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How To Apply For Social Security Disability

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Next Steps For Apply For Ssdi Or Ssi Benefits

How to Apply for Social Security Disability

Evidence required by DDS for case documentation

Once you apply for disability benefits with the SSA, the Disability Determination Services , a division of the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, will review your case. DDS will review medical information and vocational information, if necessary, that includes:

  • A history of all work performed in the last 15 years
  • A description of the physical demands and skill requirements for each job
  • Educational history

When all required medical and vocational information is received, the disability examiner and staff physician and/or psychologist carefully evaluate each claim, using a sequential evaluation process.

The following people or agencies can help supply the information that is needed to process a claim for disability benefits.

  • Treating physicians and psychologists
  • Consultative examinations authorized by the DDS
  • Non-physician health care professionals
  • What Is The Process For Obtaining Social Security Disability

    The first step is to actually apply for social security benefits from the federal government. This can be done by filling out an application at your local Social Security Administration office or by applying online at SSA may ask you for your last pay stub or W-2 as well as copies of your medical records.

    Most disability applications are denied at the initial level by the Social Security Administration. If denied, you are given a time frame in which to file an appeal. If an appeal is not filed within the given time, you must start the entire process all over again.

    If you elect to appeal, our law firm can help you complete the appropriate appeal forms and file a Request for Hearing and have your case heard before an administrative law judge . Our firm will help compile medical records and other documentation to ensure the ALJ makes an informed decision on your disability case.

    Completing The Online Disability Benefit Application

    • After entering and saving demographic information about the applicant, a re-entry number is provided. This sets a protective filing date for both SSI and SSDI
    • Tip: Formerly, SSA provided both an application number and re-entry number for online applications. Beginning January 2014, only one re-entry number is provided and needed to access the online application forms
    • If you lose the re-entry number, SSA employees cannot access the information.
    • Proceeding beyond the re-entry number screen will trigger the local SSA field office to move forward with the application and set an interview date to complete the application
    • Note: The applicant should not proceed beyond the re-entry number screen until the case manager is ready to submit the complete SOAR application packet
  • Tip: If you receive a screen that tells you, We cannot process your request at this time, and instructs you to go to the SSA office to complete the application, confirm that you have the correct first and last name, date of birth, and Social Security number. If this information was entered incorrectly, you can re-start the application the next business day online.
  • Once the online application is submitted, use the re-entry number to check the status of the claim
  • Note that once you sign off, you must wait about five minutes before signing on again
  • During the protective filing period, an unlimited number of re-entries using the correct SSN and re-entry number are possible
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    Ways To Apply For Ssd Benefits

    There are three ways you can submit your application for SSD benefits:

    • On the WebYou can apply for SSD benefits online at the Social Security Administration s web site. Steps to apply include:
    • and submitting a completed .
  • Over the PhoneYou can apply for SSD benefits or make an appointment at a local Social Security office by calling the SSA toll-free at 772-1213. If you are deaf or hard of hearing, you can use the SSAs TTY number at 235-0778. Social Security representatives are available by phone Monday Friday from 7 a.m. 7 p.m.
  • At Your Local SSA OfficeYou can find a map and directions to the nearest Social Security office using the SSAs Social Security Office Locator. This tool also lists hours of operation and emergency closing information for your local office.
  • What We Mean By Disability

    How to Apply for Social Security Disability

    The definition of disability under Social Security is different than other programs. Social Security pays only for total disability. No benefits are payable for partial disability or for short-term disability.

    We consider you disabled under Social Security rules if all of the following are true:

    • You cannot do work that you did before because of your medical condition.
    • You cannot adjust to other work because of your medical condition.
    • Your disability has lasted or is expected to last for at least one year or to result in death.

    This is a strict definition of disability. Social Security program rules assume that working families have access to other resources to provide support during periods of short-term disabilities, including workers’ compensation, insurance, savings, and investments.

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    When To Hire A Georgia Disability Lawyer

    Over the years, we have found that many folks have little to know understanding of the disability process. Many believe that being diagnosed with a condition that sounds horrible means they are automatically disabled. And many individuals know that they feel horrible most days, which should be enough to be found disabled.

    Unfortunately, this feeling is never quite enough. Instead, the disability application process can be grueling and unnecessarily imbalanced against those seeking benefits. Much of the imbalance stems from agency rules that require evidentiary showings that can be unduly burdensome. This is particularly true when considering the changes made in the Listing of Impairments over the last decade, as well as the changes made in the domains relevant to childhood disability.

