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Do I Have Social Security Number

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Where Do I Apply

If Asked For Social Security Number, Keep These 3 Things In Mind

After collecting all required documentation, you can apply for your Social Security Number with the Social Security Administration. The Social Security Administration has a few locations in the Boston area. When applying for your Social Security Number, you will need to go in person to one of the Social Security Administration locations.

Generally, there are two convenient locations for Northeastern students studying at the Boston campus:

  • Social Security Administration

For Northeastern students studying at the Seattle campus:

  • Social Security Administration

How Do I Apply For A New Or Replacement Social Security Number Card

  • You can get an original Social Security card or a replacement card if yours is lost or stolen. There is no charge for a Social Security card.

    You can use a my Social Security account to request a replacement Social Security card online if you:

  • Are a U.S. citizen age 18 years or older with a U.S. mailing address.
  • Are not requesting a name change or any other change to your card.
  • Have a driver’s license or a state-issued identification card from one of the many participating states. If your state does not yet participate in this service, check back soon. More states are added regularly.

If you cannot apply for a card online, you will need to provide the required documents. We need to see different documents depending on your citizenship and the type of card you are requesting. See Learn What Documents You Need to find out what documents you will have to show. Fill out and print an Application for a Social Security Card and contact your local Social Security office or your local Social Security Card Center to find out your submission options.

Note: If you are a U.S. Citizen, applying for a replacement SSN card, and choose to mail your application to your local office, you may use original or certified copies of secondary proofs of identity such as:

Apply For A Social Security Number For Immigrants

Apply for an SSN with your immigrant visa

Your may request a Social Security card as part of your visa application. When filing Form DS-230 or Form DS-260 , there is option to request a Social Security number. If you have selected this option, you do not need to submit a special application or go to a Social Security office to get a card.

The Social Security Administration will assign you an SSN and issue you a card after you arrive in the United States. They will mail the card to the same U.S. mailing address where the Department of Homeland Security will send your green card. You should receive your Social Security card within 3 to 4 weeks after you arrive in the United States. If you do not receive the card by mail, contact the Social Security at 1-800-772-1213.

Apply for an SSN when filing Form I-765

Your may be able to apply for a Social Security Number at the same time you apply for employment authorization. If you need to file Form I-765 with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services , you can request an SSN at the same time. Many adjustment of status applicants or DACA recipients use this method to request a Social Security Number.

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Prefer a step by step guide?

The Social Security Administration Cannot Process Your Application If:

Social Security Cards Explained
  • Your on-campus or F-1 Curricular Practical Training work begins more than 30 days from your application date or
  • The employment start date on your EAD Form I-766 or I-688B is a future date.
  • You failed to check in with the OIS and wait at least 10 business days after your visa document start date before applying for your SSN.

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How To Check If Someone Else Is Using Your Social Security Number

CassandraRead more May 5, 2021

The rise of technology has brought new threats to your personal data and its security. Identity theft is a crime that strikes at the heart of a modern citizens wealth, employment, social services, and more. Our identity specifically, the electronically-encoded identity that serves as the gateway to our bank accounts, to our home security systems, to our e-mail and network resources can be stolen by unscrupulous people and used for crimes great and small.

At best, an identity thief may use part of your identity as the launchpad for some phony persona that they are using to commit acts of fraud and light scams. At worst, they can drain your bank accounts, destroy your credit rating, and wipe out your hard-earned retirement benefits. Identity theft is not a minor crime in 2018, more than 60 million Americans reported that they were affected by identity theft.

When And Why You Need A Social Security Number

Anytime you get hired for a new job, your employer will ask for your Social Security number. Your employers accounting department will use this number to report your income to the Internal Revenue Service and to report your Social Security wages to the Social Security Administration.

Your employer will also use it for state income tax reporting unless your state doesnt have an income tax. Employers who participate in E-Verify, a program to make sure employees can legally work in the United States, also must obtain your Social Security number before you can begin work.

Below are some other common scenarios where youll need to provide your Social Security number.

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Information Required To Get A Social Security Card

  • Application For A Social Security Card
  • Two original documents proving your identity, immigration status, work eligibility, and age.

