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Issuing Authority Of Social Security Cards

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Use Required For Federal Tax Purposes

Issuing of ID Card for the First Time

Internal Revenue Code section 6109 provides: “The social security account number issued to an individual for purposes of section 205 of the Social Security Act shall, except as shall otherwise be specified under regulations of the Secretary , be used as the identifying number for such individual for purposes of this title .”

The Internal Revenue Code also provides, when required by regulations prescribed by the secretary of the treasury or their delegate:

  • Inclusion in returns: Any person required under the authority of this title to make a return, statement, or other document shall include in such return, statement, or other document such identifying number as may be prescribed for securing proper identification of such person.
  • Furnishing number to other persons: Any person with respect to whom a return, statement, or other document is required under the authority of this title to be made by another person or whose identifying number is required to be shown on a return of another person shall furnish to such other person such identifying number as may be prescribed for securing their proper identification.

According to U.S. Treasury regulations, any person who, after October 31, 1962, works as an employee for wages subject to Social Security taxes, Medicare taxes, or U.S. federal income tax withholdings is required to apply for “an account number” using Form SS-5.

Obtain Proof Of Employment Eligibility

To be eligible for an SSN, you must provide proof of employment to the Social Security Administration. You must have this documentation in hand before you apply for an SSN. The type of proof varies with the type of work authorization you have:

  • Academic Training : You will need to go through the AT approval process to get AT authorization printed on your DS-2019. In addition to the AT on your DS-2019, you will need a letter from OIA. This letter can be requested from OIA here.
  • What Is Dhs Authorization On A Social Security Card

    If you have a social security card that says Valid for Work Only With DHS Authorization& CloseCurlyDoubleQuote , it means your immigration status is valid, but you need separate documents to prove that you are allowed to work in the United States for example with an Employment Authorization Document.

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    Obtain A Receipt Wait For Your Ssn Card

    Anyone applying for a Social Security Number will receive a “receipt,” consisting of a form letter confirming that you have submitted an application. There are three different versions of this receipt, depending on circumstances:

    • Your application is accepted and will take 10-14 days
    • Your application is under processing and may take 1-3 months for review
    • Your application has been rejected

    If you got a receipt notice you are eligible to begin work. Show a copy of your receipt notice to your employer.

    For more information, please see the following SSA publications:

    Where Can You Get More Information On Your Countrys Requirements For Passports

    XII. List of Sample Documents

    You must know the requirements of your country because itll help you avoid overpaying for services like expediting, renewing, or replacing your passport.

    For example, some countries require people with passports nearing expiration to renew them earlier than others.

    A good way of knowing this requirement of your country is by checking their governments website or calling their local office of immigration or passports.

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    Understanding The Concept Behind Issuing Authorities

    Passports are issued by the government of the country in which a person resides. The rules about who can get a passport vary from country to country, but some standard requirements apply in most countries.

    Most countries require applicants to be at least 16 years old when they apply for their first passport. Some countries have special procedures for minors under 16, and others allow children under 16 to leave the country without their parents.

    In general, however, minors need at least one parent or guardians permission before getting a passport or traveling outside of their home county.

    In some countries, passports are only issued to citizens, while in other countries, they may be given to non-citizens.

    Passport comes in three types, namely Ordinary Passport, Diplomatic Passport, and Service Passport.

    An ordinary passport is issued for everyday travel abroad or just visiting another country for leisure or business purposes.

    This type of passport can also be used as part of visa requirements before entering another country.

    Diplomatic Passports are only issued to diplomats and other high-profile government agents.

    State personnel and their families are given a special passport for five years if they meet certain criteria.

    A one-of-a-kind passport comes with a host of perks. It enables visa-free travel to several countries for a defined period.

    Where Is The Document Number On A Employment Authorization Card

    Common Issues and Problems. Verifyi9 is definitely an E-Verify Employer Agent and Remote Form I-9 Verifier. We make E-Verify and Form I-9 for remote hires easy!

    Errors or information missing in the I-9 form can delay the effective completing a verification. This short article lists the most typical issues and problems associated with the conclusion and submission from the I-9 form. The most typical error is neglecting to complete the I-9 form. We use nearly every little bit of information in the form to accomplish the verification. You need to make sure that all fields name, birth date, Ssn, etc. are completed. Additionally to fundamental identification info, note the next special conditions:Section 2, Describing the Identification Documents: You must record in Section 2 an entire description from the identification documents presented through the new hire. The data needed includes the document title issuing authority document number and expiration date, or no. For any drivers license or condition identification card , you have to range from the condition of issue and also the expiration date. Date of Hire: In the Certification paragraph just above your signature, you have to go into the date the worker begins work with pay.

