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What Is Ticket To Work From Social Security

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What Is An Employment Network

What is the Ticket to Work Program?

An Employment Network is an entity approved by the Social Security Administration to provide employment-related services under the Ticket Program.

Employment Networks may offer a variety of services such as job readiness services, placement services, vocational rehabilitation, training, job coaches, transportation or other supports.

A few examples of ENs are employers, the California Department of Rehabilitation, and One Stop Career Centers.

Social Security Ticket To Work Program

Ticket to Work is a voluntary work incentive program for Social Security Administrations Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income beneficiaries who are between the ages of 18 and 64 and interested in going to work. The goal of the TTW Program is to assist beneficiaries in obtaining employment and working towards becoming self-sufficient.

To learn more about the Ticket to Work Program, contact:

  • SSA’s TTW Help Line to verify your Ticket status and eligibility and answer your questions about TTW and Work Incentives: 1-866-968-7842 or 1-866-833-2967 and Web site: .
  • Social Security Administration : answers TTW or SSA questions: 1-800-772-1213 or 1-800-325-0778 . SSA Ticket to Work Web site: .
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Ticket To Work toll free help line: answers general TTW inquiries and provides referral to local VR office: 1-800-563-1221 or 1-855-475-8194

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Choosing The Right Employment Network For You

Social Security Work Incentives can help you through the transition to work and the move toward financial independence. In this Work Incentives Series frequently asked questions, discover answers to popular questions about Unincurred Work Expenses and find out how this Work Incentive can help people who receive SSDI and want to pursue self-employment goals.

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Ticket To Work And Work Incentive Improvement

The Ticket to Work Program is for individuals between the ages of 18-64 who are actively receiving a Social Security disability benefit: Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income . The Ticket to Work program makes it possible for individuals to test their ability to work without losing their benefits.

Is An Employment Network The Same As A Job Placement Service Will They Find A Job For Me

What is Social Security Disability Ticket to Work ...

Some Employment Networks are staffing or placement agencies, but others provide other employment-related services, such as training or transportation, or an array of services. When choosing an EN, you should carefully consider which services will be most useful to you in achieving your own employment goals.

Even when an EN provides staffing or placement services, your active participation is needed in actually landing a job.

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Disability Benefits For Veterans

You may be eligible for disability benefits if youre on disability from your service in the Canadian Armed Forces or Merchant Navy.

You may get social assistance payments from:

  • your province or territory
  • your First Nation

These payments will depend on your household income, savings and investments.

You may also be eligible for health-related benefits from your province or territory. These benefits may include benefits that help cover the cost of:

  • medications

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Welcome To The Ticket To Work Program

Did you receive a call from 1-855-835-0010 or 1-855-453-7196? The call you received was from Social Security. We are so glad you want to learn about how the Ticket to Work Program can help you choose work and become financially independent. The Ticket Program is for people like you who are age 18 through 64 who receive Social Security Disability Insurance and/or Supplemental Security Income benefits because they have a disability. Social Security recognizes that, with the right services and supports, many people with disabilities, will eventually be able to and want to work. They want the financial independence, social interaction and sense of productivity that work can provide.

Did you receive a call from an Employment Network? Social Security recently began a marketing pilot project for select Employment Networks , which allows them to contact beneficiaries directly. This pilot is part of our ongoing effort to provide you with meaningful support as you join or rejoin the workforce. If you received a call but are unsure if it came from an approved EN, you can confirm the EN is a Ticket Program service provider by using our Find Help tool, or by contacting the Ticket to Work Help Line at 1-866-968-7842 or 866-833-2967 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. ET.

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How To Get Started

If you decide to participate, getting started is easy! First, call the Ticket to Work Help Line at 1-866-968-7842 / 1-866-833-2967 to verify your eligibility. Our customer service representatives will explain to you how the program works and answer any questions or address any concerns you might have. They will also offer to mail you a list of service providers, or if you prefer, you can use the Find Help tool to get a customized list of providers that are available to help you.

If you decide to participate, getting started is easy! First, call the Ticket to Work Help Line at or to verify your eligibility. Our customer service representatives will explain to you how the program works and answer any questions or address any concerns you might have. They will also offer to mail you a list of service providers, or if you prefer, you can use the Find Help tool to get a customized list of providers that are available to help you.

