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How To Fill Out Social Security Form Ssa 3373 Bk

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Section D: What Can You Do

How do I fill out the Adult Function Report (Form SSA – 3373 – BK)?

The next section, Section D, asks for information about what you can do. Once again, your answers should be truthful. Be aware that in this section, Social Security is looking for what you can do to work. Can you sit down all day? Can you lift things? The last part of Section D asks about what medications you are taking.

Filling Out A Third Party Function Report

My suggestion is dont have anybody fill one out. The only exception might be for a person with seizures which may require a third party observation. Dont allow third parties to fill them out because I have never seen a Third Party Function Report used to help a claimant get approved for Social Security Disability benefits. The Social Security Administration uses them to deny claimants benefits. These third parties are not part of the case and they do not have to be.

I will give you a few examples of problems created by these questionnaires:

  • A younger individual had his girlfriend fill out a Third Party Function Report. The couple broke up and the girlfriend sent in another report saying he was a liar and making everything up. She said he didnt deserve SSD benefits. This created problems at the hearing.
  • I had a client say he never goes to church. The third party said he goes to Church every Sunday. The ALJ then questioned whether the client was as limited as he said he was.
  • The third party mimicked the clients answers to the Disability Report Appeal. The Judge disregarded the Third Party Function questionnaire and then commented about the client collaborating with the third party, stating that it tainted the process. It states on the front of the report, DO NOT ASK THE DISABLED PERSON TO GIVE YOU ANSWERS.
  • Remember the people at Social Security are very nice but they are not helping you get approved for Social Security Disability benefits.

    Sections 1 And : Background And Third

    The first section of the report asks for your contact information, language preference, and any other names you’ve used in the past. The next section asks for the contact information of a friend or family member who knows about your medical situation and can help with your case. Social Security will send this person a Third-Party Report to get his or her impressions of your day-to-day limitations, so make sure the person you list has the knowledge and willingness to assist with your claim.

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    Completing Your Adult Function Report

    Many people become overwhelmed with the amountof information required by the SSA on an Adult Function Report. However, itsvital that claimants take the time to answer all questions thoroughly andhonestly to support their disability claim. Following are a few tips to keep inmind when filling out an Adult Function Report:

  • Dont rush. Think about all the changes to your daily life due to your disability. Providing as many details about these life adjustments will make your case stronger. The SSA does not get the opportunity to see you physically during the application process, so they have to rely on your medical records and the Adult Function Report to understand why you cannot work.
  • Use the remarks section. The Adult Function Report includes a lot of questions, making it difficult to adequately answer them in the space provided. If you run out of space when answering a question, use the remarks section to share additional information youd like the SSA or, in the case of an SSD appeal, your administrative law judge to know. You can also attach additional pages.
  • Review your Adult Function Report and imagine how a review panel or judge would view your answers. Some questions on the report can be confusing to claimants. If you dont fully understand a question or feel you may have written something that may harm your case, its a good idea to arrange a consultation with a knowledgeable disability lawyer to learn if you can clarify the information.
  • Third Party Function Reports


    While Form SSA-3373-BK is something you, the applicant, fills out, the SSA might need more information. They will sometimes ask for a Third Party Function Report as well. This is something your doctor, therapist, or other healthcare provider submits to help verify and explain your condition and limitations. This form is called Form SSA-3380-BK, and is not something you will fill out yourself.

    This form is nearly identical to the form you do fill out, but is to be completed by someone else. This helps the SSA verify what you put on your form. The SSA looks at what your doctor, therapist, or caregiver puts on the form so they can confirm that what you said on your form is correct and accurate.

    Just because your form and the third party form have different answers does not automatically mean you are lying, nor does it mean you will be denied. Different people may word things differently, or might have different opinions about your abilities. Do not be concerned about trying to match anyone elses answers when you fill out your own function report.

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    What Do I Say On A Disability Form

    Be honest but dont exaggerate. Be specific about your limitations.

    If you do not clearly describe your limitations or give vague answers on your Adult Function Report, Social Security will take that to mean your disability really isnt that bad and you should have no problem returning to work.

