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How To Use Your Social Security Number To Get Money

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Make Payments To The Federal Government

How to use your Social Security Number as Money. Easy Simple Quick.

Learn how to use to make secure, electronic payments to government agencies from your checking or savings account. You can use the online service for VA medical care copayments, U.S. district court tickets, U.S. Coast Guard merchant mariner user fee payments, and more.

If you need help, contact customer service.

Applying For A New Or Replacement Card

If you need to replace a lost Social Security card, change the name shown on your card, or request a new card, just call or visit Social Security. These services are free. You will need to complete a short form and furnish identification.

To get a replacement card, you usually need one identifying document. To change the name on your card, you need documentation that shows your old name and your new name. If you were born outside the United States, you also generally must show proof of U.S. citizenship or lawful alien status. Your replacement card will have the same number as your old card.

For a new card, you will need to provide documents that show your age, citizenship or lawful alien status, and who you are, for example, a birth certificate and a school record. Call Social Security for more examples.

The form to obtain a replacement card is also available for download.

Social Security Scams Are On The Rise

Social Security scams now outnumber other types of scams, including Internal Revenue Service scams, which were formerly the most common. Pretending to be a representative of the government is a common way for fraudsters to trick people into giving up their money or personal information. Knowing how to tell the difference between a scammer and a genuine call from the federal government is important.

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Dont Get Tricked By Scammers

Unclaimed funds are an ideal playground for scammers. Being conned by a scammer is something that can happen to anyone.

You can avoid falling into the trap of a fraudster by following these steps:

  • Use DoNotPay or any other official website to find your unclaimed funds
  • Dont believe in emails that say that they can help you reclaim your property for a small compensation
  • Ignore phone calls from anyone who claims that they know where your unclaimed money is and offers to help you for a small fee
  • Dont fall for forged documents you received via mail
  • Keep in mind that the government and official treasuries will seldom contact you about your lost money. You will need to search for your unclaimed property by yourself. You can also get the help of DoNotPay, which will enable you to find your assets in a safe, quick, and simple way.

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    Getting A Social Security Number For A New Baby

    The easiest way to get a Social Security number for your child is at the hospital after they are born when you apply for your childs birth certificate. If you wait to apply for a number at a Social Security office, there may be delays while SSA verifies your childs birth certificate.

    Your child will need their own Social Security number so you can:

    • Claim your child as a dependent on your income tax return
    • Open a bank account in their name
    • Get medical coverage for them
    • Apply for government services for them

    Keep your Social Security card in a safe place to protect yourself from identity theft.

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    At Camino Financial, we go the extra mile for our members. What this all equates to is an added value that you wont find in any other business lender. If you are an immigrant in the U.S. youre eligible for a loan thatll help you build credit, all you need is an individual tax identification number .

    What Can Someone Do With Your Social Security Number

    Buying things and paying bills with your SSC

    You might be wondering, What can someone do with my Social Security number? The answer is that they can do a lot, and none of it is good. An identity thief who has access to your SSN can quickly cause lots of damage to your credit score and financial situation. The thief can obtain loans and credit cards in your name, file fraudulent tax returns, and even access your bank accounts and withdraw your money. Having access to your SSN allows for easy identity theft because it becomes easy for the thief to impersonate you at financial institutions.

    The ease of fraud makes Social Security numbers extremely valuable to a thief. This is one reason why there are so many scams out there that attempt to gain access to your SSN. Several government agencies like the Federal Trade Commission and others investigate these scams and attempt to stop them as quickly as possible.

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    Find Out Your Estimated Social Security Benefits

    Periodically checking your estimated Social Security benefits serves several purposes: It helps you plan for retirement and allows you to check for and correct errors.

    The Social Security Administration keeps a database of your earnings record and work credits, tracking both through your Social Security number. You can see this information on your Social Security Statement, which is available to everyone age 25 and over. The Social Security Statement also gives you an estimate of the benefits you’ll receive at retirement age, which can play an important role in your financial planning.