The next step is deciding what service provider is right for you. You may work with either an Employment Network or your state Vocational Rehabilitation agency, depending on your needs. The “Finding an EN and Assigning Your Ticket Worksheet” can help you keep track of the ENs you are interested in and provides important questions for you to ask. You may also receive services from your VR agency and then receive ongoing services from an Employment Network.

Ticket To Work Program

Training Video – Social Security Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Program

Ticket to Work is a Social Security Administration program available to Floridians. For those who qualify for social security benefits, tickets will be issued and may be taken to Employment Network participants, such as VR, who offer access to employment and rehabilitation services necessary to help a person secure and retain employment. This program is voluntary.

The Social Security Disability Resource Center website explains how the disability process works within the SSA program.

The Ticket to Work PowerPoint explains how the Ticket to Work Program works for Florida.

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Id Like To Do The Ticket To Work Program What Do I Do

The first step is to sign up for the Ticket to Work program. You can sign up by contacting any of the following:

Once you sign up, you will be given a Ticket, which you can then use for employment support services. There is no actual ticket or paper ticket is just the name. You will get a letter saying that you are now in the Ticket to Work program, and you can use that to get help with looking for a job or going to school to get a job.

Get The Facts About Ticket To Work

Ready to work and looking for support on your employment journey? Check out our fact sheet that tells you what you need to know to get started.

You may have received a paper Ticket in the mail, but you don’t need a paper Ticket to participate! The service provider you select will verify your eligibility. You can also find out your eligibility status by calling the Ticket to Work Help Line at 1-866-968-7842 or 1-866-833-2967 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.

You may have received a paper Ticket in the mail, but you don’t need a paper Ticket to participate! The service provider you select will verify your eligibility. You can also find out your eligibility status by calling the Ticket to Work Help Line at or Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.

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What If I Decide I Want To Work With A Different Employment Network

You have the right to change Employment Networks. You will need to unassign your Ticket to that EN and reassign it to another. You should first tell your current EN or DRS that you would like to unassign your Ticket you will also have to fill out a form. Then, you will need to reassign your Ticket to a new EN or DRS. Here is the form to unassign your Ticket.

If possible, you should reassign your Ticket within 90 days to keep the SSA from conducting a Continuing Disability Review .

How To Use A Ticket To Work

Returning to Work

First of all the Ticket to Work program is voluntary. You are not required to use the Ticket to Work just because the Social Security Administration issues you one. However, it is a great opportunity.

If you are given a Social Security Disability Ticket to Work, youre encouraged to contact the Operations Support Manager to learn about the various employment networks in your area and to select one. You can also initiate getting a Ticket to Work by contacting Social Securitys Ticket to Work hotline at 1-866-968-7842 and you can access more information on Social Securitys website at

Employment networks are not required to serve everyone who selects them. They can elect which specific services they want to offer, which people they are capable of serving, and in which geographical area they will work. If, after considering your work experience, skills, disability, age, and location, the network decides to accept your ticket, it will coordinate and provide appropriate services to help you find and maintain employment. At any time, you can switch to another employment network or the employment network can end its agreement with you. While you use the Ticket, you will have access to Social Securitys other work incentives for SSDI and SSI beneficiaries including continuation of Medicare for SSDI beneficiaries even when benefits end due to a successful, sustained return to work.

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Employment: Ticket To Work

Your Ticket To Work

The Ticket To Work program is one of the various work incentives that Social Security offers to people with disabilities who want to work. Some of the work incentives include keeping your cash benefits and medical coverage while you transition to the work place. And, if you find that you cannot work, it is easy to start your payments again.

If you are an adult and receive Social Security disability or SSI disability benefits, you qualify

You can use the Ticket program to get the services and support you need to go to work or to earn more money. The goal is to help you earn enough money so that you can become financially independent. The Ticket to Work program helps you obtain vocational rehabilitation, training, job referrals and other employment support services free of charge.

What is an employment network?

Employment networks are organizations that can help you find and keep a job. Employment networks also provide other employment support services at no cost to you. The Ticket program gives you the opportunity to choose from a variety of employment networks.

An employment network may be a single organization that provides all of the services you need, or it can be a group of providers. The employment network you choose also may work with others who are not part of the employment network to provide the services you need.

What happens when I contact an employment network or state vocational rehabilitation agency?
Do I have to take part in the program?

In Many Cases The Answer Is Yes

, and originally published on May 16, 2016.

