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How Do You Qualify For Social Security Disability Insurance

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How Californians Can Apply For Short

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California workers who become disabled for up to one year may file a State Disability Insurance claim. The states Employment Development Department handles all SDI claims, which only cover disabled Californians with off-the-job illnesses and injuries. Californias SDI policy covers claimants for up to 52 weeks the longest period for any state-managed short-term disability benefits program. Once approved, you may receive up to $1,300 in weekly cash payments, though other factors may change your approved amount. Learn more helpful information about how Californias SDI program works.

Appealing Denied Social Security Disability Application

Its common for applicants to be denied. In fact, only about 1 in 3 applicants are initially approved for SSDI benefits. The two main reasons for denial are usually a lack of work credits, or that applicants do not meet the criteria for disability.

If you have been turned down, you do have the right to go through a Social Security Disability appeal process. Either you or your designated representative can file a Request for Reconsideration. Your initial appeal will then be turned over to Disability Determination Services, who will thoroughly review your file.

If you are denied again, you can proceed to the next level of appeal which is to appear in front of an Administrative Law Judge. An Administrative Law Judge will conduct a hearing in which all of your medical records and testimony will be heard before the judge renders a decision in the form of a written notice.

If you are still denied benefits, then you have a final appeal step you can take: filing a lawsuit in U.S. district court. You will need an attorney for this step if you havent already retained one. This can be an expensive and time consuming option, and as a result, less than 1% of disability claimants take their cases to this level.

How Do You Get Disability For Listed Medical Conditions

If your disability is listed in Social Security’s Listing of Impairments, the first step is to get a diagnosis of the condition from your doctor. But a mere diagnosis will get you an automatic disability approval for only a few conditions, like the following:

  • ALS
  • organ transplants, such as a liver or kidney transplant
  • certain serious cancers, such as esophageal cancer, mucosal melanoma, anaplastic carcinoma of the thyroid gland, or small-cell carcinoma .

For all other conditions, Social Security will look past your diagnosis to determine if your medical condition meets the specific criteria, such as having certain x-ray or test results, for that impairment. The criteria often include physical limitations and cognitive limitations.

If you haven’t had the clinical or laboratory tests required in a listing, you can ask your doctor to perform them. Or you can wait for the SSA to pay for a consultative exam, but this makes your claim take longer. It’s generally better if the key test results are already in your medical record before you apply. That way you can check to see if your test results meet the requirements of the listing, and if they match the criteria or are close, you can apply for disability.

The listing requirements are often quite complex our illness-specific articles simplify the medical criteria laid out in the listings so that you can understand whether your condition will qualify for disability.

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Disability Insurance Benefits And Taxes

Generally, if you pay the entire amount of the disability premium yourself, your disability benefits will be tax-free. This may bring your income while on disability closer to your current take-home pay.

If your employer pays all or part of the disability premium, your disability benefits will be subject to income taxes.

Chances Of Getting Disability Benefits For Bipolar Disorder

Social Security Disability Benefits Guide

Chances of Getting Disability Benefits for Bipolar Disorder

Social Security Disability Insurance benefits are available for workers or former workers who suffer from bipolar disorder, as they are for other mental illnesses. In this blog post, well explain how bipolar disorder affects people with the disorder and how the Social Security Administration determines whether an SSD benefits claim based on bipolar disorder qualifies for monthly payments.

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How Can I Find Out If I Have A Disability That Will Qualify Me To Collect Ssdi Benefits

Social Security bases many of their decisions about what qualifies as a disability based on information published in the Blue Book of Impairments. This Social Security Disability list of impairments details all qualifying medical conditions that meet the test for disability. While it is a comprehensive list, if you have a medical condition not listed in the Blue Book, you can still possibly qualify for SSDI benefits. As part of your disability application, you will need to submit copious information about your condition, including medical records, doctors statements and other related materials that will help to convince Social Security you meet Social Security Disability Insurance requirements.

What Disabilities Qualify Someone For Medicare Coverage

If you have a disability, the costs of healthcare can add up quickly, especially if youre no longer working. Thats why Medicare provides healthcare coverage for adults with qualifying disabilities.

When you have Social Security disability, Medicare eligibility is not based solely on the disability you have. Instead, your eligibility is determined by the Social Security Administration. If you receive Social Security Disability Insurance , youre eligible for Medicare coverage even if youre younger than 65.

This is how Social Security defines disability:

  • You cannot keep working because of your health condition.
  • You cannot adjust to a new job because of your health condition.
  • Your disability is expected to last for one year or more.

