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How Much Can An Attorney Charge For Social Security Disability

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What If My Ssdi Claim Was Denied

Troy Rosasco – Social Security Disability Lawyer Fees

If your SSDI claim was denied, you are not alone about 70 percent of initial applications for SSDI are rejected.

In many cases, this is a crucial time to work with an attorney who can help you understand the reason for your denial, gather and prepare additional documentation as needed, and handle the submission on your behalf.

The Social Security Administration is, unfortunately, not easy to work with. They process hundreds of thousands of claims every single year, meaning its easy for your claim to get lost in the shuffle.

An SSDI attorney can help navigate the process and work within the system to give you the best chance of receiving benefits through a Request for Reconsideration. If this is denied, they can also help you through additional levels of appeals, including a hearing, a review by the Appeals Council, and if necessary Federal Court.

Will A Disability Attorney Take A Percentage Of My Future Benefits

Here is another important aspect of a disability representatives fee: you do not owe a fee based on future benefits.

That is, you will not have to keep paying your disability attorney 25% of your monthly disability check.

Once the disability lawyer is paid from the back benefits, that is all you owe with respect to fees.

In some cases, disability attorneys charge costs whether your disability claim is successful or not.

Are There Any Other Fees I Should Be Aware Of

The 25 percent/$6,000 limit does not include any out-of-pocket expenses a Social Security disability attorney incurs on your behalf. These expenses are typically nominal , but lawyers do have the right to recover those fees from you irrespective of the outcome of your claim .

Some of the common expenses a lawyer will have to pay upfront for a disability claimant include:

  • Obtaining medical records

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Consult With A Disability Lawyer

If you are unable to work because of a medical condition, you should talk with a disability lawyer before you get your disability claim underway. The claim can be filed online at, or you can call 1-800-772-1213 and speak with a representative. There are more than 1,300 field offices where you can schedule an appointment with an SSA representative and meet face-to-face.

Your attorney can fill out all your paperwork and get your claim underway. The claim form must be filled out in detail with all questions answered accurately and in detail. With the help of a lawyer, you are going to make sure everything is filled out properly and effectively. When you retain a disability attorney, you will not have to pay anything out of pocket or upfront. Instead, your lawyer will take the case on a contingency basis, which means that he or she will not be paid until you win and recover compensation for your backpay.

To consult with a disability lawyer who handles claims in your area, complete the Free Case Evaluation Form on this page to share the details surrounding your disability claim. Someone with an attorneys office can review your information and then get back with you determining the best way to proceed with your claim and get approved for monthly disability benefits.

How Do I Avoid Making Mistakes On My Social Security Disability Application

How Much Does A Social Security Disability Lawyer Cost in ...

Social Security Disability benefits can be difficult to obtain. Only about 35% of initial applications result in a benefits award, and the appeals process is time sensitive and requires an intensively documented medical history. You might consider getting help when you first apply for SSDI to ensure your best possible chance for success.

Social Security Disability benefits can be difficult to obtain. Only about 35% of initial applications result in a benefits award, and the appeals process is time sensitive and requires an intensively documented medical history. You might consider getting help when you first apply for SSDI to ensure your best possible chance for success. Call 512-454-4000 for help today.

Getting an award on your initial application can save years of paper work and anxiety during the appeals process.

Attorney Greg Reed, of Bemis, Roach & Reed, has a great deal of experience and assists clients both with SSDI appeals and initial applications. Having an attorney who is thoroughly familiar with the SSDI process increases the likelihood that your initial application will be approved.

In October, Mr. Reed took on a Cedar Park client who had suffered a perforated ulcer in April of the previous year.

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Q: Will Social Security Require Me To Be Evaluated By Their Doctors

Although not required, Social Security will frequently schedule a Consultative Examination as part of their disability determination process in order to assess your physical and/or psychological impairments and limitations. This examination will be paid for by the Social Security Administration. It is imperative that you attend your scheduled examination, and be sure to advise the examiner on all of your disabling conditions, symptoms, and work-related limitations.

What Is Included In A Fee Petition

In a fee petition, the attorney will need to include an itemized list of what the attorneys activities were on the case. This petition is sent directly to the SSA once the case is completed, and the attorney is required to send a petition to the client, as well.

The SSA will approve the attorneys fee petition only if the fees are considered reasonable. They will take into consideration how much work needed to be performed by the attorney, how complex the case was, the attorneys background and experience and how far the appeal needed to go before approval was received. If the client objects to the fees, he or she is entitled to do so directly to the SSA.

