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Do Health Insurance Companies Need Your Social Security Number

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The Bottleneck: How Long The Credentialing Process Can Take

Who Needs Your Social Security Number?

All of this verification takes time even an exceedingly long time.

Under the most efficient circumstances, a physician can be credentialed to work at a hospital or credentialed and approved to be in-network for a health insurance company in 30 days. More often, the process takes 60 to 90 days. And on occasion especially with insurance companies it can take six months or more.

Susan Ward is the director of payor enrollment at Symplr. She explains that the process becomes complicated in part because each state has specific credentialing laws and regulations. The process can also take longer for recent medical school graduates as they wait for schools to confirm graduation, or for providers whove been sued for medical malpractice, as finding important details on the cases takes time, Ward explains.

In addition, many healthcare groups still use paper or email applications, which they complete and return via fax machines. Only after receiving this paperwork do credentialing employees input the information into computers.

What continues to amaze me, says Jon Larson, M.D., founder and CEO of credentialing service MedSpoke, is the number of hospitals still sending out paper packets and using fax machines. Its a trillion-dollar industry that still relies on fax machines heavily.

What Is Meant By Medical Necessity

Medical necessity means health care services that are consistent with the generally accepted principles of professional medical practice as determined by whether the service:

  • Is the most appropriate available supply or level of service for the insured in question considering potential benefits and harms to the individual
  • Is known to be effective, based on scientific evidence, professional standards, and expert opinion, in improving health outcomes or
  • For services and interventions that are not in widespread use: the justification of its use must be based on scientific evidence.

The DOI cannot make medical necessity determinations. If your claim was denied and your insurer is stating medical necessity as the reason, you can file an internal appeal with the insurer, and you can also request an external review by the Office of Patient Protection.

Is A Social Security Number Required To Apply For Individual Health Insurance

When any business entity or individual asks for your Social Security number, it can feel a bit intrusive and interrogative. It is essential to always ask why anyone, no matter what sort of organization they represent, needs to use your SSN and for what purpose. You have the right to question why your personal information is needed. Of course, your Social Security number is an integral part of your personal information and in the wrong hands, it can cause much damage.

In a highly protected setting bound by law, such as a health insurance company, there are certain requirements in order to gather information about prospective clients in the application process. In addition to your medical history, your Social Security number may be required by many insurers in order to complete your enrollment and verify your identity. However, it is technically optional.

According to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, health insurers and third-party administers who provide individual health insurance are unable to require your Social Security number. Nonetheless, the insurer or broker may turn you away for coverage if you do not provide one. If you are applying for a government-issued policy such as Medicare, your Social Security number is a necessary component in the application process.

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No You Don’t Have To Give Your Doctor Your Social Security Number

While no cybercriminal worth his salt would turn down a chance to get his hands on your information, theres an even bigger prize: your Social Security number, which cybersecurity experts say is now the single most valuable piece of information in terms of being able to steal your identity.

So if our Social Security numbers are such hot property, why do doctors routinely ask for them? The answer isnt particularly endearing: Your doctors office wants your Social Security number so it can better track you down if you dont pay your bill.

But no, you dont legally have to provide it unless you are a Medicare or Medicaid recipient.Nor should you, experts say. In fact, not even the American Medical Association wants you to.

Healthcare providers and others ask for your SSN because its easier for them to track unique individuals that way, said Mark Nunnikhoven, vice president of cloud research for TrendMicro, an information security company.

Given that Medicare/Medicaid covers roughly 35 percent of Americans, it may be that requesting the Social Security number from all patients is just more expedient for the doctor or hospital. But its certainly not best for patients, who may be exposing themselves to identity theft.

When asked for your SSN outside of legally required uses, push back.

– Mark Nunnikhoven of TrendMicro

Let your doctor know his own advocacy group discourages the practice.

Social Security Insurance Programs

Dont give your Social Security number at these places ...

The SSA administers a number of insurance programs. Although SSNs are used to streamline such programs, they are very complicated. Applicants are well-advised to hire experienced Phoenix Social Security disability lawyers to assist them. The largest such program, Federal Old-age, Survivors and Disability Insurance provides monthly cash payments to retirees based on their retirement age and lifetime earnings. Two health insurance programs, Medicaid and Medicare, are also administered by the SSA. SSNs are used extensively for all of these programs.

