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How To Make Sure My Social Security Number Is Correct

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Who Do I Contact If My Medicare Plan Has Incorrect Information About Me

How do I correct a mistake on my Social Security Disability decision?

If your Medicare Advantage or Part D plan has inaccurate information about you , you should contact Social Security to update that information. You will also want to reach out to your insurer to make sure they are aware so that you do not miss out an any correspondence while waiting for Social Security to update their information.

Likewise, if your plan is having a problem with billing or premium payments, you should call Social Security, and also contact your insurer to ask how you can help them update their information. Your insurer may be able to notate your account with the correct information while Medicare processes your updates.

You should also contact the insurer to change how you pay for your coverage, such as establishing direct debit from a bank account or allowing premiums to be deducted from your Social Security benefits.

What You Need To Do

  • Compare the social security numbers from your notice with the social security card for each dependent or qualifying child you listed on your tax return.
  • Review the rules for claiming each dependent or qualifying child. After reviewing the rules:
  • If you find youre entitled to claim the dependent, you dont need to write or send anything to us.
  • If you find you listed someone who doesn’t qualify as your dependent or qualifying child, you must correct your return by filing a Form 1040X, Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. The instructions for this form will guide you through the steps to correct your return. Mail your amended return to the IRS service center shown in the instructions.

How To Get A Replacement Social Security Card

To get a Social Security replacement card, visit the SSAs My Social Security account website. Youll be taken through the steps of requesting a replacement card. Keep in mind that you can use this online site to request a replacement card if you:

  • Are a U.S. citizen age 18 years or older with a U.S. mailing address
  • Are not requesting a name change or any other change to your card and
  • Have a valid, current driver’s license or a state-issued identification card from most U.S. states or the District of Columbia. The following states are not currently eligible:
  • Alabama

    To apply for a replacement Social Security card, either online or via mail, you’ll need one acceptable personal identification document. By and large, your birth certificate will suffice, although the SSA will also accept the following proof of identity:

    • A U.S. hospital record of your birth.
    • A religious record indicating your date of birth .
    • A current valid U.S. passport.
    • A final adoption decree .

    There are several exceptions if you cant get the needed identification documents, or dont have them at all. The SSA will accept other forms of identification that show your legal name and biographical data. Acceptable options include a U.S. military I.D. card, a U.S. Certificate of Naturalization, employee identity card, a certified copy of a medical record , a health insurance card, Medicaid card, or school identity card.

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    Tip : Consider An Identity Theft Protection Service

    As identity thieves continue to evolve their methods for obtaining personal information, protecting your Social Security number is vital to protecting your identity.

    Protecting your Social Security number doesnt have to be a do-it-yourself affair. An identity theft protection service can help. For instance, it may be able to alert you if your SSN has been found on the dark web. The cost of an identity theft protection service typically ranges from $10 to $35 per month.

    Some identity theft protection services include features to monitor your credit reports, alert you when new accounts are opened in your name, or when banks, credit card companies or other financial services providers check your credit.

    For example, if you recently bought a car, you might receive an alert for the new loan. However, if you receive an alert that a new credit card was opened in your name, and you didnt apply for one, that might be a sign of fraud. Some identity theft protection services allow you to respond to alerts via email, phone, and text messages.

    How Can I Correct A Wrong Social Security Number On My Tax Return

    Social Security Cards Explained

    According to the Internal Revenue Service, one of the most common errors on tax returns is writing down the wrong Social Security number or forgetting to include the number on the return. Mistakenly writing down the wrong Social Security number on your tax return can prevent the IRS from giving you credit for the return you filed, tax breaks for the dependents you claimed and the payments you submitted. To fix the problem, you need to file an amended tax return.

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    Ask Why They Want It And How It Will Be Handled

    If the business insists, ask questions. You have a right to know why its necessary to provide your SSN and how it will be handled. Ask questions such as:

    • Why is having my SSN necessary?
    • With whom will you share my number if I provide it?
    • How will my number be stored?
    • Do you have a privacy policy, and may I see it?
    • Will you cover my liability or losses if my number is stolen or compromised?

    Unfortunately, if you are asked to provide your SSN to a business or an institution that doesnt need it, and you say no, it can refuse to provide services to you or put conditions on the servicesuch as requiring a deposit or additional fees.

