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How Can I Get My Child’s Father Social Security Number

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I Can’t Remember My Child’s Social Anyway We Can Look It Up

How To Find Someone’s Social Security Number | Lookup SSN by Name

If you had your child as a dependent on a previous tax return, you can find their SS number there.

Otherwise, you need to Contact the Social Security Administration at

Social Security numbers are confidential information, so they are not available online, except from some fee-based services that I don’t think that I would trust.

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  • To apply for a Social Security number for anyone over the age of 12 the following steps are required;

    A. Complete an Application for a Social Security Card, Form SS-5-FS all questions must be answered and legible.

    1. Proof of birth

    How To Receive Benefits

    You must apply in person. The family must present the child’s birth certificate, the parents’ Social Security numbers, and the child’s Social Security number. There may be additional documents required, as well. In relevant cases, the applicant must provide a parent’s death certificate and/or evidence of disability from a doctor.

    If your child is disabled, the Social Security Administration offers a Disability Starter Kit that can help you navigate the process of applying for benefits.

    If you are taking care of a child and are receiving Social Security benefits for that reason, their benefits may stop at a different time from your own. For example, if your child is not disabled, your benefits will end when the child turns 16 years old. If the child is disabled and you have responsibility for them, your benefits may continue. For these types of specific circumstances, its best to contact the Social Security Administration for guidance.

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    How To Know If Someone Is Using Your Childs Personal Information

    In addition to taking steps to safeguard your childs personal information, keep an eye out for warning signs that someone is using your childs personal information. Here are a few:

    • Youre denied government benefits because someone is already using your childs Social Security number to get those benefits.
    • Someone calls you and says your child has an overdue bill, but its not an account you opened for the child.
    • You get a letter from the IRS that says your child didnt pay income taxes. This could happen if someone used your childs Social Security number on tax forms for a new job.
    • Youre denied a student loan because your child has bad credit. This could happen if someone used your childs Social Security number to get a credit card, open a cell phone account, or set up a utility service and has not paid the bills on time or at all.

    Signs of Child Identity Theft

    • Turned down for government benefits
    • Letter from the IRS about taxes your child owes
    • Childs student loan application is denied

    Check If Your Child Has A Credit Report

    How long does it take to get an SSN ID Card?

    Generally, a child under 18 wont have a credit report unless someone is using his or her information for fraud. A good way to find out if someone is using your childs information to commit fraud is to check if your child has a credit report. To do that, contact the three credit bureaus and ask for a manual search for your child’s Social Security number. You may have to give the credit bureaus a copy of

    • your drivers license or other government-issued identification card
    • proof of your address, like a utility bill, or a credit card or insurance statement
    • your childs birth certificate
    • your childs Social Security card

    If youre not the childs parent, you may have to give the credit bureaus a copy of documents that prove you are the childs legal guardian.

    When Your Child Turns 16

    When your child turns 16, you may want to check if theres a credit report in his or her name. This could help you spot identity theft, since children under 18 usually dont have a credit report. If theres inaccurate information in your childs credit report, youll have time to correct it before he or she applies for a job, a college loan, a car loan, or a credit card, or tries to rent a place to live.

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    If You Are Adopting A Child

    If the child you are adopting is a United States citizen, your child may have a Social Security number already. But if you are adopting domestically and your child does not have one, you can obtain an Adoption Taxpayer Identification Number to claim child-related tax breaks while your child’s adoption is pending. To apply for one, complete IRS Form W-7A, Application for Taxpayer Identification Number for Pending U.S. Adoptions. The ATIN will be valid for only two years, at which point you can extend it if your child’s adoption is still not final. Once the adoption is final, you must stop using the ATIN and get a Social Security number for your child following the process described above.

    If you are adopting a child from another country, you will have to wait until the adoption is final and your child has entered the United States before you can obtain a Social Security number for your child. Once that happens, you can use the process described above.

    Request For Deceased Individuals Social Security Record

    If using the SSDI does not work for you, you can also go straight to the Social Security Administration.; The steps on how to find social security number of deceased relative on their site is very simple.; Simply make a request online with the;Request for Deceased Individuals Social Security Record;form.; Or if you prefer, you can print and fill out the form by hand by using ;Form SSA-711.; There will be a small fee for the request.