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Are Immigrants Without Social Security Numbers Eligible For Medical Insurance Through The Exchange

If you do not have a social security number, you may be able to use your tax identifying number or another type of document to prove you are a legal resident. Illegal immigrants without the proper identifying paperwork are not eligible for health insurance through the Marketplace.

If you are a lawfully present immigrant, you are eligible to get health insurance through the Healthcare Exchange Marketplace. Those with a green card, an eligible visa, certain refugees, or another type of temporary protected status qualify to enroll in a Marketplace plan. They will need to provide documents validating their immigrant status.

The necessary documents might include a permanent resident card, refugee travel documents, a foreign passport, or a certificate of eligibility for student status or visitor status.

Some immigrant families have members with mixed status, meaning that some are able to purchase medical insurance on the Health Care Exchange Marketplace with the proper documentation, while others are not. Illegal immigrants are able to apply for insurance for their dependent family members with lawfully present status.

Why Do Insurers Need Your Social Security Number

Upon being founded, the Social Security Administration established a system that required the use of nine-digit numbers for the purposes of identifying workers and to track the taxes they paid. As experienced Phoenix Social Security disability lawyers know, Social Security numbers, or SSNs, are now used by local, state and federal governments for a number of other purposes. Theyre also routinely used by insurers, banks and other financial institutions.

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Applying For A Social Security Number

Phoenix Social Security disability lawyers routinely assist individuals who dont have SSNs. If youre one of them, you will need to submit form SS-5 to the SSA along with original documents proving citizenship, identity and age. Even the most experienced Phoenix Social Security disability lawyers cant help you receive benefits if you dont have an SSN. Also, if your child is applying, you must provide the same documents for him or her and provide yours as well. Even if you hire the most seasoned Phoenix Social Security disability attorneys, not having an SSN will bring the whole application process to a halt.

Why Is My Health Insurance Company Asking For My Social Security Number

What to Do If You need Help with Your Social Security Business

The Affordable Care Act contains comprehensive health insurance reforms and includes tax provisions that affect individuals, families, businesses, insurers, tax-exempt organizations and government entities. To properly comply with these provisions it is now necessary for health insurance companies to record tax identifying information on each covered individual.

The Internal Revenue Service requirement for code section 6055, states insurance carriers must supply the IRS with key information on each covered individual. This information includes, but is not limited to, Name, Social Security Number or Taxpayer Identification Number , and the months in which a member had coverage. In addition, each plan subscriber must be sent a form 1095-B statement reflecting medical coverage held for themselves and their dependents, which will be used when filing their 2015 tax return.

Why are we notifying you?

We wanted to make you aware that your insurance company will be reaching out to you regarding Minimum Essential Coverage reporting and the need for the SSN/TIN for all covered individuals.

Also, if you sponsor an Employer group plan, you are responsible for reporting information to the IRS on who was covered under their group plan, per IRS code section 6056, and will also need valid SSN/TINs for each of their covered members.

What will your insurance company do?

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Why Life Insurance Companies Need Your Social Security Number

There are three main reasons life insurance companies require your SSN:

1. To confirm your identity and prevent fraudItâs one way to make sure you are who you say you are.

2. To check the Medical Information Bureau The Medical Information Bureau keeps records of all of your life insurance applications. It’s a cost-effective way of weeding out bad actors â like those who misrepresented themselves to another life insurance company â early on. The MIB uses Social Security numbers to track this information.

3. To check with any prescription drug databases in your stateIt’s not uncommon for an applicant to underestimate how a previous or managed health condition can affect the risk profile that the insurer uses to price a policy. Checking a prescription drug database is a quick way for the insurer to look for this sort of data that an applicant might honestly forget to mention.

4. To check your credit reportInsurance companies may also check your credit report for any recent bankruptcies or other anomalies on your credit report to help them estimate the level of risk.

Read more about your .

5. To check your criminal recordIf youâve indicated that you have criminal record in your past, the insurer might use your SSN to check whether there’s anything recent that could affect the risk profile.

