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How To Find Birthday With Social Security Number

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Social security number access

The answer is not as simple as replacing each nine-digit number with a longer one

Telecommunications company T-Mobile confirmed last month that hackers gained access to 54 million users personal data, including names, addresses, dates of birth andperhaps worst of allsocial security numbers. The latter are a big score for identity thieves because they can be used to unlock financial services, government benefits and private medical information.

This is only the latest major data breach to expose such identifying information on a massive scale, rendering hundreds of millions of Americans more vulnerable to identity theft. To stem the problem, some experts are calling for an end to social security numbers, suggesting we should replace them with some otherand less inherently vulnerableway of proving ones identity. But security experts think the government does not need to entirely do away with them. Instead the organizations that use social security numbers as proof of identity must start requiring more than a single form of ID.

Finding Your Social Security Number

If you have a Social Security Number, you can find it on your Social Security card. Some other places that you can find your SSN are on tax returns, W-2s and bank statements. You may even find it on previously filed USCIS forms. However, if you do not have an SSN, you may generally answer N/A in the space provided on USCIS forms. Most individuals with nonimmigrant visas do not have Social Security numbers.

You may also be able to recover your SSN from an employer. Employers generally keep Social Security information on file. Check with your employer to obtain a copy of the number.

My Birthday Information Sayes It Don’t Match The Irs Information

A rejection will occur when the date of birth or Social Security number for the primary taxpayer is either incorrect or doesn’t match what’s on file with the IRS.

The IRS gets all taxpayer entity information from the Social Security Administration.

Get your Social Security card and then follow these steps to make sure your information was entered correctly:

  • Open your return in TurboTax, and then click Personal Info.
  • Continue to the Your Personal Info Summary screen.
  • Next to the first listed taxpayer, click Edit.
  • Make sure the first taxpayer’s Social Security Number exactly matches the information on the Social Security card, and that the Birth Date is correct and entered in MM/DD/YYYY format .
  • If the information is wrong, correct it.
  • Continue until you’re back at the Your Personal Info Summary screen.
  • If you made any corrections, click Done With Personal Info at the bottom, and then e-file your return again.
  • Otherwise, if you verified that the info you entered is correct, proceed to Other Options, below.
  • If you verified that the information you entered into TurboTax exactly matches the Social Security card, and that the birth date is correct and has been entered in MM/DD/YYYY format, your next step is to call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 to verify that the SSA’s records are correct. Correct SSA records will prevent the same rejection next year.

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    Strong Passwords Include A Number A Capital Letter And A Punctuation Mark

    If youre separating words, get those caps and numbers and punctuation marks in there!

    sick-cashew-february is good, but S1ck-cAshew-FEbru4ry* is even better.

    Alternatively you can make a password from a sentence you can remember like say, We love vanilla Oreos! and then tweak it so only you will know what it means. For example: U& IloveVn0r30s!

    Note that some sites wont let you use certain, lesser used punctuation marks in passwords, like ^ or { but thats okay because all of your passwords should be different right? So if you have a thing for , well you may have to adjust your expectations.

    Use Required For Federal Tax Purposes

    Social Security Number

    Internal Revenue Code section 6109 provides: “The social security account number issued to an individual for purposes of section 205 of the Social Security Act shall, except as shall otherwise be specified under regulations of the Secretary , be used as the identifying number for such individual for purposes of this title .”

    The Internal Revenue Code also provides, when required by regulations prescribed by the secretary of the treasury or their delegate:

    • Inclusion in returns: Any person required under the authority of this title to make a return, statement, or other document shall include in such return, statement, or other document such identifying number as may be prescribed for securing proper identification of such person.
    • Furnishing number to other persons: Any person with respect to whom a return, statement, or other document is required under the authority of this title to be made by another person or whose identifying number is required to be shown on a return of another person shall furnish to such other person such identifying number as may be prescribed for securing their proper identification.

    According to U.S. Treasury regulations, any person who, after October 31, 1962, works as an employee for wages subject to Social Security taxes, Medicare taxes, or U.S. federal income tax withholdings is required to apply for “an account number” using Form SS-5.

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    Got Someones Number Find Out Their Age Instantly

    Nowadays, its quite hard to guess someones age by their physical appearance alone. Teens dress up and look like theyre in their twenties, while those who are more mature in age can look decades younger. It is particularly tricky to determine ones age when it comes to dating since many lie about their age.

