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Can You Search Someone By Social Security Number

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More About The Social Security Death Index

How to Find Someone By Social Security Number

In 1935, Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act, which created a system of unemployment insurance, retirement benefits, and welfare programs. Since then, millions of Americans have applied for Social Security numbers to receive assistance. As part of the application process, they provided their name and birth date and kept their address current to receive benefit checks.

Heres how it works. When someone dies, a family member or funeral home typically reports it to the Social Security Administration , either to stop payment for the deceased or to request survivor benefits. The SSA enters this information into the death index. Note that most index records are for deaths after 1962, as the SSA began using a computer database that yearthough a few go back to 1937.

What Do The Nine Digits On A Social Security Card Mean

Lets take a look at what these nine digits mean. The first three digits are the Area Number. Just like the area code of your phone number places your geographical origin, Area Numbers represent where in the United States the person holding the Social Security Number was either born or received their card.

Can You Find Someone By Their Social Security Number For Free

Most social security number searches come at a cost and can only be performed for official purposes. The first three digits of social security numbers issued before 2011 known as the area numbers can tell you where a social security number has been issued and as its estimated that 50% of people spend their lives in the state where they were born thats a start. With a little more information such as a first and last name its much easier to find someone .

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What Is Social Security Number

Social media profiles come in quite handy when you need to find out someones basic information such as a birthday. Heres how you can do a birthday look up on social media.

The Social Security Number is the unique identity of every person living in the United States. It is a 9-digit code issued to every resident of the United States by the social security administration, SSA, of the government of the United States.

This number is mandatory to be issued to every person in the United States under section 205 of the Social Security Act, which is referred to as 42 U.S.C. It is widely used in everyday activities of the person. The person can be easily tracked with the help of SSN throughout the United States.

The system of Social Security Number was inaugurated in the year 1935 In the United States of America. John David Sweeny, Jr. of New Rochelle, New York, was the first person to receive a Social Security number in the history of the United States of America.

The scheme of SSN was well received by the citizens and a total of 25 million numbers got registered in a short span of three months. During its initial phase, 1,043 out of 45,000 post offices were nominated for social security number typing centers.

People will go to these post offices to apply for their social security number, which was then sent to the capital city of Washington D.C.

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How To Verify Information With Social Security Number

How do I check to see if someone is using my Social ...

There are many ways available on how to do social security searches for free. Free social security searches depend on the information that you are looking for. Some information cannot be obtained with a free search.

You can use A SSN to find a lot of information about that person. You can be able to verify the information you are looking for from free sites. You can also go to Social security online to find information about your employee. This site can only be used by employers. You do, however have to confirm that indeed you are a valid employer.

You will have to register the company by using the employer identification information. To find out whether the social security number the employees gave to you matches, you can submit the numbers and the names of your employees. You can only verify 10 names a day.

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It Can Generate A More Complete Address History And Expose Gaps

Candidates completing background check authorizations may intentionally or unintentionally neglect to include all historical addresses. A SSN trace fills in the blanks by generating a list of a candidates current and past addresses. In some cases, that list may be more complete than what was provided by the candidate. Having a more complete address history for a candidate allows background screeners to determine if it makes sense to conduct a criminal records search for additional locations beyond the candidates current county of residence. A SSN trace can also reveal gaps in a candidates address history, which may require additional research.

Types Of Social Security Cards

Four different classifications of Social Security cards are issued. Such cards are issued by geographic location to:

  • persons of natural birth within the territorial boundaries of any one of the member States of the United States of America
  • persons who become U.S. citizens by oath, or birth within the exclusive legislative or territorial jurisdiction of the U.S. government
  • persons who become U.S. permanent residents
  • persons with certain restrictions.
  • There are two restricted types of Social Security cards:

    • One reads “not valid for employment.” Such cards cannot be used as proof of work authorization, and are not acceptable as a List C document on the I-9 form.
    • The other reads “valid for work only with DHS authorization”, or the older, “valid for work only with INS authorization.” These cards are issued to people who have temporary work authorization in the U.S from the Department of Homeland Security — the nation’s border agency. They can satisfy the I-9 requirement, if they are accompanied by a work authorization card.

    The cards commonly display the cardholder’s name and number.

    The new SSN card design utilizes both covert and overt security features created by the SSA and GPO design teams.

