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How To Change Last Name With Social Security Office

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Apply For A Marriage License


Go to or contact the local county recorders office in the county you plan to do the marriage ceremony and/or apply for the marriage license. A marriage license must be issued before a marriage ceremony takes place. The county recorders office is the only place you can apply for a marriage certificate. After applying for a marriage certificate, the County Clerk will then issue your marriage license.

To obtain a Marriage License the following must be true:

  • Both spouses must apply in person and carry valid ID
  • A ceremony must be performed before the marriage license expires
  • Disclose the number of past marriages and of they ended

Social Security Name Change Checklist

  • Certificate of Naturalization with your new name

With these three proofs in hand, now its time to fill out your application.

2. Complete Form SS-5

No bureaucratic process would be complete without paperwork!

Form SS-5 is an application for a social security card.

Because you changed your name, you will need to apply for a new social security card.

You can download it online here.

Print out Form SS-5, fill it out, and sign it in your new name.

3. Mail your application in or take it to your local Social Security office

The last step to your social security name change is to submit your application.

Start by finding theclosest SSA office.

The nearest SSA office will appear.

You then have two choices. You can mail your application and documents to this SSA office, or you can visit in person.

We suggest that you visit in person if you can. That way, you dont have to mail in sensitive documents you may need before they return in the mail.

Youll also receive a receipt listing the details of your name changewhich means you can proceed to the next steps of your name change process that much sooner.

You will receive your new SSA card in the mail in approximately 10-14 business days, along with your documents if you mailed them in.

Your Social Security number will not change.

As an added bonus, the SSA will also notify the Internal Revenue Service about your name change. One less thing to worry about when tax season rolls around!

4. Be patient

Proof Of Your Name Change

Part of the process of updating your name on your social security card also means that you need to produce proof of your name change. In order to do so, you will need a recently issued document that proves your name change. The document must have been issued within the past two years. All documents must be originals. You can provide on of the following:

  • Certificate of Naturalization showing the new name
  • Court order approving the name change
  • In case you are updating a Social Security card for a child, you will need to provide a final adoption decree with the new name, a court order approving the name change, or an amended with the new name

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Receive A Replacement Social Security Card In Your New Name

Current processing times vary significantly between SSA offices. Once your application has been processed wait to receive confirmation of your name being changed. A replacement card with your new name and existing SSA number will be delivered about 2 weeks later or you may receive mailed correspondence in your new name. The DMV and other agencies can access your SSA records online, so you can visit your state DMV and request an updated license from then.

Our kit provides you with all the forms and information to change names with over one thousand state and federal agencies and various organizations. No trawling the web for information! We also include the Easy Name Change guide which steps you through the process. With kits from just $29 it will be the most affordable part of your divorce.

Sign Decree At Court Hearing

How To Change Your Last Name After Marriage

Bring all documents to your court hearing. Arrive early and do not be late. Its your responsibility to find the correct court room if you do not have an attorney helping you through the process. If the judge approves your application, a decree will be signed which is the most important document because it allows you to change your name on all the most sensitive documents including your passport, drivers license, birth certificate and social security card. Once you have all your sensitive documents changed, you can then go to your bank and have the name of your debit/credit cards changed as well.

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What If I Dont Tell Social Security

Failing to notify SSA of a name change can have serious consequences. If your legal name does not agree with the name on your Social Security card, the IRS may have issues processing your tax returns and Social Security benefits may not be credited to you.

For more information, call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 . Or go to

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Elect To Go Back To Your Previous Last Name

If you elected to legally change your last name due to marriage or conjugal relationship, you can change your name back to your previous last name by completing an Election to Resume Former Surname – Form 2. This service is only available if you legally changed your last name using the discontinued Election to Change Surname service.

When you legally change your name back to your previous name, you get a certificate of name change and a new birth certificate . You can use these documents to update other government documents .

Contact our office to obtain the Election to Resume Former Surname Form 2 by:

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    Changing Name On A Social Security Card

    No matter how you are applying, the first thing you will need to do is locate your local Social Security office and get their mailing address. In order to do this, you can call the Social Security Administration at or use the .

