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Does Trump Want To Cut Social Security

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Destructive Cuts To Health Programs Put Veterans Health At Risk

Reality Check: Does President Trump Want To End Social Security?

The Presidents budget cuts $1.6 trillion on net from health care programs over 10 years. This includes a more than $900 billion cut to Medicaid, a half a trillion-dollar cut to Medicare, and more than $200 billion in cuts to other health programs. While nine million veterans, or approximately half of the veteran population, receive coverage through VA each year, a large number are ineligible due to a variety of factors, including falling short of minimum service requirements, and disability and discharge status. As a result, veterans rely on various health care systems including Medicare and Medicaid to meet their health care needs.

Approximately 1.7 million veterans rely on Medicaid The budget slashes Medicaid by $900 billion over 10 years. Nearly 1 in 10 veterans more than 1.7 million receive health care coverage from Medicaid. Many of these veterans have extensive health care needs. The budgets extreme cut to Medicaid risks the health and security of our veterans who are most in need, especially those who require intensive care for conditions like traumatic brain injuries and musculoskeletal disorders.

The Claim: President Donald Trump Promised To ‘terminate’ Social Security If He Is Reelected

Recent posts from Social Security Works a nonprofit focused on expanding Social Security, improving Medicare and lowering the cost of prescription drugs claim that President Donald Trump will end Social Security if he is reelected.

“Donald Trump says he will ‘terminate’ Social Security if reelected,” a post on Monday reads. “A vote for Trump is a vote to destroy our social security system.”

“Millions of seniors and people with disabilities struggle to make ends meet,” another post from the same day reads. “Yet Donald Trump says he will ‘terminate’ Social Security if reelected. That’s a disastrous plan.”

The posts come after Trump signed a series of executive orders on Aug. 8 intended to provide relief from the detrimental economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Progressive Group Wrong Trump Didnt Cut Social Security Benefits By $3 Billion

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  • Trump proposed policies that would have cut aspects of the program, but none were adopted.

As part of a push to raise Social Security benefits, a group that works to elect progressives made a false attack on former President Donald Trump.

“Trump cut Social Security benefits by over $3 BILLION,” was the first line of a Facebook post by the Congressional Progressive Caucus PAC.

The Nov. 10 post, still widely shared in late December, linked to an online petition calling for raising Social Security benefits by $200 per month.

The post was flagged as part of Facebooks efforts to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed.

Trump did not make any such cut to Social Security benefits.

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Democrats Urged To Reject Latest Gop Attempt To Hold Social Security Hostage

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham on Wednesday said he would be willing to vote to raise the federal debt ceiling in exchange for a policy that could result in cuts to Social Security and Medicare, a proposed trade-off that progressive advocacy groups implored Democrats to reject.

Fortunately, Democrats can protect Social Security and Medicare by raising the debt ceiling in the forthcoming reconciliation package.Alex Lawson, Social Security Works

With members of Congress staring down an to increase the debt limitthe amount of money the federal government is legally permitted to borrow to meet its financial obligationsGraham toldBloomberg that he could bring himself to vote yes on a debt ceiling hike if Democrats agree to legislation establishing commissions tasked with crafting Social Security and Medicare reforms.

But Social Security Works, a progressive advocacy organization, was quick to warn that Grahams offer is a thinly veiled trap.

Lindsey Graham and his fellow Republicans will stop at nothing to cut the American peoples earned Social Security and Medicare benefits, Alex Lawson, executive director of Social Security Works, said in a statement. Graham has now telegraphed his partys intention to demand a commission to cut Social Security and Medicare as the price for raising the debt ceiling.

Social Security Works and other groups warned at the time that the proposal was nothing more than a plot to gut Social Security behind closed doors.

Rnc Goes After Bill De Blasio Hes Not On The Ballot And Already Has Low Approval Ratings

Trump Outlines a Significant Social Security Cut in His ...

Dartunorro Clark

The RNC played a montage fearing residents and tenant leaders from New York Citys House Authority buildings, which houses low-income New Yorkers.

The residents and video slammed Mayor Bill de Blasio, who is not on the Democratic ticket. Whats more, he was not invited to speak at the Democratic National Convention. Since the start of the pandemic and racial unrest, de Blasio has been routinely criticized by both conservatives and progressives.

A Change Research poll in March put him at a 40 percent approval rating among the citys residents.

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What You Should Know About The Gop And Social Security

Whos to blame for this mess? Well, some Americans would point their fingers specifically at Republicans in Congress. While they absolutely do take some of the blame, the inaction by Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill makes them equally culpable in exacerbating Social Securitys problems.

When it comes to Republicans and Social Security, here are the four things you absolutely need to know.

President Trumps Record On Social Security

In 2016, the president distinguished himself from other Republicans by promising to leave Social Security alone. Over the past four years, hes pretty much done just that.

