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Where Can I Replace My Social Security Card

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What Forms & Documentation Do I Need To Replace My Social Security Card

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Youre probably wondering, What documents do I need to get a replacement Social Security card? Whether you complete your request online through the website or you visit your local SSA office, there is some documentation that you will need before completing your request. You will need to complete the application for a social security card . This is the same form you will use whether you are requesting a brand new card or a replacement card. This form can be completed online or manually completed and returned to your local office.

Whether you complete the form online or in-person, you will also be required to have documentation that verifies your age, identity, and status as a U.S. citizen or lawful immigration status. Here are some of the most common acceptable documents used to verify each.

You Can Apply For A Social Security Replacement Card By Mail

To apply for a new card through the mail, you will need to mail an application along with proof of your identity, such as a non-driver ID, drivers license or passport, to the Social Security Administration. These are primary evidence of your identity.

Right now the Social Security Administration is accepting secondary proofs of identity since going without a primary form of identification is a hardship for some. The types of secondary documents accepted include health insurance card , employee or school ID or a military identification card.

For the documentation to work, it must be current, show your name and birth date or age, and be an original or a certified copy. Social Security will return any documents you send them. The agency is experiencing slight delays for processing mail-in applications for a Social Security card. Because of that, it could take two to four weeks for your application to be processed and your documents returned.

Documents To Include With Form Ss

Once youve completed the form, youll need to gather the documents youre required to submit along with it to prove your identity, age, and citizenship statusthose of the person youre applying for a card on behalf ofor both. These documents typically include the following:

  • An original birth certificate or other permissible proof of age, such as a passport, final adoption decree, or religious record of birth.
  • An unexpired drivers license, passport, or state ID card to prove your identity, or if you dont have one of those, a military ID, employee ID, or another identity card.
  • Additional evidence of citizenship, if you are not submitting a birth certificate or ID. If you arent a U.S. citizen, you’ll need evidence of immigration status.

The Social Security Administration will only accept originals or copies that are certified by the agency that issued the original. You cant use photocopies, even notarized ones.

If you plan to mail your documents to the Social Security Administration, get a certified copy of your driver’s license from your state department of motor vehicles instead of sending the original.

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How To Protect Your Identity Going Forward

Now that you have made your initial report and have a new card on the way, what do you need to do to protect yourself going forward? First, you should consider signing up for a credit monitoring service so that you can keep a close eye on your credit. This type of service will alert you immediately if anyone attempts to use your Social Security number to obtain a new line of credit like a loan or credit card.

You might even consider contacting the major credit reporting agencies like Experian, Equifax, and Transunion to place a lock on your Social Security number. This would prevent anyone from using your SSN to obtain credit without going through rigorous identification verification. Finally, make sure to keep a constant watch on your credit file for any suspicious activity. You can obtain a free copy of your report at, and staying vigilant will help protect you from ID theft going forward.

Finally, you should keep your Social Security card safe and secure. There is really no reason to carry your card with you all the time. It is best stored in a safe location and only pulled out when absolutely necessary. This can help prevent both theft and accidental loss of your card.

If Your Temporary Sin Expires

How to Replace a Lost or Stolen Social Security Card

Your temporary SIN expires on the date provided in your immigration documents. You must ensure that both expiry dates match.

If you have applied for renewal of a work or study permit, and your permit expires before a decision is made, you have the right* to continue working or studying under the same conditions. You must remain in Canada during this time. This implied status will remain until a decision is made by IRCC. This means you are allowed to work even though your SIN has expired. For more information about implied status, contact IRCC.

* As per paragraph 186 and section 189 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations

Once IRCC authorizes you to continue working in Canada, you must apply to Service Canada with your new immigration document to update the expiry date on your SIN record. The expiry date on both your SIN record and your immigration document must match.

