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Can Social Security Pay For Assisted Living

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Can Social Security Pay For Assisted Living

Using social security to pay for assisted living

7/24/2020 | By Seniors Guide Staff

For most seniors, the cost of assisted living is more than what they receive from Social Security. According to Genworths 2020 Cost of Care survey, the average monthly cost of assisted living is $4,300, or $51,600 per year. Where you live matters, though. The cost of living in an assisted living facility varies in different parts of the United States. In Missouri, the average monthly cost is $3,000, or $36,000. In Arkansas, expect to pay, on average, $3,500 per month, or $42,000 annually. On the other end of the scale, New Hampshires assisted living facilities cost, on average $6,650 per month , and New Jerseys average monthly cost is $6,650 .

Does Medicaid Pay For Assisted Living Communities

Your parent would qualify for Medicaid if they have a low income and few assets besides their home. Medicaid is funded partly by the government and partly by the states. Thats why qualifications for an individual to receive this type of coverage varies.

Many people wonder about Medicaid assisted living coverage. Almost all state Medicaid programs will cover some assisted living costs for eligible residents. However, similar to Medicare, Medicaid does not pay for the cost of living in an assisted living community.

For qualified seniors, Medicaid does pay for these assisted living services:

  • Nursing care
  • Medical exams

Get The Best Social Security Disability Lawyer In Your Town

A lawyer can help you win Social Security disability benefits. If youre not able to work because of a disability, Social Security disability benefits might be available to you. If youre approved, Social Security disability benefits can help pay for the basics, like food and housing, while youre waiting for your disability claim to be processed. You can apply for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income . The Social Security Administration determines whether you meet the eligibility requirements for Social Security disability. If you do, the SSA will then decide how long your benefits will last. If you qualify for SSDI benefits, you may be able to get Medicare after two years.

Hire a Social Security disability lawyer who will stand by you through the entire application process. The process is difficult enough without having to worry about your case falling through the cracks or missing deadlines. Thats why you need to find a great lawyer to handle your Social Security Disability application for you.

There are many types of options to choose from when it comes to living arrangements. Assisted living is an option for many people who need some help, but dont need 24/7 care. If this sounds like the kind of solution you need, contact us today at 502-7959. Well be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Contact or for any help you need with elderly care! Visit our blog for more related articles.

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What Is Supplemental Security Income

Over 8 million people have received federally administered Supplemental Security Income payments. The SSI program is administered by the Social Security Administration and was formed to assist older adults, those who are blind, and those who have a disability and have little or no income.

Its important to note, while Social Security is paid from Social Security taxes and is based on the number of years worked, SSI is financed by general funds of the U.S. Treasury. This means SSI benefits are not based on your work history.

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What Are The Housing Vouchers

Can Social Security Pay for Assisted Living?

Formerly known as Section 8, the housing choice voucher program specializes in assisting very low-income families, the elderly, and the disabled, all of whom have found housing that meets the requirements of the program. These vouchers are offered by public housing agencies to families who have found suitable housing units, which meet minimum standards of health and safety. These units can include the familys current residence .


The familys income should not exceed 50% of the median national/metropolitan income. However, preference will be given to those whose incomes do not exceed 30% . Income limits can be found by visiting the Office of Policy Development and Research at .


The waiting list for housing vouchers is long, with far greater demand than the supply can sustain. As such, HAs to prioritize homeless families, families paying more than 50% of income for rent, and involuntarily displaced families.


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Who Can Get Medicaid Assistance For Assisted Living

While the federal government requires Medicaid to cover low-income adults over 65, as well as those who are blind or have a disability, states themselves get to decide what criteria to use to determine someones eligibility.

Requirements are typically based on someones resources, but states have different thresholds for how much a person can have in savings or assets before enrolling in Medicaid. In some cases, states will adjust those thresholds to account for dependents or spouses who dont require assisted living. Even so, seniors generally have to deplete almost all of their savings before being eligible to receive assisted living benefits through their states Medicaid program.

Visit or your states Medicaid website for more information on eligibility requirements and how to enroll.

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What Is An Active Senior Housing

This housing option offers a more relaxed service and caters to the self-sufficient senior . Amenities like full-sized gyms, swimming pools, and cafeterias with dining plans are provided, as well as transportation to offsite activities like shopping, hiking, and visits to museums. Because of the all-inclusive nature of this housing, residents can pay upwards of the mid-six figures just to buy into the facility, let alone the $3,000 monthly expenses for rent. Because this housing appeals to active seniors, bedridden residents may be required to seek other housing options.

