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How To Verify Someone’s Social Security Number

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Social Security Number Search: How To Find A Person’s Ssn

How Can I Verify Employees Social Security Numbers

Social Security Number Search: How to Find a Person’s SSNThe United States government originally used a socialsecurity number, which is also know as an SSN, as a meansof taxing a person. In recent years, however, the socialsecurity number has become an easy means of identifying aperson for many legal purposes.

Looking up a person’s SSN can tell you a lot about them.Every social security number is different, so, if you knowa name and SSN, you can quickly access many public recordsabout a person.

The biggest reason that you may want to do a search, basedon a person’s SSN, is if you are an employer who is lookingto hire a new employee.

A social security number search can verify that the personis who they say they are, for tax id purposes. After all,identity theft is a common problem in recent years.

Beyond that, though, a social security number search canalso tell you a person’s traffic violation history,criminal history, credit history and several otherimportant facts. As an employer, you can never be toocareful. You always want to be sure that the person youare going to hire is fit for the job.

One way to look up a person’s SSN information is throughthe United States Social Security Administration. On theirwebsite, you can conduct up to ten social security numbersearches each and every day. It is a free service,provided by the United States government.

Work Identification For Tax Purposes

All new hires must complete Form W-4 before receiving their first paycheck, and they must include their SSN on the form. The IRS does not allow employers to accept an individual tax identification number for employee work identification. An ITIN is used only for tax processing purposes for certain individuals who can’t get an SSN.

By tax law, you must enter a correct SSN on each employee’s W-2 form to report their taxable income for the year. Employees enter this number on Form W-4, so be sure you copy it correctly to the W-2 form. You may be subject to a penalty for incorrect or missing employee SSNs.

How To Search For People Using Their Social Security Number

If youre trying to search for someone by their social security number, read this page first. It will help you perform an SSN search for free, check SSN validity, or perform an SSN search with a number.

We also discuss how to run a social security number search by name to give you the greatest chance of finding someone quickly.

Before we dive into running an SSN background search, lets look at what a social security number is, and what its used for:

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How To Verify A Death Via A Social Security Number

A quick search of the internet can reveal the names and Social Security numbers, or SSNs, of deceased persons. When someone dies, that person’s Social Security number typically becomes public record, which is why it is relatively simple to verify death using an SSN. Sites like and link you directly to the Social Security Death Index at no charge. When you need to verify someone’s death, take advantage of this free access instead of registering and subscribing to sites like

Legal Issues With Requesting A Social Security Number

How To Verify Social Security Number

Keep in mind that while there are no federal laws making it illegal to request someones social security number for any reason, this does not mean that doing so is always legal. Some states have passed laws that only allow certain entities to request a social security number. In 2012, New York state passed a law that allows businesses or individuals to request a social security number only when it is required by law or when in relation to the following:

  • Verifying someones age when enrolling in a marketing program
  • A criminal record check
  • Collection of spousal or child support
  • Blood or organ donation

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How Do You Check To See If Someone Stole Your Identity

Maybe youre asking yourself how to check if someone is using my identity? The best way to check for identity theft is by checking your credit report. If anyone has used your SSN to open accounts or obtain credit in your name, then those records will appear on your credit report. If you notice anything on your report that you did not do, then someone likely has your SSN and is using it to conduct fraud. You can also check your Social Security statement to make sure that it is accurate and request a tax transcript from the IRS to make sure that no one has filed false tax returns using your SSN.

Tips For Recognizing Identity Theft

Below are some tips for recognizing when you have possibly been a victim of identity theft:

  • If you did not receive an expected bill or statement by mail – or you receive a bill for something you didn’t order.
  • If unexpected charges occurr on your account credit cards.
  • If there are charges on your account from unrecognized vendors.
  • If posted checks appear on your Bank account significantly out of sequence.
  • If you receive credit cards that you didn’t apply for, in your name or someone else’s!
  • If you are denied credit or are offered less than favorable credit terms for no reason.
  • If you get calls from creditors or debt collectors regarding merchandise or services that you did not buy.