    Can You Get A Loan Without An Ssn

    Having an SSN makes getting a loan considerably easy. A bank/lender can retrieve all the necessary information required to process the loan with a persons SSN. It rules out the need for filling in a plethora of forms or submitting a bunch of documents. However, not having an SSN may raise certain issues. But dont worry, you can still apply for and get loans from a bank or a lender.

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    How To Find Lost Money By Using Your Social Security Number

    The state could be holding onto hundreds or thousands of dollars that belong to you. If the issuer couldn’t find you, the money is often sent to the state for safekeeping. Each state keeps lost money through a different office, but once you’ve found the appropriate office, claiming lost funds only requires a few steps. To make a claim for the funds, you will need to provide proof of your Social Security number, along with additional documentation. To search for lost money, you can start with just your name.


    • Using your Social Security number, you can begin to check for misplaced funds by visiting the website of your state’s treasurer, comptroller and controller. Additional resources provided by the U.S. government are also available if these searches do not satisfy your needs.

    They Can Use Your Ssn To Claim Your Social Security Check

    We All Have A Social Security Numbers...But What Are They ...

    Although you are regularly asked to use your SSN for identification, its primary purpose is linked to your Social Security benefits. The government keeps track of your earnings and your Social Security tax payments with your SSN, and you need it in order to claim Social Security retirement or disability benefits.

    For example, if you are eligible for Social Security retirement benefits but have opted to wait until you reach full retirement age, a hacker with your SSN could apply for those benefits in your name. Because Social Security benefits are usually deposited directly into a bank account, you might not even discover this until you try to apply for benefits years down the road.

    Pro tip: It’s a good idea to check on your Social Security account once or twice a year to make sure everything looks like it should. If you believe that a scammer is using your SSN to collect your Social Security benefits, call the Social Security Fraud Hotline at 800-269-0271.

    Theft Threat? Numbers You Need to Change Before It’s Too Late

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    How To Find Your Social Security Number // Social Security Offices

    Social Security numbers have become one of the main pieces of identification used in the United States. The Social Security Administration manages the issuance and governance of these numbers. There are many times when you might need to know your SSN such as starting a new job, applying for a loan, or applying for Social Security benefits. Sometimes you are required to present your Social Security card as well, but often simply knowing your number is enough. So, what happens if you forget your number and do not have access to your card? You are probably scratching your head and wondering, What is my Social Security number? There are some ways that you can find out your Social Security number and even get a replacement card, but you will have to go through the proper steps to verify your identity. If you find yourself needing your SSN, but you cannot find it, then keep reading to learn how to find your Social Security number.

    What Is An Ein

    An EIN, or Employer Identification Number, is a nine-digit tax identification number assigned to sole proprietors, corporations, partnerships, estates, trusts, employee retirement plans and other entities for tax filing and reporting purposes. This number works almost like an SSN for your business.

    If you want to add an EIN to your small business, the IRS recommends applying for an EIN online. Heres a three-step guide to help you through the process:

  • Determine whether youre eligible for an EIN. Your principal business must be located in the U.S. or U.S. territories. You must have a valid taxpayer identification number to apply for a new EIN, and you are limited to one EIN per responsible party per day.
  • Complete the application in one sitting. You wont be able to save and return at a later time, and your session will expire after 15 minutes of inactivity.
  • Submit your application. Youll get your EIN immediately after completing the application. You can then download, save and print your EIN confirmation notice.
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    Which Credit Card Issuers Allow You To Apply Without An Ssn

    Of the seven major credit card issuers that we researched, five will allow you to apply for a credit card without an SSN. They are: American Express, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase and Citibank. The most common form of alternative identification that is accepted is an ITIN, however, this may vary by issuer or card. Keep this in mind: Just because a card issuer will accept an application with an ITIN or some other form of identification does not mean it will approve an application. The issuer will still need to consider your credit history.


    Wells FargoYou can use an ITIN to apply online.

    Chase, Capital One, American Express and Wells Fargo allow online card applicants to enter an ITIN when asked for an SSN. These card issuers provide the easiest route for consumers seeking to apply for a card online, and they’re a good place to start when looking for credit cards if you don’t have an SSN. Some of these cards may be difficult or impossible to qualify for without adequate credit history.

