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How To Stop Social Security Fraud Calls

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Heres how to make those bogus social security calls stop

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Five Ways To Recognize A Social Security Scam

In July, we reported on a rise in scam attempts where Social Security beneficiaries were being asked to pay to reactivate, protect, or restore their benefits. Currently, Social Security scams are the most commonly reported type of fraud and scam, and according to the Social Security Administrations Office of the Inspector General , these scams continue to evolve. The OIG is now warning the public that scammers are making phone calls and then following up with emails containing falsified documents aimed at convincing people to pay.

You may have received one of these calls either a recorded voice or a person falsely claiming to be a government employee, warning you of an issue with your Social Security number, account, or benefits, including identity theft. The caller may threaten arrest or other legal action, or they may offer to increase benefits, protect your assets, or resolve identity theft if you provide payment using a retail gift card, cash, wire transfer, internet currency such as Bitcoin, or a pre-paid debit card.

Beware Of A Social Security Scam Phone Call

There have been recent reports of individuals receiving calls from spoofed local phone numbers that are supposedly coming from the Social Security Administration.


The caller is pretending to be a government employee. They may threaten you and may demand immediate payment to avoid arrest or other legal action. DO NOT BE FOOLED!

Here’s what to look out for:

  • The caller says there is a problem with your Social Security number or account, your number has been compromised, or it was stolen.
  • Any call asking you to pay a fine or debit with retail gift cards, wire transfers, pre-paid debit cards, internet currency, or by mailing cash.
  • Scammers pretend they’re from Social Security or another government agency. Caller ID or documents sent by email may look official but they are not.

Social Security may call you in some situations but will never:

  • Threaten you
  • Suspend your Social Security number
  • Demand immediate payment from you
  • Require payment by cash, gift card, pre-paid debit card, or wire transfer
  • Ask for gift card numbers over the phone or to wire or mail cash

Be Active

Protect yourself, friends, and family!

  • Don’t return unknown calls
  • Ask someone you trust for advice before making any large purchase or financial decision
  • Don’t be embarrassed to report if you shared personal information or suffered a financial loss

For more information about scams of this nature, .

If you receive a suspicious call:

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    This The Trick To Stop Spam Calls You Will Tell Your Friends About

    How to stop spam calls? Its almost always your first thought if youve ever answered an unwanted spam call.

    Spam calls are a continuous nuisance in our daily lives. They distract us from our families and friends, interrupt productive work days, and worst of all, try to steal our money or personal identity.

    More and more, we become less trustworthy of unfamiliar numbers calling due to the growing spam call issue and as a result, we miss important updates from doctors, schools, airlines, and job offers.

    In this post, we will cover:

      Easy Ways To Spot A Fraudulent Phone Call Text Email Or Letter

      How to Identify Scammers When Social Security Is Calling ...

        Thomas J Catalano is a CFP and Registered Investment Adviser with the state of South Carolina, where he launched his own financial advisory firm in 2018. Thomas’ experience gives him expertise in a variety of areas including investments, retirement, insurance, and financial planning.

        With some 65 million Americans receiving Social Security benefits, it isn’t surprising that scam artists invoke the program’s name in fraudulent phone calls, texts, emails, and letters. Their schemes typically involve impersonating the Social Security Administration in order to obtain, and then misuse, Social Security numbers and other personal information. Heres a rundown, by mode of delivery, of common Social Security scams, along with the steps to take to avoid and report them.

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        Social Security Fraud By Mail

        While the rise of scams perpetrated electronically, and thus cheaply, has reduced the volume of Social Security fraud by mail, the practice has not entirely vanished. One such scheme is a direct mail scam that primarily targets older people

        A letter comes in the mail offering an extra check, along with a form asking for personal information and a filing fee. In it, the scammer asks the recipient for a Social Security number, money, and/or bank account information to help with the application.

        Again, this is a red flag. The Social Security Administration will never ask for your full Social Security number, because it already knows it. In the event the SSA does send you a letterfor example, when your benefits increaseit will never ask you for money or any other personal information.

        The Social Security Administration will never ask you for your full Social Security number. It already knows it.

        What Happens During A Social Security Scam

        Scammers targeting seniors on Social Security have two primary objectives: to get their Social Security number and to get cash, said Chris Orestis, CSA, president of Retirement Genius and a nationally recognized financial, health/LTC and retirement issues expert. They will contact people often with the message that their Social Security number has been used by someone else in connection with a crime or to falsely apply for bank accounts and credit cards. They may also contact people telling them they are entitled to receive additional payments for things such as COVID relief.