As far as documentation, for example, a work permit can be used as proof of both your identity and work-authorized immigration status. Some other acceptable documents to prove your work authorization can include your immigrant visa, an employment-based admission stamp, the I-94 Arrival/Departure Record, and any work permits or Employment Authorization Documents .

Your birth certificate or passport may serve as proof of age. However, you need two separate documents to prove eligibility for a social security number.

Social Security Number Safety

Finding Personal Information : How to Find Someone By Social Security Number

Although a SSN is only meant to be used for tax and government purposes, it is often used by financial institutions, businesses and others as a unique identification number. Because the SSN is a unique ID, it is often the target of identity theft. Therefore, you should be very careful about where and to whom you give your SSN.

  • Never carry your Social Security card or number with you. Keep it at home in a secure place.
  • Only give your SSN to someone who has a specific and legitimate need for it.
  • Be very careful with any forms, applications or other materials that may have your SSN on it.
  • Never give your SSN to someone who phones you. You should initiate the call or meet in person.
  • Never reply to email or websites that request a SSN.

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Why Do You Need One

A Social Security number is important because you need it to get a job, collect Social Security benefits and get some other government services. You should keep your Social Security card in a safe place with your other important papers and avoid giving it out unnecessarily. Keep in mind that in many cases, even if you lost your card, you may not need a replacement. In most cases, simply knowing your Social Security number is enough. But if you do need a replacement, we make it easy.


I Have Lost My Ssn What Do I Do To Replace A Lost Card

You must inform the SSA about a stolen or lost SSN card. You can replace your card without any additional cost if it is lost or stolen. You can only replace your SSN three times a year and up to ten times during your lifetime. You must note that legal name changes and other updates do not count toward these limits. For example, if changing your non citizen status will not count towards these limits. If you get a green card and want to change your noncitizen status in the SSN card you can do this at any time.

To get a replacement card, you will need to:

  • Show proof of your identity
  • Show evidence of your current legal noncitizen status if you are on the H1B visa.

You will not get a new number. Your replacement card will have the same details and number as your previous card.

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Applying For A New Number Or Replacement Card

The SSA may assign a new Social Security number to you if you are being harassed, abused, or are in grave danger when using the original number, or if you can prove that someone has stolen your number and is using it. You must provide evidence that the number is being misused, and that the misuse is causing you significant continuing harm.

If you apply for a new Social Security number, you must prove

  • your age
  • your citizenship or lawful immigration status
  • your identity

Getting a new Social Security number probably wont resolve all the problems related to the theft of your identity. Government agencies and some businesses may keep records under your original Social Security number. In addition, because credit reporting companies use Social Security numbers and other personal information to identify a persons credit file, using a new number doesnt guarantee a fresh start. But by being careful with your personal information and monitoring credit reports for fraudulent activity, you can limit the misuse.

The SSA lets you apply for an original Social Security number or a replacement Social Security card for free. The application form and information about the supporting documents you need to apply are available online. The form takes just a few minutes to complete. But that hasnt stopped some websites from claiming that the process is complicated, confusing, and time-consuming, and offering to do it for you for a fee.

Are Itins Valid For Identification

Do I Have To Provide My Social Security Number

No. ITINs are not valid identification outside the Federal tax system. Since ITINs are strictly for tax processing, IRS does not apply the same standards as agencies that provide genuine identity certification.ITIN applicants can apply in person or by mail however, the IRS does not further validate the authenticity of identity documents. ITINs do not prove identity outside the Federal tax system, and should not be offered or accepted as identification for non-tax purposes.

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Your Social Security Number: The 9

“There are downsides to everything there are unintended consequences to everything.”

Steve Jobs


Imagine living in our country 100 years ago: no televisions, microwaves, iPhones, laptops, credit cards, or ATMsand no Social Security numbers . Definitely, major changes have evolved with inventions and advancing technology. And there’s a story to go with each change.

Among the many changes over the years, the evolution of the SSN’s usage ranks near the top. But what’s the story on how the SSN became an almost universal identifier in the United States? Is there a downside to this?

The Beginning

The story of the SSN starts during the Great Depression. Millions of people were struggling without jobs or income. The elderly were hit especially hard. This triggered a concern for the future of the elderly.