Conditions such as heart failure, cancer and musculoskeletal problems may qualify as a disability, as well as numerous other conditions that affect your daily life.

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Leave Of Absence/furlough Vs Layoff

If youve been laid off from your job, this means that your employer ended your position. But if youre furloughed, this means that youre on a temporary leave of absence and will return to your job at some point.

Because of recent COVID-19 legislation, anyone who is on a leave of absence because of the coronavirus is eligible for unemployment insurance. This is in contrast to pre-coronavirus eligibility when some states may not provide unemployment benefits to furloughed workers.

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Social Security Disability Insurance Determination

SSDI, SSI & Retirement | Social Security Disability Insurance & Supplemental Income | theSITREP

Specific criteria must be met to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance . The Congress of the United States has defined disability, for purposes of entitlement to disabled worker’s benefits, as the inability to engage in any substantial gainful activity by reason of any medically determinable physical or mental impairment which can be expected to result in death or which has lasted or can be expected to last for a continuous period of not less than 12 months.

A person must not only be unable to do his or her previous work but cannot engage in any other kind of substantial gainful work which exists in the national economy, considering the persons:

  • age
  • education
  • work experience

It is immaterial whether such work exists in the immediate area, or whether a specific job vacancy exists, or whether the worker would be hired if he or she applied for work.

“The worker’s impairment or impairments must be the primary reason for his or her inability to engage in substantial gainful activity although age, education, and work experience are also taken into consideration in determining the worker’s ability to do work other than previous work.”

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Meeting The Listing Criteria To Qualify For Disability

How to qualify for disability is by meeting a Blue Book listing. As an example, if you have cancer, you would need to meet the criteria of a cancer listing. Cancer listings are found in Section 13.00. The individual disability listings are broken down by where the cancer originates. Each different kind of cancer has its own criteria or requirements that must be met. As an example, if you have breast cancer, your cancer must have spread to other parts of the body or distant breast regions for you to qualify.

Some kinds of cancer fall under the conditions on the Compassionate Allowances listing. Compassionate Allowances covers several serious medical conditions, most of which are terminal. The program ensures that applications are reviewed quickly, so the claims can be approved just so long as you can provide supporting documentation that confirms your diagnosis and the severity of the condition.

Cancer will qualify for the Compassionate Allowances program if it is aggressive and if one of the following has occurred and can be proven the cancer recurred despite treatment, the cancer has spread past its region of origin, and the cancer is inoperable. Regardless of whether you are going to qualify using a regular Blue Book listing or through the Compassionate Allowances program, providing detailed medical records that confirm the diagnosis, show the severity of your condition, treatments, your response to treatments, symptoms and side effects, and your prognosis.

Direct Deposit: Its The Law

Effective March 2013, a new law went into effect requiring that all Social Security benefits be paid electronically. This means benefits due to you are directly deposited into a bank account of your choosing. The change means a quicker delivery of benefits as well as being safer and more convenient for customers.

The U.S. Treasury administers the Direct Deposit program and can answer questions for customers who call their helpline at 1-800-333-1795. For information and to sign up for the electronic delivery of funds, go to the Go Direct website at

The Treasury will also grant waivers in rare instances. To request a waiver or for more information, call 1-855-290-1545.

How to contact the Social Security Administration


Phone: 1-800-772-1213

TTY number: 1-800-325-0778

E-mail: Fill out a contact form located at

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Can I Attend School And Receive Benefits

The following conditions will determine your eligibility:

Attending classes or training on a schedule that prevents you from being available for employment will make you ineligible for unemployment benefits.

Attending school or training in the evening or on weekends will not make you ineligible for benefits, but still must be reported to a claims specialist.

Under certain circumstances, your classes or training may be certified as approved training. Training must be fulltime, vocational or technical in nature and shortterm less than two years) to be considered approved training.

If you qualify for approved training, you will be eligible for benefits and the requirement to seek work will be waived during the time you are in school or training and making satisfactory progress toward the completion of the training.

Your benefits cannot be extended beyond your original employment benefits eligibility period, even if your schooling continues after your benefits have run out.

If you are not sure whether your training qualifies for approved training certification, or if you wish to file for approved training, submit the School Attendance/Approved Training Application form that is available on

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Social Security Helps People Work Without Losing Benefits

How Do I Qualify for SSDI in California?

