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How Do I Find My Kids Social Security Number

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How To Protect Your Ssn

How to Find Someone By Social Security Number

Since a lost or stolen SSN number can cause so much damage to your finances, you should always do everything possible to protect it. First, you should keep your Social Security card in a safe place and only carry it with you when absolutely necessary. Do not keep it in your wallet and carry it all the time because that greatly increases the odds that it will be lost. Also, be very mindful of phishing scams so that you do not inadvertently give your information to a thief.

Keep a close eye on your credit report. If you notice anything suspicious or see accounts listed that you did not open, then you should take immediate action. Go ahead and place a fraud alert with the credit bureaus Experian, Equifax, and Transunion. You might even consider placing a freeze on your SSN so that no one has access to your credit file. Depending on the severity of the situation, you might consider seeking legal advice for the proper way to handle the situation.

How Can I Find My Foster Childs Social Security Number To Include In My Tax Return The Social Worker Wont Provide It

Did your tax preparer or the IRS tell you that you qualify to take a tax deduction for your foster child?

The answer should be YES, if you meet these simple requirements:

child was continuously in your care for at least six months of the tax year

child is under age 19

child is an American citizen with a valid social security number .

For in-depth information on how to claim your foster child on your taxes, for the Internal Revenue Service Publication 501, Exemptions, Standard Deduction and Filing Information.

If you dont see your foster childs SSN anywhere in papers you were given by the social worker, placing agency, childs attorney or medical providers , you will need to obtain the SSN in order to claim a tax deduction.

Ask the childs social worker for the childs SSN well before tax season. That way, there will be plenty of time if needed to pursue your right to know the SSN if your initial request for it is deniedas too often happens.

There is no federal law or regulation preventing child welfare agencies from disclosing to foster parents the social security number of a child in their care so they can list those numbers on their tax returns. Some states actively assist foster parents seeking their foster childs SSN. New York, for example, provides foster parents with a simple one-page request form that does not need a judges approval:

What Should I Do If My Social Security Number Is Stolen

If you know your Social Security number has been stolen, here are some additional steps to take: 1. File a police report or a Federal Trade Commission Identity Theft Report. This will help in case someone uses your Social Security number to commit fraud, since it will provide a legal record of the theft.

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With You Through Lifes Journey

The makeup of American families has changed in the last 20 to 30 years. Today, family units are diverse, rich in culture, and may include two parents, same-sex parents, only one parent, grandparents, and other relatives. Social Security knows that whether single parent, blended, diverse, small or large, every family is important.

For more than 80 years, Social Security has helped families secure today and tomorrow by providing financial benefits, tools, and programs that help support millions throughout lifes journey. Our programs and services have evolved to meet your unique family needs and especially the children in your care.

Proof Of Us Citizenship

How Do I Find Out if Someone is Using My Social Security ...

a. Original U.S. birth certificate, or b. Original U.S. Consular Report of Birth Abroad, or c. Original U.S. Naturalization or Citizenship Certificate, or d. Original U.S. Passport.

a. Original U.S. Passport, must be current and signed, or b. Original Foreign Passport, must be current and signed.

NOTE: If the name at birth and name on the identity document are different, proof of name change must also be submitted.

4. Proof of the identity of the parent signing the application

If applicable a parent can sign the form for a child up to age 18 a child can sign the form above age 12.

a. Original U.S. Passport, must be current and signed, orb. Original Foreign Passport, must be current and signed.

33 Nine Elms LaneLondon SW11 7US

We will copy and return original documents within 3-4 days. We do not recommend mailing important personal documents from outside the UK. If you choose to mail your application you should use a service that allows you to track your package. Within the UK, we recommend Special Delivery mail outside the UK we recommend you use a Courier. You should include a pre-paid return envelope or courier package. The Federal Benefits Unit will return documents by regular mail if you do not provide a pre-paid envelope or courier package. Processing time for SSN applications is approximately 8-10 weeks.

Suitable proof of identity documents are:

If you are not a U.S. citizen or legal Permanent Resident Alien, see item 5. below for instructions.

U.S. Embassy

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Child Support Judgment Collection 1099 Issuance Litigation

If your purpose to find a Social Security Number is for unlawful reasons then of course this would be a criminal act. For instance, it would be illegal to search to determine a subject’s credit worthiness, hiring purposes or for any fraudulent purpose, such as identity theft. Also, we will not process any order requesting your own SSN or that of your child.

However, a request by the Court to determine the military status of a civil defendant is acceptable.

