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What Is The Award Letter From Social Security

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What Do The Letters After A Social Security Or Medicare Number Mean

What is a Disability Award Letter?

The Social Security number followed by one of these codes is often referred to as a claim number. We assign these codes once you apply for benefits. These letter codes may appear on correspondence you receive from Social Security or on your Medicare card. They will never appear on a Social Security card.

For example, if the wage earner applying for benefits and your number is 123-45-6789, then your claim number is 123-45-6789A. This number will also be used as your Medicare claim number, once you are eligible for Medicare.


Aged wife, age 62 or over
B1Aged husband, age 62 or over
B2Young wife, with a child in her care
B3Aged wife, age 62 or over, second claimant
B5Young wife, with a child in her care, second claimant
B6Divorced wife, age 62 or over
Young husband, with a child in his care
C1-C9Child Includes minor, student or disabled child
DAged Widow, age 60 or over
D1Aged widower, age 60 or over
Surviving Divorced Wife, age 60 or over
Aged wife of disabled claimant, age 62 or over
MUninsured Premium Health Insurance Benefits
M1Uninsured Qualified for but refused Health Insurance Benefits
TUninsured Entitled to HIB under deemed or renal provisions or Fully insured who have elected entitlement only to HIB
TAMedicare Qualified Government Employment

NOTE: This list is not complete, but shows the most common beneficiary codes.

What Will The Amount Of My Monthly Benefits Be

The amount of your first months benefits is shown in your Social Security file. However, the Social Security Administration may recalculate your benefit amount before it pays you. If the Social Security Administration recalculates, it may come up with a higher benefit amount because, for example, all of your earnings might not have been posted when the original calculation was made. Also, there are cost of living increases that are applied every December.

How To Get A Social Security Award Letter //

Social Security award letters are issued for all types of Social Security benefits. This includes retirement benefits, Supplemental Security Income benefits, Social Security Disability benefits, and Medicare benefits. While the SSA sends an award letter upon approval of all types of benefits, the term is most commonly used when referring to SSDI benefits. So, what is this letter and what does it contain? More importantly, when do you need one and how can you get it? Well discuss all that in detail in this article, so keep reading for your full guide to Social Security award letters.

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What If I Disagree With My Award Letter

If you disagree with any part of your letter, you need to act quickly and file an appeal. These disagreements might be more common among those who have filed a disability claim, but even those waiting to get a social security retirement benefit can find something to contest, especially if they were expecting a higher benefit amount.

You have 60 days to file this appeal online by filing a claim in writing or filling out Form SSA 561 or a Form SSA-789 . Those 60 days begin five days after the date of your letter. If you are receiving SSI, you should file these forms or write this letter within 10 days, so you can continue to receive any benefits that will be awarded to you as your appeal is pending.

The SSA will send you a written re-determination. Should you disagree with that, you can request a face-to-face hearing in front of an administrative law judge by writing to the SSA directly or by completing a Form HA501 . Once again, you have 60 days to file such a request by sending it in writing, filling out the forms, or filing it online. You do not have to appear before an ALJ, but you can elect to have them review the case in your absence.

What To Expect Once You Receive Your Social Security Benefits Letter

Social Security Award Letter Online Photo

Once youve received your award letter, you can expect a benefit payment check sent to your home. Or, your payment will be deposited into your bank account if you signed up for direct deposit. The date of deposit depends on the date indicated in the letter.

Theres a chance that the Social Security Administration may contact you for an additional interview. However, if this happens, they will not ask you anything pertaining to your health or medical history since youve already gone through that process and received approval. Instead, they may just want to collect some follow up information.Odds are, they will have some questions regarding supplemental security insurance . Other questions can include representative payee, signing up your kids for benefits, or getting your bank information. They will either set up a phone interview or meet with you in person. If you dont need SSI, then you may be able to skip the interview.

At some point in the future, the Social Security Administration will want to conduct periodical reviews. During these reviews, they will verify your disability and evaluate your status to ensure that youre still eligible for benefits. In some cases, they may show up at your home to conduct the interview. If this happens, contact the Social Security Administration to verify they sent someone to you from their offices.

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What Is A Award Letter

An award letter is the documentation sent from a college or university to the student that details for how much financial support the student is eligible. The award letter is sent following the student’s submission of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and application to attend college or university.