    Whether you complete the application online, in person or by hand, you will need to provide a certain set of documents to the Social Security Administration. This set of documents is the same no matter what method you use to apply.

    Do I Have To Go To The Social Security Office To Change My Name


    4.9/5Changing Namea Social Securitywill needdoyourSocial Security officegetdocanSocial Security Administrationsocial security office

    Moreover, how long does it take to change your name with Social Security?

    two to six weeks

    One may also ask, do you change your Social Security card or license first? After your social security card is filed, it’s time to get a new drivers license. Most DMVs will change it with a copy of a marriage certificate, although others may require you to wait until your social security card has been changed.

    Beside this, can I go to the Social Security office to get a new card?

    You can start the process of ordering a replacement card online at or by calling toll-free 1-800-772-1213. If you go to your local Social Security office, you’ll need to bring identification â specifically: A U.S. driver’s license. A state-issued non-driver identification card, or.

    Do you have to change your name on your Social Security card when you get married?

    You are not legally required to get a new Social Security card when you get married unless you change your name. If you decide to adopt your spouse’s last name or hyphenate your name, the Social Security Administration says you must notify them so you can obtain a corrected card with your new name.

    Documents Social Security may accept to prove a legal name change include:

  • Certificate of Naturalization showing the new name or.
  • Court order approving the name change.
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    Additional Documents For Citizenship

    If you are a U.S. citizen born outside of the country and the SSA does not have you listed as a U.S. citizen, you will need to provide proof of your citizenship. Check with the SSA for acceptable documents.

    If you do not have U.S. citizen status, be prepared to provide your current immigration documents.

    Social Security: How To Change Your Name After Marriage

    Congratulations! You are getting married soon, and you are caught up in a whirlwind of planning activities. There are so many details to consider that you may forget one important detail that applies if you are changing your name — applying for a new Social Security card.

    Social Security uses your earnings history to calculate your benefits. The 35 years in which you earned the most are used in the benefit calculation. If you forget to notify your employer and the Social Security Administration about your name change, any W-2 forms received after the name change may be incorrectly recorded and your Social Security benefits may be incorrectly calculated.

    You may not even be aware of the problem until you retire and find your benefits to be lower than you expected. It could take some time to straighten out years of earnings filed under the wrong name. Your benefits may be delayed as a result, or even reduced if the correct earnings cannot be established.

    How do you apply for a new Social Security card after a name change? The SSA does have an online service, but unfortunately, you cannot use it to apply for a new card. You will have to either send an application in by mail or bring it in to your local Social Security office, along with the necessary supporting documents.

    To prove that your name change is legal, you will need to provide the documented proof of your marriage. Note that proof of name change status is necessary for any name change reason .

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    Change Last Name After Marriage

    • Youll need a certified copy of your marriage license in order to change your name on your drivers license and your Social Security card. Wait at least 10 days after the ceremony is performed to allow sufficient time for your license to be returned to the Register of Deeds.
    • Request your certified copy of your marriage license online,or , from the Wake County Register of Deeds office located in the Wake County Justice Center, 300 S. Salisbury St., Suite 1700, Raleigh, NC 27601.
    • Present the certified copy of your marriage license along with other required documentation to the Social Security Administration. After applying for a new Social Security card, you should wait at least 24 hours before going to the Department of Motor Vehicles to update your driver’s license. The Social Security Administration is at 4701 Old Wake Forest Road in Raleigh. The phone number is 877-803-6311.

    Starting The Process Of Changing The Name On Your Social Security Card

    Change Your Last Name After Marriage In 3 Easy Steps &  Bonus Tips in ...

    The agency that manages your Social Security information is called the Social Security Administration, or SSA. As you can imagine, they manage information for millions of people across the country, so their backlog of work can be great at times. Changing your name with the SSA can be a hassle if you are not sure where to start however, if you follow the correct process, it should be a simple and painless task.

    The Social Security Administration will require proof of your name change. They need to make absolutely certain of a couple of things before they will change the name on your card and send you a new one. First, you will need to prove your identity. This prevents someone from contacting the SSA and changing someone elses name without their knowledge.