So is a request to determine the SSN of a contract employee so that a 1099 may be issued. More permissible purposes can be found at .

File A Formal Complaint With The Federal Trade Commission

You will need to file an Identity Theft Complaint with the FTCs Identity Theft Clearinghouse so that they can investigate what happened.

You can call the FTC at 1-877-438-4338 or send your Identity Theft Complaint to: Identity Theft Clearinghouse, Federal Trade Commission, 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington D.C. 20580. You can also submit a complaint online on the Federal Trade Commissions Complaint site.

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How To Tell If Your Child’s Identity Has Been Stolen

Weve heard the nightmares of adults having their identity stolen someone else using their Social Security numbers , ruining credit and lives. Now imagine the horror of discovering that someone has been using your childs SSN.

Wait, how can that be? Children arent allowed to apply for credit, so how can a thief have access to that personal information?

Its all in the way the SSN system is set up, according to Jay Foley, executive director at the Identity Theft Resource Center. The numbers are recorded by date of issue, not date of birth. That means it is impossible to tell if an issued number belongs to an infant or an adult immigrant.

When a creditor gets a request in with a valid SSN, one that they can confirm has been issued, they dont get information telling them to whom the number was issued,” Foley said. “Thats not information Social Security gives out. Nor is it information that the three credit reporting agencies have access to.”

From that point, it is easy for the thief to put down his name, a date of birth, and a reasonable excuse for why he his Social Security number had been issued recently.

It wasnt until recently that companies had to verify that SSNs are legitimate, which meant that your child might have been issued a number that someone else was already using falsely.

Calls from collection agencies

Social Security Cards: Documents Required To Obtain A Social Security Number And Card Or A Replacement Card

How to Find Someone’s Social Security Number?

April 2021: All local Connecticut Social Security offices will be closed to the public for in-person service unless you have an appointment. Appointments will be for specific situations where dire needs exist. To locate local site numbers and information please use the website Federal agency administers retirement, survivors, disability, and Medicare benefit provisions of the Social Security Act.

If an individual is unable to conduct business online, check the online field office locator for specific information about how to directly contact a local office in your area. The National 800 number is 1-800-772-1213 and .


The following information was obtained from the U.S. Social Security Administrations web page at: .

To Obtain a New Social Security Number and Card you will need to provide at least two documents to prove age, identity, and U.S. citizenship or current immigration status.

The new online service allows individuals to get replacement Social Security cards through the Social Security Administration website at:

To Obtain a Replacement Card, if lost or stolen, you must prove your identity and U.S. citizenship.

To prove identity: Social Security must see:

  • U.S. drivers license or
  • State-issued non-driver identity card or
  • U.S. passport.
  • Employee ID card
  • Letter from doctor, with your name, address, social security number and doctors name, address, and signature

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Replacing A Lost Social Security Card

Replacing a lost Social Security card is not extremely difficult, although you will need the proper documentation. If you have already registered online for a My Social Security account, then you are in a great position. In most states, you can request a replacement card using the online service through the Social Security Administration website at You can simply use your account there to request the replacement as long as you are not requesting any other changes like a name change. However, if you do not already have an account, you will likely be unable to go that route since you must know your SSN to create the account.

In that case, you will need to head down to your local Social Security office. Be prepared to bring documents that will prove your identity such as a drivers license, U.S. Passport, or state issued ID card. If you do not have any of these documents, the SSA might accept other documents like a health insurance card, school identification card, or U.S. military ID or identification number. You should note that a birth certificate will not serve as proof of your ID. It proves your date of birth and age when obtaining a card for the first time, but it does not prove identity. You should also note that you will always have to provide original documents. Photocopies or even notarized copies are not valid for proving your identity.

Are My Children At Risk Of Identity Theft

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  • Children can present a blank slate for fraudsters because they generally don’t have credit reports
  • Use of a child’s Social Security number for fraudulent purposes may not be detected for years
  • There are steps you can take to help better protect your children’s information

Children can be vulnerable targets for identity theft, because those under the age of 18 typically do not have credit reports.

That means children are often a blank slate for fraudsters who can apply for credit and take out loans in their name. Use of a childs Social Security number for fraudulent purposes can go undetected for years, since parents may not check to see if their children have credit reports. Its only later, when the child is a young adult and may be attempting to rent an apartment or get a credit card, that the identity theft is discovered.

Childrens information can also be used in whats known as synthetic identity theft. This occurs when fake identities are created using information from different people or false information. It can also include real Social Security numbers.

Identity thieves can also use childrens Social Security numbers to file a false tax return, or attempt to use it to claim a child who is not theirs on a tax return for tax credit purposes.

