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When Is The Social Security Office Open

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Social Security Offices & Federal Holidays

Spokane’s Social Security office open to walk-ins for first time since start of pandemic

Federal offices, including Social Security offices, have been closed on Federal holidays for years. This applies to all Federal agencies like the IRS and post office. This is nothing new, but it can still be frustrating to arrive at the office on an obscure holiday to find them closed. So, what are the holidays on which the offices are closed? Here is a complete list.

Friday, December 31

If you visit your Social Security office on any of the days above, you will find that they are completely closed. They will not accept appointments on those days as no employees will be present.

What Changes For Social Security Applicants

Since March 17, 2020, the Social Security Administration has been operating primarily online, allowing very few applicants to make appointments at the office. Starting on April 7th, the Social Security offices will be open to the public without appointment for the first time in two years. Applicants for either Social Security retirement or disability can come in for scheduled appointments or on a first come, first serve basis.

The hope is that with more availability for appointments, Social Security applicants have additional options and reduced wait time when attempting to contact the SSA. There are more than 1,200 SSA field offices across the US, with every state having at least one field office. The Social Security Administration has rehired previously retired employees to ensure field offices have adequate staff. The SSA has also implemented new training policies and is switching to a modern phone system to attempt to reduce wait times.

How Do I Know If Social Security Is Calling Me

If you receive a suspicious call from someone claiming to be Social Security beware. You can call Social Securitys customer service line at 800-772-1213 to confirm whether a communication purporting to be from SSA is real. If you get an impostor call or email, report it to SSA using their detailed online form.

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Are Social Security Offices Open During The Pandemic

Many Americans find themselves wondering whether their local Social Security field offices are open during the current pandemic. The answer is yes, but with a caveat. The offices are currently only open for appointments. No walk-ins are being accepted at this time, so the offices are not really open to the public. Social Security offices originally closed back in March of 2020. They have been closed to the public and most in-person services since that time. However, many field offices have started opening for critical appointments only.

In addition to the Coronavirus pandemic, Social Security is having trouble with staffing in many offices. This has prevented them from opening offices more quickly. However, the Social Security Administration has stated that they are currently increasing their staff to handle more in-person appointments in their offices. So, when will Social Security offices open? No one knows for certain, but they currently have more than 1,200 offices across the country that are open for appointments. You can use a Social Security office locator to determine specifics about your local office.

Some people also ask, Is Social Security affected by a government shutdown? This question comes up frequently as Congress must vote to extend government funding and prevent a shutdown. In most cases, Social Security is considered an essential service and is not affected by a shutdown.

Can I Walk Into A Social Security Office Without An Appointment

What Time Does Social Security Offices Open

None of our Social Security offices can accommodate walk-in visitors until further notice. In-person service is by appointment only and for limited situations. This decision protects the population we serveolder Americans and people with underlying medical conditionsand our employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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How Do I Change The Name On My Social Security Card

There are a couple of ways you can perform a Social Security card name change. The easiest is by making the request online through your My Social Security account. Depending on the state you live in, you might be unable to complete the request online. If you cannot, then you will need to mail in the application for name change with the required documentation or visit your local Social Security office.

How Does Coronavirus Impact Social Security

Due to COVID-19, many local field offices are closed to the public. In most cases, you can call the office to schedule an appointment if you need to complete a transaction that can only be done in person. Otherwise, you will need to take care of your situation over the phone with the central office or online through the Social Security website.

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My Social Security Card Was Lost/stolen What Should I Do

If your Social Security card has been lost or stolen, you need to act immediately! You will need to request a replacement card, but you should also take the proper steps to prevent identity theft. Thieves could use your information to apply for loans, obtain credit cards, or file fraudulent tax returns in your name. You should place a fraud alert on your Social Security number and keep a watch on your credit report. Also be aware of scams that attempt to steal your SSN.

Plan Ahead To Avoid Long Lines

Social Security office in Toledo back open after two years of COVID-19 closures

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    Like many businesses and organizations, Social Security had turned to options like online and telephone services to conduct its operations during the pandemic. Those options are still available. Nevertheless, people in rural areas and those without access to transportation or technology have struggled for help with Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income .

