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How Can Someone Use My Social Security Number

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Social Security Benefits Fraud

Did Someone Steal Your Social Security Number to File Taxes? Here’s What to Do

This type of fraud aims at using an SSN to steal someones Social Security benefits or file for unemployment in their name. Just like with financial identity theft, you may not know someone else is profiting from you until you apply for social benefits yourself and get denied.

The recent COVID-19 stimulus frauds, when identity thieves steal others stimulus payments, fall under the social benefits fraud category.

Are Social Security Records Public

Social security records are not public they are held by the Social Security office and can be retrieved from a local Social Security office or securely online using login information provided by the SSA. These records include earnings as well as estimates for various benefits, including disability, survivors and retirement benefits that the individual and/or their family may be entitled to.

How To Know If Your Social Security Number Has Been Stolen

People often find out their Social Security number has been stolen when they go to open an account or file their taxes and find out someone else has already done so using their name. However, other warning signs someone has stolen your SSN include:

  • Getting mail in someone elses name
  • Receiving debt collection calls when you havent defaulted on anything
  • Receiving new credit or debit cards in the mail you didnt request

One of the best ways you can make sure no one has stolen your SSN is to keep an eye on your credit report. Regularly checking your credit report and bank accounts can ensure you catch that something may be amiss as soon as possible. If you see an error or an account you dont recognize, make sure to follow up with the financial institution. It may just be an errorwhich will need to be addressed anywaybut its better to be safe than sorry.

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If An Organization Asks For A Sin And It Is Not Legally Required

If you believe your SIN isn’t required, ask why it is being requested, how it will be used and with whom it will be shared.

If your SIN is not required by law, explain that you prefer not to provide it. Offer different proof of identity.

If the organization refuses to provide the product or service unless you provide your SIN, ask to speak to the person in charge. Many organizations don’t know about the appropriate uses of the SIN. Once they understand, they may willingly change their practices.

If you are not satisfied with the organization’s response, you may formally complain to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada or 1-800-282-1376. There is no fee for making a complaint to the Privacy Commissioner.

You can also contact the organization’s industry association, ombudsman or complaint office. For example, the Canadian Marketing Association and the Canadian Banking Ombudsman handle customer complaints about their member companies.

For more information on laws about your privacy and the Government of Canada, visit the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

How To Place A Fraud Alert

ID Check: How Do I Check to See if Someone is Using My ...

A fraud alert will make it harder for scammers to destroy your financial standing. It notifies credit card companies and other lenders or creditors that your personal information may have been compromised or you may be a victim of identity theft.

When lenders receive the alert, lenders have to verify your identity before processing your credit application. This additional security measure will prevent scammers and identity thieves from taking out loans or opening new accounts under your name.

You only need to place a fraud alert with one of the three major credit reporting agencies since this will automatically trigger alerts at all three bureaus . However, you have to contact each credit reporting agency if you want to remove the fraud alert.

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They Can Use Your Ssn To Drain Your Existing Bank Accounts

Identity hackers also can use your stolen SSN to dip into any of your existing bank accounts. Armed with that knowledge, they simply can transfer money.

If they hacked your SSN, they might have obtained your passwords and the answers to secret security questions, too, such as your mothers maiden name. The drain on your accounts might be gradual or you might wake up to find your entire savings gone. Hackers also have begun to use apps such as Zelle to transfer money illegally.

Pro tip: Its important to protect yourself from hackers and scammers. Monitor your bank account on a daily basis to identify the slightest unfamiliar withdrawal or other changes to the account. The earlier you catch the fraud, the easier it will be to deal with it.

How Thieves Can Access Your Bank Account

Your Social Security number is a very important piece of information that can help a bank identify you.

If a thief has your Social Security number, but doesnt know where you have a bank account, they will not learn about your bank account with just the number. They must have other information

A bank will likely ask additional security questions that are designed as a personal test before it provides access to your checking, savings or investing accounts. In person, a bank may also accept a physical Social Security card, passport or Real ID in addition to your Social Security number.

Someone might also try to use your Social Security number to open new financial accounts. They may have some success getting a credit card or loans under your name with your ssn. But they would need more personal information such as your birthday and address.

Its important to protect your bank accounts against identity theft. If a thief opens a new loan or credit card then fails to make the payments, your credit score and credit history will suffer.