The thought of someone stealing your childs identity can be frightening. But there are some steps you can take to help better protect their information.

Check your childs credit reports

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How To Find Your Social Security Number // Social Security Offices

Social Security numbers have become one of the main pieces of identification used in the United States. The Social Security Administration manages the issuance and governance of these numbers. There are many times when you might need to know your SSN such as starting a new job, applying for a loan, or applying for Social Security benefits. Sometimes you are required to present your Social Security card as well, but often simply knowing your number is enough. So, what happens if you forget your number and do not have access to your card? You are probably scratching your head and wondering, What is my Social Security number? There are some ways that you can find out your Social Security number and even get a replacement card, but you will have to go through the proper steps to verify your identity. If you find yourself needing your SSN, but you cannot find it, then keep reading to learn how to find your Social Security number.

What Is Child Identity Theft

How to Get a Child

Child identity theft happens when someone takes a childs sensitive personal information and uses it to get services or benefits, or to commit fraud. They might use your childs Social Security number, name and address, or date of birth. They could use the stolen information to

  • apply for government benefits, like health care coverage or nutrition assistance
  • open a bank or credit card account
  • apply for a loan
  • sign up for a utility service, like water or electricity
  • rent a place to live

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Report The Incident To The National Credit Reporting Agencies

You will need to contact each of the three credit reporting agencies Experian, Equifax and TransUnion to inform them that the social security of a minor was used by someone else. Call Experian at 1-888-397-3742, Equifax at 1-800-525-6285 and TransUnion at 1-800-680-7289. The credit reporting agencies may ask you to send a copy of the police report and Identity Theft Complaint you have already submitted elsewhere.

Replace Your Child’s Lost Social Security Card


If you need to provide your child’s Social Security number on your tax return or a form, you’ll find the number listed on the front of the card. However, if you can’t find the card, try looking in your other records, such as previous tax returns.

If you’ve lost your child’s card, you can get a replacement card. The agency will issue three replacement cards per year, and up to 10 replacements during your a person’s lifetime for free. The document requirements are the same to replace the card as to obtain the original. However, if you’ve already established your child’s legal U.S. citizenship with the agency, you will not have to present a birth certificate or passport.


Many companies offer original and replacement Social Security cards, for a fee. Don’t pay money for this service. The Social Security Administration issues cards for free and offers assistance at 1-800-772-1213.

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How Can I Protect My Childs Social Security Number

How to Protect Your Childs Identity

  • Consider Security Freezes on Your Childs Credit Reports.
  • Safeguard Childrens Social Security Numbers.
  • Monitor Your Childs Personal Information.
  • Pay Attention to Privacy Policies.
  • Use Your Own Personal Information Instead of Your Childs.
  • Avoid Oversharing on Social Media.
  • Where Can I Find My Social Security Number

    How to find out a Social Security number Fast?

    A Social Security number is a nine-digit number that is generally issued to U.S. citizens, lawful permanent residents, and certain nonimmigrants. The Social Security Administration issues the number to track individuals employment for Social Security benefits. However, over time, the SSN has become a de facto national identification number for taxation and other purposes. Its also a common component on U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services forms.

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    If Your Child Is Adopted

    The Social Security Administration can assign your adopted child a Social Security number before the adoption is complete, but you may want to wait until the adoption is finalized. Then, you can apply for the number using your childs new name, with your name as parent. If you want to claim your child for tax purposes while the adoption is still pending, contact the Internal Revenue Service for Form W-7A, Application for Taxpayer Identification Number for Pending U.S. Adoptions.

    Getting a Social Security number for your child is just one of the many legal issues youll need to address for your child as they grow up. But you got this. And ARAG is here to help protect whats most important to you.

    How To Get Your New Baby’s Social Security Number

    Welcoming a baby to your family is an exciting time. Doing paperwork, even for something as important as a Social Security number for your newborn, is probably one of the last things you want to do.

    Weve made it easy. If your child is born in a hospital, the most convenient way to apply for a Social Security number is at that hospital before you leave.

    When you give information for your childs birth certificate at the hospital, youll be asked whether you want to apply for a Social Security number for your child. If you answer yes, you will be asked to provide both parents Social Security numbers. Even if you dont know both parents Social Security numbers, you can still apply for a number for your child.

    There are many reasons why your child should have a Social Security number. You need a Social Security number to claim your child as a dependent on your income tax return. You may also need a number for your child if you plan to do the following for your child:

    • Open a bank account.

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