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How To Find Out My Daughter’s Social Security Number

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Social security number access

If you had your child as a dependent on a previous tax return, you can find their SS number there.

Otherwise, you need to Contact the Social Security Administration at

Social Security numbers are confidential information, so they are not available online, except from some fee-based services that I don’t think that I would trust.

    What Is The Purpose Of The Social Security Number

    The Social Security number is a nine-digit number which the U.S. government issues to all U.S. citizens . Eligible U.S. residents are able to apply for one as well. This number allows the government to keep track of your lifetime earnings as well as the number of years worked.

    U.S. citizens need a SSN to be able to work. An employer will always ask for the social security number, and they will report your income to the Internal Revenue Service, IRS.

    Instances when a person is asked to provide their Social Security card or number also include:

    • Opening an account with any U.S. financial institution
    • Applying for a federal loan
    • Applying for certain types of public assistance
    • Enrolling in Medicare
    • Filing your tax return
    • Getting a drivers license

    Without a Social Security number, financial institutions will not be able to run a credit check, and therefore, making it more difficult to get a credit card or a loan.

    With You Through Lifes Journey

    The makeup of American families has changed in the last 20 to 30 years. Today, family units are diverse, rich in culture, and may include two parents, same-sex parents, only one parent, grandparents, and other relatives. Social Security knows that whether single parent, blended, diverse, small or large, every family is important.

    For more than 80 years, Social Security has helped families secure today and tomorrow by providing financial benefits, tools, and programs that help support millions throughout lifes journey. Our programs and services have evolved to meet your unique family needs and especially the children in your care.

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    No Birth Certificate For The Ssa Not Necessarily A Problem

    In a word, yes. The SSA has two types of evidence that it will accept to establish birth: “preferred” evidence and “other” evidence. 20 CFR 404.716 is the federal regulation that pertains to these types of evidence. Included under the title of “preferred” evidence is a birth certificate or a hospital birth record that has been recorded before …

    The Area Number Prior To June 25 2011

    Find My SSN, Find My Social Security Number

    If you were issued a social security card before 1972, your Area Number was tied to the state where your card was applied for. In the early days of card issuance, many adults applied for their social security at social security offices near where they worked. If not, then they tended to apply for them near their homes. Children tended to have their applications made on their behalf by their guardian. In 1972, Social Security centralized its operations, and until June 25, 2011, the Area Number tied to the zip code of the mailing address on the card application.

    Accordingly, for anyone born between 1936 and 2011, the Area Number could fairly reliably indicate, at the very least, the person’s birth state. And if you were born prior to June 25, 2011, you can see how your Area Number probably ties to where you were living as a baby, by checking this listing.

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    Find A Lost National Insurance Number

    If you do not know your National Insurance number, the quickest and easiest way to find it is:

    • online through your personal tax account
    • on a document you already have, for example a payslip or P60

    HM Revenue and Customs will not tell you your National Insurance number over the phone. If you call them, it can take up to 15 days to get a letter with your National Insurance number.

    This page is also available in Welsh .

    Check If Your Child Has A Credit Report

    Generally, a child under 18 wont have a credit report unless someone is using his or her information for fraud. A good way to find out if someone is using your childs information to commit fraud is to check if your child has a credit report. To do that, contact the three credit bureaus and ask for a manual search for your child’s Social Security number. You may have to give the credit bureaus a copy of

    • your drivers license or other government-issued identification card
    • proof of your address, like a utility bill, or a credit card or insurance statement
    • your childs birth certificate
    • your childs Social Security card

    If youre not the childs parent, you may have to give the credit bureaus a copy of documents that prove you are the childs legal guardian.

    When Your Child Turns 16

    When your child turns 16, you may want to check if theres a credit report in his or her name. This could help you spot identity theft, since children under 18 usually dont have a credit report. If theres inaccurate information in your childs credit report, youll have time to correct it before he or she applies for a job, a college loan, a car loan, or a credit card, or tries to rent a place to live.

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    Social Security Enumeration At Birth

    If the parent selects yes, offer the Message from Social Security form that acts as a receipt/confirmation of the social security number request. Enter the information into OVERS as authorized by the parent. Fax the Authorization to Establish Social Security Number at Birth to the fax number dedicated to EAB which is 971-679-3122.

    File A Formal Complaint With The Federal Trade Commission

    How to Find a Social Security Number

    You will need to file an Identity Theft Complaint with the FTCs Identity Theft Clearinghouse so that they can investigate what happened.

    You can call the FTC at 1-877-438-4338 or send your Identity Theft Complaint to: Identity Theft Clearinghouse, Federal Trade Commission, 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington D.C. 20580. You can also submit a complaint online on the Federal Trade Commissions Complaint site.

