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How Many Years Have I Paid Into Social Security

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Get Ssa Benefits While Living Overseas

How Social Security Works

U.S. citizens can travel to or live in most, but not all, foreign countries and still receive their Social Security benefits. You can find out if you can receive benefits overseas by using the Social Security Administrations payment verification tool. Once you access the tool, pick the country you’re visiting or living in from the drop-down menu options.

How Long Will You Live In Retirement

Based on current estimates, a 65 year old man can expect to live approximately 18 years in retirement, and a 65 year old woman can expect to live about 20 years, but many people live longer. Planning to live well into your 90s can help you avoid outliving your income.

The worksheet takes into account some factors that impact your retirement savings. First, investing – because it involves risk. Second, inflation – because todays dollars will usually buy less each year as the cost of living rises. Your target savings rate includes any contributions your employer makes to a retirement savings plan for you, such as an employer matching contribution. If, for example, you are in a 401 plan in which you contribute 4 percent of your salary and your employer also contributes 4 percent, your saving rate would be 8 percent of your salary.

If you are not currently saving this amount, dont be discouraged. The important thing is to start saving even a small amount and increase that amount when you can. Come back and update this worksheet from time to time to reflect changes and track your progress.

Here are a few tips on how to save smart for retirement:

To track other resources you may have in retirement, start by getting your Social Security statement and an estimate of your retirement benefits on the Social Security Administrations website,

Get started today for a secure financial future!

Fact #: Most Elderly Beneficiaries Rely On Social Security For The Majority Of Their Income

Social Security provides the majority of income to most elderly Americans. For about half of seniors, it provides at least 50 percent of their income, and for about 1 in 4 seniors, it provides at least 90 percent of income, across multiple surveys and the study that matches survey and administrative data.

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How Much Does A Postal Service Worker Make In Retirement

The federal retirement program provides pension payments and disability coverage to eligible individuals. The amount of money a postal worker makes in retirement depends on their age and how long they worked as a postal worker or government employee. A postal worker who retired in 2020 with 25 years of service would make a monthly basic annuity between $1,308-$1,335.

Report The Death Of A Social Security Or Medicare Beneficiary

How Much Did the First

You must report the death of a family member receiving Social Security or Medicare benefits. The Social Security Administration processes death reports for both. Find out how you can report a death and how to cancel benefit payments. In addition to canceling SSA and Medicare benefits, find out what other benefits and accounts you should cancel.

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Checklist For Your Social Security Claiming Strategy

  • Know your numbers. Find out your FRA, earnings history, and estimated benefits.
  • Stay current. Sign up for your most current statements on
  • Do the math. Use calculators on to check out your monthly benefit options.
  • Get the facts. Don’t succumb to myths use primary resources such as

Social Security Calculation Example

Take someone who turned 62 in 2018. He has worked since he was 32 and each year earned an inflation-adjusted income of $60,000. His AIME would be:

  • $80,000 x 30 + $0 x 5 = $2,400,000
  • $2,400,000 / 35 = $68,571
  • $68,571 / 12 = $5,714

Since our sample recipient has turned 62 this year, benefits will be fixed to the 2018 bend points even if he doesn’t retire until 67. His PIA would therefore be:

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How Your Social Security Benefits Are Calculated

Your Social Security benefits are based on the 35 calendar years in which your income was the highest. If you have fewer than 35 years of earnings, each year with no earnings will be entered as zero. You can increase your Social Security benefit at any time by replacing a zero or low-income year with a higher-income year.

There is a maximum Social Security benefit amount you can receive, though it depends on the age you retire. For someone at full retirement age in 2021, the maximum monthly benefit is $3,113. For someone filing at age 70, the maximum monthly amount is $3,895.

How Long Do I Have To Work To Max Out My Social Security

How much your Social Security benefits will be if you make $30,000, $35,000 or $40,000

The Social Security Administration has a formula in place to determine your primary insurance amount — this is the amount you would receive when you retire at a specific age called your full retirement age . Retiring before FRA would reduce your benefit below PIA, but retiring after that age would increase it.

The Social Security benefits formula to figure out your PIA requires first calculating your average wages in the 35 years when you earn the most after adjusting those wages to account for inflation, or what the SSA calls “wage growth.” To figure out your average monthly wage, the SSA adds up the inflation-adjusted wages you earned over the 35 years you earned the most money and divides by 420 . This calculation provides your Average Indexed Monthly Earnings .