    Your Social Security Disability claim will likely be denied.

    It’s a good idea to consult with an attorney or at least read these tips before you complete the form.

    How To Fill Out The Ssa Function Report

    The SSA Function Report, also known as Form SSA 3373-BK, is one of the most important pieces of paperwork for your disability claim. If youre wondering how to fill out the Adult Function Report Form for Social Security, look no further. Attorney Matthew Shupe explains what the SSA Function Report is, how judges review this form, and what you can do to strengthen your case.

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    Is The Ssdi Application The Same As The Ssi Application

    No. The SSI application for SSI benefits entails a different process, although some elements are similar. SSI or supplemental security income is funded by tax revenues . SSI is a program that provides cash assistance benefits for American citizens or residents who have limited financial resources, are legally blind, or over the age of 65.

    Many applicants for SSI are elderly individuals applying for retirement benefits who will fill out form SSA-1-BK. However, receiving SSI benefits does not require a work history, whereas SSDI does. However, just like the SSDI application, applicants may need to furnish documentation that proves their identity, such as a birth certificate and/or passport.

    How Do I Fill Out An Ssa

    Form SSA-3373-bk – Function Report

    You shouldn’t leave fields blank. If you are not sure about the answer you should either call a Social Security and ask them for help or simply write “Don’t know”.This form doesn’t require any special knowledges. This is made for you to fill it out on your own. If either the explanation is asked for or you need to explain the answer, be sure to explain the answer. If you need some more space to answer any question, there’s “REMARKS” section on the last page for it. Don’t forget to write the number of question being answered while using the “REMARKS” section.Don’t write on the “For SSA Use Only” section.

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    An Arkansas Social Security Attorney Can Help

    If you are having trouble understanding your Function Report, or need help filing for Social Security Disability, talk to an attorney. It is never too late to get help with your application. Our attorneys are available for free consultations. Call Ken Kieklak, Attorney at Law, at 316-0438) today.

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    Tips For Managing Your Finances

    • Even with Social Security disability benefits, disability can severely tax your finances. Thats why having an emergency fund can be such a big help in stressful times. If you save ahead of time, you can protect yourself from the unexpected.
    • One of the many stressful consequences of a disability is that you may have to dip into your retirement savings to pay medical your bills. SmartAssets retirement calculator can help you make sure youre still on track. Just enter the necessary information, and the calculator will give you a customized monthly savings target.
    • If youre worried about the financials of your recovery or you just want some peace of mind, you should talk with a financial advisor. SmartAssets free advisor matching tool can pair you with up to three qualified advisors in your area. A financial advisor can help deal with the financial side of things so you can focus on your health.

    How An Experienced Disabilitylawyer Can Help

    Form SSA

    While you are required by the SSA to fill out theAdult Function Report yourself, you can consult an experienced Social Security disability lawyer tohelp. The chances of having your Social Security Disability claim approvedimprove significantly with the help of a lawyer.

    Disability attorneys understand how to effectively and comprehensively answer the questions on the Adult Function Report, as well as how to gather the other medical records and documentation necessary to support your claim. An experienced lawyer can also help you clarify information in a way that will be most helpful to your disability case and support you in determining which ADLs to include on the form.

    At the Law Offices of Michael Hartup, we offer free consultations to help you understand how an attorney can help you through the SSD application or appeals process and answer your questions. If you live in Tennessee and need assistance filing for disability benefits or preparing an Adult Function Report for the SSA, please contact us online or call our Jackson, TN, office at today.

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    Sections 7 And : Medicines And Medical Treatment

    Section 7 asks for the names of all your medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, the reasons for your medication, and the doctors prescribing them. If you’re unsure of the reason, simply write “unsure.” You can usually obtain a list of your current and previous medications from your pharmacy.

    Section 8, which deals with your medical treatment, is the most extensive and time-consuming part of the ADR. It asks for the names and contact information of any physicians, clinics, or hospitals where you’ve received treatment, as well as the dates of treatment. Social Security uses this information to request your medical records, so be as accurate and complete as you can. Don’t forget to include mental health treatment as well.

