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What To Do If My Social Security Is Stolen

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Report Identity Theft To Other Organizations

Steps you should take if your social security numbers stolen

You can also report the theft to other organizations, such as:

  • Credit Reporting Agencies – Contact one of the three major credit reporting agencies to place fraud alerts or freezes on your accounts. Also get copies of your credit reports, to be sure that no one has already tried to get unauthorized credit accounts with your personal information. Confirm that the credit reporting agency will alert the other two credit reporting agencies.

  • National Long-Term Care Ombudsman Resource Center – Report cases of identity theft due to a stay in a nursing home or long-term care facility.;

  • Financial Institutions – Contact the fraud department at your bank, credit card issuers and any other places where you have accounts. ;

  • Retailers and Other Companies – Report the crime to companies where the identity thief opened credit accounts or even applied for jobs.

  • State Attorney General;Offices – Your state’s attorney general;might;offer tips, checklists, or an advocate;to help you recover from identity theft. These resources don’t replace filing an ID theft report with the FTC.

You may need to get new personal records or identification cards if you’re the victim of ID theft.;;Learn how to replace your vital identification documents;after identity theft.;

Check Your Credit Report Monthly

Checking your credit report is something you just have to do every month now. Despite all the other precautions youve taken and the paper trails youve started, a good way is to simply see for yourself. If anything seems amiss, make sure to contact both the company with the account as well as the agencies which report the credit.

How Do I Get A New Medicare Card If My Card Is Lost Stolen Or Damaged How Do I Change My Contact Information

If your Medicare card was lost, stolen, or destroyed, you can ask for a replacement by using your online;my;Social Security;account, even if you don’t yet receive Social Security benefits.;If dont already have a Social Security on-line account, you can create one online. Go to;.

Once you are logged in to your account, select the “Replacement Documents” tab. ;Then select Mail my replacement Medicare Card.Your Medicare card will arrive in the mail in about 30 days at the address on file with Social Security.If you cant or prefer not to use the online service:

  • Call us at;1-800-772-1213;, Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.; or

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What To Do If Your Social Security Card Was Lost Or Stolen

If your card is lost or stolen, then you need to act immediately to help protect yourself. As soon as you recognize that your card was stolen, you should file a report with your local police department. Notify the authorities so that they can begin working on finding the culprit, and that police report also serves as proof that your card really was stolen in case you need to work on repairing your credit later. A stolen Social Security card is typically more likely to cause you problems down the road, but a lost card can cause issues too. If you simply lost or misplaced your card, then you can skip this step and move on to the next one.

In addition to the police, you will want to go ahead and notify the Social Security Administration that your card is lost or stolen. You should go ahead and register for your MySocialSecurity account at also. This online portal allows you to request a replacement card, view your earnings statements, estimate your future benefits, and many more things. Make sure that you claim your account so that whoever has your SS card cannot claim it fraudulently.

What To Do If Your Social Security Card Is Stolen Or Missing

revzerodesign: What To Do If My Social Security Card Is Stolen

It is a big deal when your social security card is lost or missing since your Social Security Number is a reliable proof of identity that criminals might use to steal your financial identity. If your social security card is stolen, the issue becomes more serious because criminals will try to steal your identity or simply sell your social security card to others that will.

Taking the proper steps once your social security card is stolen, missing, or lost can help prevent this problem. The focus of this article is the steps that you should take if your social security card is stolen, such as reporting it missing/stolen/lost, using your personal identification documents such as your birth certificate to request a new card, and taking steps to prevent identity theft.

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Avoiding Social Security Fraud: Leave Your Social Security Card At Home

Once you receive your replacement Social Security card, lock it away in a safe place until you absolutely need it. Experts advise to avoid carrying your card around on a regular basis partly because of the risk of losing it again, and partly because you really dont need to present your Social Security card on a regular basis. In fact, one Social Security expert says that Social Security cards are irrelevant in the digital age, and the real priority should be targeted at fraud protection.

Its extremely rare that you need your actual Social Security card, says Steven J.J. Weisman, Esq., an Amherst, Massachusetts-based college professor whose expertise is in investigating white-collar crime. A Social Security number is the most important piece of information that a criminal can use to make you a victim of identity theft so you shouldn’t carry it with you in your wallet, anyway.

But if you do lose your card, Weisman recommends taking direct action to protecting the cardholder from financial fraud.

Because of the danger of identity theft if your Social Security card is lost, you should put a credit freeze on your credit reports at each of the three major credit reporting agencies in order to prevent someone from leveraging the Social Security number into accessing your credit or establishing accounts in your name, he says.

