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How To Change Immigration Status On Social Security

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Report Of Medical Examination And Vaccinations

Legal Self-Help : How Do I Change My Social Security Card?

Form I-693 must be submitted along with the K-1 Adjustment of Status application. Be aware that a medical examiner who is authorized by USCIS must be the one to carry out the medical exam of the foreign fiancé. This same physician should be the one conducting any necessary vaccinations. You can find a USCIS-approved doctor using the USCIS Find A Doctor tool.

If the medical exam was done more than a year ahead of the adjustment of status submission or if there were any issues with this exam, a new examination may be required for the application. Consult an immigration attorney to learn more, if this applies to you.

The medical exam includes a physical and mental evaluation, drug and alcohol screening, various medical tests, and a review of your medical history. Bring the following evidence with you to your exam.

  • Immunization and vaccination records
  • Copies of any chest x-rays
  • A copy of your medical history
  • Treatment plans for any medical conditions

The exam helps USCIS determine if you fall under any health-related grounds of inadmissibility.

The results are sealed and should be submitted to USCIS unopened.

The fee is dependent on the price the doctor charges. If you have health insurance make sure to bring your health insurance card to the appointment.

How To Update Your Social Security Record After Becoming A Citizen

Congratulations on becoming a US citizen! Now youll finally get to avail of the benefits reserved solely for citizens of this country. But its not yet the end of your immigration journey.

Along with your change in immigration status is the need to update your records in various other government agencies. This includes your social security records.

Updating your social security records after becoming a citizen can be summarized in four steps:

  • Prepare your identification and immigration documents.
  • CompleteForm SS-5. You can download this online or get one in any SSA offices.
  • Mail or submit your documents in person. Though updating your records in person is much faster than doing it by mail.
  • Answer questions by the SSA staff verifying your immigration status.
  • Updating your citizenship status may not warrant a replacement of your social security card. But if there are other restrictions in your SSA card, you may request a replacement online or from the SSA staff handling your case.

    Can I Get A Job With Itin

    Employers cannot accept an ITIN as a valid employee identification for work eligibility. The IRS will penalize companies and resident and non-resident aliens who use ITINs for U.S. employment verification purposes. Anyone assigned an ITIN who becomes eligible to work in the U.S. must apply for a social security card.

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    Contacting The Ssa By Telephone

  • 1Allow 2 to 4 weeks for the application to be processed. Processing times vary by state but, on average, it takes around 2 weeks to receive your SSN and card. You can find the current processing time for your state at .
  • If you mailed your application instead of filing it at a field office, expect to wait around 4 weeks to receive your card.
  • 2 If your card doesn’t arrive by mail after 2 weeks, call 1-800-772-1213. Representatives are available Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. The best times to call are later in the day, Wednesday through Friday, and at the end of the month.XTrustworthy SourceUS Social Security AdministrationIndependent U.S. government agency that administers Social Security and related informationGo to source
  • Wait times during the first week of the month, early in the week, and between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. are often at least 45 minutes.
  • Even if you call outside of peak hours, youll probably have to wait several minutes. Grab a magazine or other distraction before you call to help pass the time.XResearch source
  • If youre deaf or hard of hearing, call 1-800-325-0778.
  • These documents could help the representative track down your application faster. However, theyll still be able to look up your case status if you mailed your original documents with the application. Youll need to provide information such as your name, date of birth, and the field office where you mailed the application.
  • New Card For Immigration Status Change


    You might also need a new card if your immigration status has changed. The SSA issues three types of Social Security cards, and two of them limit your ability to get a job. If youve changed your status, you might need a new card before you can work or change jobs. Youll need to submit additional supporting documents, such as your certificate of U.S. citizenship.

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    Affidavit Of Support :

    Form I-864 demonstrates that the intending immigrant has the substantial financial support to not become a public burden. The citizen spouse will need to submit a form also to demonstrate that theyll be able to support their immigrant spouse should their spouse not be able to support themselves. The poverty guidelines and household size dictate the minimum income required to sponsor someone. If the citizen spouse does not have an income that exceeds the minimum then a co-sponsor will be required. Regardless of which option you choose, all individuals who will be submitting an affidavit of support have to submit supporting evidence of their income, funds, recent tax returns, and W2 Forms.

    The form covers the following topics.

    • Basic information about the immigrant youre sponsoringyour finacé
    • Your address information
    • Information regarding any interpreters or legal representatives you used to complete the form

    Service Changes Due To Covid

    We urge you not to visit Service Canada Centres unless absolutely necessary.