Unfortunately, your AIME is not what you would receive each month in retirement. After all, Social Security benefits aren’t designed to replace your whole salary. Instead, you get a percentage of what you earned — with lower-income workers receiving a larger percentage. To make sure lower earners have enough income in retirement, the formula used to determine your primary insurance amount gives you benefits equal to:

  • 90% of AIME to a first income threshold called a bend point. Bend points are set in the year you turn 62.
  • 32% of AIME between a first and second bend point
  • 15% of AIME above the second bend point

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Fact #: Social Security Is More Than Just A Retirement Program It Provides Important Life Insurance And Disability Insurance Protection As Well

Over 64 million people, or more than 1 in every 6 U.S. residents, collected Social Security benefits in June 2020. While older Americans make up about 4 in 5 beneficiaries, another one-fifth of beneficiaries received Social Security Disability Insurance or were young survivors of deceased workers.

In addition to Social Securitys retirement benefits, workers earn life insurance and SSDI protection by making Social Security payroll tax contributions:

  • About 96 percent of people aged 20-49 who worked in jobs covered by Social Security in 2019 have earned life insurance protection through Social Security.
  • For a young worker with average earnings, a spouse, and two children, thats equivalent to a life insurance policy with a face value of over $725,000 in 2018, according to Social Securitys actuaries.
  • About 89 percent of people aged 21-64 who worked in covered employment in 2019 are insured through Social Security in case of severe disability.

The risk of disability or premature death is greater than many realize. Some 6 percent of recent entrants to the labor force will die before reaching the full retirement age, and many more will become disabled.

Other Requirements For Disability

Once you establish if you have worked long enough for SSDI or if you are within the income limits for SSI, you will need to meet the medical requirements. These are the same for both SSI and SSDI.

To medically qualify, you will need to meet a Blue Book listing. The Blue Book is the guide used by the SSA to assess if someone is medically eligible for disability benefits. Within the Blue Book, you can find conditions that qualify for disability benefits and the requirements that need to be met for that specific condition. This includes things like specific test results, doctors notes, medications, treatment options, etc. Look over the Blue Book with your doctor to make sure you medically qualify.

If you do not medically qualify, but are still unable to work due to the condition you are experiencing, there is still hope. You can request a residual functional capacity form be completed by a doctor. This form will go over the disabling condition you are experiencing, your symptoms, and how they impact your work ability.

The RFC will demonstrate that you are unable to work in the field you have been trained to work in, and that there is no other work you can do because the condition you are experiencing. It will explain how long you can sit, stand, how much you can lift, your ability to understand, remember and complete tasks, etc.

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How Long Do You Have To Be Out Of Work To Apply For Disability

In order to be eligible for SSDI benefits, you will need to be out of work for at least 12 months or longer due to your disability and you will need to provide the proof that it is your disability that is preventing you from working. However, you may apply for disability benefits as soon as you have to give up work because of your medical condition.

You will have to provide sufficient evidence that you wont be able to work for at least 12 months to qualify for SSDI benefits or SSI. This is called the durational requirement. If the SSA doesn’t believe your disability will last at least 12 months, you will be sent a “durational denial” letter. If you are only going to be disabled and unable to work for less than 12 months then you wont qualify for SSDI benefits.

In addition to the length of time you have been out of work in order to qualify for SSDI, your accrued work credits and age your disability needs to be listed in the SSAs Blue Book. The SSA uses its Blue Book as a guide to assess if a person is medically eligible for disability benefits.

If your disability is listed you will need to provide evidence that proves the presence of it such as your doctors report, results of relevant medical test results and success of treatments used to relieve the symptoms of your disability.

Theres An Annual Social Security Cost

6 Social Security Withdrawal Strategies Everyone Should ...

One of the best features of Social Security benefits is that the government adjusts the benefits each year based on inflation. This is called a cost-of-living adjustment, or COLA, and helps your payments keep up with increasing living expenses. The Social Security COLA is quite valuable its the equivalent of buying inflation protection on a private annuity, which can get expensive.

Because the COLA is calculated based on changes in a federal consumer price index, the size of the COLA depends largely on broad inflation levels determined by the government. In 2021, Social Security beneficiaries saw a 1.3% COLA in their monthly Social Security benefits.

The Kiplinger Letter predicted in September that the COLA for 2022 could be 6%, which would be the largest adjustment since 1982. The final COLA for 2022 will be announced on Oct. 13.

Heres what COLAs have been in other recent years:

  • 2009: 5.8%
  • 2021: 1.3%

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Healthcare Benefits In Spain

If you work in Spain and pay social security contributions, then you receive state healthcare coverage.

If you are not, but have been in Spain since before April 2012 and earn less than 100,000 you can register for healthcare as a Spanish resident through your local INSS. You can also access Spanish state healthcare by paying into a special monthly pay-in public health insurance scheme read more about Spanish health insurance. These are run individually by each of the autonomous regions. Monthly fees are 60 for under 65s and 157 for 65+.