    And as you may already know, medical record-keeping leaves much to be desired. Treating physicians and caregivers are often not diligent in accurately noting a patients specific complaints in their charts. Another obstacle in this regard since the shift from handwritten notes to software-managed electronic files is the repeated boilerplate charts that see very little revision of patient complaints and clinical findings over time.

    Contact us today for your free consultation.

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    The Recent Work History

    The SSA will look at your recent work history to decide if you can get SSDI. The age when you became disabled determines the term of work history the SSA will look at. If you became disabled in or before the quarter you turned 24, you need at least one-and-one-half years of work history during the three-year period ending with the quarter you became disabled. For example, if you became disabled in the quarter you turned 23, you must have worked at least one-and-one-half years between when you were 20 and when you became disabled.

    If you became disabled in the quarter after you turned 24 but before the quarter you turned 31, you need to have worked at least half the time from the quarter after you turned 21 and the quarter you became disabled. For example, if you became disabled in the quarter you turned 27, you need at least three years of work. That is because three years is half the amount of time between when you turned 21 and 27.

    If you became disabled in or after the quarter you turned 31, you need to have worked at least five years out of the 10-year period ending in the quarter you became disabled. For example, if you became disabled in the quarter you turned 35, you need to have worked at least five years from when you were 25.

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    Why Is The System Asking Me To Enter My Social Security Number And Atm Pin To Access My Account

    When you are unable to answer a security question correctly, access to your accounts may be locked. If you know your Online ID and password, you can enter additional information to unlock your security questions.

    You will be prompted to enter your Social Security number, ATM card/check card number and PIN immediately after you enter your valid Online ID and password. Once your information has been confirmed, you can verify and update your security questions and answers.

    If you are unable to provide the requested information, please contact us.

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    How Much You Will Receive

    How to Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits online.

    The amount of your monthly SSDI benefit is based on your lifetime average earnings covered by Social Security.

    If you dont already have an estimate, you can get your Social Security Statement online with your personal mySocial Security account or use our Benefit Calculators to determine how much you could get if you became disabled right now.

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    The Benefits Of Getting Legal Representation

    You can have an attorney or advocate represent your case at any stage of the process. Because the application process is so overwhelming and confusing for many applicants, you may want to speak with a disability attorney before even applying.

    Having a the aid of an advocate or attorney who practices Social Security Disability law can go a long way in increasing the chances of your claims approval. An attorney or advocate can help you in numerous ways, from ensuring your application was filled out correctly, to submitting new medical evidence to the SSA, to defending your claim in court if needed.

    Finally, if youre worried about affording an attorney, you should know that an attorney or advocate is not paid unless you win your claim. If you win your Social Security disability claim and you are entitled to back pay, an attorney could receive 25% of your back pay, or $6,000, whichever is less. You will never need to pay an attorney out of pocket, nor will your monthly benefits be affected by working with an attorney.

    Who Is Eligible For Ssi

    Anyone may apply for SSI. The SSI program provides monthly payments to people who:

    • Are at least age 65 or blind or disabled.
    • Have limited income .
    • Have limited resources .
    • Are U.S. citizens, nationals of the U.S., or some noncitizens.
    • Reside in one of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, or the Northern Mariana Islands. Exception: The children of military parent assigned to permanent duty outside the U.S. and certain students temporarily abroad may receive SSI payments outside the U.S.

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    Apply For Benefits Online

    You should apply for disability benefits as soon as you become disabled. Follow these easy steps to apply online for disability:

    • To start your application, go to our Apply for Benefits page, and read and agree to the Terms of Service. Click Next.
    • On that page, review the Getting Ready section to make sure you have the information you need to apply.
    • Select Start A New Application.
    • We will ask a few questions about who is filling out the application.
    • You will then sign into your mySocial Security account, or you will be prompted to create one.
    • Complete the application.

    You can use the online application to apply for disability benefits if you:

    • Are age 18 or older.
    • Are not currently receiving benefits on your own Social Security record.
    • Are unable to work because of a medical condition that is expected to last at least 12 months or result in death and
    • Have not been denied for disability in the last 60 days.
    • Note: If your application was recently denied, our application is a starting point to request a review of the determination we made.

    You may be able to file online for SSI at the same time that you file for SSDI benefits. Once you complete the online process above, a Social Security representative will contact you if we need additional information.

    Appealing A Denial For Social Security Disability Benefits

    ADA Disability Discrimination and SSDI Benefits Claim

    If your claim for disability benefits has been denied, its a good idea to speak with an experienced attorney. You have 60 days from the date of the notice of denial to appeal your claim.

