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When Is Social Security Open

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I Had A Scheduled Appointment What Do I Need To Do

13Investigates: Indiana lawmakers urge SSA to open offices

Date: April 14, 2020

If you already have a scheduled appointment, we will attempt to contact you by phone at your appointment time and/or reschedule for a telephone appointment.

Note: Scammers may try to take advantage of this situation. Remember that our employees will never threaten you or ask for any form of immediate payment.

Social Security Administration Announces Long

It seems that the Social Security Administration is getting over some of its pandemic-era challenges.

After more than two years, the Social Security Administration will finally reopen most of its offices after reaching an agreement in January with the three main unions of SSA employees.

I am very pleased to share that we have successfully reached an agreement with our three labor unions on our reentry plan, acting SSA Commissioner Kilolo Kijakazi said in a statement at the time. This will be a significant step toward improving access to our services as we implement this plan.

The hope is that reopening the offices will help alleviate some of the trouble with backlogs, delays, and other issues that Social Security recipients have faced since the start of the pandemic.

According to Federal News Network, walk-in service for customers without appointments will be available at Social Security offices. In recent months, appointments have been required, and not always easy to get.

Even with offices reopening, the SSA is still warning of longer than usual wait times.

Federal News Network also obtained a solicitation for retired SSA employees to return to work in order to provide temporary support as the offices reopen.

Those interested will be given a temporary appointment for thirty days, with the possibility of extensions and a $74,074 base rate. Retirees will continue to draw their monthly annuity.

Hickory Social Security Office 1050 Us Highway 321 Nw Nc 28601

This page covers all relevant information about the Hickory Social Security Office at 1050 Us Highway 321 NW, Hickory, NC, 28601. In addition to the office phone number, we also provide driving directions, hours of operation, and answers to frequently asked questions.

For specific information about your Social Security benefits or to schedule an appointment, call the Hickory Social Security Office using the phone number listed below. The SSA representatives at the Hickory office location should be able to help with any important questions related to Social Security retirement benefits, disability benefits, SSI, or Medicare.

  • Receive a copy of your proof of benefits
  • Apply for SSDI or SSI benefits
  • Apply for Social Security survivor or spousal benefits
  • Apply for Medicare
  • Get a replacement Medicare card
  • Get direct deposit for your Social Security benefits

    Online Services

    Many Social Security services can now be done online. Not only can utilizing online services save you a trip to the Hickory office location, it will also usually result in faster processing times. Below you can find a list of some common Social Security services that are now offered online.

  • View your latest Social Security Statement
  • Review your earnings history
  • Check the status of your application
  • Apply for retirement benefits
  • Request an appeal for a decision
  • Change your address
  • Set up or change your direct deposit account
  • Print proof of benefits
  • Request a replacement Social Security Card
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    Social Security Reopening Offices Nationwide

    Social Security field offices will open later this week for the first time since March 2020.

    Social Security offices across the country are about to open their doors for the first time in more than two years.

    The Social Security Administration said that field offices will reopen to the public for in-person services beginning Thursday.

    Appointments will not be necessary, but they are recommended to reduce wait times.

    Social Security closed its more than 1,200 offices in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic in what agency officials described as an effort to protect employees and beneficiaries, many of whom are at high risk from the virus. Nearly all of the agencys business with the public has been conducted by phone, online and through the mail since that point.

    Field offices were expected to reopen earlier this year, but concerns from labor unions representing Social Security employees pushed things back.

    Given that many of the people we serve have health vulnerabilities, and consistent with our union agreements, we are continuing to require certain safety measures including masking, physical distancing and self-health checks for COVID-19 symptoms, said Kilolo Kijakazi, acting commissioner of the Social Security Administration. We will provide masks to the public and employees if they need them.

    Over 69 million Americans receive monthly payments from Social Security, including 8 million Supplemental Security Income beneficiaries, many of whom have disabilities.

    Getting A Social Security Number For A New Baby

    Open a

    The easiest way to get a Social Security number for your child is at the hospital after they are born when you apply for your childs birth certificate. If you wait to apply for a number at a Social Security office, there may be delays while SSA verifies your childs birth certificate.

    Your child will need their own Social Security number so you can:

    • Claim your child as a dependent on your income tax return
    • Open a bank account in their name
    • Get medical coverage for them
    • Apply for government services for them

    Keep your Social Security card in a safe place to protect yourself from identity theft.

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    Do You Get The Withheld Benefits Back At Some Point

    On the SSA website, you will find the following statement:

    It is important to note that any benefits withheld while you continue to work are not lost. Once you reach , your monthly benefit will be increased permanently to account for the months in which benefits were withheld.