Will I Have To Pay Taxes On The Social Security Disability Benefits I Receive

Probably not, but this depends on the amount of your total income. Most people wont have to pay taxes on their Social Security disability benefits. Couples whose combined incomes exceed $32,000 and individuals with income exceeding $25,000 will pay income tax on a portion of their Social Security disability benefits. The IRS has an odd way of figuring out total income for this rule. The IRS uses adjusted gross income as reported on Form 1040, plus one-half of the total Social Security benefits received for the year, plus non-taxable interest.

Single people with incomes over $34,000 and married people with incomes over $44,000 pay tax on a higher percentage of their Social Security disability benefits.

Heres an odd thing: People whose Social Security benefits are reduced because of the workers compensation offset or offsets for other public disability benefits must count the amount of Social Security benefits not paid when determining taxability of their benefits. But if a child receives benefits on a parents account, those benefits count only for determining if the child must pay taxes on Social Security benefits received.

Tax law is very complex. Please talk to a tax specialist if you have any questions about taxes on your Social Security benefits.

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Whats Typically Included In A Social Security Award Letter

The award letter follows a standard format, and there are several key pieces of information contained within the letter. When you receive your letter, make sure to check over each piece of information to confirm its accuracy. If you disagree with anything, there are steps you can take to appeal the information. Here is what you should find within your award letter.

How Do I Get A Social Security Benefits Letter

How to Get Your Social Security Award Letter

Making a Social Security Benefits Letter online is simple. Just answer a few questions and Rocket Lawyer will build your document for you. Consider these questions beforehand to make the process speedier:

  • What are your total earnings for last year and this year?
  • At what age do you plan to retire?
  • What do you estimate your average future annual earnings to be?
  • If you don’t have all of the details you need, you can skip questions and save your document for later.

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    Taxability Of Your Benefits

    Your letter will tell you whether you will pay taxes on your benefits. Note that SSI payments are never taxable because they are designed to help people with extremely limited income and resources. Your SSDI or retirement benefits are usually below the income limits requiring taxation, although in some cases, they are high enough to require paying income tax on a portion of your benefits. You should also note that large lump sums of back pay can drive up your income and require you to pay taxes on your benefits in that calendar year.

    What If I Receive A Denial Instead Of An Award Letter

    If you received a denial, you have the right to appeal the SSAs decision. The first step is to ask for a reconsideration, at which point a different person at the SSA will review your application. If you receive a subsequent denial, you can present your claim to an administrative law judge . Our attorneys can handle your appeal, represent you before the ALJ, and make a strong case for disability benefits on your behalf.

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    How To Get A Copy Of Your Social Security Award Letter

    You should get a copy of your letter in the mail in 30-90 days after approval of your benefits. However, if you need another copy, you can easily use your online account to obtain one. Simply visit and register for a My Social Security account. You can use your Social Security number to sign up and gain access to many useful tools and resources. Once you are registered with Social Security online services and log into your account, you can simply print a proof of award letter directly from your account.

    If you do not have access to a computer or do not feel comfortable accessing this information online, you can visit your local Social Security office to obtain a copy of your letter. In addition, you can call the SSA at 800-772-1213 and request a copy of your letter. They can mail you another copy that you should receive within a couple of weeks.

    Social Security Benefit Verification Letter

    Social Security Award Letter Template Samples

    A Benefit Verification letter can serve as proof of receiving Social Security Disability Income or Supplemental Security Income benefits and help you keep track of your monthly earnings. This letter can also be utilized to show that you have applied for either program.

    Benefit Verification letters can even serve as proof of your retirement or Medicare benefits. If you request this letter, it will include your name, date of birth, benefits received and any other identifiers in order to reduce the risk of fraud or misuse.

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    When Proof Of Income Is Required

    This letter is often used when proof of income is required. Examples include when you are applying for a loan, mortgage, housing assistance or another program that needs to verify your income.

    When this letter is requested, you have the ability to include or not include certain information that is not relevant or pertinent to your situation.

    What To Do With A Social Security Benefit Verification Letter

    It also serves as proof that you have applied for benefits or that you have never received Social Security benefits or SSI. You may also use your letter as proof for loans, housing assistance, mortgage, and for other income verification purposes. A Social Security benefit verification letter includes: the benefit you receive from us.

    Blind or visually impaired persons may receive notices about their benefits in the following formats: large print . If none of these options are adequate, blind or visually impaired persons may request another accommodation. We will decide whether to approve other accommodation requests on an individual basis.