Often, people would like to re-enter the workforce but are afraid they might lose disability benefits if they try to get a job. If you are age 18 through 64 and receive Social Security disability benefits, you can participate in Social Security√Ęs Ticket to Work program. The Ticket to Work program allows you to receive free employment support services and take advantage of work incentives that make it easier to work and still receive benefits such as health care. In some instances, you can receive cash benefits from Social Security, and you are protected if you have to stop working due to your disability. Learn about our Ticket to Work program or call1-866-968-7842 or 1-866-833-2967 .

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Can I Get Medicare Without Social Security

Did you know that you do not have to be receiving a Social Security payment to enroll in Medicare?

It is easy to get confused because they often do go together. However, it is not necessary. In this blog, we will take a look at how and when Social Security and Medicare go together as well as how and when they dont. Plus we will give you an idea of what that might mean to you.

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How Can I Find Out More About Ssdi

  • Visit online choose disability
  • Visit to learn about Social Security benefits you might be eligible for including SSDI
  • Go to your nearest Social Security office

You can find out how much you would get from SSDI by looking at your Social Security statement. The statement shows your work history and an estimate of what your benefits would be at this time. To get a Social Security statement:

  • Request a statement online through Social Securitys website at Click on My Social Security on the left side of the page.

Note that SSDI is different from SSI . SSI is for people with disabilities or who are at least 65 years old and who have limited income and resources. See our information on Supplemental Security Income .

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What Is Included On The Adult Disability Starter Kit Fact Sheet

The fact sheet answers the most common questions that an applicant has when applying for disability. Some examples of those questions are:

  • What can you expect during the interview appointment?
  • What can you do to speed up the process?
  • What process does Social Security use to decide if youre disabled?
  • When will a decision be made?

At the interview appointment, a Social Security representative will complete your application for disability benefits and a disability report using the documents and verbal answers you supply. This interview takes about an hour, either over the telephone or at a local Social Security office. As per the fact sheet, you can complete the interview in less time if you complete the application for benefits and the disability report online.

Once completed, the Social Security Administration will send the application to a state agency. The state agency will then request medical records from your doctors or other facilities where you received treatment. They can also send you forms to complete or request that you have an examination or medical test. The decision on your eligibility may take three to five months, depending on how long it takes to collect medical records and other evidence of your disability.

Social Security Phone Number

VA Pensions & Social Security Disability Insurance | VA & SSDI | Social Security | theSITREP

You can contact Social Security by phone by calling their toll-free number, 1-800-772-1213. If you are deaf or hard of hearing, their TTY phone number is 1-800-325-0778. You can use their automated telephone services to obtain recorded information and to conduct some business 24 hours a day. You can speak with a Social Security representative if you call between 7am and 7pm Monday through Friday. You can also reach their TTY number if you call between 7am and 7pm Monday through Friday. For instructions on their Automated services click here.

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Social Security Spousal Benefits Requirements

Based on actuarial studies, after a married couple reaches 65 years old, a majority of the time, one spouse will outlive the other by as much as 10 years. So the decision on who should file for benefits and when that should take place can have a major long-term impact on the income of a surviving spouse.

Spouses who never worked or have had low earnings throughout the course of their life are entitled to receive up to half of their spouses full retirement benefit. Depending on your personal situation, you may receive your own benefit or a blended amount of both you and your spouses benefit. Either way, you will receive a combination of benefits that gives you the highest possible amount.

One strategy often employed is for a spouse to take their spouses retirement benefit and delay taking their own benefit. By doing so, you can continue to accrue delayed retirement benefits which will result in a larger benefit amount when you file for your own retirement benefit.

What Is The Difference Between Ssi And Ssdi

SSI eligibility is determined based on age, disability and available resources, while SSDI is based on a persons disability and work credits.

For most people, medical requirements that will allow you to receive disability payments are the same for both, and disability is determined using the same process. Both SSI and SSDI are managed by the Social Security Administration as well.


Location and monthly income

Record of earnings

The most notable difference between SSI and SSDI is that SSDI is only available to people who have accumulated enough work credits, while SSI is available to low-income individuals who have not accumulated enough work credits or who have never worked. In addition, SSDI is based on your work history, but SSI is strictly based on a financial situation of considerable need.

Additionally, SSI benefits begin on the first of the month that a social security disability application is submitted and approved, but for SSDI there is a five-month waiting period. People who qualify for SSI can also receive Medicaid benefits. After receiving SSDI benefits for two years, a disabled person will be eligible for Medicare benefits. The amount of SSI benefits depend on where a person lives and what their monthly income is, while SSDI benefit amounts are dependent on a persons earnings record.

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