    Many people misinterpret this to mean that they will receive a lump sum when they reach FRA, to repay any benefits that had been withheld. To be clear, that is not what happens.

    Instead, when you reach FRA, your benefit is recalculated, and any reduction that had previously been applied due to having filed early will now be reduced based on how many months of benefits were withheld.

    Example: You originally filed for your retirement benefit 30 months prior to your full retirement age, but the earnings test resulted in your benefit being withheld for 13 months. Effective as of your FRA, your benefit will be recalculated as if you had only filed 17 months early rather than 30 months early.

    What If I Need To Apply For A Replacement Ssn Card And My Only Option Is To Mail My Application And Identity Documentation Since I Need My Drivers License To Drive Is There An Alternative To Mailing My Dl State Identification Card Or Passport

    Date: March 5, 2021

    Usually, a SSN card applicant must submit the document with the highest quality for proving identity. We call this a primary identity document. In most cases, for a U.S. citizen, this is a State-issued drivers license. If the primary identity document is not available, we would then allow a person to submit an original secondary form of identity.

    SSA is temporarily allowing people to mail in an original or certified secondary identity document with their paper Social Security Number application if they cannot request a replacement SSN card online. Acceptable secondary level identity documents must meet the rigorous document evaluation standards for authenticity, and have biographical data such as date of birth, age, etc.

    Below are examples of primary and secondary level documents that are acceptable.

    • Primary

    For a list of additional acceptable secondary level identity documents, see chart in RM 10210.420.

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    Retroactive Application For Mother/father Benefits

    When you file for mother/father benefits, you can backdate your application by up to 6 months , thereby allowing you to receive a lump sum for months for which you were eligible for a benefit but simply had not yet filed for such.

    A reader writes in, asking:

    I often hear how smart it is to wait until I turn 70 to begin taking my SS benefit. But I have also read that there is a maximum possible benefit. How can I be sure that I wont run into that maximum before age 70?

    This is a common misunderstanding of what is meant by a maximum benefit. There are two different maximum benefits that you might read about , but, to be clear, neither one gets in the way of you waiting until age 70 to file for your retirement benefit.

    That is, there is no rule that stops you from accumulating delayed retirement credits due to having run into some maximum. Said yet another way, your own maximum retirement benefit, for a given level of earnings history, will occur if you file at age 70, not prior to age 70.

    Can Ssa Help Me By Phone

    How To Open a My Social Security Account

    Date: June 29, 2020

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are asking the public to first try to use our before calling us.

    Although our offices are not providing service to walk-in visitors, our employees are answering your calls. You can find the phone number for your local office by using our Field Office Locator and looking under Social Security Office Information. The toll-free Office number is your local office.

    You may also call our , where you may be able to take care of your business by using one of our automated telephone services without having to wait for a telephone agent. If you need to speak with an agent, be aware that wait times may be longer than usual, which is why we encourage you to try our online services or call your local office first.

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    Getting An Appointment At Your Local Social Security Office

    While Social Security is heavily pushing people to use their online services currently, there are still limited situations under which you can request an in-person appointment. Social Security limits those to what they call limited, critical situations that cannot be resolved online, over the phone, or through the mail. These situations usually involve help with benefits or help with your Social Security number. Here are more details about each.

    How Do Benefits Work And How Can I Qualify

    While you work, you pay Social Security taxes. This tax money goes into a trust fund that pays benefits to:

    • Those who are currently retired

    • To people with disabilities

    • To the surviving spouses and children of workers who have died

    Each year you work, youll get credits to help you become eligible for benefits when its time for you to retire. Find all the benefits Social Security Administration offers.

    There are four main types of benefits that the SSA offers:

    • Learn about earning limits if you plan to work while receiving Social Security benefits

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    Are Social Security Offices Open During The Pandemic

    Many Americans find themselves wondering whether their local Social Security field offices are open during the current pandemic. The answer is yes, but with a caveat. The offices are currently only open for appointments. No walk-ins are being accepted at this time, so the offices are not really open to the public. Social Security offices originally closed back in March of 2020. They have been closed to the public and most in-person services since that time. However, many field offices have started opening for critical appointments only.

    In addition to the Coronavirus pandemic, Social Security is having trouble with staffing in many offices. This has prevented them from opening offices more quickly. However, the Social Security Administration has stated that they are currently increasing their staff to handle more in-person appointments in their offices. So, when will Social Security offices open? No one knows for certain, but they currently have more than 1,200 offices across the country that are open for appointments. You can use a Social Security office locator to determine specifics about your local office.