    It is important to note that the SSA will not released any information about a person in there records unless:

  • The deceased is at least 100 years of age and they receive acceptable proof of their death; or
  • if the number holder is over 120 years old
  • *Number holder = the deceased

    The SSA will not release any the parents information unless:

  • They receive written content from the parents or receive acceptable proof of the parents death.; or
  • The number holder is at least 100 years old and you submit acceptable proof of his or her death; or
  • If the number holder happens to be over 120 years old.
  • What Is An Acceptable Form Of Proof Of Death?

    In order to receive a social security number from the SSA acceptable proof of death is needed.; Below is what the SSA deems acceptable:

    If you are looking on how to find social security number of a deceased relative, follow the steps above and you will be successful.

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    Speak To An Experienced Family Law Attorney Today

    This article is intended to be helpful and informative. But even common legal matters can become complex and stressful. A qualified family lawyer can address your particular legal needs, explain the law, and represent you in court. Take the first step now and contact an attorney in your area from our directory;to discuss your specific legal situation.

    How To Apply For Child Benefits

    Mother-In-Law Is Wanting My Kid’s Social Security Numbers

    You can apply for benefits at your local Social Security office or via phone.

    Ready to start your application for benefits for your child? ;Review the Information You Need To Apply For Childs Benefits;page on the Social Security website to ensure you have all the necessary documentation.

    Questions? If you still have questions, you could leave a comment below, but what may be an even greater help is to join my;. Its very active and has some really smart people who love to answer any questions you may have about Social Security. From time to time Ill even drop in to add my thoughts, too. Alsoif you havent already, you should join the 200,000+ subscribers on my YouTube channel!

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    Qualifying For Retirement Benefits

    Social Security is often referred to as a social insurance program. For workers who pay into the program through taxes, monthly benefits may be available to replace a portion of income in the event of retirement, disability or even death. The largest group of people who collect Social Security benefits are retirees who have put in at least 10 years earning a salary and paying Social Security taxes. Someone who qualifies for benefits based on their earnings can start collecting a monthly benefit when they reach age 62, though many dont opt to collect until age 70 or older, which increases their monthly payment.

    Spouses may be able to collect based on their retired spouses earnings. Couples need to be married for at least a year before this spousal benefit can be claimed. If all the requirements are met, a spouse can collect as much as 50 percent of what their retired spouse received. Minor children of retirees may also be eligible for a benefit based on their parents benefit.

    What Is Child Identity Theft

    Child identity theft happens when someone takes a childs sensitive personal information and uses it to get services or benefits, or to commit fraud. They might use your childs Social Security number, name and address, or date of birth. They could use the stolen information to

    • apply for government benefits, like health care coverage or nutrition assistance
    • open a bank or credit card account
    • apply for a loan
    • sign up for a utility service, like water or electricity
    • rent a place to live

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    Why Your Child Should Have A Social Security Number

    Technically, you dont have to get your newborn a Social Security number. But theyll need one if you want to:

    • Claim your child as a dependent on your income tax return.
    • Open a bank account in their name.
    • Buy savings bonds for them.
    • Get medical coverage for the child.
    • Apply for any kind of government services for your child.

    Family Benefit Maximum Limits

    Social Security and Back Child Support

    Although each qualified child may receive a monthly benefit payment;based on your full retirement benefit amount, there is a limit to the amount the Social Security Administration will pay. They refer to this limit as the Family Benefit Maximum. This maximum benefit is not a set number but is about 150 to 180 percent of your full retirement benefit. Where your percentage falls depends on your full retirement age benefit.;

    There is one notable exception to maximum calculation. If you have a divorced spouse who is receiving benefits from your work record, it will not count in the family benefit maximum and it will not affect the amount of benefits you or your family may receive.