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S To Complete Form Ss

Here’s how to complete the 18 items on the form:

  • Provide your first name, full middle name, and last name as you want them shown on the card. If you had a different name at birth or previously went by another name, provide those here, as well.
  • If you previously had a Social Security number, write it here. If not, leave this section blank.
  • Enter the city and state or foreign country where you were born.
  • Provide the month, date, and year you were born.
  • Check the appropriate box to indicate whether you are a U.S. citizen, legal alien allowed to work, legal alien not allowed to work, or other. If you fall into one of the latter two categories, youll need to submit extra documentation with your Form SS-5 because, as a non-citizen, the government wont give you a Social Security card unless you can prove that you need one. In that case, you may want to contact the Social Security Administration beforehand to see if you qualify for a number and ask what documentation is required in your situation.
  • You dont have to fill out items 6 or 7, which relate to ethnicity and race. But if you want to help with the governments informational and statistical analysis of SS-5 form users, you can …
  • Check the boxes that apply to you.
  • Do you identify as male or as female? Check the appropriate box.
  • Provide the names and Social Security numbers for each of your birth parents, or check the unknown boxes if you dont have this information.
  • Provide todays date.
  • Sign the form.
  • Temporary Resident Of Belize

    • Valid passport from country of original or naturalized country. AND

    Valid permits, cards or stamps such as:

    • Condition Stamp OR
    • Dependent Permit OR
    • Definite Entry of Stay Right to Work Stamp affixed on one of the passport pages OR
    • Refugee Card OR
    • National Identity/Identification Card
    • Social Security Card
    • Primary, Secondary or Tertiary School Student ID issued in Belize

    If unable to provide any of the valid Photo IDs listed above, then:

    • A recent color photo of applicant with a Justice of the Peace Declaration that reads: I certify that this is the true likeness of __________ and I have known him/ her for ________ years.

    Note: Registered persons who have a photo captured in the Social Security Boards registration database do not need to provide the required photo ID for card renewal or replacements purposes.

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    How To Apply For A Replacement Social Security Card

    While you dont need to have your Social Security card on you all the time, there are occasions where having your physical card is imperative. So, if you have lost your card, then youll need to get a replacement from the Social Security office. Thankfully, the process of getting a replacement SS card is not extremely difficult. Youll just need to provide the proper documentation and your new card will be mailed to you.

    Once you have created your mySocialSecurity account, you can request a replacement card online in most states. As long as you have a United States mailing address and are making no other changes , then you will simply need to upload a copy of your valid drivers license or state-issued identification card to make the request. The site will guide you through the process, and you should have your new card in under 30 days.

    If you live in a state that does not qualify for online requests, then youll need to either mail in the application for a new card with your documentation or visit your local Social Security office. You will need one document that proves your identity. There are a few you can choose from, and they are as follows:

    • U.S. Birth Certificate
    • Religious document showing date of birth
    • Final adoption decree

    Print And Complete Form Ss

    I can’t work because I lost my Social Security Card!

    This particular form is used for a variety of requests with the Social Security Administration. The Form SS-5 is the application for a Social Security card, but it is also used to obtain replacement cards, process name changes, and update or correct other information associated with your SSN record.

    The form itself is quite simple to complete. You will need to provide some basic information like your name, date of birth, SSN, and other basic information. If you have questions, there are several pages of directions attached to the form, so many of your questions are likely to be answered within those pages.

    The next step is usually the most difficult part of the process for most people. This is where you will need to prove that you are the person you are claiming to be. Specific documentation is required as proof, and well outline those specifics in the next section.

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    How Can I Get A Copy Of My Ss Card Fast

    The quickest way to get a replacement card is to complete your application online and submit your verification through your Social Security account. If you simply need a copy, then you can submit your application in person and get a printed receipt which will act as a temporary card. However, note that the temporary card is not considered an original.

    Place A Fraud Alert On Your Credit File

    Contact any of the three major credit agencies Equifax, Transunion, and Experian. You only need to contact one of the three agencies because the one you contact will report the alert to all other agencies. This alert will last for 90 days but you can renew it if you still feel unsafe. The numbers for each are listed below.

    Equifax: 1-888-766-0008Experian: 1-888-766-0008

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    How Do I Replace My Social Security Card

    Chances are, you probably have your Social Security number memorized, so you may not have had to use your card in a while. However, there are times when you may be required to show your actual card, such as when you start a new job or need to access certain government services. Fortunately, replacing a lost or stolen card is a relatively easy process.

    In order to obtain a new card, you need to prove your citizenship or lawful noncitizen status, and your age and identity from a list of approved documentation . All documentation provided must be either original or in certified form .

    Next, you need to fill out an Application for a Social Security Card and bring or mail the application, along with the approved documentation, to your local Social Security office. Once the Social Security Administration has your information and verified your documents, you should receive a replacement card within 10 to 14 business days.