    Ask us to help you with the following programs by using;eServiceCanada:

    • Employment Insurance
    • Canada Pension Plan , Old Age Security , Guaranteed Income Supplement benefits
    • Social Insurance Numbers
    • immediate request for a Passport Service
    • Veterans Affairs Canada Services

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    The Importance Of Protecting Your Sin

    Your SIN is confidential. You should not use it as identification or provide it for job applications, rental applications, etc. See Protecting your social insurance number for information on:

    • when to use your SIN
    • how to protect your SIN, and
    • what you should do if you suspect someone is using your SIN

    How Our Immigration Attorneys Can Help


    Seek the help of a qualified immigration attorney if you have any questions regarding your K-1 Adjustment of Status or any immigration-related matter. Our lawyers have decades of experience that will make the process easier. You can schedule a consultation with us today by filling out this contact form.


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    How Do I Update My Social Security Card After I Get Us Citizenship

    You have just become a US citizen, and, therefore, you can and should use all the advantages of obtaining US citizenship. For example, you can get various disability and retirement benefits as a true US citizen. But before you are actually able to get a new job or employ government services, the United States government requires you to get a Social Security card.

    Getting your Social Security data updated is easy, but before you visit SSA, the Social Security Administration, you should wait for at least two weeks after your Oath of Allegiance ceremony finished. A couple of weeks should be enough so that the US government updates your data.

    To update a Social Security card and also the Social Security Number , you are required to provide at least two documents to SSA. One such document is the Certificate of Naturalization; and you should also get ready one of the following documents:

    • US passport;
    • A certified copy of your medical record;
    • Health insurance card; or
    • US military or government identification card.

    SSA will not accept your birth certificate, however. Note that you need two documents if you are applying for a new Social Security card. If you already have such a card and just need to update it, one document will be enough for the Social Security Administration.

    As a side note, once you received the Certificate of Naturalization, you may need or want to apply for a US passport for traveling abroad and register to vote besides updating the Social Security card.

    Application For Travel Document

    Use Form I-131 to apply for your travel permit. If you submit both the I-765 and I-131 along with the K-1 Adjustment of Status application, then USCIS will concurrently issue advance parole and the travel permit.

    Along with the information requested in the previous forms, Form I-131 also asks for the following.

    • Intended trip departure date
    • Copy of EAD card along with I-765

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    We Are With Those Who Need A Helping Hand

    The Supplemental Security Income program is a program that provides income support to people with disabilities and people who are age 65 or older, or blind, who have low income and resources. U.S. Treasury general funds, not the Social Security trust funds, pay for SSI.

    If you or someone you know may be eligible for SSI, visit SSI Benefits to learn more and apply.

    If English Is Not Easy For You

    Social Security Name Change: A Complete Guide

    We can help you in two ways:

    • You can find out about the Social Security program by reading information in one of the 12 languages offered on our Multilanguage Gateway; and
    • We can provide an interpreter for you when you call or visit Social Security. Read If You Need An Interpreter to find out how we can help you when you contact us.

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    Why Should I Apply For A Social Security Number

    An SSN enables you to enjoy social security benefits in the United States. As you work in the U.S. youll pay Social Security taxes and receive credit for it. After roughly 10 years of service or so, you can use it to get the benefits when you are the proper age.

    Furthermore, an SSN is used as your identification. Your employer will use it to check your eligibility and some companies or organizations will ask for it for the account creation process. Legally, youre required to be and remain registered with the U.S. government.

    Boundless For People Who Want The Expertiseof An Immigration Lawyer Not The Price Tag

    Boundless is not a law firm and is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney. Boundless is not affiliated with or endorsed by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or any other government agency. Blank immigration forms with written instructions, including for spousal visas, are available for free at the USCIS website. Use of the Boundless website and its services are subject to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Attorney services are provided by independent attorneys and are subject to a separate Attorney Agreement.

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    Final Thoughts On Reporting Naturalization To Ssa

    Reporting naturalization to Social Security Administration is very important.

    After naturalizing to become a U.S. citizen, you are not done with the citizenship process.

    Sometimes, during the oath ceremony, you will be told to update your new status with Social Security but this is not guaranteed.

    Its up to you to update SSA and let them know you are now a U.S. citizen.

    Some new Americans wonder whether its necessary at all to update your status from permanent resident to a naturalized citizen.

    Ill tell you that it benefits you more to do this.

    Of course, there is no consequence if you completely forget and choose not to notify Social Security.

    Some of the benefits you get are access to some disability and retirement benefits that are only available to U.S. citizens.

    Some people decide to apply for a U.S. passport first which is perfectly fine.

    Since updating your status only benefits you, its in your best interest to remember to do it at some point.

    How To Update Your Ssn After Getting A Green Card

    When Will I Get My Social Security Card After Adjustment of Status?

