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How Do I Find Out Someone’s Social Security Number

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How Can I Find My Childs Social Security Number Online

How To Find Someone’s Social Security Number | Lookup SSN by Name

You probably will not be able to find your child’s number anywhere online. If you have claimed them as a dependent on your previous tax returns, you will be able to find their SSN there. If not, then you will need to contact the Social Security Administration so that they can advise you on the proper steps for requesting a replacement card for your child.

Checking Your Credit Score

The most common way to catch unauthorized activity is by checking your credit information. If an account appears that you did not initiate, someone is using your Social Security number.

You can check your credit score using a third-party service like or check with your credit card company to see if they have such a feature.

If youre applying for a new line of credit and get turned down, this could mean that there are fraudulent accounts or activities that are affecting your credit score.

Tip : Beware Of Phone And Email Scams

Identity thieves may try to trick you into revealing your SSN. For instance, in a phone or email, they might pose as your employer or a government office requesting information. Avoid sharing your number unless youre positive its a legitimate request.

Better yet, consider calling the requesting organization at a verifiable telephone number to provide the information. Or visit in person.

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Protecting Your Social Security Number And Records

When you work, your Social Security number is used to record your earnings. Here are some things you can do to protect your Social Security record and to make sure it is accurate.

  • Show your Social Security card to your employer when you start a job.
  • Check the name and Social Security number on your pay stub and W-2 form to make sure your name and number are correct.
  • Keep your card in a safe place and don’t rely on your memory. If you give your employer the wrong Social Security number, your earnings may get credited to some other worker.
  • Send for an earnings statement every three years to make sure your record is right. The statement is available free of charge from Social Security by calling 1-800-772-1213 or by download.

Tip : Create Strong Passwords

How Do I Find Out if Someone is Using My Social Security ...

Strong passwords that use a unique combination of numbers, letters, and symbols can help prevent identity thieves from accessing your personal information in online accounts. Heres one password you should never use: your Social Security number. And dont use your SSNs last four digits as a PIN.

Finally, dont use the same passwords repeatedly. Even if its a strong password, and its one that you can easily remember, all a hacker has to do is crack that password once. The thief will then be able to access all your important accounts that are protected by that password, even ones that contain your Social Security number.

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Applying For A New Or Replacement Card

If you need to replace a lost Social Security card, change the name shown on your card, or request a new card, just call or visit Social Security. These services are free. You will need to complete a short form and furnish identification.

To get a replacement card, you usually need one identifying document. To change the name on your card, you need documentation that shows your old name and your new name. If you were born outside the United States, you also generally must show proof of U.S. citizenship or lawful alien status. Your replacement card will have the same number as your old card.

For a new card, you will need to provide documents that show your age, citizenship or lawful alien status, and who you are, for example, a birth certificate and a school record. Call Social Security for more examples.

The form to obtain a replacement card is also available for download.

Someones Got Your Number What Can You Do

Figuring out that someone has your Social Security Number is one thing. Fixing the problem is another.;If you think someone is using your Social Security Number, you need to move quickly.

You have four things you need to do. You need to contact the Federal Trade Commission to report identity theft, contact the credit reference agencies to report the theft, contact the Social Security Administration, and contact your local police.

  • The FTC is at 1-877-438-4338 or . There is a form to complete to report identity theft.
  • Contact the three credit reference agencies and ask them to place a freeze on your credit report. This will prevent any new applications being created in your name. This will stop more debt from piling up.
  • Contact the SSA on 1-800-269-0271 or Log on to the IRS Identity Protection website to alert them and prevent any tax returns from being filed in your name.
  • Optionally, but recommended, alert the Internet Crime Complaints Center at . They alert other agencies that your SSN has been compromised.

Once all that has been done, report the crime to your local police. If you know how the theft took place, for example, you had your wallet stolen, the police will want to know where the theft would have happened, and what transpired.

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Apply For A Social Security Number For Immigrants

Apply for an SSN with your immigrant visa

Your may request a Social Security card as part of your visa application. When filing Form DS-230 or Form DS-260 , there is option to request a Social Security number. If you have selected this option, you do not need to submit a special application or go to a Social Security office to get a card.

The Social Security Administration will assign you an SSN and issue you a card after you arrive in the United States. They will mail the card to the same U.S. mailing address where the Department of Homeland Security will send your green card. You should receive your Social Security card within 3 to 4 weeks after you arrive in the United States. If you do not receive the card by mail, contact the Social Security at 1-800-772-1213.