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The Ssn Fraud Checklist: How Do I Find Out If Someone Is Using My Social Security Number And How Do I Stop Them From Using It

1. Check your bank for unauthorized transactions. Look through your bank statements for strange transactions or subscriptions. If you find inexplicable transactions, someone may have compromised your bank account or accessed it using your stolen Social Security number. The Social Service Association indicates that this could be a sign of SSN fraud.

a) Are there strange purchases made on your account?b) Are there small test charges made on your debit or credit cards? c) Are you getting digital bank account login notifications for suspicious activity?

2. Check for signs in your credit. One of the most common ways to spot SSN fraud is by checking your credit report. If this yields evidence of unauthorized accounts being opened in your name, the SSA says you may be a victim of an SSN scam.

a) Is there an account listed in your report that you didnt create?b) Are you getting calls from creditors regarding accounts that arent yours?

3. Check for tax-related fraud. If you answer yes to any of these tax-related questions and know that you did not make any of these changes yourself, then you should take your SSN scam investigation very seriously.

4. Watch for extra signs. While not direct signs of SSN fraud, the OIG warns that the following instances could suggest malicious activity.

6. Place fraud alert. Contact either of the three credit reporting agencies . This will not cancel your SSN misuse but will notify the government institutions and the CRAs.

How To Check If Someone Else Is Using Your Social Security Number

Someone is Using My I.D., Passport, or Social Security Number for Identity Crimes

The rise of technology has brought new threats to your personal data and its security. Identity theft is a crime that strikes at the heart of a modern citizens wealth, employment, social services, and more. Our identity specifically, the electronically-encoded identity that serves as the gateway to our bank accounts, to our home security systems, to our e-mail and network resources can be stolen by unscrupulous people and used for crimes great and small.

At best, an identity thief may use part of your identity as the launchpad for some phony persona that they are using to commit acts of fraud and light scams. At worst, they can drain your bank accounts, destroy your credit rating, and wipe out your hard-earned retirement benefits. Identity theft is not a minor crime in 2018, more than 60 million Americans reported that they were affected by identity theft.

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How Can You Prevent Identity Theft

While you cant prevent a big data breach or ever fully protect yourself against identity theft, there are some measures you can take to make yourself less vulnerable. Here are some quick tips:

  • Make sure you have a strong password that has many characters and has no personally identifiable information or dictionary words.
  • When youre online, make sure the sites you visit are secure. The URL will usually have a lock in the left-hand corner and start with https.
  • Enable two-factor authentication, so youll need to enter a code from your phone to access your accounts.
  • Check your financial transactions often, and keep tabs on your credit reports to look for any changes.

With the ID monitoring feature, you can use your email address to search for any accounts that are in any public data breaches. If your information has been exposed in a breach, well let you know some tips and tools to help you take the right next steps.

Well also continue to monitor your credit for free.

Check Your Credit Report

The Social Security Administration can tell you if someone is working on your SSN and the IRS can tell you if someone is filing taxes on it, but only your credit agencies can tell you if someone is using your SSN to acquire and use credit in your name.

There are three major credit reporting agencies in the United States: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. They each have slightly different methodologies and scoring programs, but they all more or less provide the same service.

You are entitled to a free copy of your credit report every 12 months . By contacting each service and requesting your report, you can immediately spot any suspicious activity on your credit accounts. Look for credit card applications, loan applications, and any debt you dont recognize.

Requesting your reports is simple:

is a reputable service, and if you sign up for it you can keep a monthly eye on your credit score and your credit history, making it very difficult for an identity thief to put one over you in the long run.

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How Do I Check If My Ssn Is Being Used

If you believe your SSN is being used by someone else, the first thing to do would be to contact the Social Security Administration so they can review their records. If you have specific evidence of identity theft because of something that happened, the federal government provides a resource at, which can provide resources for recovery.Other types of SSN searches such as a credit check may reveal people and places where an SSN has been used.

You Can’t Explain The Changes In Your Credit Score

Social Security numbers never start with 000 or 666: Money ...

Your credit score enables lenders and banks to determine how much risk they will be exposed to if they decide to lend money to you. Different financial factors can influence this score. However, you can always check this score to see how well you are doing financially and make corrections where needed.

If you check your credit report and see any accounts that you didn’t launch or loans that you didn’t apply for/take, your SSN has plausibly been stolen. Another sign to watch out for is being turned down for a new credit application, even though your credit score has always been amazing.

