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How To Get Social Security Card For Newborn

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Social Insurance Number Newborn Registration

How to Get Your Social Security Card, Birth Certificate & Passport – Easy!

Parents can use the Newborn Registration Service to complete their child’s Birth Registration and apply for their childs Social Insurance Number . With this integrated application, parents no longer have to deal with different levels of government and repeat the same information in separate applications.

When applying through the Newborn Registration Service, you should receive your child’s SIN in the mail within 10 business days from the date your child’s application was processed by the province. If more than 15 business days have passed and you would like to find out the status of your application, contact the SIN program.

You must be the parent of the child and a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to use this service. If you are not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you may still be eligible but you will need to visit a Service Canada Office to apply for your childs SIN.

This service is available in all Canadian provinces, but is not currently available in the territories. For parents living in the territories, consult Section 3: What you need before you apply for your childs SIN.


For additional information on the Newborn Registration Service, visit your provincial website:

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Apply For A Social Security Number At The Hospital

The easiest way to get your child assigned a Social Security number is to apply shortly after the birth while youre still at the hospital. It doesnt cost anything and most medical providers have the necessary paperwork. During your stay, youll be asked to provide information for your babys birth certificate. At that point, youll also be asked whether you want to apply for a Social Security number for your baby. If you say yes, you need to provide each parents Social Security number.

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What Is A Social Security Number

A Social Security Number is a nine-digit number that is issued to the citizens, temporary residents, and permanent residents of the United States of America. This unique number is issued by the Social Security Administration which is an independent agency of the United States government. Originally, the concept was conceived to track individuals within the country. However, over time it became the primary national identification number for taxation and all other purposes. The process of applying for a new Social Security Card for a child is simple and free. It is an easy process that requires one to complete a few details and submit a few documents that confirm identity.

Report The Death Of A Social Security Or Medicare Beneficiary

How To Get Social Security Card For Newborn

You must report the death of a family member receiving Social Security or Medicare benefits. The Social Security Administration processes death reports for both. Find out how you can report a death and how to cancel benefit payments. In addition to canceling SSA and Medicare benefits, find out what other benefits and accounts you should cancel.

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Tips For Applying For The Ssn For The Newborn

  • Applying for the SSN is voluntary for newborn babies.
  • File for the SSN at the time of birth of the baby. The hospital will take care of everything related to filing for the birth certificate and SSN.
  • At the hospital you will be required to fill a document requesting the newborn baby’s birth certificate.
  • In the form, there will be an option for applying for a Social Security number for the baby.
  • If you write “yes”, you must provide both parents’ Social Security numbers if you can.
  • If you do not have these or one of the parents has the SSN and the other does not, you can still apply for a number for your child.
  • You will get the Social Security Number for your newborn baby in mail.
  • If you do it later on your own, you may skip some detail which may cause delay in getting the SSN.
  • If you choose to file for the SSN later, please complete the form SS-5 Application For A Social Security Card. This application form can be filled online and printed. It does not have to hand written. The officer will verify the information printed on your form with the documents of identification. You can use your driver’s License or passport along with work authorization documents to prove your identity. Overall, you will have to submit the following documents to the Social Security Office:
  • Proof of your baby’s U.S. citizenship,
  • Proof of your baby’s age and identity,
  • Proof of your own identity ,
  • Copy of the birth record for verification.
  • Why Does Your Child Need One

    Your baby is dependent on you and it is mandatory and important for you to add your child to your income tax returns to avail of eligible benefits. This is one of the reasons your baby needs a Social Security Number. There are several more that make it important for your child to have Social Security Number and Card. Following are some of the reasons why you need to get your newborn a Social Security Number:

    • If you wish to open a bank account for your baby.
    • If you intend to buy savings bonds for the baby.
    • If you need to add your baby to your medical coverage plans or insurance cover.
    • If you need to apply for any government services for your baby.

