a statement mailed to you in 4 to 6 weeks.

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What Are The Rules For Social Security Numbers

A valid SSN or ITIN will be accepted for the System Social Security Number fields. These fields confirm the entry according to the following rules: A NULL value is invalid. The entry must be all numbers. The entry must be 9 numbers long … For SSN: the first character cannot be 9, unless the fourth digit is 9 or 7 .

How To Report A Problem With Your Social Security Number

report Social Security Fraud by phone, email and SMS via a special online form. The caller or sender says there is a problem with you Social Security number or account. Any call, text or email with the request to Pay a Fines or debts on store gift cards, bank transfers, prepaid debit cards, internet currency, or money sent by post.

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What Can I Look Up With A Social Security Number

The answer to this question is: Endless Information. If you Search SSN by Name and Address or even if you just have a name and state of last residence, you can access a wealth of information. Try this search for yourself now. The preliminary results are free.

Through our partnership with USA Trace delivers our Customers Industry-Leading data by combining over 43 Billion Verified Public Records giving you the most comprehensive Background, Criminal, People, Marriage and Divorce Checks available Online.

  • Any Creditors

How To Match A Social Security Number With A Name

How To Find Someone’s Social Security Number | Lookup SSN by Name

Social security numbers can be matched with a name by using an FCRA approved background check or approved credit check. Social security numbers are issued by the Social Security Administration and have become the main identifier for US taxation and other official purposes. SSNs are used as a way of verifying identity for things like background checks, tenancy, bank loans, and credit purposes. There are only select authorized purposes for requesting this information and they almost always require the approval of the person being researched.

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How Much Does It Cost To Freeze Credit

In most other states, reimbursements are prohibited under certain circumstances. The typical cost of a loan freeze is $10. Removing the gel also costs $10. Since there are three major credit bureaus that charge $10 each, the total cost of freezing all three files is $30 and the same. cost to remove the freeze.

Narrow List Of Results

If your search returns a long list of results, we recommend adding the following criteria, if known, in this order:

1. First Name or First Initial – If you are not sure of the entire first name, type an initial or the first few letters in the First Name field. If you are not sure of the subject’s proper name, try using a variation of the name.

2. State – Entering a state narrows the results to subjects living in that state.

3. City – Entering a city, in addition to the state, further narrows the results to subjects living in the specified city and state.

4. County– Entering a county and state, further narrows the results to subjects living in the specified county. If you just enter the county name, the results will include subjects living in the requested county for all states.

5. Middle Name or Initial – If your results return multiple listings with the same first and last name, add the Subject’s middle name or initial. Remember that some records do not contain middle names or initials and will be excluded.

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Is Valid Us Social Security Number

According to the US government, the current Social Security number is divided into three groups: a 3-digit group, a 2-digit group, and then a 4-digit group. The first 3 digits are assigned to states, territories or groups of people. You start with 001 , and is currently going up 772 … (Although many of these higher numbers were technically not used.

How To Find People By Social Security Number

5 steps to apply for Social Security Number SSN �

Since there is a lot of identity theft, a lot of people are frequently trying to find ways of how to do social security searches free. There are plenty of reasons why a person would like to conduct a social security search.

It could be because they are trying to verify whether a social security number given by a potential employee is authentic or not. You could also be compiling data for your family and history and have a social security whose identity you dont know. To find out the bearer of a social security number you can go to

You can also join a private investigative membership to get access to a search database used by private investigators. By joining you will be able to conduct your social security search free .

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How To Call Social Security

Method 4 of 4. Contact Social Security outside the United States. Download the Meet Up article from your local embassy. The United States has embassies all over the world. Write to the Social Security Department. Even if you or one of your family members receives a benefit and you want to apply for it, write to this address. Contact social security by phone. Use another online social security service to resolve your issue.

With A Social Security Number

Interestingly enough, the Social Security Administration, which is responsible for social security number, won’t provide you with information from a social security number, even if what you’re looking for is public record. Your best bet is to instead head to the United States Association of Professional Investigators’ website, which contains links to databases where you can research people using their social security numbers.

You might also consider hiring a private investigator, which you can also do through the USAPI website. A private investigator has resources to help you locate an individual starting with just a social security number, though any other information you might have on him would also be helpful.

If the person you’re searching for is deceased, or you suspect she might be deceased, you can use her social security number to dig up information using the Social Security Death Index on The index contains nearly 100 million records on people whose deaths were reported to the Social Security Administration, and you can use the index to find out where the person of interest died and where she might be buried, if that’s the aim of your search.

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What Can You Do With Someone’ s Social Security Number

The social security number can be used to: get access to a victim’ s tax returns and government benefits such as Social Security contributions, disability checks, or unemployment benefits. The victim may not be aware of the stolen tax refund until the state tax authorities or the IRS informs them that their own tax return is a duplicate.

How To Check If Someone Else Is Using Your Social Security Number

Finding Personal Information : How to Find Someone By Social Security Number

CassandraRead more May 5, 2021

The rise of technology has brought new threats to your personal data and its security. Identity theft is a crime that strikes at the heart of a modern citizens wealth, employment, social services, and more. Our identity specifically, the electronically-encoded identity that serves as the gateway to our bank accounts, to our home security systems, to our e-mail and network resources can be stolen by unscrupulous people and used for crimes great and small.