    Here’s Where To Get More Information On Social Security Numbers

    Identity Theft: If you think an identity thief is using your SSN to work or to collect benefits, call the Social Security Fraud Hotline at 1-800-269-0271. If you think someone may be using your SSN to work, check your Social Security Personal Earnings and Benefit Statement. You can get a copy by calling 1-800-772-1213, or online at Also see the Social Security Administration’s booklet “Identity Theft and Your Social Security Number,” at

    History of SSNs: For a chronology of the laws relating to SSNs, see

    What the Numbers Mean: For an explanation of the meaning of the numbers in SSNs and answers to other questions about SSNs, see

    More on Protecting your SSN: “Fact Sheet 10: My Social Security Number: How Secure Is It?” from the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, at

    Recommended Practices: For recommendations on how organizations can protect privacy in their handling of SSNs, see Recommended Practices for Protecting the Confidentiality of Social Security Numbers on the Business page at

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    Example: Incorrect Name On Application

    When Zobrist Technical Institute receives Miguels ISIR, the SSN match shows the name on the application isnt the one associated with the SSN in the database. The aid administrator asks Miguel to bring in documentation showing his correct name and SSN. He brings in his Social Security card, and the first name on the card is Jose, not Miguel. He also has a drivers license showing his first name is Jose. The administrator tells Miguel to correct his name on the FAFSA to Jose.

    How Do I Correct My Earnings Record

    Mother-In-Law Is Wanting My Kid’s Social Security Numbers

    Ordinarily, you cannot correct your earnings after three years, three months and 15 days from the end of the taxable year in which your wages were paid. However, you can correct your record after that length of time to:

    • Confirm records with tax returns filed with the Internal Revenue Service
    • Correct errors due to employee omissions from processed employer reports or missing reports
    • Correct errors “on the face of the record” that is, errors we can find by examining our records of processed reports and
    • Include wages reported by an employer as paid to an individual, but not shown in our records.

    With a mySocial Security account, you may be able to correct your Social Security earnings record online, but you can also contact us at 1-800-772-1213 . It will be helpful to have information such as Forms W-2, pay stubs, etc.

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    Employees Without Social Security Numbers

    Although almost all employers can go years without seeing this situation, and most employers never encounter it at all, every once in a while, an employer might run across an applicant or a new hire who claims not to have a social security number, or else refuses to disclose it. Now, the situation could be as simple as that of a person who is newly arrived in this country and does not yet have a social security number, in which case the employer can give the applicant, if hired, or the new hire the basic information on how to apply to the Social Security Administration for a number , and proceed with the I-9 process as usual . However, the situation is more complex if the applicant / new hire claims not to have a social security number, or refuses to disclose it, because of a religious or other form of conscientious objection.

    Many employment-related laws call for new hires and other employees to furnish a social security number to the employer, and SSNs are often requested in a number of other situations that affect the workplace – following is a list of the most common situations in which SSNs will be requested:

    • Job applications
    • Background check consent forms
    • W-4
    • I-9
    • New hire report
    • Professional and other occupational license applications and renewals
    • Permits needed by the employee or the company for the job
    • Driver’s license application
    • Some benefit applications and sign-up forms

    Source: M-274, I-9 Handbook for Employers )

    Tip : Rarely Share Your Number

    You may have to provide your Social Security number to your bank or employer. But theres no reason your pizza delivery guy needs it. If someone asks for your Social Security number, ask questions. Why? How will it be used? What if I refuse to share it?

    You may be able to offer an alternative form of identification, such as a drivers license number, student ID, or utility bill.

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    Tip : Beware Of Phone And Email Scams

    Identity thieves may try to trick you into revealing your SSN. For instance, in a phone or email, they might pose as your employer or a government office requesting information. Avoid sharing your number unless youre positive its a legitimate request.

    Better yet, consider calling the requesting organization at a verifiable telephone number to provide the information. Or visit in person.

    What Does A Medicare Card Look Like

    Pay Bills With Social Security Card Exposed! 2018

    Your Medicare card is red, white, and blue, and it contains your name and your Medicare ID number. Note that your card will not contain your or your spouses Social Security Number this change was implemented ato help keep that important detail under wraps.

    Your Medicare card will indicate whether you have Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, or both. Finally, your Medicare card will note the date when your health coverage began. You may be surprised to see that your Medicare card is paper, not plastic. Paper cards are easier for providers to copy, which is why Medicare made the switch.