In Some States Providers Use Financial Responsibility Scores

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Learn More About How Your Individual Marketplace Information Is Used

This fact sheet provides more information about how your information is being used in the Health Insurance Marketplace® run by CMS, your rights to access records that are maintained about you, your right to file an appeal, and other helpful information. Review it carefully.

Read the official Privacy Act Statement required by the Privacy Act of 1974.

Read the Privacy Policy for how this web site operates.

Why Your Healthcare Provider Requests Your Social Security Number

Learn How A Non

Healthcare providers, hospitals, imaging facilities, and other medical testing sites ask for Social Security numbers for a number of reasons.

Health insurance: Your healthcare provider and your health insurer often communicate about patients using a Social Security number as an identifier, as this number remains the same regardless of your job, the hospital where you get care, or which healthcare provider you are seeing. Healthcare providers may include your social security number on the bill that they send to your health insurer, and your health insurer may request it as a requirement for payment.

Government payers: Government-sponsored payers, such as Medicare, Medicaid, the Veteran’s Administration, and TriCare all require Social Security numbers in order to process healthcare payment requests.

Guarantee of payment: Some people simply do not pay their bills, and hospitals and healthcare providers often have little recourse if they can’t contact you. As the one universal identifier of all Americans, Social Security numbers give healthcare providers the last-ditch means to collect on medical debt.

According to a report from the American Hospital Association, over $40 billion dollars in hospital bills are unpaid each year. This doesn’t include the unpaid bills to private practice physicians or other forms of non-hospital-based care. It is an enormous problem that only serves to drive up healthcare costs nationwide.

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How Service Canada Protects Your Sin

Service Canada stores personal information requested to apply for a SIN in the Social Insurance Register. This information includes your name, date of birth, place of birth and your parents’ names. Dates of death are also recorded in the Register.

Service Canada protects your SIN in the following ways:

  • we store your personal information carefully on our premises and in computer systems that are only accessible to authorized employees who have a “need to know”
  • we provide guidance about how to protect your SIN and your personal information

Does My Health Insurance Plan Include Prescription Drug Benefits

Most health plans help pay the cost of covered prescription drugs. Insurers often use a formulary that lists what medicines will be covered and how much of the cost youll pay. If you need a specific prescription, you should review your plans formulary, which is a listing of what medications are covered, to learn if the drug is covered. A formulary usually has different tiers based on the type of covered medicine. Prescription medicines listed in one tier may cost you more than those in another tier .You may have to pay the full cost of prescription medicines until you reach your plans deductible for the year. Prescriptions that you pay for will count toward your annual out-of-pocket maximum.

You can ask your insurance company for an exception if a drug you need is not on your plans formulary. If the insurance company denies your request, you may be able to file a medical necessity appeal to the Office of Patent Protection.

Many drug manufacturers also offer discounts if you are having difficulty paying for your prescription.

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The Primary Phases Of Provider Credentialing

The three primary phases of provider credentialing are as follows:

1. Gather Information

  • A healthcare facility or health insurance plan asks the provider for information on his or her background, licenses, education, etc. The provider may submit the information in a questionnaire through email or through software.
  • In some cases, the healthcare facility or insurance company works with a third-party company called a credentials verification organization that works with the provider to gather and verify information. Organizations often hire CVOs to allow for more efficient credentialing.

2. Check the Information

  • In many cases, the facility or insurance company will do the background work. They will directly correspond with licensing agencies, medical schools, and other entities to verify the providers information.
  • In other cases, the facility or insurance company may use credentialing software to continuously check information that licensing agencies and other entities make available online. The CVO may also run verification checks.
  • Many healthcare organizations use collaboration and work management platforms to help them organize and record provider information and get automatic updates when certain credentials expire or need to be re-checked.
  • In all cases, the checks include monitoring reports about medical incidents, malpractice claims, or other information that could raise questions about whether to credential or re-credential the provider.

Its All About You We Want To Help You Make The Right Coverage Choices

Beware giving out your social security number, even at the doctor’s office

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Many states now allow insurance companies to utilize a persons financial responsibility score as a rate determining factor. This is based on your credit score with the idea being that if you dont have control over your finances, you may be more reckless on the road. This doesnt affect your drivers license status unless you choose not to carry auto insurance while driving. But it can have significant financial implications.

Check with your specific state Department of Insurance to determine if your state allows this somewhat controversial practice.

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