        The scammers will pose as being from the Social Security Administration and may even be disguising the number they are calling from with a fake caller ID using Social Securitys actual phone number of 1-800-772-1213, but it is very easy to fabricate a caller ID number and fall for this trick.

        They will call and tell their intended victim that, because of one of these fake reasons, their benefits are going to be shut off unless they can verify their identity by giving them their Social Security number, or that they need to verify bank account information and have the victim read them those numbers. They might even tell them that they need to send them a reactivation fee to turn their Social Security benefits back on.

        Now that you know what happens during a Social Security scam, here are some tips for protecting yourself.

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        How To Stop Social Security Scam Calls

        There are some ways using which you can stop these scam calls But in order to do that, you are required to receive it once. Only after that can you be able to block that scammers number.

        Another way to stop scammers to contact you is to install an app that deals with Bot callers. These apps block bot callers just like that.

        But if you get one such call, make sure that you do not pick it up. If you are ambiguous about what is the status of your social security, you can download the app and check it frequently. You can also report a Social Security scam call.

        If you want to get the Social Security Administration phone number, all you have to do is to go to their official website.

        Make Social Media Accounts Private

        Beware of robocall scams targeting your Social Security

        One of the easiest ways for data brokers to obtain PII is through public social media profiles that leave everything from emails and home addresses in plain sight. By simply adjusting your privacy settings you can automatically limit the amount of information that criminals can obtain from your profile.

        Another tip is to be wary of the information you share in posts on social media and limit the number of users who can see them. On Facebook, for example, the difference between the amount of people who can see your posts if they are limited to just friends as opposed to friends of friends could be hundreds of thousands.

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        What Is A Social Security Phone Scam

        Social security scams take place when fraudsters call a persons phone number claiming to represent the Social Security Administration and pretend there is a problem with their social security number or account. Often, scammers will claim they are compromised because of suspicious, improper, or illegal activity.

        Sometimes, fraudsters will take an alternate approach and pretend to help victims by offering to increase their benefits, protect their assets, or deal with identity theft.

        To resolve this, these criminals will demand payments or victims social security numbers, threatening them with arrest, fines, or suspension of their social security account if they fail to provide them.

        Scammers who make these calls will often use a threatening tone of voice and language to intimidate their victims into taking immediate action. Scam social security calls often target vulnerable senior citizens, particularly those who depend on social security benefits.

        Besides phone calls, social security scams can also take place via text messages asking recipients to call back in order to avoid a fine or arrest.

        Social security scam phone calls are just one nuisance call of the many types that exist. Other scams involve standard robocallers, telemarketing callers, and fraud callers who impersonate IRS agents asking for bank details.

        If You Receive A Suspicious Call Text Or Email:

      • Hang up
      • DO not return unknown calls, texts, or emails.
      • Do not give money or personal information.
      • Report the scam to the Office of the Inspector General .
      • If you receive a call, text, or email that you believe to be suspicious, about a problem with your Social Security number or account, do not respond or engage with the caller or sender. Report Social Security phone, email, and text scams through our dedicated online form.

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        Regain Your Online Privacy

        Navigating privacy issues in todays interconnected and digital world is difficult, said Rob Shavell, CEO of Abine/DeleteMe, an Online Privacy Company providing services that protect people online security and digital footprint. The ways in which third parties are collecting peoples information is constantly changing, and one way to protect your online privacy and avoid being scammed is removing your personal information from data brokers, search engines and the internet and protect and regain your online privacy. Scammers can easily use data brokers websites like Spokeo, AnyWho or InstantPeopleFinder to help launch their attacks. For just a few dollars, anyone can access your personal information, which can include phone numbers, addresses, court records and even lists of your family members and where they live. So, an actionable tip is to buy a service that removes your name, email, addresses and more from online data brokers who profit from collecting and selling this information, like DeleteMe, or follow the DIY opt-out guide to do it for free.

        If You Lost Money You Should Act Immediately:

        Dona Ana County residents warned about Social Security ...
        • The contact number is on the back of the card. If reported immediately, you may be able to stop the transfer of funds, otherwise it may not be possible to stop the funds from being withdrawn. It is also important to alert the card company of fraud.
        • If you sent cash, report it immediately to the postal service or whatever company you used. If you act quickly you may be able to stop delivery by reporting fraud and giving the tracking number to the delivery company.
        • If you gave personal information to the scammer you may be subject to identity theft.Learn what to do.