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    How To Get A Social Security Card

  • Gather your documents. Learn what documents you’ll need to get a card. Select your situation:
  • Adult or child
  • Original, replacement, or corrected card
  • U.S. born citizen, foreign born U.S. citizen, or noncitizen
  • Apply online for a replacement card. Apply online if youre not changing anything on your card and you are eligible. This option is available in most states. You will need to make a my Social Security account first. Or complete an application. If you can not apply online, fill out an application and return it to the SSA. Find out where to take it in person or mail it.
  • How To See Whether A Social Security Number Is Valid

    There are many reasons you might want to verify a Social Security number. Perhaps you’re an employer looking to verify the identity of a potential employee. Maybe you’re a landlord ensuring that a new tenant is legitimate. Or maybe you’re engaging in some other sort of business transaction and need to make sure that a person is being honest with you.

    The Internet is the best way to verify Social Security numbers, whether you only want to make sure that the number is real or ensure that the number matches the correct name.

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    Consent Based Social Security Number Verification Service


    Please plan for the following timeframe when CBSV services will be unavailable:

  • Wednesday, December 22, 2021 from 11:00 PM to Thursday, December 23, 2021 at approximately 2:00 AM EST.
  • We apologize for any inconvenience.


    The Social Security Administration published the revised Form SSA-89 To Release Social Security Number Verification) and Form SSA-89-SP . You can access the revised forms in the CBSV Documents submenu located on the CBSV menu.

    Please note:

    • You have until September 30, 2021 to transition to the 12-2020 forms.
    • SSA has NOT changed the signature policy for CBSV users, therefore these forms require a wet signature.
    • We are not able to provide a fillable PDF for the SSA-89-SP.

    Please email your questions to .


    Due to COVID-19, the Social Security Administration implemented a work-from-home policy. As a result, our Office of Finance – Reimbursable Agreements changed how we receive and process CBSV payments.Please plan to send us timely payments to avoid any disruption to service. Include your CBSV agreement number when you submit your payment using one of these methods: is the fastest way to credit your CBSV account. You can request this method by emailing DRAC/IABT at .After submitting your request, you will receive an email from indicating that the eBill is ready for payment. Unlike credit cards, this method is suitable for payments over $25,000.

    Paper checks


    How Do Benefits Work And How Can I Qualify How to Fix the Wrong Social Security Number on a 1099 MISC

    While you work, you pay Social Security taxes. This tax money goes into a trust fund that pays benefits to:

    • Those who are currently retired

    • To people with disabilities

    • To the surviving spouses and children of workers who have died

    Each year you work, youll get credits to help you become eligible for benefits when its time for you to retire. Find all the benefits Social Security Administration offers.

    There are four main types of benefits that the SSA offers:

    • Learn about earning limits if you plan to work while receiving Social Security benefits

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    What Does Your Social Security Number Say About You

    For the average American, the Social Security Number holds special significance. It follows you from birth to death and can act as a key to a variety of sensitive information bank accounts, tax returns, drivers license information, residences, etc. However, even though you likely know your social by heart, you probably dont know what those nine digits actually reveal. Todays blog explores the history and significance of the social security number and how the SSN is used in the background screening industry.

    What Information Does The Number Not Provide

    Most significantly, and perhaps surprisingly, criminal records are not tied to SSNs. An individuals criminal charge may or may not include their SSN, so a clean criminal record check using SSN alone is not particularly meaningful. Its a start, but its by no means the whole story. However, using information gleaned from an SSN check that includes names and aliases as well as former addresses, skilled background screeners can search criminal records databases to find evidence of an individuals criminal history. So, while your SSN by itself will not reveal a criminal history, its nonetheless very difficult to run a thorough criminal background check without the additional information provided by a thorough SSN trace.

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    Applying For A New Or Replacement Card

    If you need to replace a lost Social Security card, change the name shown on your card, or request a new card, just call or visit Social Security. These services are free. You will need to complete a short form and furnish identification.

    To get a replacement card, you usually need one identifying document. To change the name on your card, you need documentation that shows your old name and your new name. If you were born outside the United States, you also generally must show proof of U.S. citizenship or lawful alien status. Your replacement card will have the same number as your old card.

    For a new card, you will need to provide documents that show your age, citizenship or lawful alien status, and who you are, for example, a birth certificate and a school record. Call Social Security for more examples.

    The form to obtain a replacement card is also available for download.

    Getting A New Social Security Number Is Probably Not A Good Idea

    AccuServe Payroll

    Victims of identity theft sometimes want to change their Social Security number. The Social Security Administration very rarely allows this. In fact, there are drawbacks to changing your number. It could result in losing your credit history, your academic records, and your professional degrees. The absence of any credit history under the new SSN would make it difficult for you to get credit, rent an apartment, or open a bank account.

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