    To avoid waiting in line, I strongly encourage people who can, to use our online services at, call us and schedule appointments in advance rather than walking in without an appointment, said Kilolo Kijakazi, Social Securitys acting commissioner, in a statement. Social Security warns that it is currently having problems with its phone systems. You may experience service issues, including poor call quality, dropped calls and long wait times.

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    Help With Social Security Number

    Just like with benefit issues, getting an appointment for help with your Social Security number has a priority system as well. These appointments are reserved for people age 12 and over who are getting their first Social Security card or need to update information related to their Social Security number such as a name change or citizenship status change. These people may also be unwilling or unable to mail original documents. For example, you might not want to mail your original birth certificate or drivers license to prove your identity on your application. So, you could make an appointment to accomplish this. Simply requesting a replacement card is not enough to warrant an appointment in most cases. Replacement Social Security cards can be requested online as well as replacement Medicare cards.

    Find Local Social Security Office Near Me Using This Social Security Office Locator

    This Social Security office locator allows you to search for a Social Security office location. Use the search form below to enter the address you want to find the SSA building near you. They can help you with questions or issues about your retirement benefits and other federal programs such as SSI. You can also call your local Social Security office to schedule an appointment.

    Remember to show up to your Social Security office appointment at least fifteen minutes in advance, and to bring all of the necessary documentation with you to your appointment. If you have any questions about wait times or paperwork including required documentation and/or applications, call the appropriate SSA location in advance of your appointment! Asking over the phone is much easier than having to reschedule and make an additional trip.

    For SSA office hours and driving directions, no phone call is necessary! Simply click on the office name from the search results for more information regarding a specific office. If there are no results near you, double-check that youve entered the address and street name correctly.

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    Social Security Offices Will Open To The Public April 7 No Appointment Required

    The Social Security Administration finally released a date that its field offices will reopen to the public after closing a year-and-a-half ago during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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    Social Security offices will restore in-person services on Thursday, April 7, including for people without an appointment, SSA Acting Commissioner Kilolo Kijakazi said in a statement on Monday.

    Because of an expected rush of visitors when offices reopen, the SSA still strongly encourages people to use online services whenever possible. And even though you dont need an appointment to get in-person service, youre also strongly encouraged to schedule one to avoid waiting in a long line.

    Customers who walk in without appointments may encounter delays and longer waits at our offices, Kijakazi said. Be aware that our offices tend to be the busiest first thing in the morning, early in the week and during the early part of the month, so people may want to plan to visit at other times.

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    The SSA will also continue to require safety measures such as masking, physical distancing and self-health checks for COVID-19 symptoms. The agency will provide masks to the public and employees if they need them.

    Just dont be surprised if you cant get through immediately.

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    The Best Way To Make An In

    Is My Local Social Security Office Open

    While Social Security field offices will give disability applicants another option to apply for benefits, the Social Security Administration is still expecting long wait times, especially for those without an appointment. The SSA recommends making a virtual appointment if possible, or by calling the SSA directly. If you would prefer to visit a newly opened field office, you should try to schedule an appointment ahead of time to avoid long wait times.

    For those who dont have an appointment, there are ways to optimize your visit to your local Social Security office. The SSA recommends avoiding the offices first thing in the morning, early in the week, and early in the month. One of the biggest reasons why field offices get busy at the beginning of the week and month is due to disability and retirement payment schedules. SSI payments are delivered on the first of the month. Anyone missing a payment would likely see a problem with their bank statement in the beginning of the month.

    With careful planning and an appointment made ahead of time, you may finally be able to visit the Social Security Administration in person. To make an appointment at your closest Social Security office, you can call the SSA toll free at 1-800-772-1213.

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    Are Social Security Offices Open

    Some business must be conducted in person, and that is certainly the case when it comes to the Social Security Administration. Many people visit their local SSA office for various reasons each day. However, nothing is more frustrating than arriving at your local Social Security office only to find that it is closed. With the current pandemic, more and more offices are closing or operating on reduced hours. So, is the Social Security office open? We will answer that question and give you all the details about visiting your local office, so just keep reading.

  • When will Social Security offices fully reopen after the pandemic?
  • How Does The Coronavirus Impact Social Security

    The SSA has reopened all local offices for in-person services. The government agency recommends people who need help try online first, then phone, before making an in-person visit.