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If You’re Not Sure Why You Received A Payment

How to Verify a Social Security Number?

If you receive a check or direct deposit payment from the Treasury Department and do not know what its for, contact the regional financial center that issued it.

If you received a check, look for the RFCs city and state at the top center. Then contact that RFC to find out which federal agency authorized the payment. It will be one of these:

If you received payment byelectronic funds transfer , or direct deposit, follow the directions under Find Information About a Payment.

Use the Treasury Check Verification System to verify that the check is legitimate and issued by the government.

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Work Verification For Immigration Purposes

Employers must use Form I-9 from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service to verify employee identity and their authorization to work in the U.S. Social Security cards are just one type of documentation for this purpose.

A new hire can use a Social Security card or another type of document to verify employment authorization. They must also provide another document , to establish identity. A Social Security card doesn’t have a photo on it, so there’s no way to verify identity with this card. You must examine the documents and note on Form I-9 which documents you looked at.

If the person gives you a Social Security card, look at it carefully. The card must be unrestricted, meaning it can’t have restrictive wording on it, like “NOT VALID FOR EMPLOYMENT,””VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH INS AUTHORIZATION” or “VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH DHS AUTHORIZATION.”

Why Should I Verify Names And Ssns Online

  • Correct names and SSNs on W-2 wage reports are the keys to the successful processing of your annual wage report submission.
  • It’s faster and easier to use than submitting your requests paper listings or using Social Security’s telephone verification option.
  • Results in more accurate wage reports.
  • Saves processing costs and reduces the number of W-2c’s.
  • Allows Social Security to give the proper credit to your employees’ earnings record, which will be important information in determining their Social Security benefits in the future.

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Someones Got Your Number What Can You Do

Figuring out that someone has your Social Security Number is one thing. Fixing the problem is another. If you think someone is using your Social Security Number, you need to move quickly.

You have four things you need to do. You need to contact the Federal Trade Commission to report identity theft, contact the credit reference agencies to report the theft, contact the Social Security Administration, and contact your local police.

  • The FTC is at 1-877-438-4338 or . There is a form to complete to report identity theft.
  • Contact the three credit reference agencies and ask them to place a freeze on your credit report. This will prevent any new applications being created in your name. This will stop more debt from piling up.
  • Contact the SSA on 1-800-269-0271 or Log on to the IRS Identity Protection website to alert them and prevent any tax returns from being filed in your name.
  • Optionally, but recommended, alert the Internet Crime Complaints Center at . They alert other agencies that your SSN has been compromised.

Once all that has been done, report the crime to your local police. If you know how the theft took place, for example, you had your wallet stolen, the police will want to know where the theft would have happened, and what transpired.

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Consent Based Social Security Number Verification Service

How do I check to see if someone is using my Social ...

The CBSV requires consent from the SSN owner. It is for companies seeking SSN verification for banking, licensing, credit checks, background checks and similar requirements. Results show whether information such as the SSN holder’s name, date of birth and SSN match the SSA’s records. Users must have an Employer Identification number , which you can obtain from the Internal Revenue Service. Companies pay an initial fee of $5,000 and an additional fee for each SSN verification.

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How To Receive Federal Benefits

To begin receiving your federal benefits, like Social Security or veterans benefits, you must sign up for electronic payments with direct deposit.

If You Have a Bank or Credit Union Account:

  • Call the Go Direct Helpline at .

If You Don’t have a Bank or Credit Union Account:

Make Changes to an Existing Direct Deposit Account:

Learn how to make changes to an existing direct deposit account. You also may contact the federal agency that pays your benefit for help with your enrollment.