Note: once you are resident in Spain you cannot use a European Health Insurance Card unless you are a student.

To access state healthcare you need to take along your national health system users card .

For more information, see Expaticas articles on healthcare in Spain.

Spouse’s Benefit And Government Pension Offsets

The spouse or divorced spouse of a retirement beneficiary is eligible for a Social Security spouse benefit if the spouse or divorced spouse is 62 or older. The benefit amount is equal to 50 percent of the retirement beneficiary’s Primary Insurance Amount if the spouse claims the benefit at the full retirement age or later. If a person is eligible for both a retirement benefit based the person’s own work in Social Security covered employment and a spouse benefit based on a spouse’s work in covered employment, SSA will pay a total amount approximately equal to the higher of the two benefits. For example, if at the full retirement age, a spouse claims a retirement benefit of $300 and a spouse benefit of $450, SSA will pay the person a $300 retirement benefit and a $150 dollar partial spouse benefit for a total benefit of $450.

A spouse is eligible after a one-year duration of marriage requirement is met and a divorced spouse is eligible for spousal benefits if the marriage lasted for at least ten years and the person applying is not currently married. Payment of benefits to a divorced spouse does not reduce the Social Security benefits of the retired worker or family members of the retired worker, such as the worker’s current spouse. A divorced person can claim spousal benefits once the former spouse is eligible for retirement benefits, regardless of whether the former spouse has claimed those retirement benefits.

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How Disability Benefits Differ

Social Security Disability Insurance benefits are for people who are eligible for Social Security retirement benefits, but became disabled before they reached full retirement age. When a beneficiary begins to receive disability benefits, certain members of their family may also qualify for benefits, including:

  • spouse

How Is The Social Security Tax Used

How many credits do you need to qualify for the Social Security Benefits?

Income taxes you pay are deposited into the general fund of the United States. They can be used for any purpose, but Social Security taxes are different.

These taxes are paid into special trust funds that should only be used to pay current and future Social Security retirement benefits, as well as disability benefits and benefits for widows and widowers. Today’s workers contribute their percentage, which in turn is paid to today’s beneficiariesthose workers who have retired and who are now collecting Social Security benefits. When today’s workers retire, they’ll tap into the benefits being paid by tomorrow’s workers.

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How To Calculate Your Social Security Benefit

Calculating your estimated Social Security benefit is no easy task. Your best bet may be to request a Social Security benefits estimate from the SSA. This will contain an estimate of your benefit at age 62, at your FRA, and at age 70, based on your current work history.

In addition to these estimates, the SSA also has a series of Social Security benefits calculators that can help you plan for retirement. You can also use this calculator from AARP to estimate the best age to start claiming your benefits.

When I Retire I Will Have 40 Credits Under Social Security Will My Social Security Pension Be Reduced Because I Will Receive A Pension From The Mtrs

If you have 40 credits under the Social Security system , then Social Security will use a modified formula to calculate your pension unless:

  • you had 20 years of creditable service under the MTRS before January 1, 1986 or
  • you were age 55 and had at least 10 years of creditable service before January 1, 1986 or
  • you will have at least 30 years of substantial earnings under the Social Security system. For further information on substantial earnings, contact your local Social Security Administration Office or see more information on the Windfall Elimination Provision below.

If you do not meet any of these requirements, you will receive a reduced Social Security pension. In order to determine the amount of the reduction that applies to you, please contact the Social Security Administration at 800-772-1213.

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Will You Get The Maximum Social Security Benefit If You Work A Long Time

The absolute maximum that a 70-year-old retiring in 2019 can receive is $3,770 per month in Social Security benefits. Even if you follow all the tips above, you might not receive this absolute max. That’s because this maximum is based on earnings equal to or exceeding the Social Security wage base limit for at least 35 years of your working life.

The Social Security Wage base limit is the maximum earnings subject to Social Security tax each year. High earners don’t pay Social Security tax on the entire amount of wages they earn, nor do they get credit for the full amount of their wages when AIME is determined. If workers paid taxes — and received benefits — on an unlimited amount of wages, million-dollar earners would have very high Social Security benefits. But there is a cap by law that limits the wages subject to tax and counted in the Social Security benefits formula.

The table below shows the wage base limit in recent years:


Table source: Social Security Administration.

The Social Security Administration has a table of the wage base limit going all the way back to 1937. If you did not earn at least that amount for each year that counts toward determining your AIME, you will not be able to earn the absolute maximum Social Security benefit — no matter how many years you work or how high your salary is at various points in your career.

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