    Where Can I Get A Social Security Disability Application

    You can fill out the forms at your local Social Security Administration. You can also obtain the forms online, download them, and mail them in. It may be easiest to fill out the SSDI application on the SSA website. Keep in mind that even if you fill out your application online, the approval process for SSDI can still take 3-5 months and you will still have an in-person interview.

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    Types Of Services & Supports That Can Be Used For Social Security Disability Insurance

    The amount an individual receives monthly from SSDI is determined by how much that person has paid in Social Security taxes. This is called covered earnings, which is averaged over the years the person has been working and becomes the Average Indexed Monthly Earnings .

    The Social Security Administration applies a formula to the persons AIME to calculate how much in benefits they receive. The amount of money an individual receives is unique for everyone.

    Learn More: Visit the Social Security account portal to check statements and review earnings history. Use the Social Security Benefits Planner Calculator to estimate how much in benefits can be received.

    Social Security Disability Faqs

    How to Correctly Fill Out the SSA-3373 Form | The Good Law Group

    Anyone who has tried navigating the Social Security Disability system can tell you that it is complicatedâto put it lightly. Though SSI and SSDI payments can be a godsend to those who need them, the system that provides them can be very difficult to navigate, with rules, regulations, and unknown factors that can confuse the average person.

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    Not Being Clear About How Long It Takes You To Do Things

    If you tell Social Security that household chores — like doing dishes for example — take you an hour, then Social Security is going to think that you can get things done with no problem.

    Be clear when answering questions like this.

    Do you have to sit down when you do the dishes? Do you have to take breaks or lie down? Is that hour broken up into several days because you are unable to do them all at once?

    What Is The Adult Function Report

    When you apply for disability benefits, the SSA sends you a series of questionnaires. One of these is the Adult Function Report, an important form that describes what the effects your disability might have on taking care of common tasks involving a wide variety of things ranging from travel and household chores, to dressing, eating, and personal hygiene. It asks about handling finances, enjoying hobbies, and social activities. All of these seemingly insignificant questions are used to help determine your level of disability.

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    What Is A Ssa 3373 Bk

    A Form SSA 3373-BK is known as an Adult Function Report. This form will be used by the Social Security Administration to determine whether or not someone is eligible for social security benefits such as disability or SSI. This is a lengthy form that is required in order for the SSA to examine how well an individual can function during the various aspects of their life. This will include functioning physically and mentally.This form should be filled out with as much detail as possible. This will allow the Social Security Administration to determine whether or not you can work at a job with your current limitations. You may also need to fill out a separate form to detail your current pain or fatigue levels. Like with other disability forms, you can include medical documentation to back up your claims.

    Create a free Form Ssa 3373 Bk in minutes with our professional document builder.

    How Much Is This Going To Cost Me

    Fillable Form SSA

    It is no secret that hiring an expert on any kind of law is expensive. When it comes to social security disabilities, the attorneys are no different. Their fees can still be quite high.

    So, if you have some budget in mind, it is probably a good idea to talk about this before you make any arrangements or agreements. If the fee is too high for you, you will end up just wasting your time.

    When asking the attorney how much this entire process is going to cost you will give you an insight on all the future expenses. Just make sure they answer this question as honestly as possible. Do not consider a void they can

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    Before You Start The Adult Disability Report

    The Adult Disability Report can be completed in paper format or online . Whichever you prefer, there are a few things you should do before you begin.

    Read the attached instructions carefully. The instructions contain the following useful bits of information among others:

    • You may ask for help from a friend or family member to complete the form. Social Security representatives are also available to assist you if necessary.
    • Answer every question on the form, and write “don’t know,” “none,” or “does not apply” where appropriate. Leaving questions blank could delay the processing of your application.
    • If you need more space for your response to a question, use Section 11 – Remarks. Be sure to write the number of the question you’re answering.
    • You do not need to request your own medical records. Social Security will obtain your records using the treatment information you provide on the ADR.

    Gather documents related to your medical and vocational history. Many of the questions on the ADR ask for specific information you probably won’t know off the top of your head, like dates, addresses, phone numbers, and medications. Collecting your important records before you begin will save you lots of time and headache.

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