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    What Is An Ssn

    Social security numbers are the main identifying number used for official government/legal transactions as well as on credit records consequently theres a wealth of information associated with a persons social security number . Typically, a lawyer, private investigator or credit agency can conduct an SSN search and get relatively fast public record results.

    However, these SSN searches are far from free and can only be run if you have one of the few approved, official purposes. In addition, they typically require consent from the person youre searching .

    Reasons People Use Social Security Numbers To Find Information

    How To Find Someone’s Social Security Number | Lookup SSN by Name

    Social Security was created in 1936 merely as a way to track U.S. workers wages and track how much Social Security they were entitled to. Over the years, Social Security has grown into much more than that, and now acts as an identification number. With the passage of the Freedom of Information Act of 1966, information on individuals became even easier to access. Employers may request it to verify employee and job applicant names and addresses. Apartment managers may use it to search for credit and crime records. Families may use it to reconnect with long-lost family members.

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    It Can Determine Applicable Criminal Record Searches

    Information returned from a SSN trace can be used to determine applicable criminal record searches. It is helpful to think of the SSN trace as a guide or an arrow it points to many other possible sources of information about a candidate. Whereas a single criminal records search will deliver results for a given name, a SSN trace amplifies those criminal search results by providing all the names and addresses for a specific SSN. That additional information can be used to conduct a more in-depth search of criminal record databases, possibly yielding a more complete search result.

    Why Social Security Number Is Worth Your Attention

    Everyone probably knows that your income is watched by the Internal Revenue Service, which monitors and regulates your taxes. Throughout your life, Social Security keeps a sort of ledger that records all of your income and tax payments. How many years you have worked and how much you have received in your life affects your monthly income after age 62.

    If you decide to find information about a person, it will be much easier to do it through their SSN. Basically, this information includes full name, date of birth, a missing persons address, phone number, location along background checks. Some services offer you even to check a persons connected phone numbers, linked email addresses, linked addresses, the record of death, linked details of relatives, and marriage background

    Below are the following categories for SSN search:

    • SSN Search for criminal records gives first name, middle name, last name, and first 3 digits of SSN
    • Public Record Search gives first name, middle name, last name, city , and state
    • Reverse Phone lookup gives the phone number in the format XXX-XXX-XXXX
    • Background check provides the first name, middle name, last name, city , and state

    In addition to all this, you can even find details of the property, criminal records, eviction data, any foreclosure information, bank loan information, mortgage history, and lender information.

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    Are Social Security Records Public

    Social security records are not public they are held by the Social Security office and can be retrieved from a local Social Security office or securely online using login information provided by the SSA. These records include earnings as well as estimates for various benefits, including disability, survivors and retirement benefits that the individual and/or their family may be entitled to.

    How To Get The Most Out Of A Ssn Trace Report

    Can I Use My Social Security Number as my EIN

    Running a SSN trace isnt just a matter of plugging a social security number into a database. In reality, its what you do with the information that makes for a more thorough background check. For example, experienced background screening analysts are able to examine SSN trace reports and determine the appropriate follow-up, helping to deliver information that improves the quality of the overall background check. Working with a reputable background screening partner can bring together technology and expert human analysis so that you can retrieve, decipher, and understand the information coming from a SSN trace report. Expert screening analysts can:

    • Determine what other data sources must be checked to verify data from a SSN trace report, including where its necessary to do a deeper dive, either in the form of additional research or additional court searches.
    • Identify appropriate next steps when a SSN trace produces few or no results. Analysts can request clarifying information from the candidate, and they can also help you determine if there are valid reasons for limited information, such as a newly issued SSN or suspected identity theft.

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    Can You Look Someone Up By Their Social Security Number

    Yes, you can look someone up by their social security number, but it depends on what youre trying to do. With a name and social security number, you can run background checks and check public records. If you only have a social security number with no name, you wont be able to do much more than verify that its an authentic SSN issued by the Social Security Administration.

    Your Social Security Card

    Whether youve lost your social security card or someone an acquaintance used the number, this is another common way that someone has obtained this information. Keeping your social security card safe, not keeping it in your wallet, and making sure that no one can get to it is another way to protect your identity.

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    What You’ll Find In Social Security Death Index Records

    The Social Security Death Index is a valuable place to learn more about your family. It lists birth date, death date, and where and when the Social Security number was issued.