    WHAT DOES A NOTICE LOOK LIKE? A Social Security notice will have the following features: a heading that always includes the agency name usually the name of the Social Security program, and the type of notice. For example: a Social Security telephone number and the address for your local office. WHY DO WE SEND YOU A NOTICE?

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    When Will You Get A Social Security Benefits Letter

    Your Social Security benefits letter will come in the mail once you receive approval for SSDI. However, when your letter comes depends on a variety of different factors. If your initial SSDI claim or if your first reconsideration appeal receives approval, then you can expect your Social Security benefits letter within three months of the official approval date.

    Nevertheless, if you were rejected at both the initial application stages and the reconsideration appeal stages and your application wasnt approved until the disability hearing stage, then youll receive a Notice of Decision before you receive a Social Security benefits letter. It will most likely take up to another six weeks after youve received your Notice of Decision to receive your Social Security benefits letter.

    You might think that this is a long time to wait for your awards letter. The reason they take so long to send out award letters is because the Social Security Administration wants to give their regional payment centers enough time to process new beneficiaries. Their payment process centers are often understaffed and have a huge number of cases that they have to process.

    Because of how long it can take to get your Social Security benefits letter, theres even a chance that you might receive your first benefits payment before you receive your awards letter.

    Receiving A Social Security Disability Award Letter

    Social Security Disability Award Letter Tips

    approved for Social Security Disabilityreceive a denial letterSocial Security award letter

  • The date that you are entitled to begin receiving your disability benefits .
  • How much your monthly disability benefit amount will be.
  • When you should expect to receive your first disability payment.
  • How long does it take to receive an award letter?Notice of DecisionNotice of AwardMost popular topics on

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    What Is The Purpose Of A Social Security Award Letter

    You may hear this document called many different things by different organizations, but you should know that they are all the same. If you hear the words budget letter, benefits letter, Social Security proof of income letter, income verification letter, award letter, or Social Security benefit verification letter all these terms are referencing the same document. There are several occasions when you might need this document. We will discuss a few of those now.

    First, if you are applying for a mortgage or other type of loan, you will need to show this letter as proof of income. Your lender will request a copy of your letter to prove how much money you receive each month. In addition, if you apply for other types of housing based on certain income limitations, then this letter will help prove whether you meet the eligibility requirements. There may be instances where you are required to present this letter to show proof of your Medicare benefits for health insurance purposes.

    Lastly, the award letter can be used to prove that you do not currently receive SS benefits, that you have applied for benefits, or that you have never received any Social Security benefits. The occasion for needing to prove each of these items might differ, but your Social Security award letter can be used to prove all three.

    Applying For Ssd Or Ssi

  • 1Read the appropriate Disability Starter Kit. The SSA provides information that will help you understand the process of applying for disability. These kits will likely answer a lot of questions you may have about the application process and clear up some misconceptions.XTrustworthy SourceUS Social Security AdministrationIndependent U.S. government agency that administers Social Security and related informationGo to source
  • You can download Disability Starter Kits at . There is also a worksheet on the same page that can help you prepare for the questions asked on the application.
  • 2Gather documents about you and your disability. When you apply for SSD or SSI, you must provide documents to support the information in your application and verify that you are eligible for benefits. These documents may include:XTrustworthy SourceUS Social Security AdministrationIndependent U.S. government agency that administers Social Security and related informationGo to source
  • Your birth certificate
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    When Youre Getting Both Ssi And Ssdi

    Often, the first part of your payments will come from the Supplemental Security Income program, which is one of the two disability programs run by Social Security.

    SSI is designed for people with limited income and resources, who often dont have a recent history of working and paying into Social Security. The other disability program, SSDI, is for people with more significant work records.

    • But even if your main benefit will be SSDI, you may qualify for SSI for the months when you couldnt work and had little or no income but you had not yet reached the five-month basic waiting period for SSDI.
    • After the five-month SSI payment, most of the time, your SSDI payments kick in and you stop receiving SSI.

    Who Qualifies For Disability Benefits

    Social Security Award Letter Template Samples

    SSDI benefits are open to any citizen or permanent legal resident with qualifying residency and work credits, under the age of 65, who has a diagnosed medical or mental health-related disability. As a rule, formerly able-bodied workers whose health forces them to stop work must be disabled for at least six months before disability benefits and Medicare become available to them.

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