    Next, you will need to prove that your name has legally changed. You are not allowed to simply contact SSA and request a name change because you want to be called by a different name. Without the proper legal documents like a marriage certificate or divorce decree, then the SSA cannot validate that your name has, in fact, legally changed. Before requesting a Social Security card name change, make sure that you have gone through the process of legally changing your name first. Again, this could be due to marriage, divorce, or the legal name change process.

    Now that you know what is required before starting the process, you can dive into the details of getting your new name onto your card.

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    Submitting Your Application By Mail Or In Person

    The final step is to submit the SS-5 form and your original or certified documents to your local Social Security office or card center, either by mail or in person. You can find the address online using the Social Security Administration’s Field Office Locator.

    If you apply by mail, the office or center will mail your original documents back to you along with your new Social Security card.

    One advantage of going in person is that you eliminate the possibility that sensitive or difficult-to-replace personal documents, such as your original birth certificate, driver’s license, or passport, will get lost or stolen in the mail. If you have any questions, you can also call that office beforehand and ask which documents you need to bring with you.

    Generally, the Social Security Administration says, it will take two to four weeks to process your application and send you your card.

    Wait Patiently For Your Updated Social Security Card

    Now that you have completed the form and provided all the documentation required, you can sit back and wait to receive your replacement card in the mail. If you completed the process at your local office, then you can expect to receive your new card in the mail in about 14 business days. You will also receive the documents you provided back in the mail as well.

    If you mailed your application, you can expect the process to take about 4-6 weeks. If it goes longer than that, and you still have not received any information, then you can call the Social Security phone number at 800-772-1213 to check on the status of your request. Just remember to be patient as this office processes thousands of requests per day, and it will take some time for that new card to arrive.

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    The Scoop On Social Security Name Change

    The SS-5 Form is used by anyone applying for a Social Security Card. Its also used by anyone updating their name on their card. The SS-5 is a one page form with 18 questions. Thats pretty short for a federal name-change form! The question we receive the most calls and emails about is #11. Has the person listed in item one or anyone acting on his/her behalf ever filed for or received a Social Security number card before? The answer is yes if you current have a Social Security Card. Because, your parents filed for one on your behalf.

    Bring Proof Of Identity


    Besides needing to present proof of citizenship, you must also present proof of your identity. The document must be current and unexpired and should show your name, date of birth or age, and have a recent photograph. The document must be an original as photocopies will not be accepted.

    Any of the following documents can be used to prove your identity:

    • Health insurance card
    • U.S. military identification card

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    Gathering The Documents Needed To Change Your Ssa Card

    As mentioned, the first step in updating your Social Security card is to gather documentation to prove:

  • Your name change
  • Your identity
  • Your citizenship or legal residence
  • To prove that youve legally changed your name, youll need to provide a certified copy of one of the following documents:

    • Certificate of naturalization
    • Divorce decree

    Its possible that one of these documents could provide enough information for the SSA to verify your identity, but if it doesnt, youll need to submit another document to prove your identity. To prove your identity, all of the following documentation may be accepted:

    • United States passport
    • U.S. drivers license
    • State-issued ID card

    To prove your prior name, any of the above documents will be acceptedeven if theyre expiredas long as they match your name in the SSAs records. If you dont have an ID document with your prior name, you can use an ID document with your current name as long as the SSA can verify your identity in their records. Finally, if you do not have a passport, license, or state-issued ID card and you cant get one within ten days, you can use one of the following documents:

    • Health insurance card
    • School I.D. card
    • U.S. military identification
    • Employee I.D. card

    Submitting Your Documentation And Application

    Once youve completed the application and gathered the necessary documentation, you must submit both to the Social Security Administration.

    As mentioned, you can submit your paperwork by mail or by visiting an SSA office near you. You will not have to pay anything for your new Social Security card nor will you have to pay any fees. Other than the cost of your time, the service is completely free.

    To find an SSA office near you, you can visit the Social Security Administrations website, check the telephone directory, or call the SSA number at 800-772-1213.

    Once the SSA processes your application, your new card will generally be issued within ten business days. However, it may take some time for them to process your application.

    So, assuming you didnt forget any documentation or miss anything on your application, you can expect to receive your new Social Security card in two to six weeks after youve mailed everything in.

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