Social Security isnt just for retirees its also designed to help people with disabilities stay afloat financially. As of 2017, nearly 9 million Americans received Social Security disability benefits. But as useful as those benefits might be, theyre often not enough to help recipients cover their living costs in full. If youre receiving Social Security disability benefits, theres good news in this regard: You can work and continue to collect your monthly Social Security payments as long as you meet certain criteria.

To be considered eligible for Social Security disability benefits, you cannot engage in whats known as substantial gainful activity . The Social Security Administration defines substantial as earning more than a certain amount each month. For 2018, you can work and collect your disability benefits as long as your earnings dont exceed $1,180 per month, or $1,970 if youre blind . However, there are also exceptions to this rule.

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An Extra Consideration For Ssi

Keep in mind that SSI takes into account not just your income, but your household income as well.

That means that in addition to not engaging in SGA, you also have to meet certain household income limitations to qualify for SSI.

You could be under SGA, but if your spouse or roommate is making more money than SSI allows, then you will likely not qualify for SSI.

False Loyalty To The Employment Network

Returning to Work | Ticket to Work | Social Security | Invisible No More Show!

Under the Ticket Program, you are allowed to end your relationship with your Employment Network at any time and reassign your ticket to another EN, no questions asked. So if things aren’t working out with your EN, or if your situation changes and you would benefit more from another type of service, you may consider switching.

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Turn Your Social Security Ticket To Work Over To Us And We Can Offer You Things Like:

  • While your Ticket to Work is assigned, active, and you are meeting timely progress, you wont be subject to medical review.
  • We can offer up to $100 per month in employment support reimbursements for your work and medical-related expenses for the first 12 months that you earn more than $940/month. Additional reimbursements can be available after the first year up to $200 per month when earnings have increased.
  • In addition, we will help you by tracking your TWP, EPE, Extended Medicare months, Medicaid 1619b, IRWEs, subsidies, and many other work incentives as long as wages are reported.

If you assign your Ticket to Work to us, we will provide you with helpful instructions on how to get your PASS Plan approved. Costs covered include college tuition, books, training expenses, transportation assistance, assistive devices, etc.

We can help you to show your potential employers how they can receive a $2,400-$9,000 tax benefit by hiring you!

Can I Still Work And Receive Disability Benefits

Yes, you can still work and receive disability benefits, but there are limitations on this for both SSDI & SSI.

Generally speaking, SSDI recipients cant start doing whats considered substantial gainful activity while receiving disability benefits. SGA means you are doing competitive work and making more than $1,220, pre-tax, per month in 2019 . There are some exceptions to this rule, however.

If you are approved for SSI, you can also work and continue to receive your disability benefits as long as your wages and other resources do not exceed the SSAs income limit for SSI . But, your monthly benefit amount may be reduced in proportion to your income, such that after your first $65 earned, the Social Security Administration will reduce your SSI benefit by one dollar for every two dollars you earn.

Example: Jane is receiving SSI, but is able to do a little part-time book-keeping work at home for a friends business. The business pays Jane $475 per month. The SSI ignores the first $65 Jane is paid, and modifies Janes monthly benefit based on an income of $410 per month. They reduce her benefit of by $1 for every $2 she earns so they will reduce her benefit by $205 per month.

More information on the SSI and Working can be found here. You can also ask your disability advocate to for help understanding the fairly complex rules and regulations surrounding work and SSDI/SSI.

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How To Qualify For Ssi Benefits

You can get Social Security disability benefits even if you do not have enough work credits to qualify for SSDI. The SSA offers the SSI program to disabled adults and children who have limited financial resources. As we mentioned before, if you do not have enough work credits to qualify for SSDI, you could qualify for SSI.

You have to meet the same medical disability standards as a person does for SSDI. Your income must be low, and your countable assets cannot exceed the limit for SSI. SSI is a safety net so that people who cannot work for a living but cannot collect SSDI can pay for essential items, like food, clothing, and shelter.

SSI has these requirements:

  • You have a severe illness or injury that meets the benchmarks of the SSAs Listing of Impairments, also called the Blue Book.
  • Your disability prevents you from supporting yourself through gainful employment.
  • You must have very little income. This number can change every year. Because SSI is a joint program of the federal and state government, the income limit varies by location.
  • Your countable assets must not exceed the SSI limit. This number can also change every year. Your home and the land it is on do not count as assets. Most cars do not count toward your resources. The asset limit is $2,000 for an individual and $3,000 for a couple.

You must satisfy all of these elements to be eligible for SSI benefits.

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