    The first step in the appeal process is reconsideration. This entails a complete review of your entire claim by a person that was not involved in the original determination. New evidence may also be submitted at this stage of the appeal, so this is just another reason why it is to your benefit to have an attorney experienced in these matters handle your appeal. You will want to be sure to include everything that may help your case for benefits. The next stage in the appeals process is a hearing, followed by reviews of the matter by higher courts. Your attorney will be able to help you navigate the entire appeal process.

    Our office handles Social Security Disability Appeals and Initial Applications. We may also be able to help with Supplemental Security Income appeals.

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    Get Disability Benefits Help

    Millions of people turn to the Social Security Administration every year to receive financial assistance through Social Security disability benefits. Filling your disability claim can be an overwhelming process, and a daunting one. More than 60% of Americans have their disability claim denied initially. Fortunately, there may be assistance for you or your loved through a Social Security disability attorney or advocate.

    To have your disability claim reviewed for free, please fill out our free disability evaluation. A Social Security attorney or advocate will reach out to you to review your options and go over the disability benefits you may be entitled to. Working with an attorney may be able to save you the time of appealing your process, getting you the benefits you’ve earned faster.

    Social Security Program

    There are two forms of disability benefits available for you: Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income . Medically qualifying for each is the same, but technically, SSDI and SSI have their own criteria. SSDI is for people who have worked and paid Social Security taxes, while SSI is for people with a dire financial need. Speak with an attorney to determine if you should apply for SSDI, SSI, or even both. You can learn more on:

    Qualifications For Social Security Disability In Georgia

    All applications go through the Social Security Administration. To qualify for SSD benefits, you need to meet the following criteria:

    • Worked in a job that paid into Social Security taxes for a certain length of time
    • Have a medical condition that the SSA considers a disability
    • Unable to work because of that medical condition, which is expected to last 12 months or more

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    Ways Employees Can Disqualify Themselves From Sdi

    In some situations, employees can lose their eligibility for SDI benefits. Benefits are not available for an employee who:

    • missed the doctors appointment that the EDD set up
    • is unable to work as the result of a felony he or she committed
    • is incarcerated after being convicted of a crime
    • is receiving unemployment benefits

    Does Social Security Disability Affect Short Term Disability

    How to Apply for Social Security Disability

    Generally, Social Security disability does not affect short term disability. Because short term disability applies to such a short period of time, there is no overlap between the programs. Short term disability generally pays benefits for about 13 weeks . Social Security disability on the other hand does not start paying benefits until youve been disabled for five full months.

    For this reason, SSD does not generally affect STD benefits. You do not ordinarily have to repay the short term disability carrier because you are typically paid benefits for different periods of time.

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    You Must Receive Routine Doctor

    One way the SSA determines your eligibility for monthly disability benefits hinges on your credibility as an applicant. If you havent sought treatment for your condition or discussed symptoms with your doctor, it looks bad to the SSA. If you arent treated, the SSA automatically assumes your condition isnt limiting you as much as you say it is. The more documented evidence from your doctor showing regular treatment appointments and progress notes, the higher your chances for approval. Among all disability secrets, this ones likely to result in your technical denial if you cant or wont follow through. In other words, no physician actively treating your disability = no claim approval for benefits. If you cannot afford to see a doctor, make an in-person appointment at the SSA office for a referral.

    How To Apply For Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits

    There are three ways that you can apply for SSDI:

      If you want to complete your application in person, you should call the SSA to schedule an appointment.

      If you file online, you will find that the Adult Disability Report and Work History Report have been included in the application. You will need to provide detailed information on your medical condition, your doctors, hospitalizations, and treatments you received in the Adult Disability Report. At the end of the application, you will also be asked if you want to give the SSA the authorization to directly obtain your medical records.

      Once you complete your application, you should periodically check on its status. This is important to be certain that you provide all the information the SSA needs to make a decision on your application and that the SSA is working on your case.

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      Social Security Disability Benefits

      Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability Insurance are disability income benefits administered by the Social Security Administration that also provide Medicaid and/or Medicare health insurance to individuals who are eligible. The application process for SSI/SSDI is complicated and difficult to navigate. Nationally, about 37 percent of individuals who apply for these benefits are approved on initial application and appeals take an average of two years to complete.

      For people who are homeless or who are returning to the community from institutions , access to these programs can be extremely challenging. Approval on initial application for people who are homeless and who have no one to assist them is about 10-15 percent. For those who have a mental illness, substance use issues, or co-occurring disorders that impair cognition, the application process is even more difficult yet accessing these benefits is often a critical first step in recovery.

      Critical components of SOAR include:

      • Serving as the applicants representative
      • Collecting medical records
      • Writing a medical Summary Report
      • Conducting quality review
      • Please contact a regional coordinator below to find your nearest SOAR Specialist:
      Ashley Blum

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