    Once you locate your relative in the SSDI, you can order their Social Security application from the SSA, potentially unlocking new discoveries such as maiden name, birthplace, and parents names. The last address on record is where the SSA sent the final benefit check, so it’s likely where your relative was living when they died it could also be the address for the surviving spouse. This can help when you search other death records, leading you to the death certificate, funeral home record, or a more detailed biographical picture in an obituary.

    How To Find Someone By Social Security Number

    Finding Personal Information : How to Find Someone By Social Security Number

    There are several ways you can go about looking for someone you are interested in, including name, phone number, email address, and home address searches, but one of the best, most precise methods of determining whether you have found the right person is doing a Social Security Number search. Checking someones SSN is what government agencies, banks, and businesses do when performing thorough background checks because it provides an almost endless list of information about the subject of the search. If you too wish to find out as much as possible about someone and you happen to have their Social Security Number, here is what you need to know.

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    Ssns Used In Advertising

    Some SSNs used in advertising have rendered those numbers invalid. One famous instance of this occurred in 1938 when the E. H. Ferree Company in Lockport, New York, decided to promote its product by showing how a Social Security card would fit into its wallets. A sample card, used for display purposes, was placed in each wallet, which was sold by Woolworth and other department stores across the country the wallet manufacturer’s vice president and treasurer Douglas Patterson used the actual SSN of his secretary, Hilda Schrader Whitcher.

    Even though the card was printed in red and had “specimen” printed across the front, many people used Whitcher’s SSN as their own. The Social Security Administration’s account of the incident also claims that the fake card was half the size of a real card, despite a miniature card being useless for its purpose and despite Whitcher’s holding two cards of apparently identical size in the accompanying photograph. Over time, the number that appeared has been claimed by a total of over 40,000 people as their own. The SSA initiated an advertising campaign stating that it was incorrect to use the number . However, the number was found to be in use by 12 individuals as late as 1977.

    More recently, Todd Davis distributed his SSN in advertisements for his company’s LifeLock identity theft protection service, which allowed his identity to be stolen over a dozen times.

    What Does Your Social Security Number Say About You

    For the average American, the Social Security Number holds special significance. It follows you from birth to death and can act as a key to a variety of sensitive information bank accounts, tax returns, drivers license information, residences, etc. However, even though you likely know your social by heart, you probably dont know what those nine digits actually reveal. Todays blog explores the history and significance of the social security number and how the SSN is used in the background screening industry.

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    Can You Find Bank Accounts With Social Security Number

    Outside of the US Federal Government, it is not possible to search for bank accounts with just a social security number. The IRS receives information from bank accounts held by US citizens, which are linked to them using social security numbers. Participating banks across the world are required to collect this information from US citizens and to submit the information to the IRS. As social security numbers and bank account numbers are generally considered sensitive information, an individual is unlikely to be able to access this information through normal channels. There may be legal challenges that can be made to compel an individual bank to check, but there is no blanket way to check all banks.

    Use Cocofinder For Your Ssn Search

    Can You Buy SSN Online?

    CocoFinder is the perfect platform to find someone by Social Security Number whether that person is professional personnel, a government servant, or a security officer. You need to enter the SSN of the target person in the CocoFinder search bar and look up the details.

    Besides SSN, you can access the information of a person by simply typing in the first and the last name of that person. There is a minor drawback to this approach as two or more people can have the same names.

    The SSN is used to uniquely identify each person. CocoFinder also assists a person in gaining access to a specific persons background. CoCoFinder is a reliable service and guarantees the complete privacy of the user. It provides accurate results at an affordable price.

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    What Information Can You Get With An Ssn Search

    A Social Security Number is a unique 9-digit number issued to all US citizens by the federal Social Security Administration, enabling people access to all kinds of benefits. Considering that the SSN has become the main identifying number for US residents, performing an SSN search can reveal some of the following:

    • Full name
    • Mortgage and bank loan history
    • Property ownership
    • And much more

    Ssn Check And Use Case Examples:

    • Social Security Job Search

    .and many, many more.

    Whether youre trying to get a complete background check on someone or just trying to find their current location, its likely their social security number is linked in some way with the information you need.

    Originally intended solely for determining Social Security benefits, SSNs are now used by government agencies and businesses for contracts and other legal transactions. Everything from marriage records to lease agreements are generally registered with a social security number associated with it.

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