Other data security experts agree, citing the high risk of losing a card if you cart it around in your wallet or pocketbook.

What To Do When Your Social Security Number Is Stolen

Here are all the steps you need to take to prevent any further crimes or fraud when your Social Security number has been stolen.

This isnt an article about prevention its too late for that: Your Social Security number has been stolen and youre an identity theft victim. You might feel violated and unsure of what to do next, but there are measures you can take to try to protect yourself from anything worse or correct any damage thats already been done.

Here are all the steps you need to take to prevent any further crimes or fraud when your Social Security number has been stolen.

1. Contact the Social Security Administration

Although it seems logical to contact the Social Security Administration when your Social Security number has been stolen, the SSA explicitly states that it cant help you with your identity theft or related problems. The SSA can only issue a new Social Security card and thats only if you lost your Social Security card under certain circumstances.

2. Report the Identity Theft at

The SSA directs you to visit to report the theft and formulate your recovery plan. is maintained by the Federal Trade Commission in an effort to guide you through an often unpleasant, difficult and lengthy reporting and repairing process when youre the victim of stolen identity.

If you dont want to file your report online, you can call the FTC hotline at 1-877-IDTHEFT or 1-877-438-4338, TTY 1-866-653-4261.

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It’s Entirely Up To The Social Security Administration To Decide Whether You Can Get A New Number

If the agency doesn’t think you need a new one, you won’t get one.

If you do decide to get a new Social Security number, the first step is as easy as filling out a standard SSN application form. You’ll enter the old number on it. But be prepared to plead your case, and to have ample documentation to prove it.

Don’t forget that the old Social Security number never completely goes away, even if it goes dormant. The Social Security Administration never invalidates an SSN once it’s been issued.

Check Employer Verifications At My E

What To Do If Your Social Security Number is Stolen

You can also check for the names of employers who have verified your eligibility to work in the U.S. if they went through the Department of Homeland Security E-Verify system. To do that, go to the myE-Verify webpage. If you see an employer whose name you do not recognize, someone else may be using your number to work in the U.S. The site also has a self-lock feature that lets you place a lock on your SSN.

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If You Suspect Someone Is Using Your Sin

If you suspect that someone is using your SIN fraudulently, act quickly to prevent personal loss and minimize the negative impact.

  • File a complaint with the police. Ask for the case reference number and the officer’s name and telephone number. If you choose to obtain a copy of the police report, make sure it states your name and SIN.
  • Contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501. The national anti-fraud call centre is jointly managed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Ontario Provincial Police and Competition Bureau Canada. They provide advice and assistance about identity theft.
  • Ask for a copy of your credit report. Review it for any suspicious activity. Also check to see if your credit file should be flagged . To obtain additional information regarding fees and other requirements, please contact:
  • TransUnion: 1-800-663-9980
  • Inform your bank and creditors by phone and in writing about any irregularities.
  • Report any irregularities in your mail delivery to Canada Post, for example, opened envelopes, missing financial statements or documents.
  • Visit a Service Canada office and bring all the necessary documents with you proving fraud or misuse of your SIN. Also bring an original identity document; . One of our officials will review your information and provide you with assistance and guidance.
  • Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

    Read OIG’s Protecting Personal Information for 10 Tips to Protect Personal Information and several actions to take if you suspect identity theft.

    If someone uses your Social Security number to obtain credit, loans, telephone accounts, or other goods and services, contact the Federal Trade Commission . The FTC collects complaints about identity theft from those whose identities have been stolen. You may reach the FTCs identity theft hotline toll free at 1-877-IDTHEFT or visit their website at

    Consider placing a fraud alert on your Social Security number. A fraud alert can make it harder for an identity thief to open more accounts in your name. You can place a fraud alert by contacting one of the three nationwide credit bureaus. The credit bureau will place the alert on your credit report and tell the other two credit bureaus to do so. The alert lasts one year.

    Additional Resources:

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    Why Bother With Step 5

    Its like one of those science fair projects you did in middle school you need to determine the situation before everything changed, before the big new variable came into play. In middle school, that variable was what you put in a fake volcano. Today, that variable is the theft of your Social Security Card. Its a big difference in scale, but not in terms of the variable.

    Identity Theft: What You Need To Know

    revzerodesign: What To Do If My Social Security Card Is Stolen

    Thieves with access to personal information Social Security number, birth certificate, PIN or credit card numbers, even pre-approved credit card solicitations can steal your identity and apply for credit in your name, racking up huge debts without you even knowing that it has happeneduntil its too late. Stay safe. Follow these simple suggestions.