    Applying for a Social Security Number is absolutely free and you can get guidance from your nearest local Social Security Office.

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    Why Get A Social Security Number For Your Child

    In light of recent data concerns, many people might wonder why you need a Social Security number for your child in the first place. Its not required legally, yet many parents apply for this number before leaving the hospital. As we mentioned above, this is an important legal number to have on hand.

    The most common reason to apply for this number for your child is for tax purposes. If you want to claim your child on your federal income tax, youll need to provide their Social Security number. Theyre treated the same as any other dependent.

    However, this isnt the only reason to secure this number. Other common reasons include:

    • Health insurance for your child
    • Bank or savings account for your child
    • Savings bonds for your child
    • Government benefits or services
    • Beneficiary purposes if you start end-of-life planning

    As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to start this process for your child. Applying for a Social Security number for a newborn or even an adopted child is easier than you think. With just a few short steps, theres no reason not to get a number for your child.

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    If You Are Adopting A Child

    Immigration News: How to Get a Social Security Card in 2021? | New Changes in Social Security Card

    If the child you are adopting is a United States citizen, your child may have a Social Security number already. But if you are adopting domestically and your child does not have one, you can obtain an Adoption Taxpayer Identification Number to claim child-related tax breaks while your child’s adoption is pending. To apply for one, complete IRS Form W-7A, Application for Taxpayer Identification Number for Pending U.S. Adoptions. The ATIN will be valid for only two years, at which point you can extend it if your child’s adoption is still not final. Once the adoption is final, you must stop using the ATIN and get a Social Security number for your child following the process described above.

    If you are adopting a child from another country, you will have to wait until the adoption is final and your child has entered the United States before you can obtain a Social Security number for your child. Once that happens, you can use the process described above.

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    Where Can I Get A Social Security Card

    If you have never been issued a Social Security card, you may apply for one at no cost at a local Social Security office. You will need to:

    • Bring a completed Form SS-5 and,
    • Provide at least two documents to confirm your age, identity and citizenship or legal presence.

    Acceptable documents include but are not limited to an original birth certificate, valid U.S. driver’s license, state-issued identification card or U.S. passport. If a U.S. birth certificate exists you MUST submit it. See Learn What Documents You Need to find acceptable documents. Only originals or copies certified by the agency that issued the document will be accepted. Individuals who are not U.S. citizens must provide a current U.S. immigration document and foreign passport with biographical information or photograph.

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    If you have lost your Social Security card and need to get a replacement, you may be able to request a replacement online:

    You can use a my Social Security account to request a replacement Social Security card online if you:

    • Are a U.S. citizen age 18 years or older with a U.S. mailing address
    • Are not requesting a name change or any other change to your card and
    • Have a driver’s license or a state-issued identification card from Michigan or one of the other states listed.

    Social Security Number For Newborn Babies

    Everyone in U.S. regardless of age is expected to have a Social Security Number. Newborn babies are no exception to this. This article describes the process of applying for the SSN for a newborn baby. Why is the SSN important?

    Your child is dependent on you and you will add your child to your income tax return to get eligible benefits. For this, you will need the SSN.

    You will also need to get your newborn a social security number for the following reasons:

    • To open a bank account for the baby
    • To buy savings bonds for the baby
    • To get medical coverage for the baby
    • To apply for government services for the baby

    Applying for the Social Security Number for a newborn baby is simple. All you have to do is provide evidence of your identity and the baby’s identity. There are several acceptable documents for the process.

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    Providing Or Applying For An Ssn

    Each individualmust provide an SSN. If an individual does not have a Social Security card or other verification of his number, but remembers the number, the CAO will enter the number in eCIS. The number will be verified through the validation process. SeeSection 950.32,Validation.

    NOTE: The CAO will request that the individual present a Social Security card or other acceptable verification of his SSN to assure that the correct number is entered in eCIS. The CAO will not require the individual to present his card or other verification as a condition of eligibility unless the number cannot be validated.