    One way to find out if they are being honest about their age is to do a reverse phone lookup. Lets say you meet someone in a bar and they give you their phone number. Before deciding to go on a serious date with them, make sure they are being honest about their age. A reverse phone lookup is an effective way of finding someones birthday. On top of the persons age, you can also find out other relevant information that will help you decide if its worth pursuing a relationship including:

    • Educational Background

    What Can Someone Do With Your Social Security Number

    The information provided on this website does not, and is not intended to, act as legal, financial or credit advice. See Lexington Laws editorial disclosure for more information.

    Your Social Security number is one of the most important identifiers you have for financial and legal purposes. Most people born in the United States are issued one at birth, but its not usually something you use yourself until youve reached adulthood. But what happens if someone gets your Social Security number? Keep reading to find out how your SSN can be stolen and what criminals can do with it once they have it.

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    Social Security Number Or Birth Date Changes

    • To change your birth date on your account, all you need to do is take a Government-issued photo ID to a T-Mobile store.
    • To change your Social Security number, you also need to bring:
    • Social Security card
    • Proof of address such as utility or bank statement

    Full or legal name change

    You must take documentation to a retail store.

    • Evidence of registered business name with the applicable Secretary of State or name change document from the SOS
    • Articles of Incorporation / Business Organization
    • Federal tax ID number documents with the current name
    • Bank account with the new business name on the account

    Change the billing name and federal tax ID number on your account

    This requires us to run credit on the new business info. To get started, contact your sales rep or visit a retail store.

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    How To Find A Friends Birthday

    Stolen Social security numbers used for new fraud

    There are various possible answers to the question How to find out when someones birthday is? Whether the answer is accurate or helpful is something you can only decide. One method may work great for someone but would be disastrous to someone else. Therefore, its essential to keep your actual goal in mind when choosing any method on how to find someones birthday.

    There are free ways to learn about someones birthday and there are also services that require a certain fee. You can do it in person, over the phone, or even online. For instance, you can always opt to just ask around. Of course, if youre throwing a surprise birthday party, you must be subtle about it and be ready for the risk that your queries might get back to the person.

    As we continue to move forward in terms of technological innovations, almost any query or situation has some sort of digital or online answer. The same is true in learning about someones birthday. You can try popular search engines like Google. You can also choose to go through various social media platforms. And perhaps one of the most effective ways, you can opt to utilize a people search engine or service provider. Whatever best fits your needs, read on to learn more about every aforementioned method.

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    The Area Number From June 25 2011 To The Present

    On June 25, 2011, Social Security changed the numerical assignment process to one of randomization for the purpose of protecting the integrity of the SSN and freeing up more numbers, thus extending the longevity of the nine-digit format. As such, all cards issued after that date have an Area Number that does not actually correspond to any location at all.

    Get Ssa Benefits While Living Overseas

    U.S. citizens can travel to or live in most, but not all, foreign countries and still receive their Social Security benefits. You can find out if you can receive benefits overseas by using the Social Security Administrations payment verification tool. Once you access the tool, pick the country you’re visiting or living in from the drop-down menu options.

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    Be Sure Your Partner Or A Trusted Loved One Has Access To Your Passwords

    I cannot express this strongly enough: please be sure that your partner, spouse, or trusted emergency contact of choice has access to your passwords.

    You cant imagine the hassle of trying to get access to essential accounts or even a cell phone when someone is in the hospital or has passed away unexpectedly Ive been there and you dont want to be.

    Give your partner or best friend or parent access to your device by adding additional fingerprints to your Touch ID or have them save your main login to your password vault in their own fault in case, heaven forbid, they need access.

    Related: Tackle these 10 simple tech to-dos to start the year safer, cleaner, and more organized

    You might also write it down in a safe place and let that person know where to find it.

    Now to be clear, some security experts suggest that you never to write down your passwords, but there are stories of people getting locked out of their LastPass or 1Password accounts. So I think youre better off keeping that single password somewhere like a locked notes app page, on a password-protected PDF so they can access it or even so you can, should you go all fuzzy one day. It can happen!

    You can also record it manually, say in a Password Log book or a hidden note somewhere but not attached to your login id or the website. Ive yet to hear of hackers making their way into the sketchbook in your desk drawer.

    Other Reasons For Changing A Social Security Number

    Blank Social Security Number PSD Template in 2021

    There are several other reasons that the SSA will issue a new number. For example, it may approve a change if similar numbers within a family unit cause confusion or if two identical numbers have been issued in error. If you have a religious objection to a certain number or sequence of numbers in your current SSN, you may also qualify for a change.