Apply for an SSN when filing Form I-765

Your may be able to apply for a Social Security Number at the same time you apply for employment authorization. If you need to file Form I-765 with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services , you can request an SSN at the same time. Many adjustment of status applicants or DACA recipients use this method to request a Social Security Number.

When Is It Legal To Find Someones Social Security Number

Find Someones Social Security Number


You may think that it sounds more like a plan for identity theft that legal and lawful behavior, but there are times when youll need to find someones security number.

3 Legal Reasons to Find Someones SSN:

How do you know if your situation counts as one of those times?

1. Someone owes you money

Lets say your exs child support payments arent coming in like theyre supposed to.; If all of your other tactics to get him to pay have failed, youre well within your legal rights to find his Social Security number and use it to garnish his wages.

Searching for SSNs isnt just for child support evaders, though.; Youve also got the law on your side if youre going to use the information to recover civil judgments and other debts that are owed to you.

2. You need to send a 1099

Did you know that if you turn in a 1099 without your freelance employees Social Security number on it, it counts as an incorrect 1099 which opens you up to a sea of questions, penalties, and headaches from the IRS?; In fact, you can be fined up to $50 every time you dont include a Social Security number on a 1099 form!

So, what happens if your freelance employee wont give it to you?

You dont have to sit around and wait for the IRS to punish you.; Instead, you can search for his SSN on your own.; That way, your form wont be incorrect or incomplete.

3. You need to prove someone is on active military duty

So, if youre in one of these situations, what do you do next?

  • Docusearchsays:
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    If Youre Not Sure Why You Received A Payment

    Contact the authorizing agency directly to find out why they sent the payment. You may be able to find the authorizing agency in the memo line of the check. View this diagram of a sample Treasury check to help you locate the authorizing agency contact information on your own check. Scroll about half way down the page to see the diagram.;

    If youre unable to find which;agency authorized the payment, .;They;can help you determine which government agency you need to contact. To find which;RFC;you need to call, look for its city and state at the top;center of the check.;

    Use the Treasury Check Verification System to verify that;the check is legitmate and issued by the;;government. ;

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    Formal Petition From Court

    This is one of the unlikeliest of events that can occur. However, for the sake of the list of Social Security Number, we are going to consider this. According to the law of U.S.A, a written order from the court can grant the person close to the person in context to receive the information about the body of the person in context.

    In simple words, if you need to find that the person is alive or not. Then you can appeal the court. The court, accordingly, would identify the person in context with the name and location. This is a sporadic occurrence. This is usually seen in case of soldiers or veterans of war. The relatives or family make the appeals in dire circumstances.

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    Ssn Check And Use Case Examples:

    • Social Security Job Search
    • Background Checks

    .and again, many more.

    The significance of a Social Security Search is that whether youre trying to get a complete background check on someone or just trying to find their current location, theres a good chance that;their SSN is linked in some way with the information you need.

    While SSNs were originally intended solely for determining Social Security benefits, as mentioned theyre now used by government agencies and businesses for contracts and other legal transactions. Everything from marriage records to lease agreements are generally registered with a social security number associated with it.

    How Can I Find Someone Using Their Social Security Number

    Social Security Cards Explained

    Finding someone using a social security number is relatively easy provided the person is still living in the United States.; Social security numbers are used for rental agreements, loans, employment, and many other official purposes that would easily help to identify where a person is located.; However, most social security number-based information tied to these searches can only be used for official purposes and may require hiring a lawyer or private investigator to conduct a social security number search of this kind.

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    What Should I Do If I Think Someone Is Using My Social Security Number

    If you think someone is using your number, there are several actions you can take. Note that we can only resolve Social Security number reporting problems on our own records.