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How To Afford Assisted Living On Social Security: Supplemental Options

Social Security is an earned benefit that can help fund a portion of your residence at an assisted living facility.

If you dont qualify for SSDI or SSI, consider the following supplemental options that, used in combination with Social Security, can help cover the remaining assisted living costs:

  • Savings

  • Personal investments

  • Proceeds from the sale of a home

In addition to these various options, many states also provide optional state supplements that can help make assisted living affordable.

Covering Assisted Living Costs With Social Security Benefits


Seniors that decide to use their social security to pay for assisted living should also note that it may not be enough to cover the entire expenses. This would mean that you would have to depend on other means of help. Lets explain why.

The national median cost of assisted living, according to Genworths Cost of Care Survey for 2019, was $4,051 per month, or $48,612 annually. However, these costs may vary depending on the type of services offered at the facility and the location of the facility as well.

On another note, on average, a senior that is retired receives at least $1,503 monthly or $18,036 annually. Couples on average receive $2,045 monthly. There are many deciding factors that come into play when it comes to the amount each senior will receive for social security benefits such as their lifetime earnings. The age that a senior retires also plays an important role in the amount of benefits he or she will receive. The longer a person works, the more benefits they will receive for social security.

With this being said, the amount on average that a person can receive each month in social security benefits still does not come near to the cost of assisted living facilities on average.

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Is Your Social Security Disability Case Under Review

If your living situation changes, the SSA may put your case under review. Don’t risk losing your SSI benefits. Contact a knowledgeable and experienced disability attorney for help navigating the case review process. The skilled disability attorneys at Keefe Disability Law will work with you to address your questions and concerns. Call our law office, or complete our online contact form.

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How Much Will The Average Social Security And Supplemental Security Income Payment Increase In 2022

Social Security

The estimated average for a retired worker will be $92 more beginning with their January payment, bringing the new average up to $1,657. The maximum monthly payment for those who reach full retirement age in 2022 will be $3,345.

Supplemental Security Income

The new federal payment standard for SSI monthly checks will be $841 for individuals and $1,261 for couples, an increase of $47 and $70 respectively.

More than 64 million Social Security beneficiaries will see their higher payments starting in January based on the Social Security Administrations payment schedule.

YES- increased prices are hard on people living on fixed incomes.The govt is aware & is cushioning for that. & next yr the Social Security – Supplemental Security Inc benefits will be increased 5.9%

Stephanie Ruhle

Beneficiaries can calculate their base rate by taking the gross amount that they receive each month, before deductions such as taxes and Medicare, and multiplying it by 1.059. Beneficiaries should take into account that for some Medicare premiums are set to increase in 2022 which will take a bite out of the 2022 COLA increase for Social Security benefits.

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Nursing Home Tax Deductions

Nursing home expenses and assisted living residents who are classified chronically ill can deduct expenses on their federal income tax returns. If an assisted living resident is suffering from Alzheimers Disease, the person has a chronic illness. But if the resident is in the ALF for some other reason and cannot get a doctor or nurse to certify chronic illness, the expense probably isnt deductible.

In order to qualify to the deduction under the Medical and Dental Expense Tax Credit, total medical-related expenditures for the year must be greater than 10% of income in 2019. Internal Revenue Service Publication 502 provides detailed information about medical deductions. Its a good idea to discuss whether you can take the deduction with a tax preparer or accountant, since tax rules change from year to year.

If you have long-term-care insurance that reimburses your costs at a nursing home or assisted-living facility, you wont deduct any money you receive from your taxes.

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How Much Does Assisted Living Cost

Does Social Security Pay for Assisted Living?

The monthly median cost of assisted living is $4,300 according to a Genworth Cost of Care Survey in 2020. Prices vary depending on location, the number of services, room type and community amenities.

At Tutera, youll find the resources and experts you need to effectively navigate your assisted living search. For decades, weve helped thousands of families find financial options for assisted living care that work for their budget. We can help you, too. For a discussion and a free financial assessment, please give us a call at 877-988-8372.

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How Much Does Medicare Pay For Assisted Living

Medicare will pay for 100% of the cost of care for up to 20 days in a qualified nursing facility and about 80% of the cost for up to 80 days more. Care should be for recovery after a hospital stay. Medicare does not cover any assisted living costs.

How much will Medicaid pay for assisted living? Costs can range from $ 2,000 to more than $ 6,000 per month, depending on the location. Medicare will not pay for this type of care, but Medicaid could. Almost all state Medicaid programs will cover at least some assisted living costs for eligible residents.

Rcfes: Supplemental Security Income

What is SSI?

