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How To Check Social Security Number

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Why Should I Verify Names And Ssns Online

How to Verify a Social Security Number?
  • Correct names and SSNs on W-2 wage reports are the keys to the successful processing of your annual wage report submission.
  • It’s faster and easier to use than submitting your requests paper listings or using Social Security’s telephone verification option.
  • Results in more accurate wage reports.
  • Saves processing costs and reduces the number of W-2c’s.
  • Allows Social Security to give the proper credit to your employees’ earnings record, which will be important information in determining their Social Security benefits in the future.

Getting A New Social Security Number Is Probably Not A Good Idea

Victims of identity theft sometimes want to change their Social Security number. The Social Security Administration very rarely allows this. In fact, there are drawbacks to changing your number. It could result in losing your credit history, your academic records, and your professional degrees. The absence of any credit history under the new SSN would make it difficult for you to get credit, rent an apartment, or open a bank account.

The Purpose Of Having A Social Security Number

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      A Social Security number is a nine-digit number that the U.S. government issues to all U.S. citizens and eligible U.S. residents who apply for one. The government uses this number to keep track of your lifetime earnings and the number of years worked.

      When the time comes to retire, or if you ever need to receive Social Security disability income, the government uses the information about your contributions to Social Security to determine your eligibility and calculate your benefit payments. Most people will use the same Social Security number their entire lives, though some people might need to apply for a replacement number at some point because of identity theft.

      Keep reading below to find out more about when and why you need a Social Security number as well as when you should avoid using it.

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      When Opening An Account With Any Us Financial Institution

      Since 1970, the federal government has required banks to obtain customers Social Security numbers or an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number .Financial institutions use your SSN to check your credit, to report your interest and investment income or losses to the IRS, to report your tax-deductible mortgage interest to the IRS, and to manage your account.

      As an alternative, some financial institutions will accept a taxpayer identification number , which youll need to apply for through the IRS.

      Where Can I Find My Social Security Number

      Solved: 4.23 (Check SSN) Write A Program That Prompts The ...

      A Social Security number is a nine-digit number that is generally issued to U.S. citizens, lawful permanent residents, and certain nonimmigrants. The Social Security Administration issues the number to track individuals employment for Social Security benefits. However, over time, the SSN has become a de facto national identification number for taxation and other purposes. Its also a common component on U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services forms.

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      Social Security Administrations User

      The Social Security Administration web site provides clear and reader-friendly information: All applications for SSNs, whether original, replacement, or for change of name or data, use the same form, the SS-5 form . The different purposes may occasion differing degrees of documentation.

      Why Do You Need One

      A Social Security number is important because you need it to get a job, collect Social Security benefits and get some other government services. You should keep your Social Security card in a safe place with your other important papers and avoid giving it out unnecessarily. Keep in mind that in many cases, even if you lost your card, you may not need a replacement. In most cases, simply knowing your Social Security number is enough. But if you do need a replacement, we make it easy.


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      What Is A Phishing Scam

      A phishing scam is performed either over the phone or through email. The scammer attempts to fish for your personal information. They do this by tricking you into believing the communication is from a trusted source. For example, they might send an email that appears to be from your bank asking you to verify your SSN or account number. If you send this information, the scammer will have access to it and can use it for improper purposes. If you get any suspicious calls or emails, you should not respond to them. Instead, contact your financial institution directly to determine whether it is a valid communication.

      Your Social Security Number Is The Key

      Do you need a Social Security Number (SSN) to run a Background Check?

      Originally, your Social Security number was a way for the government to track your earnings and pay you retirement benefits. But over the years, it has become much more than that. It is the key to a lot of your personal information. With your name and SSN, an identity thief could open new credit and bank accounts, rent an apartment, or even get a job.

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      Someone May Be Using Your Ssn

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    • Someones Got Your Number What Can You Do?
    • People can use your Social Security Number to access bank accounts, open new accounts, and more. If this is happening it may go undetected.

      A lot of times there are indications that something is amiss. These are the top five signs your information has been compromised.

      What Is A Social Security Card

      Your Social Security card is an important piece of identification. You’ll need one to get a job, collect Social Security, or receive other government benefits.

      When you apply for a Social Security number , the Social Security Administration will assign you a nine-digit number. This is the same number that is printed on the Social Security card that SSA will issue you. If you change your name, you will need to get a corrected card.

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      Social Security Services While Abroad

      As an American abroad, you will work through the US consulate or consular Federal Benefits Unit serving your region. To locate the appropriate FBU, you can check the website of the Social Security Administration at this link:

      Q1. I have my SSN.

      You are all set to file taxes, get your passport renewed, etc.

      Q2. I remember my SSN, but no longer have the card.

      This is not a problem unless the you are requested to provide a photocopy of your original card. If called upon to produce one, you can apply for a replacement card, and the Federal Benefits Unit for your region can supply you with a letter saying that you have applied for it.

      Q3. I used to have one, but I cannot find it and dont remember the number.

      Check first via the Federal Benefits Unit serving your region. These can be found listed here:

      The FBU may perhaps confirm if a SSN has been issued to you however they are not permitted to transmit this number to you, either over the phone or by letter. The procedure in this case is to apply for a replacement card by postal mail using the approprite form. You can leave the space asking for the SSN blank.

      Q4. I dont know if I ever had a Social Security Number. How do I find out?

      Check via the Federal Benefits Unit serving your area . With the data you provide them, they can inform you if a number has ever been issued to you.

      Q5. How does one apply for a replacement SSN card?

      Checking Your Credit Score

      How To Verify Employee Social Security Number

      The most common way to catch unauthorized activity is by checking your credit information. If an account appears that you did not initiate, someone is using your Social Security number.

      You can check your credit score using a third-party service like or check with your credit card company to see if they have such a feature.