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How Much Do Va Disability Attorneys Charge

It is a known fact that attorneys for VA disability claims can better the chances of winning an appeal if the initial application for benefits was denied.

VA disability attorneys are regulated by the Department of Veterans Affairs, only those attorneys that have gained accreditation can help veterans with their claims and appeals. In the past, a veteran that was refused benefits could employ an attorney only after the BVA had made their decision, this is no longer the case. Veterans now have the right to hire attorneys for VA disability claims at any time after the Notice of Disagreement has been filed.

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What Does A Disability Lawyer Do For Me

What is the Cost of a Social Security Disability Lawyer

Youre not required to work with a lawyer on your disability claim. But having one improves your chances of winning benefits, according to past Social Security numbers.

And especially if you have a hearing coming up with a judge, we strongly encourage you to get legal representation.

At Makris Law Firm, we do all of this for you:

  • understand your impairments
  • analyze your Social Security file
  • prepare your case
  • obtain important evidence such as medical records
  • prepare your testimony

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How Are Ssdi Attorney Fees Calculated And Paid

Notice how we said fees are calculated based on your SSDI back pay? That is an SSA rule too. It means that your social security disability lawyers fees cant be paid out of your ongoing benefits. If you dont get back pay, your attorney doesnt get paid.

If your case involves a lot of extra work, like an appeal, it is possible for your attorney to petition the SSA for a higher fee. This is pretty rare with a standard disability claim, though.

What Does A Social Security Disability Lawyer Lawyer Do

While you can certainly file an SSDI application on your own, the experience that an attorney brings to your claim can be invaluable. They understand what information is most important, including your medical records, and they can handle the whole process for you, from submitting the application to managing requests for additional documentation, while ensuring everything is done in a timely manner to ensure you receive the full amount of benefits you deserve as quickly as possible.

Also, an SSDI attorney will have a good understanding of what other benefits you may be able to receive, such as Supplemental Security Income or VA disability compensation if you served in the military.

An attorney can also evaluate your situation to see if you may qualify for a compassionate allowance to help you get approved for SSDI benefits more quickly.

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How Much Are Social Security Attorneys Fees

In most cases, a Social Security disability attorneys fee is limited to 25% of the retroactive, or past-due benefits you are awarded. This fee is capped at a maximum of $6,000.00, so the fee is whichever is less: either 25% or $6,000.00. There is no minimum fee.

You usually dont have to pay anything up front to a disability lawyer. Instead any fee is paid out of the back benefits you receive. Usually, Social Security handles the payment of fees directly, withholding the money from your backpay award, and sending the remainder to you.

Contact An Attorney Today

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Social Security Disability ...

If you are in the middle of a complicated social security disability dispute and have questions about how much representation will cost, it is recommended that you contact a social security attorney to discuss your options.

An attorney can listen to the facts of the case and can best advise you on how to proceed. Contact an attorney experienced in social security disability to schedule a consultation today.

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Know The Basic Fees On Security Disability Cases

  • Normally, you are not required to pay any money up front to hire a disability attorney.
  • The attorney fee in a social security disability case is calculated on a contingency basis. That means the payment of any attorney fee is contingent on the disability attorney winning your case.
  • If your disability case is denied, no attorney fee is paid.
  • In the event of a favorable award of social security disability benefits, the attorney fee is limited to 25% of any past-due benefits. For instance, if your past due benefits equal $12,000 then the attorney fee equals $3,000 .
  • The total attorney fee is limited to a maximum of $6,000, regardless of the amount of past due benefits. For example, if your past due benefits equal $40,000, the attorney fee does not equal 25% of $40,000 rather, the attorney fee is capped at $6,000.
  • In some cases, a disability claim is approved for ongoing benefits, but there are no past due benefits awarded. In cases of this nature the Social Security Administration will not withhold any money for attorneys fees. Although, the law provides that the disability attorney can still request an attorney fee in this type of situation at RBR& S we do not do so. At RBR& S, if there is no award of past due disability benefits we do not ask for an attorney fee.
  • A disability attorney is required to obtain a fee agreement from their client in order to receive any type of attorney fee in a social security disability claim.
  • Is Hiring An Ssd Lawyer Worth The Cost

    While $6,000 or 25 percent of your back pay may initially seem like a lot of money, when you compare it with receiving no payment at all if you lose your claim, your perspective might change. Unless your case is very straightforward, SSD claims are difficult to win. You must be able to show the SSA that you are not able to perform your previous work duties or other types of work due to your physical or mental disability.

    This requires a lengthy and complicated application with several different pieces of documentation. It also requires an understanding and experience with the SSA and what types of claims they usually approve.