In 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act. Although the Act was passed during the Great Depression, it was designed to ensure the future economic security of individuals and did not address the immediate economic problems of the Great Depression.

Social Security’s primary original purpose was to provide financial benefits to people over age 65. Upon retirement, people who were no longer working would receive monthly retirement benefits or Social Security income. Benefit amounts would be based on a person’s earnings in covered employments.1 Monthly benefits were scheduled to begin in 1942.2


SSN Usage

Identity Theft


Where Can I Find My Social Security Number

A Social Security number is a nine-digit number that is generally issued to U.S. citizens, lawful permanent residents, and certain nonimmigrants. The Social Security Administration issues the number to track individuals employment for Social Security benefits. However, over time, the SSN has become a de facto national identification number for taxation and other purposes. Its also a common component on U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services forms.

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Corrected Card For A Us Born Child

If you legally change your child’s name because of adoption, court order or any other reason, you need to tell Social Security so that you can get a corrected card. If your child is working, also tell your child’s employer. If you do not tell us when your child’s name changes, it may:

  • Delay your tax refund or your child’s refund and
  • Prevent your child’s wages from being posted correctly to your child’s Social Security record, which may lower the amount of your child’s future Social Security benefits.


You must present original documents or copies certified by the agency that issued them. We cannot accept photocopies or notarized copies. All documents must be current . We cannot accept a receipt showing you applied for the document.

The Purpose Of Having A Social Security Number

Do You Need Social Security Number SSN To Get Walmart Prepaid Visa Card?

      InvestopediaForbes AdvisorThe Motley Fool, CredibleInsider

        A Social Security number is a nine-digit number that the U.S. government issues to all U.S. citizens and eligible U.S. residents who apply for one. The government uses this number to keep track of your lifetime earnings and the number of years worked.

        When the time comes to retire, or if you ever need to receive Social Security disability income, the government uses the information about your contributions to Social Security to determine your eligibility and calculate your benefit payments. Most people will use the same Social Security number their entire lives, though some people might need to apply for a replacement number at some point because of identity theft.

        Keep reading below to find out more about when and why you need a Social Security number as well as when you should avoid using it.

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        Things Identity Thieves Can Do With Your Social Security Number

        Identity theft is on the minds of many Americans these days. With a number of recent data breaches, consumers are being extra cautious about how and where they share and use personal information.

        While the breach of any personal and financial information can wreak havoc on your credit and your life no other personal information is as sensitive as a social security number. Thats why a compromised or stolen social security number can be so devastating.

        Your social security number is your main identifier. It enables you to do everything from getting a job, to being paid for said job, and paying your income taxes. Once it has been compromised, it can put you at great risk.

        While compromised credit cards and bank accounts can be closed and new accounts reissued, its not quite as simple with a social security number. Getting the Social Security Administration to issue a new social security number is no easy feat either. There are very few circumstances under which new numbers are actually given. Even in cases of identity theft, the SSA generally only issues a new number after all other attempts to remedy the issue have been exhausted. Therefore, it can take years to recover from identity theft when a social security number has been compromised.

        Working While Awaiting For An Ssn

        You may work while the Social Security Number application is being processed. There is no provision in the law that required employers to have their employees social security numbers before hiring them. There is no provision that prohibits an employee from beginning work if he or she has not yet obtained a SSN. However, you must have employment authorization from your program sponsor or the USCIS before you begin working.

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        Your Right To An Administrative Law Judge Hearing And Appeals Council Review Of Your Social Security Case

        70-10281, ICN 469055,

        If you are eligible for Social Security or Supplemental Security Income Benefits, we want to make sure that you get them on time and in the right amount. After we decide whether or not you are eligible for benefits, or that we will stop your benefits, or change the amount, we send you a letter explaining our decision. If you do not agree with our decision, you have the right to appeal it. When you ask for an appeal, Social Security may review the entire decision, including those parts which were favorable to you.

        The Social Security Act

        Do I have to provide my Social Security Number when ...

        The social security number was created following the passage of the Social Security Act of 1935 to solely track the earnings histories of U.S. workers. The intention was to use the number to determine social security benefit entitlements and compute benefit levels. In order to track benefits, every employee is required to have a social security number.

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