    Video advice: File Number, UCI, and Document Number in Immigration to Canada

    Video advice: Welcome to the new permanent resident card and employment authorization document

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    Who Is Eligible For A Social Security Number

    • F-1 Students must have a job offer to apply for an SSN.
    • F-2 Dependents may not work in the U.S., and they, therefore, do not qualify for an SSN. The Social Security Administration will not accept their applications.
    • J-1 Students must have a social security authorization letter from the issuing authority on item 2 of their DS-2019 .
    • J-1 Scholars are automatically eligible for an SSN.
    • J-2 Dependents may apply for SSN only if they secure work permission through USCIS. Instructions for obtaining J-2 work permission are found here. Contact a J advisor, if you have questions.
    • H-1B Employees are automatically eligible for an SSN.
    • H-4 Dependents may work in special circumstances. More information is available in the H-1B portion of our website.

    All F-2 , J-2 and H-4 Dependents who do not qualify for a Social Security number can obtain an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number . The ITIN is an identification number that can be used for tax filing or some other specific legal purpose.

    Go To A Social Security Administration Office

    What is my Social Security?

    To apply for an SSN, you must go to a Social Security Administration office in person.

    Locating an SSA Office

    To find the nearest Social Security Office, you can enter your zip code in the SSA locator. Two popular SSA locations include:

    • Downtown location :
  • Printout of current I-94 electronic record
  • Valid Form I-20 or DS-2019
  • Proof of employment and work authorization, as indicated below:
    • J-1 students ONLY :
    • For On Campus Jobs: employer letter signed by employer and SSN support letter from OIA. Original signatures are required on letters.
    • For Academic Training: DS-2019 with AT authorization and SSN support letter from OIA. Original signatures are required on letters.
  • F-1 students ONLY :
  • For On Campus Jobs: employer letter signed by employer and SSN support letter from OIA. Original signatures are required on letters.
  • For CPT: I-20 showing CPT work authorization
  • For OPT: I-20 showing OPT recommendation and EAD
  • J-2 dependents ONLY:
  • J-1 Scholar ONLY:
  • No proof is required, but you may be asked for documentation, regardless. See more information below.**
  • Please also review the Social Security Administration Publication “International Students and Social Security Numbers” for additional information.

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    What Are The 4 Types Of Authority

    These are the key types of authority and authority examples in modern society.Founder authority. Founder authority is usually held by the founding member of a group or organization. … Ownership authority. … Punitive authority. … Relational authority. … Reward authority. … Results authority. … Expert authority. … Reverent authority.

    How Do I Find The Issuing Authority On My Passport

    as the personal details. the name of the authority on the rear endpaper was changed from & CloseCurlyQuote Issuing Office xxx& CloseCurlyQuote to & CloseCurlyQuote United Kingdom Passport Agency& CloseCurlyQuote for those issued in the UK. The stitching thread is white and should not fluoresce in UV light. The front endpaper is printed in burgundy intaglio .

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    How Do You Apply For An Itin

    Form W-7, IRS Application for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, is used to apply for an ITIN. To obtain an ITIN, you must complete this form which requires documentation substantiating foreign/alien status and true identity.

    The form along with the documents may either be sent by mail to the Philadelphia Service Center, presented at IRS walk-in offices, or processed through an Acceptance Agent authorized by the IRS.

    For more information on applying for social security numbers and cards please contact the GT Business Immigration group or refer to the SSAs official website at .

    How Does An Issuing Authority Help Me Get A Passport

    Who Is The Issuing Authority For Social Security Cards

    The passport is granted in the name of the countrys head of state. In the U.S., its The President of the United States of America. Any other form that the Issuing Authority specifies applies to other countries.

    In the U.K, the issuing Authority is Her Majestys Passport Office

    A passport application must be submitted to a Passport Issuing Authority for consideration and approval before issuing a passport.

    A PIA may accept applications directly from applicants or through third parties like travel agencies or visa providers.

    An applicant must apply in person at a passport agency, which includes submitting required documentation, paying the application fee, and appearing in person before an authorized official.

    The applicant will need one or more photo identity documents such as a drivers license or other DMV-issued identification cards, current utility bill and birth certificate, and two different forms of identification such as credit cards and social security cards.

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    Typically There Is A Round Seal On The Front Of The Card That Will Have The Issuing Authority Printed Around The Seal

    . Social Security cards although the US. If you are deaf or hard of hearing call our toll-free TTY number 1-800-325-0778 between 800 am. Citizens and individuals lawfully admitted to the United States on a permanent basis.

    Typically there is a round seal on the front of the card that will have the issuing authority printed around the seal. Search only database of 12 mil and more summaries. What is issuing authority for social security card.