Supplemental Security Income/State Supplementary Payment is a program funded by the federal and state governments to guarantee a minimum monthly income to single persons and couples who are aged , blind or disabled, and have limited income and resources. The resource limits are $2,000 for an individual and $3,000 for a couple. Certain resources are exempt, such as a car, and a house of any value, if it is the recipients primary residence. Countable resources over these limits will make a person or couple ineligible.

Eligibility for SSI also makes one eligible for Medi-Cal. Medi-Cal eligibility is a valuable resource because coverage includes hospital and nursing home care, as well as doctors care, home health, medications, Medicare deductibles and co-payments, and Part B premiums . Please remember: Medi-Cal still does not pay for residential care in California except on a limited basis through the Assisted Living Waiver .

What is the SSI Benefit Amount for a Person Living in an RCFE?

The SSI program has a special RCFE rate known as the Non-Medical Out-of-Home Care Rate that is higher than the regular SSI rate for persons living independently in homes or apartments.

The maximum NMOHC benefit as of 1/1/21 is $1,217.37 for an individual, and twice that amount for a couple living in the same RCFE .

How Much Can the Facility Charge Someone on SSI?

What Happens If Only One Spouse Needs Residential Care?

Will an RCFE Admit a Person Who is on SSI?

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What Happens To Your Monthly Income If You Go Into A Nursing Home

  • Home What happens to your monthly income if you go into a nursing home?

What happens to your monthly income if you go into a nursing home?

By Thomas V. Trainer and Brian R. Jenney

Unfortunately, we face an increasing risk of spending some part of our lives living in a nursing home. Most of us now know how expensive nursing homes are, $90,000 a year or more, and we know that few people have the resources to pay this for long. Absent planning, what typically happens is that the person who moves into a nursing home quickly spends down all his or her assets, and then, once impoverished, is put on the Medicaid program. What most of us dont know is what happens to ones monthly Social Security and pension checks once the person uses up all of his or her assets.

The basic rule is that all your monthly income goes to the nursing home, and Medicaid then pays the nursing home the difference between your monthly income, and the amount that the nursing home is allowed under its Medicaid contract. The only exception that always applies is that Medicaid will allow you to keep the first $60 of your money each month to pay for your Personal Needs, such as the beauty shop, or postage stamps, or for the phone in your room.

As with any rule involving Medicaid and health care, these exceptions can be tricky to understand, or use. If this is ever a concern of yours, please contact us, and well assist you in getting the help you need.

Does Social Security Disability Pay For Assisted Living

Social Security Administration announces cost of living increase

Disability benefits are paid through two federal programs:

  • Social Security Disability Insurance

  • Supplemental Security Income – Well discuss this further below.

  • SSDI is available for people who are not able to work because of a medical condition that is expected to last for at least one year.

    How much you can qualify for depends on the age when you became disabled and the number of years you were able to work before becoming disabled.

    To qualify for SSDI, you are required to pass two different earnings tests:

  • A recent work test which is based on the age when you became disabled and

  • A duration of work test that will determine the length of time you worked.

  • For example, if you become disabled at age 30, you will need to have worked at least 2 years to qualify for SSDI.

    If you or your family member believes you may qualify for SSDI, you can apply here.

    How much can you expect to receive in SSDI benefits?

    It depends and will vary from person to person because SSDI benefits are based on the average of lifetime earnings of the disabled individual, but the average is somewhere between $800 and $1800 per month.

    The amount of SSDI allotted each month can also be reduced if you collect other disability payments like workers comp or temporary state benefits.

    On the other hand, SSI and VA benefits will not affect your SSDI benefit amount.

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    Frightening Facts On Seniors And Social Security

    • For one in five Social Security beneficiaries, it’s their sole source of income
    • For one in three Social Security recipients, it accounts for 90% of their income
    • More than half of the beneficiaries depend on it for more than half of their income.
    Social Security Benefits Some more than Others

    it is more beneficial to some than others. For those who live to 100, it’s a bargain, as they will receive payouts for 35 years. However, some demographic groups have shorter life expectancies. For those who only live to 75, and have worked for 40 years of their lives to pay into the system, they are not able to pass a penny of their income on to their heirs.

    American Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefits

    Those seniors who have served in a war and their surviving spouses, 65 years and older, may be able to get a tax-free benefit called Aid and Attendance provided by the Department of Veteran Affairs. The program was created to offer financial aid to help with the costs of long-term care for those who need assistance with the activities of daily living. Depending on the veterans care needs and financial status, a veteran may be able to receive $2,170 or more a month for assisted living. Restrictions apply. The US. Department of Veteran Affairs has the information you need to see if you qualify.

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