    Some surveys show that hiring Social Security Disability lawyers nearly doubles the SSD applicants chances of having their application approved. When a claimant hires an attorney at some point during their claim, whether it be to represent them only at the appeal hearing or right from the start with their application, surveys reveal that 60 percent were approved for benefits compared to the 34 percent who handled their case on their own.

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    How Much Is The Contingency Fee In Disability Cases

    The actual percentage or amount of contingency fee may vary from case to case. The actual percentage or amount depends on many factors. Typically, if your case is straightforward, you may be able to negotiate lower contingency fees. On the other hand, cases that are harder to win result in higher contingency fees for the attorneys.

    Social Security Administration has its own set of regulations governing contingency fees in disability claim cases. The agency maintains a cap on the maximum amount or percentage an attorney can charge. Currently, the cap is set at 25% of the back benefits you may receive against your claim. However, the total amount paid to the attorney cant be more than $6,000. There are some rare cases in which an attorney may be paid more. But thats only after SSA approves the amount.

    On average, you should expect to pay your attorney 20% to 25% of the back benefits when seeking legal help for a disability benefits claim.

    Congress Changes The Law And Veterans Can Hire Attorneys

    How Much Do I Have to Pay a Social Security Disability Attorney?

    At the urging of veterans and veterans advocacy groups, the law preventing vets from hiring experienced attorneys was changed in 2007. Veterans could now hire qualified attorneys to represent them, and earlier in the process. In short, veterans had access to lawyers who really knew how to help them even in the most complex cases. This has dramatically increased the success rate of how many veterans are able to win their claims.

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    How Much Will The Attorney Receive

    Under Social Security disability fee agreements, the fee the attorney will be paid must be limited to 25 percent of the total past-due benefits the client is awarded. A cap does exist, capping the amount the attorney receives to a maximum of $6,000.

    It should be noted that the attorney will only receive payment out of the back pay or the amount of benefits that are past-due. If the client does not receive back-dated or past-due benefits, the attorney will not receive a fee.

    If this is the case, the attorney can submit a fee petition to the SSA to request a higher fee. The SSA will take the lawyers fee from the first disability check received, which will include the award of bank pay, before the agency sends the client the check.

    Contact The Attorneys At Ryan Bisher Ryan & Simons For A Free Consultation

    So why risk hiring an attorney with little to no experience? Think of it this way, if you were having brain surgery and you had to choose between two doctors who charged the same fee, would you feel better hiring the surgeon who had successfully performed the procedure on thousands of prior occasions or the doctor who had little to no experience in the operating room.

    At Ryan Bisher Ryan & Simons our disability clients are represented from beginning to end by senior partner, Philip D. Ryan an attorney with decades of experience handling disability cases. Phil has handled thousands of disability hearings, including cases in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Colorado, Louisiana, and Alabama. Phil is also the two-time chairman of the disability law section of the Oklahoma Bar Association and a frequent speaker at OBA disability law seminars. Make sure you get what you pay for in a social security disability attorney. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation about the disability benefits you deserve under federal Social Security law.

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    Social Security Disability Attorney Fee

    You only pay the attorney fee if you win your social security disability case. Federal law states that the attorney’s fee is 25% of your past due disability benefits or $6000, whichever is less. Social Security automatically deducts this amount from your past-due benefits.

    With this in mind, you can rest easy knowing that you will not be out anything if our team does not successfully resolve your case.Our Pennsylvania lawyers do everything in their power to craft a strong case on your behalf, using all relevant evidence to your advantage.

    If you are unsure about hiring an attorney because of the potential cost, keep in mind that you owe us nothing unless we obtain successful results for you. If we do, our fees will consist of only a small portion of your past-due benefits.

    To ask any additional questions about the cost of retaining an lawyer, at 595-4917. Initial consultations are always free.

    When Command Of Complex Veterans Law Is Needed

    Social Security Disability Attorney Fees â How Much Will ...

    Straightforward claims are one thing. They are VSO territory. Similarly, there will always be multidimensional and difficult claims that need an experienced attorneys representation.

    Certain cases involve significant medical impairment and vocational complexities. For example, Total Disability Individual Unemployability claims must prove the severity of your impairments and how they prevent you from earning a living. An award of TDIU often comes down to the sufficiency of the evidence you give to the VA.

    Then you have multi-issue claims, PTSD, TBI, military sexual traumathese and other claims require skilled and experienced attention and resources that are frankly beyond the scope of VSOs. Decisions issued in all of these claims have significant effect on the lives of these veterans.

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