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    Use Social Media To Find Someones Birthday

    Most people are quite open with their personal information and put their birthday right on their , so its the logical first place to look. Go to the About section of their Facebook profile then look under Overview for their birthday.

    Or you could go to Events and then Upcoming Birthdays. If the person has entered their birthday, your search is over. If they didnt add their birthday to Facebook or if you arent able to see that information, try another method.

    Checking Snapchat or Instagram are other options for you to check social media. If you scroll through their Instagram profile or Facebook timeline, you may see their past celebrations. Posting pictures with a cake and a happy birthday tiara are pretty good indicators youve found the right date.

    LinkedIn is another social media site that offers information for someones birthdate. Scroll through their profile and posts looking for birthday wishes. If the person whos a birthday youre interested in added their information, the site sends a message to every connection notifying them of the birthday.

    Beware, if you visit someones LinkedIn profile, they will be notified. If this is your last resort, be prepared with an explanation of why you were there.

    Common Reasons For Changing A Social Security Number

    As mentioned above, the SSA has relatively strict requirements for changing someone’s Social Security number. For example, it won’t provide one for a person who wants to avoid the consequences of bankruptcy or is evading the law. In addition, you can’t get a new number if you simply lost your Social Security card, unless there is solid evidence that your number is being used by someone else.

    Among the reasons that the SSA will accept for issuing a new number:

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    What Does This Mean

    This is not an issue that you should be running across all the time, especially if you dont do student housing. Responsible adults should have some sort of credit which means their social security number and birthday are attached to their name.

    When you own rental property, your goal is to find the best tenant possible. Unfortunately, most of the applicants that you find will have some sort of credit issues. You need to operate within the law and consider all tenants without discriminating.

    You will have to decide how much risk you are willing to assume. I have offered some reasonable solutions to information that you cant verify. It is your job to decide if you want to dig deeper and take a chance on these applicants or you would rather pass. At the end of the day, it is up to the applicant to try and fix the problem, not you.

    Do you have trouble screening prospective tenants? Download a free Prospect Screening Guide.

    Grab It Here!

    Report Identity Theft To Other Organizations

    How To Find Social Security Number by Name Free

    You can also report the theft to other organizations, such as:

    • Credit Reporting Agencies Contact one of the three major credit reporting agencies to place a fraud alert or freeze on your credit report. Also get copies of your credit reports, to be sure that no one has already tried to get unauthorized credit accounts with your personal information. Confirm that the credit reporting agency will alert the other two credit reporting agencies.

    • National Long-Term Care Ombudsman Resource Center Report cases of identity theft due to a stay in a nursing home or long-term care facility.

    • Financial Institutions Contact the fraud department at your bank, credit card issuers and any other places where you have accounts.

    • Retailers and Other Companies Report the crime to companies where the identity thief opened credit accounts or even applied for jobs.

    • State Attorney General Offices Your states attorney general might offer tips, checklists, or an advocate to help you recover from identity theft. These resources dont replace filing an ID theft report with the FTC.

    You may need to get new personal records or identification cards if youre the victim of ID theft. Learn how to replace your vital identification documents after identity theft.

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    Why Change A Social Security Number

    The SSA generally discourages people from changing their Social Security number . But like many other rules, there can be exceptions. For example, the SSA may issue a new SSN if you are able to prove that using your existing number will cause you harm, such as in cases of domestic abuse or harassment. The agency also reissues Social Security numbers in certain instances when someone is a victim of identity theft.

    One thing to keep in mind, though, is that even if you get a brand-new SSN, it doesn’t mean you have wiped the slate clean. The SSA normally keeps records under the original SSN, and other government agencies, such as your state department of motor vehicles and the Internal Revenue Service do, as well. That also applies to some businesses, such as credit card companies, that maintain files on you.

    How To Make Strong Passwords And Protect Them: Simple Tips You Can Do This

    Familiar words and phrases are good for life, but bad for passwords. Words like kids names, pet names, or a husbands birthday may be easy for you to remember, but we now know this is kind of like handing over your information to a hacker wrapped up in a bow.

    And Id like to add that while Im always the first to complain about websites that wont allow you to create a password they deem weak, theyre doing it for your own good. And theirs. If you enter a password thats not hitting the strong requirements, go back and rework it until that thing is green as a shamrock.

    Heres how to get there:

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