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How Do I Find Out If Someone Is Using My Social Security Number And How Do I Stop Them From Using It

How can I stop someone from using my social security number? and how do I find out if someone is, in fact, using it? Weve heard these questions from a lot of our users. Because OneRep provides privacy protection services by removing personal info from the web, many of our users find us after run-ins with SSN fraud and other types of identity theft.

Like it or not, information transparency can make us vulnerable when our public records are published for the world to see. Personal details exposed by people-search sites can be easily exploited to access even more sensitive information, which can be used to commit more serious crimes.

Check if people-search sites expose your info

OneRep scans 101 data broker sites for your profilesand removes your private information. Automatically.

Unfortunately, most people wont know that their SSN has been compromised until its far too late. Thats why weve made this checklist for knowing when someone is using your Social Security number. Hopefully, by following these steps, you can stop SSN fraud before it gets any worse.

Contact One Of The Three Major Credit

To speak to Equifax, call its customer care number at 1-888-766-0008 or visit this web page to place a fraud alert. To start an Equifax credit freeze online, you’ll have to create an Equifax account, but you can do so without creating an account by calling 1-800-349-9960.

To contact Experian, call 1-888-397-3742 or go here for a fraud alert or here for a credit freeze. For TransUnion, the phone number is 1-800-680-7289 the fraud-alert link is here and the credit-freeze link is here.

A credit freeze can be inconvenient, but it’s the better option. With a freeze, no potential lender can access your credit file without your approval. That can be a bother if you plan to move, open a new bank account, buy a car or switch phone carriers, but you can easily “unfreeze” your credit and then freeze it again.

Thanks to a 2018 law, credit freezes are now free to implement, but you must contact each of the Big Three credit-reporting agencies separately to set them up.

Fraud alerts are easier to place the agency you place one with will contact the other two but they aren’t as useful. A fraud alert just requests that anyone pulling your credit file contact you first, but they don’t actually have to.

You can renew a fraud alert every year . Contact the Social Security Administration only to get a replacement card or replacement number .

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Consider An Identity Protection Service

You can register with an identity protection service such as LifeLock, IdentityForce, or Identity Guard. Such companies charge fees that typically start around $10 a month. Banks and credit unions also have packages they sell to customers, as do major agencies such as Experian and TransUnion. Many of the best credit monitoring services also offer identity protection tools and services.

What Can You Do If Someone Steals Your Ssn

How to Find Someone By Social Security Number

If your Social Security number gets stolen and you wish to protect yourself from possible harm, there are a few things you can do:

  • If youre experiencing any of the above-mentioned types of identity theft, report them to the responsible government organ.
  • Freeze your credit with the top 3 credit bureaus. Freezing your credit will not impact your credit score. However, it will prevent you, or anyone else using your information, to apply for loans, open bank accounts, or rent any apartments as long as the freeze is active.
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    What You Can Do To Detect Identity Theft

    Heres what you can do to spot identity theft:

    • Track what bills you owe and when theyre due. If you stop getting a bill, that could be a sign that someone changed your billing address.
    • Review your bills. Charges for things you didnt buy could be a sign of identity theft. So could a new bill you didnt expect.
    • Check your bank account statement. Withdrawals you didnt make could be a sign of identity theft.
    • Get and review your credit reports. Accounts in your name that you dont recognize could be a sign of identity theft. Heres how you can get your free credit reports.

    If you discover that someone is misusing your personal information, visit to report and recover from identity theft.

    You Got A Sextortion Email

    Don’t believe it. There are few things in this life that I will claim to know for certain, but this is one: Nobody has secretly recorded you watching pornography over your webcam. I mean it. They haven’t. And they’re not contacting your spouse about it.

    If you get an email asserting that somebody has done this — even if it has your email address and password in the subject line — it’s a scam. Criminals get your passwords and other private information from darkweb fire sales of personal information. This information can’t really be used for much, other than to convince you that they somehow know who you are.

    If you already paid money to the person on the other end of one of these emails, contact your bank to attempt to reverse the transaction.

    You can report this to the FBI or local police as well, and while it is helpful for their ability to track these types of crimes, there is little they can do to get your money back. Just be aware that billions of these emails are hitting inboxes daily and there’s no need to panic.

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