    If you must visit an office, please be aware:

  • Masks are required for all office visitors and employees. The SSA will provide a mask if you donot have one.
  • Visitor capacity is limited. This means you may need to wait outside, so plan for the weather.
  • The SSA asks that you come alone unless you require help with your visit. If you require help, the SSA staffcan only permit one adult to join you. Children are allowed.
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    How Can I Check My Social Security Benefits

    The easiest way to check your benefits is by logging into your My Social Security account online through Once you get logged into your account, you can view benefit statements, benefit estimates, earnings history, and the status of any pending applications. That site should be your go-to for any information related to your Social Security account.

    How Do I Apply For Social Security Benefits

    13Investigates: Indiana lawmakers urge SSA to open offices

    The easiest and quickest way to apply for retirement, spouses, ex-spouses, or Medicare benefits is to apply online. If you do not wish to use the online application, or the application for the benefit you want is not available online, you can call 480-4992 or visit your local Niagara Falls SSA office. Learn More About Applying for Benefits.

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    Closures Or Delays Affecting In

    Local Social Security offices are offering more in-person appointments and have resumed in-person service for people without an appointment. As we expand in-person service, we strongly encourage you to continue to go online, call us for help, and schedule appointments in advance.

    This webpage lists the small number of offices that temporarily:

    • may provide service only by appointment due to construction, inability to permit people to wait outside the office, or other reasons.
    • may be closed to the public.

    To learn more about the three topics below, visit .

    • How to Get Help from Social Security
    • Know Before You Go
    • What to Know About Hearings

    All offices are open at this time.

    Guide To The Social Security Office Appointment

    The Social Security office appointment is a meeting time that most program applicants need to schedule. If you want to apply for Social Security benefits, you should consider arranging your meeting time. This helps to reduce the likelihood that you will need to wait a long time if you go to the office to apply.

    Even if you do not wish to apply at a Social Security office, you may need to arrange an appointment. This is because you may need to report to the agency to file documents that prove your enrollment eligibility. In any case, it is important that you understand how to make an appointment with the Social Security office.

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    Senator Calls For Immediate Social Security Office Reopening

    Sen. Susan Collins notes that while the offices are set to open in early April, there has not been a specific reopening date announced.

    The nations Social Security offices, which have been mostly closed for nearly two years as a result of the pandemic, are set to reopen in early April after the main unions that represent the agencys workers reached an agreement with the Social Security Administration earlier this year.

    One senator is now calling for more clarity on the opening of the offices.

    Sen. Susan Collins on Tuesday sent a letter to the Social Security Administrations acting director, Dr. Kilolo Kijakazi, asking for clarity on when SSA offices will actually open again. The press release announcing the letter called for an immediate reopening of the offices, while the letter itself only uses the word immediate to refer to the call in December, and instead says the offices should reopen as quickly as possible.

    Collins, following up on a letter she wrote late last year along with two other Republican senators, notes that while the offices are set to open in early April, there has not been a specific reopening date announced.

    Collins also identified herself as one of the 70 million Americans who receive benefits from the SSA.

    Also this week, an op-ed in The Hill called for the White House to prioritize Social Security, as the offices begin their reopenings.

    This week, the president asked for an increase in funding for the Social Security Administration.

    Do You Need An Appointment For The Social Security Office

    New Social Security Office opens in Hickory

    You may not be required to schedule a local Social Security office appointment before you apply for benefits. However, if this option is available, considering taking advantage of it. If you have a SS appointment, you have a greater likelihood of being able to speak with a representative in the office promptly.

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    How Much Is Social Security At 62

    How Your Social Security Benefit Is Reduced If you start getting benefits at age* And you are the: Wage Earner, the benefit amount you will receive is reduced to And you are the: Spouse, the benefit amount you will receive is reduced to 62 75.0% 35.0% 62 + 1 month 75.4 35.2 62 + 2 months 75.8 35.4 62 + 3 months 76.3 35.6.

    Getting An Appointment At Your Local Social Security Office

    While Social Security is heavily pushing people to use their online services currently, there are still limited situations under which you can request an in-person appointment. Social Security limits those to what they call limited, critical situations that cannot be resolved online, over the phone, or through the mail. These situations usually involve help with benefits or help with your Social Security number. Here are more details about each.

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