How To Verify A Social Security Number

The Social Security Administration allows employers, organizations and third party inquirers to request verification of Social Security numbers. The verification is to check that such a number exists in the SSA’s database — it does not reveal the SSN owner’s identity or other information. The agency provides several verification methods, both free and paid.

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When Can I Expect To Provide My Social Security Number For A Background Check

When DFPS processes a background check on someone, we ask for that person’s social security number to verify identity. Some examples of when a background check may be required are:

  • You are a foster parent or want to become a foster parent .
  • You want to adopt a child .
  • You are a relative of a child in DFPS conservatorship, or are someone that is not related to the child but has a longstanding and significant relationship with the child or the child’s family and would like the child to be placed in your home .
  • You are 14 years or older, not a client in DFPS care, and meet one of the following criteria:
    • You live with a relative that is seeking placement of a child in DFPS conservatorship.
    • You live with someone that is not related to the child in DFPS conservatorship but has a longstanding and significant relationship with the child or the child’s family and is seeking placement of the child.
    • Live with someone that is seeking to foster or adopt a child.
  • You are looking for a job or a volunteer position with DFPS.
  • You are going to work as a contractor with DFPS.
  • You are being investigated for abuse, neglect, or exploitation in an investigation.
  • You are the parent or guardian of a child who is in DFPS conservatorship.

By law, , Title 40, Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 745, Subchapter F) you are required to provide your social security number for a background check if you are:

Employer Correction Request Letters

How To Find Someone’s Social Security Number | Lookup SSN by Name

Employers sometimes receive a letter in the mail called an Employer Correction Request for missing or incorrect SSNs from the Social Security Administration. The information may have been given incorrectly by the employee on their W-4 form or it was entered incorrectly on the W-2 form.

Don’t take any action against the employee. Laying off, suspending, firing, or discriminating against the employee could be a violation of state or federal law.

To correct the error, you’ll need to register with the Social Security Administration’s Business Services Online system. Then follow the instructions in the letter to make the correction.

For more information on error correction letters from the Social Security Administration, see this document with “Questions Employers Ask” and this webpage with sample error correction request notices.

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How To Know If Someone Is Using Your Social Security Number

  • Post author
One of the most dangerous forms of identity theft is a stolen SSN. But how do you know if someone is using your Social Security number? Here are a few telltale signs.

Your SSN is the key to your identity. And thats why its so vulnerable: if a hacker gets ahold of it, theyre able to crack open the most secure of accounts and wreak havoc on your life. But how do you know if someone is using your social security number?

As soon as hackers have access to your SSN, theyll have the ability to access your bank accounts, open new accounts in your name, open lines of credit and credit cards, obtain your tax return, take our loans, use your health coverage and open utilities and memberships in your name.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows when theyve been a victim of Social Security number identity theft. To stay safe and protect your privacy , you need to learn how to tell if someone is using your social security number.

Is your personal information in the wrong hands? Use Privacy Bees free Data Breach Checker to find out.

What Do I Do If I Have Changed My Name

Please contact the Social Security Administration to change your name on SSA records before you make an appointment with DMV to have your name changed on DMV records. DMV electronically verifies your name, birth date, and social security number with the SSA.

If your information does not verify, DMV will not be able to change your name on your DL/ID card.

If you have changed your name since your last renewal, you will need to visit your local SSA office to correct your name on SSAs database before you visit DMV to renew your DL/ID card and have your name changed at the same time.

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How To Check A Social Security Number


Whether you’re paying wages or hiring new employees, you may want to conduct a Social Security Number check. Employers are legally required to enter the name and Social Security Number of each employee on the federal W-2 form. This unique identifier may also reveal information about potential hires and help you conduct a more thorough criminal background search. Follow the steps below to perform a Social Security Number lookup and make informed hiring decisions.


The Social Security Administration offers a free online tool that allows users to verify the SSN of current or former employees. If you want to conduct a Social Security Number check for potential new hires, customers or suppliers, consider using Occuscreen or other private services.

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