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    What If I Don’t Have The Social Security Number For The Non

    Though Social Security Numbers are required for a number of legal documents like applications for professional licenses, commercial driver`s licenses, divorce records, support orders, paternity determinations, etc., it is possible these documents were produced before the Social Security number was required. Child Support can subpoena information about bank accounts, insurance policies, credit cards, pay slips, and tax returns. Your case worker may be able to get the Social Security Number with at least three of the following pieces of information: the parent`s name, place of birth, date of birth, his/her father`s name, and his/her mother`s maiden name.

    How To Apply For A Social Security Number

    The easiest way to apply for a Social Security number for your child is to complete a birth registration form, which has a box you can check to request a number for your child. To complete the form, you will need to provide both parents’ Social Security numbers.

    For most new parents, it’s easy to obtain the birth registration form, because hospitals usually distribute them while the mother is still a patient.

    But if you didn’t deliver your baby in the hospital or if for some other reason you were never given a birth registration form to complete, you can visit your local Social Security Administration office and request a number in person. This process requires you to do three things:

    • Complete Form SS-5 and provide both parents’ Social Security numbers on the form. To save time, download and complete Form SS-5 from the SSA website before you go.
    • Provide at least two documents proving your baby’s age, identity, and citizenship status. One document should ideally be your child’s birth certificate. The other document can be your child’s hospital birth record or other medical record.
    • Provide proof of your own identity. Your driver’s license and passport are both acceptable.

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    If Your Child Is Adopted

    The Social Security Administration can assign your adopted child a Social Security number before the adoption is complete, but you may want to wait until the adoption is finalized. Then, you can apply for the number using your childs new name, with your name as parent. If you want to claim your child for tax purposes while the adoption is still pending, contact the Internal Revenue Service for Form W-7A, Application for Taxpayer Identification Number for Pending U.S. Adoptions.

    Getting a Social Security number for your child is just one of the many legal issues youll need to address for your child as they grow up. But you got this. And ARAG is here to help protect whats most important to you.

    Do I Have To Give My Child’s Father His Social Security #/card

    Is someone using your child’s Social Security number without you knowing?

      As a parent of the child, he’s entitled to the information regarding the child unless there is a court order expressly stating otherwise. What you may want to look closer at, however, is enforcing the terms of child support. Child Support obligations are not optional or conditional, and they’re based on income ‘from all sources”, including “under the table.” If you have evidence he’s misusing Social Security information, then you can contact the police to investigate a fraud claim. .

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      Social Insurance Number Newborn Registration

      Parents can use the Newborn Registration Service to complete their child’s Birth Registration and apply for their childs Social Insurance Number . With this integrated application, parents no longer have to deal with different levels of government and repeat the same information in separate applications.

      When applying through the Newborn Registration Service, you should receive your child’s SIN in the mail within 10 business days from the date your child’s application was processed by the province. If more than 15 business days have passed and you would like to find out the status of your application, contact the SIN program.

      You must be the parent of the child and a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to use this service. If you are not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you may still be eligible but you will need to visit a Service Canada Office to apply for your childs SIN.

      This service is available in all Canadian provinces, but is not currently available in the territories. For parents living in the territories, consult Section 3: What you need before you apply for your childs SIN.


      For additional information on the Newborn Registration Service, visit your provincial website:

      Locating The Noncustodial Parent

      Can OCSE help find a noncustodial parent who is constantly moving?;

      Yes. OCSE will attempt to find the parent using whatever information is provided by the custodial parent and from other sources. The most important information in finding missing parents is their Social Security number. If the Social Security number is unknown, other information such as date of birth, friends, relatives and former employers should be provided. The more you take an active role in getting information to your caseworker, the more success you will have in obtaining regular and full child support payments for your children.

      My child’s noncustodial parent is stationed somewhere for the military, but I don’t know where. Can OCSE find the noncustodial parent?;

      Yes. The Federal Parent Locator Service can provide the current duty station of a parent who is any branch of the service if OCSE has the noncustodial parent’s Social Security number.

      I think the noncustodial parent is still in the area. What information will OCSE need to find them?;

      Most important are the Social Security number and any recent employer’s name and address. Also helpful are the names, addresses, and phone numbers of relatives, friends, or former employers who might know where he/she works or lives.

      What will happen when the caseworker has the current address of the noncustodial parent?;

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