There have been no Bush-like privatization plans from the Trump administration, no Simpson/Bowles-inspired murmings over cutting benefits or raising the full retirement age. Theres been no real plan to do much of anything. The Biden campaign ad is as close as theres been to a controversy, and even that misrepresents the presidents aims.

Should Trump win in November you can expect more of the same.

I haven’t seen anything discussed on Social Security reform, Andrew Biggs, a research fellow at the conservative-leaning think tank AEI told Forbes Advisor. The president has argued against any Social Security benefit cuts but hasn’t waded into how Social Security’s long-term funding should be secured.

While this should assuage any fears about changes to the Social Security status quo and soothe soon-to-be retirees worried about cuts to their monthly checks, its less than ideal that the Trump administration has no plans to shore up Social Securitys long-term finances.

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Trump Payroll Plan Would Deplete Social Security By 202: Administrator

Donald TrumpFlorida GOP-led legislature passes congressional maps despite DeSantis veto threatTexas judge rules Biden administration can’t exempt migrant children from Trump-era orderNYU reports spate of attacks on Asian students in the last monthMORE‘s proposal to eliminate payroll taxes would deplete the Social Security retirement trust fund by 2023, and its disability insurance fund by the middle of next year, according to the Social Security Administration.

Absent other sources of revenue, the programs would stop paying out benefits when the funds were depleted.

In early August, President Trump signed an executive order permitting companies to stop withholding payroll taxes from their employee paychecks, a gambit to increase take-home pay.

But Trump also went a step further, promising that he would cancel the tax altogether if he were to be reelected in November, a move that has little support from either party on Capitol Hill and is unlikely to advance. Federal payroll taxes fund Social Security.

If Im victorious on Nov. 3, I plan to forgive these taxes and make permanent cuts to the payroll tax, he said upon signing the order.

In other words, Ill extend beyond the end of the year and terminate the tax, he added, though he did not specify whether he would seek to pay out benefits using general tax funds or other revenue sources.

Without other taxes to refill the funds or cover the benefits, they would be wiped out in a matter of years.

Claims Trump Cut Social Security Mislead

Trump Lied About Not Cutting Social Security

CLAIM: President Donald Trump is cutting the payroll tax, and is cutting Social Security and Medicaid.

APS ASSESSMENT: Partly false. Trump has not cut Social Security, though he has said he intends to eliminate the payroll tax, which funds the retirement benefits program. He has proposed measures that would cut Medicaid.

THE FACTS: The payroll tax goes into a trust fund that pays for Social Security payments for roughly 65 million Americans. Employers and workers split paying the 12.4% payroll tax, and self-employed people pay the full tax. Medicare, the health insurance program for seniors, is funded by a 2.9% payroll tax. Medicaid, health insurance for low income people, is not funded from a payroll tax.

Even before the coronavirus pandemic caused economic turmoil, government experts estimated that Social Security would be unable to pay full benefits starting in 2035, The Associated Press has reported. The trust fund is now likely to run out even sooner, because layoffs have cut into Social Security tax collections.

In August, Trump announced employers could defer paying payroll taxes until 2021 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The move had little impact, according to Shai Akabas, director of economic policy at the Bipartisan Policy Center, a think tank in Washington, D.C.

Also in August, Trump made a series of statements about his intent to eliminate the payroll tax.

But those work requirements have since been struck down by federal courts.

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Trump White House Claim The Tax Relief Will Not Impact Social Security

On Sunday, as he boarded Marine One, Trump told reporters that the executive order deferring payroll taxes for some Americans will “have zero impact on Social Security.”

“We protect Social Security,” he added, according to Fox News.

An official from the White House told USA TODAY on Tuesday that the Social Security Trust Fund is not at risk, since payment deferral is only temporary, and at present, must be paid back early in 2021. The official confirmed, though, that the president called on Congress to make the deferral permanent, thereby eliminating the tax.

Garrett Watson, a senior policy analyst at the Tax Foundation, an independent tax policy think tank, told USA TODAY that eliminating the tax is not the same as eliminating Social Security.

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“Strictly speaking, Social Security could be funded using general fund revenue or alternative revenue source, so terminating a tax and terminating a program are distinct things,” he wrote in an email.

“However, it would be reasonable to ask what would happen with the program absent an alternative plan to fund it,” Watson added.

On Wednesday, Trump suggested an alternate source for the first time the general fund of government revenues per Fox Business.

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Some In White House Audience For Trump’s Speech Already Waiting To Get In

NBC News

President Trump isnt expected to speak for another five hours, but theres already a line of nicely-dressed folks on 15th St. waiting to get into the White House to be part of the audience.

Garrett Haake

About 17.3 million people tuned in for Night 3 of the RNC, a decline compared to the second night of the convention and about the same as the first night, according to data released by media measurement company Nielsen.

Night 3 of the Democratic convention drew about 22.8 million viewers.

The downtick happened during a busy news day an NBA player walkout, a hurricane barreling toward Louisiana, and the ongoing unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin that partially drowned out the convention, which Vice President Mike Pence headlined.