    An SSN is like your identity, which is used as a verification tool by various organizations. But life changes and so does information. People getting married or divorced often have to change their SSC accordingly to reflect their name change, among other things.

    To update SSN after getting a Green Card, you need to visit your nearest Social Security Administration office and fill out the SS-5 form, which is the Application for Social Security Card. This single form contains 18 items. You need to provide supporting documents to prove your age, citizenship status, and identity.

    If you think going through this will be time-consuming, the good news is that the process of updating your SSN has gotten better and easier. You can use the online portal called My Social Security and request a replacement card as long as youre not asking to make any changes and simply need a replacement card. You can use the same login credentials that were provided to you.

    While most states offer online SSC replacement, services are not provided in states like Alabama, Connecticut, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oregon, Oklahoma, Utah, and West Virginia. Additionally, if your SSN was issued by territories like American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, then youre not eligible for an online application and have to do it by physically visiting the office.

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    If You Did Not Request An Ssn When You Applied For Your Visa

    If, for whatever reason, you chose not to apply for an SSN at the time of filing Form DS-230, then you can still get an SSN after coming to the United States. Youre required to an SSN office with your visa, passport, and permanent resident card. It should get processed within two weeks. If youre planning to move to a new location, then notify the authorities accordingly.

    What Documents Do You Need To Submit

    According to the SSA, if you want to change any information in your record, you need to produce documents that will:

    • prove your identity
    • establish the reason for the change

    The SSA only accepts certain documents as proof of identity. This includes:

    • U.S. drivers license
    • State-issued non-drivers identification card
    • U.S. passport
    • Adoption decree
    • Life insurance policy

    Submit any one of the above together with your Certificate of Naturalization or Certificate of Citizenship and the completed Form SS-5.

    All documents must be either originals or copies certified by the issuing agency. Photocopies and notarized copies are not acceptable. Any documents you sent by mail will be returned to you along with a receipt.

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    Dress Code For Photo Appear On The Card

    All persons fourteen years and older must present themselves in person for the photo to be taken. A snapshot of the frontal view with both ears exposed is captured.

    Only Appropriate Attire is Accepted.

    These are NOT acceptable:

    • Sleeveless, strapless nor very low neckline blouses and/ or dresses
    • Tube Blouses
    • Hats, caps or hair rollers
    • Unbutton shirts exposing the chest

    Exception: A person dressed according to his or her culture or religion will be allowed to take the picture with such attire if the attire is recognized as one worn in his/her ordinary day of life.

    Who Is A Refugee Or Asylee

    • Persecution or the fear thereof must be based on the individual’s race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion
    • Refugees and asylees are eligible to adjust to lawful permanent resident status after one year of continuous presence in the United States
    • All refugees and asylees have employment authorization based on their status

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    History Of Battery And Cruelty For Immigrants

    • Applicants will need to know that this question about battery and cruelty will be asked and may need help in talking about their experiences
    • Question 13 on the SSA-8000 is the first question about this issue
    • Question 13 addresses whether or not a formal petition has been submitted with DHS for a change in immigration status because of battery or cruelty
  • SSA should be consulted regarding how to proceed to assist an applicant more fully in this area
  • If You Need A New Social Security Card You Need To Fill Out This Form

        InvestopediaForbes AdvisorThe Motley Fool, CredibleInsider

          To get a Social Security card, either for the first time or as a replacement, you have to complete Social Security Form SS-5 and submit at least two supporting documents to prove your identity, age, and citizenship status. If youre feeling overwhelmed by the process, dont worrywell walk you through the steps to complete it.

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          When To Apply For Asylum In The United States

          You may apply for asylum regardless of your immigration status and within one year of your arrival to the United States. Filed your application after being in the United States for more than one year. However, you may qualify for an exception if you show extraordinary circumstances relating to your delay in filing.

          How does one apply for an ITIN? Applicants must fill out a W-7 application form and submit it to the IRS along with a completed tax return. Individuals do not need to apply in person. When the application is approved, ITINs are sent to applicants through the mail.

          How Do I Change My Citizenship Status For Social Security

          How To Update Your Change Of Status In Canada To SIN(Social Insurance Number ) Online Step by Step

          How do I change my citizenship status on Social Securitys records?

          To change your citizenship status shown in Social Security records, you must complete an application for a Social Security card , which you can find online at You must also provide documents proving your:

          New or revised citizenship status , age and identity.

          Next, take your completed application and documents to your local Social Security office. All documents must be either originals or copies certified by the issuing agency. We cannot accept photocopies or notarized copies of documents. For more information, visit

          Valerie Fisher is district manager of the Social Security office at 3310 Route 66, Neptune, NJ 07753. Call 800-772-1213 for information.

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