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    What Is In An Icm Background Report

    The first thing Instant Checkmate will show you in a report is a Personal Information section. This might have her full name, her birth date and any known aliases shes used. It may even include photographs. If she has a common name, this may be enough to tell you youre on the trail of the right woman.

    Disclaimer: The above image is from a sample Instant Checkmate Background report. Actual reports may contain more or less information.

    You may also find contact information such as email addresses and your daughter’s phone numbers. There could be a location history showing you all the addresses where shes lived in the past as well as where she is now.

    Disclaimer: The above image is from a sample Instant Checkmate Background report. Actual reports may contain more or less information.

    You might see her employment history and education history. Its possible youll see the names of some of her friends and maybe other relatives. One of the most interesting and useful features of an Instant Checkmate report is the social profiles section. This section may include a list of social media profiles that could help you learn your child’s location, who her friends are, and what things shes interested in. It may help you decide whether its the right time to reach out to her and how you might go about doing so.

    Disclaimer: The above image is from a sample Instant Checkmate Background report. Actual reports may contain more or less information.

    Freeze Your Childs Credit Report

    If your child is under 16, you can request a free credit freeze, also known as a security freeze, to make it harder for someone to open new accounts in your child’s name. The freeze stays in place until you tell the credit bureaus to remove it.

    To activate a credit freeze, contact each of the three credit bureaus. Find their contact information at

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    Locate Birth Records By Social Security Number

    The social security number is a unique identification number of each and every citizen of the country. One can access and lookup birth records of an individual using his/ her social security number. As the social security number of most of the individuals especially the ones born after 1931, had been generated at the time of the birth of the individual, it contains the details of the

    Request For Deceased Individuals Social Security Record

    Social Security Cards Explained

    If using the SSDI does not work for you, you can also go straight to the Social Security Administration. The steps on how to find social security number of deceased relative on their site is very simple. Simply make a request online with the Request for Deceased Individuals Social Security Record form. Or if you prefer, you can print and fill out the form by hand by using Form SSA-711. There will be a small fee for the request.

    It is important to note that the SSA will not released any information about a person in there records unless:

  • The deceased is at least 100 years of age and they receive acceptable proof of their death or
  • if the number holder is over 120 years old
  • *Number holder = the deceased

    The SSA will not release any the parents information unless:

  • They receive written content from the parents or receive acceptable proof of the parents death. or
  • The number holder is at least 100 years old and you submit acceptable proof of his or her death or
  • If the number holder happens to be over 120 years old.
  • What Is An Acceptable Form Of Proof Of Death?

    In order to receive a social security number from the SSA acceptable proof of death is needed. Below is what the SSA deems acceptable:

    If you are looking on how to find social security number of a deceased relative, follow the steps above and you will be successful.

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    Reach Out If You’re Ready

    For many people, what youve done so far was the easy part. Now you have to decide if youre actually going to contact her, and, if so, how youre going to do it.

    The best advice is to go slow, set realistic expectations and keep the door open. You may be tempted to jump right in with a phone call or text, but you might be better served to do something that doesnt put her on the spot. An email might be OK, but a handwritten letter is likely to be even better. Its easy to delete an email, but she probably doesnt get personalized snail mail every day. The very novelty gives your message a better chance of being read.

    Image via Envato Elements

    If you do talk or meet, it may be wonderful for both of you, but theres no guarantee it will work out. If you do get together, here are some tips:

    • Dont rehash or try to explain away the past.
    • Apologize as necessary, but dont plead your case.
    • Keep the conversation on an adult-to-adult level.
    • Let her know that the door is open and youre there for her, but dont pressure her to make a quick decision.If theres a new partner in your daughter’s life, be courteous and respectful whether your initial impression is positive or not. When she was a teenager, you could question any potential boyfriend that she brought home. Now, however, your queries need to be friendly and non-confrontational.

    The Author

    How Can I Find My Social Security Number Online

    You will need to have a My Social Security account to access your SSN online. If you have not already signed up for an account, then you will not be able to get one until you find your number using another method. Knowing your SSN is required to sign up for an account, but once you have the account, you can access it using your user name and password.

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    How Long Does It Take To Get My Baby’s Social Security Card That I Applied For In The Hospital

    Each state or jurisdiction has different processing times. See the chart below to find out how long your state takes to process the card application. If you waited the indicated length of time and still have not received your child’s Social Security card, visit your local Social Security office. You also can call us at 1-800-772-1213 , 8:00 am 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday. If you live outside the United States, refer to Service Around the World.Keep your child’s Social Security card in a safe place with other important documents. Do not carry it with you.The chart below shows the time it takes for each state to send the application and paperwork to Social Security. Allow an additional two weeks for Social Security to send the card in the mail.Social Security Card Application at Birth: Average Processing Times by State in Weeks Quarter Ending September 2021

    Protect Documents With Personal Information

    How to find out a Social Security number Fast?