    Safeguard Your Personal Information: ;

    Protect Your Bank Accounts and Your Mail:

    Protect Yourself on the Internet and Protect Your Computer:

    • If you must use a public computer, confirm first that it is not running a desktop search engine and that the proprietor has denied users administrative privileges so they can’t install any programs that might be used to capture your emails or passwords.;

    If You Are a Victim of Identity Theft:

  • Have them place a fraud alert in your file. A fraud alert generally lasts for 90 days, although it can be extended.
  • Contact the Federal Trade Commission to file a complaint and create an Identity Theft Affidavit.
  • Call the Social Security Administrations fraud hotline at 269-0271 or go to; If you suspect that someone is using your Social Security number, you can check your earnings record by calling 772-1213.
  • If your bank account has been compromised at all, close the account completely and open a new one.
  • Certegy Inc.: 437-5120

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    You Wired Money To A Scammer

    In a typical wire fraud scam, a criminal breaks into the email of someone who you know, usually professionally — an attorney, realtor or business associate. He or she squats on the email until he or she knows how you interact with this person, and then strikes, sending you a message — usually an urgent one — convincing you to wire money to an unfamiliar bank account, in order to facilitate a legal matter, home transaction or vendor payment.

    Usually, the bank account is offshore. Because the transaction involves email fraud, your bank won’t reimburse you. It’s a more involved type of cybercrime and for a good reason — because criminals get money wired directly to their accounts, and often very large sums.

    Drop everything and call your bank.;If you have fallen victim to this type of crime, drop everything you’re doing and contact your bank’s wire department to attempt to halt the wire. If you are successful, this can save you enormous headaches later. If you know the real identity of the receiving bank, you can attempt to contact its wire department as well, although the fraudster’s bank is usually overseas and may be more difficult to reach.

    Consider An Identity Protection Service

    You can register with an identity protection service such as LifeLock, IdentityForce, or Identity Guard. Such companies charge fees that typically start around $10 a month. Banks and credit unions also have packages they sell to customers, as do major agencies such as Experian and TransUnion. Many of the best credit monitoring services also offer identity protection tools and services.

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    Request Additional Free Credit Reports

    California identity theft victims with a police report of identity theft are entitled to receive up to 12 free credit reports, one per month for the 12 months following the date of the police report. The procedure for requesting free monthly reports is different for each of the credit bureaus.

    Experian: Make a single request to receive all of your free monthly reports. Mail your request for 12 free monthly reports to Experian at P.O. Box 9554, Allen, TX 75013. Enclose a copy of the police report of identity theft, a copy of a government-issued identification card , and a copy of proof of current mailing address . Also provide your full name including middle initial , previous addresses for the past two years, Social Security number and date of birth.

    TransUnion LLC: Write or call in your request each month. Mail to TransUnion LLC, P.O. Box 2000, Chester, PA 19016. Or call the toll-free number printed on your most recent TransUnion LLC credit report. Provide your full name including middle initial , Social Security number, date of birth, and proof of residence .

    Equifax: Write or call in your request each month. Mail to Equifax Fraud Department, P.O. Box 740250, Atlanta, GA 30374. Or call the toll-free number printed on your most recent Equifax credit report.

    Accessing Your Personal Information


    If you live in Canada, the Privacy Act gives you the right to access and correct personal information about yourself that is held by federal government organizations. This means you can ask for information about your SIN record.

    To request copies of SIN application forms you have previously submitted:

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    What To Do If Your Social Security Card Has Been Stolen

    Your Social Security card is an important form of identification. Most people have their Social Security number memorized. Since employers, schools, healthcare providers, banks, and many government offices and programs ask for it. Often, you will only need to provide your actual number. However, there are times when you will have to present your physical card. So, its important to have it available for when you need it. If your Social Security card has been stolen, you are at risk for identity theft. This can damage your credit and your finances. Obviously, this can have a serious impact on many aspects of your life. Therefore, if your Social Security card has been stolen, you should immediately take the following steps to minimize the risks.

    Step 1: Report that your Social Security card has been stolen

    First, youll need to report that your Social Security card has been stolen. In order to lock your credit or qualify for bank restitution, you will need a police report number. So, you should immediately contact the police and report your Social Security card stolen.

    ;Step 2: Freeze or monitor your credit


    Step 3: Replace your Social Security card

    • U.S. passport
    • U.S. drivers license
    • State-issued ID card

    Depending on your circumstances, the SSA may request additional forms of ID or paperwork. You can find out which documents you will need here.

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