        Report scams to the Federal Trade Commission: Report Now

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        Avoid Social Security Scams

        GREENSBORO, N.C. Last year, there were over 700,000 telephone scams reported, with victims losing on average $5,800.

        The scam involves a phone call from someone posing as a local or government official. They may even use robocalls and follow up with emails or texts to convince you they are investigating you. They will claim your Social Security number has been compromised or has been suspended for fraudulent activity.

        The scammer then tries to get the victims personal information to reroute their Social Security payments to a different account.

        Dont fall for these tricks! If you are suspicious of the person on the other end of the line, its probably for a good reason.

        Dont give out any information. Hang up right away and report the call to the Social Security Administration.


        • Know The Source
      • Always ask the person to verify who they are and write down their name. The Social Security Administration does occasionally contact recipients, but it is pretty rare. You would likely know about it before the phone rings.
      • If you have been overpaid, the Administration will not ask you to make a payment by gift card or prepaid debit cards. They will likely deduct from future payments or accept a check.
        • Protect Your Information
      • Dont give out your Social Security number to just anyone. If its being used to verify who you are, ask if you can give just the last four numbers rather than your full Social Security number.
        • Read Credit Reports Annually

        Us Attorneys Office Reminds East Texans To Beware Of Social Security Scam Calls

        BEAUMONT, Texas In connection with the Social Security Administrations March 4th National Slam the Scam Day, the United States Attorneys Office for the Eastern District of Texas reminds the public to be vigilant of Social Security scam calls.

        For the past year, we have seen a steady increase in Social Security-related scam calls, said Acting U.S. Attorney Nicholas J. Ganjei. The financial exploitation of older Americans will not be tolerated. We are partnering with the Social Security Administration Office of the Inspector General to spread the word about these scams. We encourage anyone who receives such calls to hang up.

        We are working with the Department of Justice and law enforcement agencies across the United States to combat Social Security imposter scamsbut our best weapon in this fight will always be awareness, said Inspector General Gail S. Ennis. I want to thank the many agencies and organizations that have joined us in our effort this year to alert Americans to hang up on suspicious calls, and talk to their family and friends about phone scams.

        The U.S. Attorneys Office and SSA-OIG offer the following information about how to spot these scams:

        • SSA may call you in some situations, but will NEVER call you and:
        • Tell you that your Social Security Number has been suspended or offer to increase your benefits or resolve an identity theft issue for a fee.
        • Threaten you with arrest or legal action if you do not immediately pay a debt, fine, or fee.

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        What Are Spam Calls

        Spam calls are irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent over the phone to a large number of recipients typically to people who have not expressed interest in receiving the message.

        There are a few different types of phone calls that can be considered spam.

        Telemarketing Calls: Live direct marketing calls in which a salesperson from a legally registered business solicits prospective customers to buy products or services. This is also referred to as cold calling.

        Legal Robocalls: Automated telephone calls that deliver a recorded message, of which the recipient has explicitly provided verbal or written consent to receive.

        Illegal Robocalls: Any non-emergency robocall that you have not given written permission to receive.

        Scam Calls: Any phone call that is fraudulent. Meaning, any person posing as a person or entity that is attempting to steal your money or personal identity.

        What Is Social Security Scam

        Social Security scam warning you need to know about

        The Social Security Scam is one of the common forms of government impostor scam where fraudulent people contact you and ask you to share your important credentials. They may also threaten you to send money. These imposters may sometimes use legitimate names and phone numbers of Social Security Employees. So it becomes difficult for people to recognize it as a scam.

        One common method the imposters use is, they will call you saying your security number has been suspended because of being linked to criminal activities. They will further ask you to confirm your number so that they will reactivate it or get you a new number for a fee.

        They will threaten you about imprisonment if you dont pay the fine or provide your details. The foremost thing you need to understand is that Social Security never blocks or suspends any number.

        The second tactic these crooks use is, they will call you saying your bank account is at risk due to the illicit activity. They will again offer you help against a fee. You might also get a call from a fake Social Security Representative saying they have increased your cost-of-living benefits. In order to get this increased money, they will ask you to verify your name, date of birth, and Social Security number.

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        Is There A Scam Involving Social Security

        Simply put, there is a scam going on that involves Social Security Administration.

        This call from Social Security Administration scam is so cleverly devised that people have fallen for it in droves. As a result of that, they have been robbed out of their hard-earned money.

        These social security fraud calls 2021 are making it hard for people to believe in anything that they receive on their electronic devices.

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