    Bank of America and Citi will allow you to apply for their credit cards using an ITIN only if you visit a branch office. In both of these cases, applicants can expect a delayed processing of their applications.

    Discover requires its applicants to provide an SSN for their all cards and does not accept ITIN.

    Problems In Obtaining A Social Security Number


    American Citizens Abroad, Inc. is following this issue, particularly with respect to US citizens abroad who are trying to come into conformity with new financial reporting legislation and regulation. If you have particular difficulties in obtaining a SSN, please submit your personal experiences via ACAs secure online portal. You can determine the degree of anonymity you wish to maintain and the extent to which ACA can share your story.

    Disclaimer: American Citizens Abroad, Inc. is a non-profit organization formed under the laws of the State of Delaware. ACA does not provide legal, tax or accounting information. ACA makes no representations as to the accuracy, quality, utility, or any other aspect of the information contained herein. The reader is urged to obtain his or her own professional advice.

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    What If Someone Steals My Social Security Number

    All of this is of course very interesting, but lets bring it back to the point of this article: what if some bad guy steals, obtains, guesses at, or otherwise gets hold of your Social Security Number? As it happens, all kinds of bad things!

    Because you have to have a Social Security Number to get a job in the United States , crooks are very fond of stealing SSNs specifically for the purpose of selling them to people who do not already have permission to work in the United States, so that those people can get a job.

    Nothing is wrong with people getting jobs, of course, but if they are using your Social Security Number, it can cause untold confusion and issues with your taxes and your Social Security benefits. You could even LOSE your Social Security benefits and that can be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    As you can see, it is very important for you to be able to tell whether someone is using your Social Security Number without your permission. In this article, I will show you several methods of detecting whether your Social Security Number has been compromised.

    The Claim: A Social Security Card Can Be Used To Pay Off Debt And Make Purchases

    As online scams continue to thrive amid the pandemic, an old hoax about Social Security cards containing account and routing numbers recently resurfaced on social media.

    A May 20 Instagram post with more than 2,000 likes claims a Social Security card is really a credit card linked to your Treasury account, which “permits you a Federal ‘Exemption'” to discharge bills through credits issued on behalf of the government.

    “In a sense Their credit is ‘Digital Gold’ that can be utilized to Fund your daily purchases, which can then be discharged through your Exemption Account via 18 USC 8!” the post asserts.

    Accompanying the text is a screengrab of a Google search result showing Cornell Law School’s definition of the term “card issuer.” Below the definition is an image of the front and back of a Social Security card with “ACCT. #” and “ROUTING #” displayed in a large red text.

    Actor Wood Harris a similar version of the claim to Instagram on May 20 in the form of a TikTok video, in which a man says: “So I’m sure people have heard about the numbers on the back of their social security cards being tied to a federal reserve bank. This is absolutely true.” The original TikTok video was shared on Feb. 28 and has more than 800,000 likes.

    In a message to USA TODAY, the TikTok user claimed only “some” Social Security cards are tied to a Federal Reserve Bank and allow debit purchases. “The purpose was to show an account of the sort existed though not freely accessible,” he said.

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    They Can Use Your Ssn To Get A Loan In Your Name

    Steven J.J. Weisman, author of “Identity Theft Alert: 10 Rules You Must Follow to Protect Yourself from America’s #1 Crime,” said that one of the worst things an identity thief can do with your Social Security number is to obtain a loan in your name. To do this, the hacker would first need to use your SSN to access your credit reports. Then, using the data, he could get a loan in your name — and never pay it back.

    This is not only bad for your credit, Weisman said, but it can also affect your ability to get a job, rent an apartment, get insurance or obtain a loan. All of these things often depend on having a good credit report.

    If this type of fraud happens to you, you need to contact the lender involved, the police and the FTC. The issue can be difficult and time-consuming to fix.

    Pro tip: Weisman said it’s easier to safeguard your SSN than it is to repair ruined credit after someone has stolen it.

    “You should not carry your Social Security number in your wallet or purse,” he said. “You should not provide it as an identifying number to everyone who asks for it. Many places ask for it but don’t need it by law.”

    The lesson here: Always ask if your SSN is actually needed.

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