      If youre applying for a new line of credit and get turned down, this could mean that there are fraudulent accounts or activities that are affecting your credit score.

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      Earn Ssa Work Credits In Some Countries

      You may not have enough credits from your work in the United States to qualify for retirement benefits. But, you may be able to count your work credits from another country. The SSA has agreements with 24 countries. If you earned credits in one of those countries, they can help you qualify for U.S. benefits.

      Where Can You Find Your Social Security Number

      Social Security Numbers are made of nine digits and are given to U.S. citizens, as well as lawful permanent residents. In some cases, even some working nonimmigrants may receive an SSN. The number was created as part of The New Deal in 1935.

      An SSN is given to anyone who earns an income, and it is necessary in order to report the individuals income to the IRS. Tracking employment for each working individual helps for Social Security benefits. But thats not all the SSN does. The number can also help identify individuals in order to track their credit records, but also for tax purposes.

      The SSN is mandatory for everyone who is older than 18 and receives an income. Thats because the income has to be reported to the IRS. This is why you need to be aware that you cannot run away from this and that having an income will require having an SSN too.

      Getting a Social Security number is possible if you file Form SS-5, which is the Application for a Social Security Card. When making the application, you must also send some other documents with the form. These include documents that prove your identity, age, as well as U.S. immigration or citizenship status. Luckily, this comes at no cost.

      Usually, in order to find your Social Security Number, you will have to check your Social Security card. It may also be found on other documents like bank statements or tax returns, as well as some USCIS forms.

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      Report The Death Of A Social Security Or Medicare Beneficiary

      You must report the death of a family member receiving Social Security or Medicare benefits. The Social Security Administration processes death reports for both. Find out how you can report a death and how to cancel benefit payments. In addition to canceling SSA and Medicare benefits, find out what other benefits and accounts you should cancel.

      How To Check If Someone Else Is Using Your Social Security Number

      How to Find a Social Security Number

      The rise of technology has brought new threats to your personal data and its security. Identity theft is a crime that strikes at the heart of a modern citizens wealth, employment, social services, and more. Our identity specifically, the electronically-encoded identity that serves as the gateway to our bank accounts, to our home security systems, to our e-mail and network resources can be stolen by unscrupulous people and used for crimes great and small.

      At best, an identity thief may use part of your identity as the launchpad for some phony persona that they are using to commit acts of fraud and light scams. At worst, they can drain your bank accounts, destroy your credit rating, and wipe out your hard-earned retirement benefits. Identity theft is not a minor crime in 2018, more than 60 million Americans reported that they were affected by identity theft.

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      Social Security Numbers And Background Checks

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      Editors Note: This article is for informational purposes only. By using, you agree to adhere to all applicable laws regarding background checks. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq., , It is unlawful to use our service or the information we provide for any purpose that would require FCRA compliance.

      If youre doing a background check on someone, it can become a lot easier to get the information you need if you have their social security number in certain situations. However, there are some pros and cons of doing background checks by social security number. Its also important to understand the process of doing background checks this way and whether or not you are authorized to do so.

      What Do I Do If I Dont Remember My Social Security Number

      If you cannot remember your Social Security number, the first thing you might be wondering is how to find your Social Security number. The quickest thing to do is find your Social Security card so that you can read your number from it. If you have misplaced or lost your card, then you should check your tax returns, W-2, or bank statements to locate your number. These documents will often contain your number. If you still cannot find it, then head down to your local SSA office to request a replacement card and get access to your number.

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      List Of Social Security Area Numbers

      List showing the geographical location of the first three digits of the Social Security numbers assigned in the United States and its territories from 1973 until June 25, 2011. Repeated numbers indicate that they have been transferred to another location or they’re shared by more than one location.

      On June 25, 2011, the SSA changed the SSN assignment process to “SSN randomization”. SSN randomization affects the SSN assignment process. Among its changes, it eliminates the geographical significance of the first three digits of the SSN, previously referred to as the Area Number, by no longer allocating the Area Numbers for assignment to individuals in specific states.

      SSN area number
      • Philippine Islands
      • Northern Mariana Islands

      Apply For A Social Security Number For Immigrants

      How to Check if Your Social Security Number Has Been ...
      Apply for an SSN with your immigrant visa

      Your may request a Social Security card as part of your visa application. When filing Form DS-230 or Form DS-260 , there is option to request a Social Security number. If you have selected this option, you do not need to submit a special application or go to a Social Security office to get a card.

      The Social Security Administration will assign you an SSN and issue you a card after you arrive in the United States. They will mail the card to the same U.S. mailing address where the Department of Homeland Security will send your green card. You should receive your Social Security card within 3 to 4 weeks after you arrive in the United States. If you do not receive the card by mail, contact the Social Security at 1-800-772-1213.

      Apply for an SSN when filing Form I-765

      Your may be able to apply for a Social Security Number at the same time you apply for employment authorization. If you need to file Form I-765 with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services , you can request an SSN at the same time. Many adjustment of status applicants or DACA recipients use this method to request a Social Security Number.

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      Your Social Security Card

      Whether youve lost your social security card or someone an acquaintance used the number, this is another common way that someone has obtained this information. Keeping your social security card safe, not keeping it in your wallet, and making sure that no one can get to it is another way to protect your identity.

      Obtain Proof Of Employment Eligibility

      How Can I Verify Employeesâ Social Security Numbers

      To be eligible for an SSN, you must provide proof of employment to the Social Security Administration. You must have this documentation in hand before you apply for an SSN. The type of proof varies with the type of work authorization you have:

    • Academic Training : You will need to go through the AT approval process to get AT authorization printed on your DS-2019. In addition to the AT on your DS-2019, you will need a letter from OIA. This letter can be obtained on a walk-in basis at our front desk anytime during regular business hours.
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