At best, an identity thief may use part of your identity as the launchpad for some phony persona that they are using to commit acts of fraud and light scams. At worst, they can drain your bank accounts, destroy your credit rating, and wipe out your hard-earned retirement benefits. Identity theft is not a minor crime in 2018, more than 60 million Americans reported that they were affected by identity theft.

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How Can I Find My Childs Social Security Number Online

You probably will not be able to find your childs number anywhere online. If you have claimed them as a dependent on your previous tax returns, you will be able to find their SSN there. If not, then you will need to contact the Social Security Administration so that they can advise you on the proper steps for requesting a replacement card for your child.

What Can Someone Do With Your Social Security Number

Any website, business or information database is vulnerable to hackers. When data breaches occur, hackers often try to steal people’s personal information in order to sell or use it. This also includes the person’s social security number. If the information is stolen, it is no longer possible to recover it.

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Finding Your Social Security Number

If you have a Social Security Number, you can find it on your Social Security card. Some other places that you can find your SSN are on tax returns, W-2s and bank statements. You may even find it on previously filed USCIS forms. However, if you do not have an SSN, you may generally answer N/A in the space provided on USCIS forms. Most individuals with nonimmigrant visas do not have Social Security numbers.

You may also be able to recover your SSN from an employer. Employers generally keep Social Security information on file. Check with your employer to obtain a copy of the number.

How Do You Check Your Social Security Number Online

SSN Reverse Lookup
  • Access the E-Verify website. E-Verify is a system monitored and falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Interior Security account Social Security Work permit numbers .
  • Read and approve the terms of use and Information about data protection.
  • Enter your identifying information.
  • Review and confirm your details.

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Free And Commercial Sites

If you have no luck with the SSA, you can also find people through their SSN online through free and paid services. Many of these services are commercially run, but with a little research, you can find some government- and family-run services as well. Be careful to research the site to ensure that it offers a credible service, as giving away an SSN may lead to identity theft.


When Is It Legal To Find Someones Social Security Number


You may think that it sounds more like a plan for identity theft that legal and lawful behavior, but there are times when youll need to find someones security number.

3 Legal Reasons to Find Someones SSN:

How do you know if your situation counts as one of those times?

1. Someone owes you money

Lets say your exs child support payments arent coming in like theyre supposed to. If all of your other tactics to get him to pay have failed, youre well within your legal rights to find his Social Security number and use it to garnish his wages.

Searching for SSNs isnt just for child support evaders, though. Youve also got the law on your side if youre going to use the information to recover civil judgments and other debts that are owed to you.

2. You need to send a 1099

Did you know that if you turn in a 1099 without your freelance employees Social Security number on it, it counts as an incorrect 1099 which opens you up to a sea of questions, penalties, and headaches from the IRS? In fact, you can be fined up to $50 every time you dont include a Social Security number on a 1099 form!

So, what happens if your freelance employee wont give it to you?

You dont have to sit around and wait for the IRS to punish you. Instead, you can search for his SSN on your own. That way, your form wont be incorrect or incomplete.

3. You need to prove someone is on active military duty

So, if youre in one of these situations, what do you do next?

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    How Do You Get Your Ssn

    How to have? Your Social Security Card method 1 of 4: Order a new original card. We collect the necessary documents. Method 2 of 4. Buy a new card. Follow all the steps in the first method. Method 3 of 4: Request a new card after changing your name. Follow all instructions for the first method. Method 4 of 4. Buy a card for your child. Know when to apply for the card.

    How Can I Verify My Social Security Number

    How to Find Someone’s Social Security Number?

    Employers, organizations, or outside applicants can verify Social Security Numbers only for payroll reporting purposes. Social Security Verification Service This free online service allows registered users to verify that the names and social security numbers of hired employees match Social Security records.

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    What Can You Do With Someone’ S Social Security Number Search

    Before we get into how to perform a background SSN search, an online SSN search, or the details of a Social Security search, let’s take a look at what the SSN actually is and what it’s used for: What is Social Security? security? Number? The Social Security Number is a unique number assigned by the government to every U.S. citizen.

    How Old Do You Have To Be To Get A Social Security Number

    As they have explained, they can to find Social Security Rooms because they have access to major credit bureaus. they only match the name and address you provided. Remember that your subject must be over the age of 21 and have an established credit history . 6. How much does it cost? To Find Someones Social Security Number ?

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    How To Find Social Security Number Of A Deceased Person

    There are 2 ways you can use when you want to find someones social security number. When you are looking for a living person you will need to use private investigative methods. But when you are looking for a deceased person you will have to look up the name at places like Rootsweb.

    Finding a deceased persons social security number can be helpful when doing a family tree research. The Social Security Death Index contains records of deceased persons. Let us take a look at how to do social security searches free.

    There are a lot of websites that allow you to conduct Social Security Death Index searches for free. You will start by entering the name of the person first name, middle name or initial. After hitting the submit button you will be given a list of results with that name and the social security numbers.

    Since this search produces a lot of results you will have to do an advanced search by clicking on the advanced search button. The advanced search will help in narrowing your search results.

    Social security number searches helps employers in finding out if the person with a certain number is really the owner of it. Since identity theft is quite pervasive nowadays it is possible for a person to be in possession of a social security number that does not belong to them.

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