The Nielsen data does not take into account people who watched some or all of the convention online. Most major broadcast networks and many other media companies have livestreamed the conventions on various platforms.

But the viewership is still a significant drop off compared to 2016, when Night 3 drew 23.4 million viewers, according to Nielsen.

    A Joe Biden administration would address systemic racism and tackle police reform, Sen. Kamala Harris said Thursday, invoking the sickening shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin as further evidence of the need to address racial injustice in the U.S.

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    Our Rating: Partly False

    Based on our research, the claim that Trump said he will “terminate” Social Security if he is reelected is PARTLY FALSE. Trump recently signed an order offering temporary relief from the payroll tax that funds Social Security, and he has repeatedly said he’d terminate the tax entirely if he’s reelected.

    But ending the tax that pays for Social Security and ending the Social Security program itself are not the same. When asked, Trump said he the measures would have “zero impact” on Social Security, and he said he’d “protect” the program. And it’s true that he could advocate an alternate source of funding, like the general fund although it would have to go through Congress first.

    Did Trump Say He Will Terminate Social Security If Re

    Example #3,427 of the story changing to fit Trumps needs ...

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    • Trump has deferred about $100 billion in payroll tax payments through the end of the year. The payroll tax currently funds 90% of Social Security.

    • Trump told reporters that if he wins re-election he wanted to terminate the programs primary funding source. He cant do that on his own.

    A Facebook post has a dire warning about the future of Social Security under President Donald Trump.

    “Donald Trump says he will terminate Social Security if re-elected,” states the Aug. 10 post by Social Security Works, a nonprofit group that supports expanding the federal program. “A vote for Trump is a vote to destroy our Social Security system.”

    This post was flagged as part of Facebooks efforts to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed.

    RELATED: Donald Trumps payroll tax holiday: What you need to know

    Trump did use the word “terminate” when speaking about the payroll tax that funds Social Security, but his actual memo only pauses the tax for some employees for a few months. Trump hasnt said he would end Social Security payments, but he has made comments that many have interpreted as him wanting to eliminate the payroll tax entirely.

    That means someone making the median weekly wage of about $1,000 would see an extra $62 in their paycheck. Trumps memo applies to people making up to $2,000 per week, so people who earn $104,000 a year or higher wouldnt get the tax break.

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    Extreme Cuts To Snap And Other Benefits For Struggling Families Threaten Veterans Economic Security

    While veterans are a diverse group, many face challenges making ends meet and depend on various programs that help struggling families. The federal government provides guidance for veterans transitioning to civilian employment and encourages them to turn to programs like SNAP, the Women, Infants and Children program, free and reducedprice school meals, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families if they need assistance supporting their families. Approximately 1.2 million veterans, or nearly 7 percent of the veteran population, had incomes below the federal poverty level in 2018, and many of them relied on these critical programs.

    Nearly 1.3 million veterans live in households that participate in SNAP The Presidents budget cuts $292 billion over 10 years from mandatory programs that support working and vulnerable families, including $182 billion from SNAP. The cuts to SNAP are in addition to the Administrations new and proposed rules that will make more than 3 million people food insecure and make it harder for vulnerable Americans to put food on the table. A study from Feeding America highlights that approximately 20 percent of households receiving help from the charitable food assistance network include a veteran. For low-income veterans, who may be unemployed, working in low-wage jobs, or face physical and mental health challenges, SNAP and other programs provide essential support to help them meet basic needs and support their families.

    Regardless Of How The White House Spins In The Bottom Line Is That Trump Wants To Cut Entitlements

    The question about whether Trump intends to cut entitlements isnt really up for debate hes already proposed cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security disability programs.

    His most recent budget, which was released just last month, includes steep reductions in social-safety-net programs, the Wall Street Journal reported:

    The White House proposes to cut spending by $4.4 trillion over a decade. Of that, it targets $2 trillion in savings from mandatory spending programs, including $130 billion from changes to Medicare prescription-drug pricing, $292 billion from safety-net cutssuch as work requirements for Medicaid and food stampsand $70 billion from tightening eligibility access to disability benefits.

    These cuts might be popular among Tea Partiers, but theyre not popular with the general public. So for years now, Trump has played both sides by proposing cuts that dont end up getting enacted because of Democratic opposition in Congress while continuing to insist that hes not really proposing cuts.

    For instance, during an interview that was conducted in Davos, Switzerland, in January, Trump told CNBC that entitlement cuts would be on the table at some point.

    CNBC: Will entitlements ever be on your plate ?TRUMP: “At some point they will be”CNBC: But you said you wouldn’t do that in the pastTRUMP: “We also have assets that we never had”

    Aaron Rupar

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    Huge Crowds Gather To Both Watch And Protest Trump Speech

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      Van Drew joins a limited number of Democrats or former Democrats who spoke on Trumps behalf at his re-nominating convention. It provides a contrast with Biden, who featured higher-profile Republicans speaking at his event.

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