    The date of issue was typed on the card. You will need to review the front and back of the social security card to determine the issuing authority. Printings of the 0648 version of the SSN card had a header Social Security with a small SSA seal between the two words.

    Issuing Authority For Social Security Card. This information is contained all in the spaces under List B. Advanced searches left.

    Is a Social Security card a state issued ID. Who is the issuing authority of a social security card. The issuing authority is always USCIS.

    Examples of issuing authorities you will see are. This service is free. Passport The issuing authority will be listed on the lower right of the photo page in the passport.

    Examples of issuing authorities you will see are. Social Security Card Ex. First version of SSN card.

    The SSN was in red ink. Drivers license and social security card. Collected from the entire web and summarized to include only the most important parts of it.

    Nfiy Obfzdpkcm

    Top 10 Most Common Form I

    Although Congress is busying itself with hearings on E-Verify, the most pressing issues from our readers appear to be I-9 related. Ive compiled the top 10 questions most often asked by our webinar attendees and blog readers. This is a great starting place for many who are new to Form I-9 compliance and a good refresher for more seasoned readers to test your knowledge. Read on to learn more:

    1. For the new, revised Form I-9 , can we provide only the two-page form to the employee or must we provide all of the nine pages to the employee?

    Employees need access to the actual instructions as well as the List of Acceptable Documents . Read here for more details.

    2. What do I do if the employee does not have a social security number but I need it to initiate a case in E-Verify?

    Youll have to allow the employee an opportunity to obtain a social security number if he/she does not already possess one. Read more details here.

    3. How do I complete I-9 verification for employees who are not physically in the office? Can I use notaries for these remote employees? If so, how?

    For a long time, this question was asked repeatedly and in many different ways. We finally dedicated one entire blog article to answer this question. You can read it here.

    4. Who is the issuing authority for the Social Security cards?

    5. How do I correct the Form I-9? Should I use white-out or colored ink pen?

    6. May I copy Pages 7 and 8 of the Form I-9 as a double-sided form?

    Yes. It also helps to save paper.

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    Types Of Social Security Cards

    Four different classifications of Social Security cards are issued. Such cards are issued by geographic location to:

  • persons of natural birth within the territorial boundaries of any one of the member States of the United States of America
  • persons who become U.S. citizens by oath, or birth within the exclusive legislative or territorial jurisdiction of the U.S. government
  • persons who become U.S. permanent residents
  • persons with certain restrictions.
  • There are two restricted types of Social Security cards:

    • One reads “not valid for employment.” Such cards cannot be used as proof of work authorization, and are not acceptable as a List C document on the I-9 form.
    • The other reads “valid for work only with DHS authorization”, or the older, “valid for work only with INS authorization.” These cards are issued to people who have temporary work authorization in the U.S from the Department of Homeland Security — the nation’s border agency. They can satisfy the I-9 requirement, if they are accompanied by a work authorization card.

    The cards commonly display the cardholder’s name and number.

    The new SSN card design utilizes both covert and overt security features created by the SSA and GPO design teams.

    What Does Issuing Authority Mean For Passport

    How Do You Replace Your Social Security Card?

    Passport Issuing Authority: For U.S. passports, the issuing authority is. usually xxx Passport Agency where the first part is a city such as Charleston, New Orleans or Chicago,etc. For other nations passports, if issued at a. consulate or embassy in the U.S., write the name of the consulate or embassy.

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    Completing Section 2 Of Form I

    Within three business days of the date employment begins, the employee must present an original document or documents to you or your authorized representative that shows the employees identity and employment authorization. For example, if an employee begins employment on Monday, you must review the employees documentation and complete Section 2 on or before Thursday of that week. However, if you hire someone for less than three business days, you must complete Section 2 no later than the first day of employment. You must allow the employee to choose which document the employee will present from the Form I-9 Lists of Acceptable Documents. You cannot specify which document an employee will present from the list.

    Certain Social Security cards are restricted and not acceptable List C documents if the card contains:


    If your employee presents a restricted Social Security card, ask the employee to provide a different document from List C or a document from List A.

    , then sign and date Section 2, as shown in the figures below.

    Figure 2: Section 2: Employer or Authorized Representative Review and Verification

    The Additional Information space is for Form I-9 notes, such as:

    Staffing agencies may choose to use either the date an employee is assigned to the employees first job or the date the new employee is entered into the assignment pool as the first day of employment.

    Where Do I Submit My Passport Application And What Is The Cost

    You would need to visit the respective embassy of the country you are applying for. The cost will vary according to which country your passport is being issued in. For example, a U.K. passport application costs £72.

    You should complete your passport application form or DS-11 in the U.S. Passport Office. It is an easy process that can be done in person or online.

    The cost of applying for a first-time USUS passport depends on whether you are applying in person or through the mail and how quickly you need your passport.

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