    In certain circumstances, you may be able to apply for a replacement card online using a my Social Security online account. You can apply online for a replacement card if you:

    • Are a U.S. citizen age 18 or older with a U.S. mailing address
    • Are not requesting a name change or any other change to your card
    • Have a drivers license or state-issued identification card from a participating state or the District of Columbia

    For more information on replacing a lost or stolen card, visit the Social Security Administration website at

    Corrected Card For A Noncitizen Adult

    4 Ways to Replace Your Lost Social Security Card

    If you change your name, become a U.S. citizen, or your immigration status or work authorization has changed, you need to tell Social Security so we can update our records and when necessary, issue a new card.

    When you request a replacement or a corrected Social Security card, you must show us proof of your identity, immigration status and work authorization. In addition, if you need to change or correct any information on your Social Security card, you need to show us certain documents about the change. We can only accept certain documents.

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    Evidentiary Requirements And Removal Of The Word Documentary

    Four individuals specifically stated their support for the removal of the word âdocumentaryâ from and the flexibility it would provide us for appropriately and securely verifying applicants’ true identity and other eligibility factors. Other commenters expressed unease about the possibility of fraud resulting from the removal of the word âdocumentary.â Of those who expressed unease, some of the commenters were concerned about how the public would âinterpretâ removing the word âdocumentaryâ and what it âimpliâ about the evidence we require in order to obtain an original or replacement card. Other commenters were concerned that illegal immigrants would be able to obtain SSNs by providing false information, were unsatisfied with the evidence of identity required under §422.107, or suggested that no child should get a card without appearing in person.

    What To Do If You Lose Your Social Security Card

    Now that you know the basics, lets take a deeper dive on what to do if you lose your Social Security card. To be sure, quick action is important.

    If an individual loses their Social Security card, the first thing they should do is make sure they have claimed their My SSA profile at the Social Security My Account website, says Devin Carroll, founder of Social Security Intelligence, in Texarkana, Texas. Not only can you request a replacement card, you can also quickly check the accuracy of your annual earnings history, print benefits statements and change your address.

    When you do reach out to the Social Security Administration to report and replace a lost card, know going in that the agency has a substantial to do list that needs to be completed before they’ll even accept your request for a new Social Security card.

    The good news is that the Social Security Administration provides, free of charge, three card replacements on an annual basis, and 10 free cards in the course of an individuals lifetime.

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    What Do I Do Once I Create An Account

    Now that youve created an account, you can easily request your replacement card online. Youll need a copy of your drivers license, state-issued ID, or passport to give certain information.

    To apply for a replacement card, you must also fit the following criteria:

    • You must be a U.S. citizen 18 years or older. You must also have a U.S. mailing address .
    • You are not requesting any changes, like a name change.
    • You have a drivers license or state-issued ID from any of the 44 participating states or the District of Columbia.

    According to the Program Operations Manual System , if approved, you will receive your replacement card within two weeks of submitting your request.

    For a free legal consultation, call

    Gather All Your Documents

    How to Get a Replacement Medicare Card Online

    When requesting a brand new Social Security card, you will need to provide documentation that proves your age, identity, and status as a U.S. citizen or immigration status. However, when requesting a replacement card with no other changes, you only need to provide proof of your identity. Here are some examples of documents that will prove your identity:

    • U.S. drivers license
    • Health insurance card
    • School record or ID

    You should know that whatever document you provide must be an original copy from the issuing agency. Only original documents are accepted. Photocopies are not accepted, even if they are notarized copies. Only originals or certified copies which have been certified by the custodian or originator will suffice.

    You should also note that a U.S. birth certificate or Social Security card stub will not suffice as evidence of identity. While a birth certificate will prove age for someone attempting to obtain a brand new card, they cannot be used as a valid ID for obtaining a replacement.

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    Social Security Card: How Do You Get A Replacement Card

    It is recommended not to share the information on the card to avoid identity theft

    Having our Social Security number is necessary to be able to carry out other procedures such as applying for a credit card or requesting a car loan.

    In this sense, although it is no longer common to be asked to physically show the card, it is necessary to have it at hand. So, in case you have lost it, it is necessary to replace it as soon as possible.

    Social Security: How To Get A New Social Security Card

    Steps to replace your Social Security card

      ASocial Security number is important because you need it to get a job, collect Social Security benefits and get some other government services.

      You should keep your Social Security card in a safe place with your other important papers and avoid giving it out unnecessarily.

      In most cases, simply knowing your Social Security number is enough. Nevertheless, it is crucial to have some evidence about it, you never know when eill you require it.

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