    If an individual cannot provide an SSN, the CAO will refer the individual to SSA to apply for a number. The individual must apply for an SSN and provide the CAO with verification that they have applied before benefits are authorized. The denial of benefits applies only to the individual for whom a number is needed.

    Exceptions:The CAO will authorize benefits before an individual provides or applies for an SSN, if the individual is:

    • A SNAP applicant who has good cause for not applying for an SSN. See Section 950.23, Good Cause SNAP Only

    • A non-citizen who is eligible only for Medicaid for emergency medical services.

    • An individual applying for Office of Refugee Resettlement -funded assistance and services.

    NOTE: A State may use the identification number established by the State to the same extent as an SSN is used for purposes described in 42 CFR § 435.910. .

    How To Get A Social Security Number For Your Newborn Baby: 4 Steps

    Arizona joins states providing ID checks for Social ...

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      One of the most important identifying numbers for U.S. citizens and U.S. residents is the Social Security number. This nine-digit number is used by the U.S. government to keep track of years worked, lifetime earnings, federal aid, Social Security death benefits, and so on. This number is legally required to begin work, and its a vital part of the tax and credit process.

      Jump ahead to these sections:

      When you have a baby, one of the first steps is securing their necessary legal documents. This includes filing for a Social Security number for your child. This is something youll need to add your baby to your health insurance, get tax credits, and open a bank account for them.

      In other words, its how you ensure the country recognizes your baby. Like most things involving government paperwork, this isnt always an easy process. Keep reading to discover the steps needed to get a Social Security number for your newborn baby.

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      Get Ssa Benefits While Living Overseas

      U.S. citizens can travel to or live in most, but not all, foreign countries and still receive their Social Security benefits. You can find out if you can receive benefits overseas by using the Social Security Administrations payment verification tool. Once you access the tool, pick the country you’re visiting or living in from the drop-down menu options.

      How To Get A Newborn Social Security Number

      A newborn Social Security Number is one of the most important documents you can obtain for your new baby. With an SSN, you can enroll your infant in government programs and a medical coverage network. You can also open a savings account for him or her. For these reasons, it is important that you understand how to get a Social Security Number for a newborn.

      If you give birth in a hospital, you may be prompted to obtain a Social Security card for your baby by hospital staff. Remember that this is the same as applying for an SSN for your child. This is because the SSN will be printed on your childs Social Security card. This is true regardless of whether you apply for a Social Security card for your newborn baby before you leave the hospital or at a later date in a hospital.

      How to Get a Social Security Card for a Baby at the Hospital

      You can apply for a Social Security Number for a newborn after you give birth at a hospital. Usually, this option is presented to you when you provide workers with information for your childs birth certificate. If you choose this option, you need to provide SSNs for you and the childs other parent. This is one of the most convenient ways to apply for a Social Security card for a newborn baby.

      Can I apply for my baby Social Security card online?

      • Identity.

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      Store Your Childs Card Safely

      Finally, once youve received your childs Social Security number, keep their card somewhere secure. Identity fraud is a real threat, so make sure you have somewhere safe to keep the card secure. Youll need this number for tax forms, benefits, and other government documents.

      Its smart to keep this with your other important documents. Preferably, store it in an easy to secure safe or another storage system. Learn more about how long to keep documents for more information on how to secure legal and government documents.

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      How To Get Your New Babys Or Older Childs Social Security Number

      How To Get a Social Security Card.

      According to the Social Security Administration, the easiest time to get your newborn a Social Security number is while you are still at the hospital, when you give information for your childs birth certificate. If you wait longer, you will have to apply for a number at a Social Security office, which could result in delays while the birth certificate is verified.

      The Social Security Administration states that you will need a Social Security number to claim your child as a dependent on your income tax return each year. A Social Security number is also important if you plan to:

      • Open a bank account for your child

      • Buy savings bonds for the child

      • Get medical coverage for the child

      • Apply for government services for the child

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