    Some people also ask, Is Social Security affected by a government shutdown? This question comes up frequently as Congress must vote to extend government funding and prevent a shutdown. In most cases, Social Security is considered an essential service and is not affected by a shutdown.

    How Do I Apply For Disability Benefits

    Know The Days When the Social Security Office Is Open and ...

    If you need to apply for disability benefits, you have a few options. You can apply online, over the phone, or at your local office. The online application is the quickest and easiest way, but the other methods are available should you need them. Should you need to apply over the phone, simply call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 .

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    How To Stop Social Security Check Payments

    The SSA can not pay benefits for the month of a recipients death. That means if the person died in July, the check received in August must be returned. Find out how to return a check to the SSA.

    If the payment is by direct deposit, notify the financial institution as soon as possible so it can return any payments received after death. For more about the requirement to return benefits for the month of a beneficiarys death, see the top of page 11 of this SSA publication.

    Family members may be eligible for Social Security survivors benefits when a person getting benefits dies. Visit the SSA’s Survivors Benefits page to learn more.

    What Can I Do Online

    Date: October 19, 2020

    You can conduct most business online with our secure and convenient . Our online services are available from anywhere and from any of your devices. You can:

    We also have information to answer most of your Social Security questions online, without having to speak with a Social Security representative. Please visit our .

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    Social Security Offices Closed In The Pandemic Are Expected To Reopen In March

    The agency, whose offices were closed nearly two years ago, and the unions representing its work force agreed to reopen more than 1,200 offices.

      The national network of Social Security customer service offices, which were closed nearly two years ago at the start of the pandemic, is on track to reopen on March 30.

      The Social Security Administration and unions representing the agencys work force agreed this week to reopen more than 1,200 offices, contingent on changes in pandemic conditions and further negotiations. Bargaining is set to conclude by March 1, which would allow 30 days to plan for the office re-entry.

      This agreement will allow all the parties to wait and see what happens with the latest wave of the pandemic, said Rich Couture, chief negotiator for the American Federation of Government Employees, one of three unions representing the agency work force involved in the talks. Hopefully it subsides, but if it doesnt, we can take further action to postpone the reopening if necessary.

      Processing of Social Security retirement benefits and Medicare claims has not been impaired during the office shutdown, agency records show. But there were sharp drops in 2020 in benefit awards for Supplemental Security Income and disability insurance.

      Social Security had earlier announced a tentative plan for employees to return to the offices on Jan. 3. But that date was postponed because of disagreements between the agency and unions over specifics of the plan.

      How Will Ssa Process My Notice Of Appointment While Emergency Procedures Are In Place

      Social Security office closed

      Date: March 11, 2021

      Beginning March 11, 2021, we have revised our temporary procedures to allow you to use different methods to sign the notice of appointment of a representative and fee agreement, if the fee agreement is submitted with the new notice of appointment, during the current COVID-19 health emergency. During this time, if we receive an appointment document such as the Form SSA-1696, on its own or along with an SSA-8000, SSA-8001, SSA-L2, SSA-820, SSA-821, SSA-827, or SSA-455 form, and your signature appears to be an electronic or digital signature, we will make three attempts to contact you to verify your identity and confirm the signature. If we verify your identity and signature, we will process the appointment as usual. If the first attempt to reach you by telephone is unsuccessful, we also will send a call-in letter to you and the representative you requested. If we cannot reach you and you do not return our call, or do not verify the signature, we will return the paperwork to the person who submitted it without recognizing the appointment.

      We also have temporary procedures in place permitting you to verbally appoint a representative during a remote telephone hearing with an administrative law judge, if you submit a written notice of appointment afterwards. In this case, we will accept an electronic signature on the written appointment notice, without needing to call you again.

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      But Didnt The Rules Change

      Contrary to a common misconception, the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 did not change any of the above rules.

      With regard to retroactive benefits, what that law eliminated was the ability to retroactively unsuspend benefits.

      If you:

    • Are younger than full retirement age,
    • Have filed for a Social Security benefit of some kind, and
    • Are working
    • then the Social Security earnings test could result in some or all of your benefit being withheld. It could also result in withholding of benefits that anybody else is receiving on your work record .

      Specifically, the Social Security earnings test says that, in any year for which you will be younger than full retirement age throughout the entire year, for every two dollars you make in excess of a certain threshold , one dollar of your Social Security benefit will be withheld.

      Example: In 2020, Bob is 63 years old and has already filed for his retirement benefit. He earns $40,000 over the course of the year. As a result, the earnings test will cause $10,880 of his benefits to be withheld in 2020.

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