    Review your Social Security earnings record;Review the earnings posted to your record on your;Social Security Statement. To get your online;Statement, log into your personal;mySocial Security;account and check your account. If you see any inconsistencies, contact the Social Security Administration. We consider identity theft one of our major challenges so we have joined in government-wide efforts to prevent Social Security number misuse.If you want to report identity theft, where someone used your personal information, including your Social Security number, to get a loan or job, file a tax return, or conduct other business, please visit the Federal Trade Commissions Identity Theft page. This guides you through each step of the recovery process. Its a one-stop resource managed by the Federal Trade Commission, the nations consumer protection agency.Contact the Internal Revenue Service for issues involving taxesIf you believe someone is using your Social Security number to work, get your tax refund, or other abuses involving taxes, contact;the IRS online;or call 1-800-908-4490. ;Order a free credit reportYou can order free credit reports annually from the three major credit bureaus .Make a single request for all three credit bureau reports:

    Common Reasons For Changing A Social Security Number

    As mentioned above, the SSA has relatively strict requirements for changing someone’s Social Security number. For example, it won’t provide one for a person who wants to avoid the consequences of bankruptcy or is evading the law. In addition, you can’t get a new number if you simply lost your Social Security card, unless there is solid evidence that your number is being used by someone else.

    Among the reasons that the SSA will accept for issuing a new number:

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    What Should You Do If Someone Has Been Using Your Social Security Number

    So, what happens if you notice that someone has been using your SSN? What do you do next to report the fraud and protect yourself from ongoing identity theft? There are several steps that you should take, and making sure you cover all your bases is crucial to protecting yourself going forward. Here is what you need to do.

    Checking The Status Of Websites

    How to find out a Social Security number?

    This is the common resort that you can take when the authority does not help you. There are consultancy websites that charge a small fee for their service. These consultancy websites have the resources to tally the required Social security number with their database.

    They then verify the results, and the estimated location of the person is determined. These websites have the provision of finding the person based on their recent activity, so it is safe to assume that their database has an exhaustive collection of information.

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    Odds Someone Else Has Your Ssn One In 7

    What are the odds someone else has used your Social Security number? One in 7.

    That’s the stunning conclusion of a San Diego company’s analysis of 290 million Social Security numbers, which found that 40 million of them have been attached to more than one name. The study, conducted by the fraud-fighting firm ID Analytics, is the first of its kind that’s been made available to the public.

    We first wrote about the problem of “SSN-only” identity theft five years ago, and estimated that millions of Americans were on the “secret list of identity theft victims” whose SSNs had been misappropriated by an imposter to obtain work or credit.

    The IRS often knows when this happens, when the imposter pays taxes. The Social Security Administration knows, too, for the same reason. And the nation’s credit bureaus usually know, because the imposter often ends up applying for some form of credit.; Plenty of financial institutions also have access to this information.

    But no one is telling you. In short, all these government agencies and financial firms don’t think you have a right to know.

    We’re no closer to finding out who’s on that list today, but at least we now know how big the problem is: much bigger than we originally estimated.

    20 million use more than one SSN

    “A good fraction of that group, maybe 15 to 20 percent, of these mistakes are deliberate,” Coggeshall said. “There are systematic variations, deliberate manipulations. … I see many people who have a lot of Socials .”;

    What Do I Do If I Dont Remember My Social Security Number

    If you cannot remember your Social Security number, the first thing you might be wondering is how to find your Social Security number. The quickest thing to do is find your Social Security card so that you can read your number from it. If you have misplaced or lost your card, then you should check your tax returns, W-2, or bank statements to locate your number. These documents will often contain your number. If you still cannot find it, then head down to your local SSA office to request a replacement card and get access to your number.

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    What Social Security Cannot Do

    If your Social Security number has been used to run up bills or obtain credit, Social Security cannot straighten out your credit record. You must contact each creditor or credit agency yourself. We cannot fix incorrect reports made by an employer to state unemployment or welfare offices. You will need to contact the state or local agency to correct your record.

    Because there is no law concerning the use of a person’s Social Security number by a private individual or organization, Social Security has no control over such use.

    Dont Send Your Ssn Via An Electronic Device

    How To Find Someone

    Never type your SSN into an email or instant message and send it. The majority of such messages can be intercepted and read. Also, dont leave a voicemail that includes your SSN. If you need to contact someone and give them your number, its best to do it in person. The second best way is to reach them on the phone and do it live.

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    Social Security Number Misuse

    Sometimes more than one person uses the same Social Security number, either on purpose or not. You should let us know if someone is using a Social Security number that belongs to someone else.

    Also, the Social Security card should not be used as an identification card.Because the Social Security card doesn’t have a photograph, other records are more reliable when identification is needed, such as cashing checks.

    It is against the law to use someone else’s Social Security numberor to give false information when applying for a number. Also, it is illegal to alter, buy, or sell Social Security cards. Anyone convicted of these crimes is subject to stiff fines and/or imprisonment.

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