    If you have documents with your childs personal information, like medical bills or their Social Security card, keep them in a safe place, like a locked file cabinet.

    When you decide to get rid of those documents, shred them before you throw them away. If you dont have a shredder, look for a local shred day.

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    Why Should I Get My Childs Social Security Number

    One of the main reasons to get your childs Social Security number after they are born is so that you can claim your child as a dependent on your income tax return . You also need your childs social security card if you are planning on:

    • Opening a bank account for your child
    • Buying savings bond for your child
    • Getting medical coverage for your child
    • Applying for government services for your child

    Getting a Social Security number for your child is not obligatory, however, applying for one is an easy enough process and will benefit you and your child.

    If your child is adopted, the SSA can assign them a Social Security number. You can apply for the number using your childs new name as well as your name and details as a parent.

    Getting the Social Security number and card for your child does not carry a cost, in other words, Social Security services are free.

    Whether you choose to complete the birth registration form at the hospital, or head to the SSA office later on, you will certainly need an . USBirthCertificates is a convenient and secure way to get your childs vital records.

    What Is Child Identity Theft

    Child identity theft happens when someone takes a childs sensitive personal information and uses it to get services or benefits, or to commit fraud. They might use your childs Social Security number, name and address, or date of birth. They could use the stolen information to

    • apply for government benefits, like health care coverage or nutrition assistance
    • open a bank or credit card account
    • apply for a loan
    • sign up for a utility service, like water or electricity
    • rent a place to live

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    Problems In Obtaining A Social Security Number

    American Citizens Abroad, Inc. is following this issue, particularly with respect to US citizens abroad who are trying to come into conformity with new financial reporting legislation and regulation. If you have particular difficulties in obtaining a SSN, please submit your personal experiences via ACAs secure online portal. You can determine the degree of anonymity you wish to maintain and the extent to which ACA can share your story.

    Disclaimer: American Citizens Abroad, Inc. is a non-profit organization formed under the laws of the State of Delaware. ACA does not provide legal, tax or accounting information. ACA makes no representations as to the accuracy, quality, utility, or any other aspect of the information contained herein. The reader is urged to obtain his or her own professional advice.

    Proof Of Us Citizenship

    Social Security Number Search

    a. Original U.S. birth certificate, or b. Original U.S. Consular Report of Birth Abroad, or c. Original U.S. Naturalization or Citizenship Certificate, or d. Original U.S. Passport.

    a. Original U.S. Passport, must be current and signed, or b. Original Foreign Passport, must be current and signed.

    NOTE: If the name at birth and name on the identity document are different, proof of name change must also be submitted.

    4. Proof of the identity of the parent signing the application

    If applicable a parent can sign the form for a child up to age 18 a child can sign the form above age 12.

    a. Original U.S. Passport, must be current and signed, orb. Original Foreign Passport, must be current and signed.

    33 Nine Elms LaneLondon SW11 7US

    We will copy and return original documents within 3-4 days. We do not recommend mailing important personal documents from outside the UK. If you choose to mail your application you should use a service that allows you to track your package. Within the UK, we recommend Special Delivery mail outside the UK we recommend you use a Courier. You should include a pre-paid return envelope or courier package. The Federal Benefits Unit will return documents by regular mail if you do not provide a pre-paid envelope or courier package. Processing time for SSN applications is approximately 8-10 weeks.

    Suitable proof of identity documents are:

    If you are not a U.S. citizen or legal Permanent Resident Alien, see item 5. below for instructions.

    U.S. Embassy

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    How To Apply For A Social Security Number

    The easiest way to apply for a Social Security number for your child is to complete a birth registration form, which has a box you can check to request a number for your child. To complete the form, you will need to provide both parents’ Social Security numbers.

    For most new parents, it’s easy to obtain the birth registration form, because hospitals usually distribute them while the mother is still a patient.

    But if you didn’t deliver your baby in the hospital or if for some other reason you were never given a birth registration form to complete, you can visit your local Social Security Administration office and request a number in person. This process requires you to do three things:

    • Complete Form SS-5 and provide both parents’ Social Security numbers on the form. To save time, download and complete Form SS-5 from the SSA website before you go.
    • Provide at least two documents proving your baby’s age, identity, and citizenship status. One document should ideally be your child’s birth certificate. The other document can be your child’s hospital birth record or other medical record.
    • Provide proof of your own identity. Your driver’s license and passport are both acceptable.

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