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Who Do You Report Social Security Fraud To

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Report Scams To The Federal Government

How to Report Social Security Fraud

You can report scams to the federal government. Your report may keep others from experiencing a scam. Government agencies use reports of scams to track scam patterns. They may even take legal action against a company or industry based on the reports. However, agencies usually dont follow up after you report, and can’t recover lost money.

Do not use the agency contact information included in scam messages. Use contact information in the federal agency directory to report other government imposters.;

Report Disaster and Emergency Scams

Report coronavirus scams and other scams about disasters and emergencies.

Report Most Common Scams

The Federal Trade Commission is the main agency that collects scam reports. Report your scam online with the FTC complaint assistant, or by phone at . The FTC accepts complaints about most scams, including these popular ones:

  • Phone calls;
  • Demands for you to send money
  • Student loan or scholarship scams
  • Prize, grants, and sweepstakes offers

The FTC also collects reports of identity theft. Report identity theft online at or by phone at .

Report Online and International Scams

Report IRS or Social Security Imposter Scams

Scammers often pretend to work for the Social Security Administration or Internal Revenue Service . Common signs include:

How To Protect Yourself From Social Security Fraud

As with all scams, the best way to avoid becoming a victim is to stay vigilant. If you receive a phone call asking for your Social Security number or other personal information, its best to hang up immediately. You may also want to consider adding the callers phone number to a blocked-call list to help prevent repeated nuisance calls.

Be aware, however, that spoofing allows scammers to use a succession of misleading numbers. So, unfortunately, blocking the first number that called you doesn’t stop further calls from different phone numbers.

Be sure that your information, including your Social Security card, is stored securely. Shred any documents with sensitive information rather than just putting them in the trash. If you access Social Security information online, keep your password to yourself and change it regularly to minimize the likelihood of your account being hacked.

It’s also worth checking your credit reports on a regular basis to make sure no one has compromised your financial information. A paid might also be helpful. Finally, try to keep up to date with the latest Social Security scams. The SSAs Office of the Inspector General monitors these and issues warnings as new schemes arise.

Fraudulent Friendly Service Phone Calls

Another type of scam call attempts to sell to the recipient services the SSA readily provides at no charge. The caller might, for example, offer to provide a new Social Security card, enroll a new family member in the program, or provide a record of Social Security contributions to date, along with the expected future income they will yield.;

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Your Social Insurance Number Is Confidential

If your SIN falls into the wrong hands, it could be used to obtain personal information and invade your privacy. When the SIN is not linked to you as its rightful owner, another person could receive your government benefits, tax refunds or bank credits. Your personal information could also be revealed to unauthorized people, which could lead to identity theft and other types of fraud.

If someone uses your SIN to work illegally or to obtain credit, you may suffer hardship. You could be requested to pay additional taxes for income you did not receive or you could have difficulty obtaining credit because someone may have ruined your credit rating.

There are a number of things you can do to protect your SIN:

  • provide your SIN only when you know that it is legally required
  • store any document containing your SIN and personal information in a safe placedo not keep it with you
  • contact Service Canada if you change your name, if your temporary citizenship status changes to a permanent resident status or if information on your SIN record is incorrect or incomplete
  • take immediate measures to protect your SIN when you suspect someone else is using your SIN fraudulently

How To Report Different Types Of Fraud

How to Report Social Security Scam Calls

If people do something dishonest to get a payment or benefit from us, they’re committing fraud. We explain how to report any of these types of fraud:

If you think someones committing fraud, you should report it. You can do this in two main ways:

When you report fraud you need to report it in the right place. There are different forms to report different types of fraud. Make sure you use the right one.

We keep everything you tell us confidential and you can give an anonymous tip-off online or on the phone.

To report fraud online, you should:

  • fill in as much of the form as possible
  • give specific answers, as this will help our review processes
  • tell us in the form if you dont know the answers to some questions.

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Social Security Fraud By Mail

While the rise of scams perpetrated electronically, and thus cheaply, has reduced the volume of Social Security fraud by mail, the practice has not entirely vanished. One such scheme is a direct mail scam that primarily targets older people

A letter comes in the mail offering an extra check, along with a form asking for personal information and a filing fee. In it, the scammer asks the recipient for a;Social Security number, money, and/or bank account information to help with the application.

Again, this is a red flag. The Social Security Administration will never ask;for your full Social Security number, because it already knows;it. In the event the SSA does send you a letterfor example, when your benefits increaseit will never ask you for money or any other personal information.

The Social Security Administration will never ask you for your full Social Security number. It already knows it.

Having The Right Attitude

But above all of these, to recover from a successful cyberattack, it’s best to get mentally ready ahead of time.

I know that at your workplace, school, or through conversations with your kids or parents, you may have learned that stupid people cause cybersecurity incidents, and being not-stupid can prevent them. The conventional wisdom suggests it’s stupid to have an easy-to-guess password, to re-use passwords or to be fooled by a phishing email or to take a scammer’s call.

Stop thinking this way. Phishing emails that seek to convince you to give up account numbers, scam calls that are meant to trick you into providing your social security number — they are better than ever, and criminals are refining their tricks all the time.

The average person has hundreds of passwords — it’s inevitable that some of them are “bad” or subject to being mechanically uncovered by a simple algorithm. It’s inevitable that some may be reused.

Sure, it’s a great idea to use fresh and unique passwords, especially for financial accounts. But it’s impossible to imagine that everyone will do so perfectly every single time.

It is also important to pass on this attitude to your friends and family: The people closest to you can lose valuable time and money because they are too embarrassed to tell anyone they made a mistake.

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How To Report Social Security Disability Fraud

Social Security disability pays monthly benefits to people meeting the federal requirements for total disability. Individuals with short-term or partial disability aren’t eligible for these benefits. To qualify, a person’s disability must last at least one year or until death, according to a physician’s prognosis. Of course, there are always people who will try to cheat the system. If you suspect someone is committing Social Security disability fraud, you can report him.

How To Apply For A Replacement Social Security Card

How to Report Social Security Fraud

If you lose your Social Security card, you may be able to apply for a replacement card online through the Social Security Administration website, if you meet certain requirements. Review them here. Otherwise, youll need to follow an application process that involves providing documentation and completing an application.

Here are 3 simple steps to prepare to apply for a replacement Social Security card:

  • Learn what original documents you need to verify your citizenship, age and identity. Youll find a list at the Social Security Administration website.
  • Fill out and print a Social Security card application.
  • Take or mail the documents and application to the Social Security Administration. Make sure to bring in the original documents. To locate your nearest Social Security Administration office, use the agencys online office locator tool.
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    What Is Social Security Fraud

    Generally speaking, fraud involves obtaining something of value through willful misrepresentation. In the context of the Social Security program, our policy states that fraud exists when a person with intent to defraud makes, or causes to be made, a false statement, or misrepresents, conceals, or fails to disclose a material fact for use in determining rights under the Social Security Act. Information is material when it could influence SSAs determination on entitlement or eligibility to benefits under the Act.

    Examples of fraud include:

    • Making false statements on claims
    • Concealing facts or events that affect eligibility for benefits
    • Misusing benefits by a representative payee
    • Failing to notify the agency of the death of a beneficiary and continuing to receive the deceased persons benefits
    • Buying or selling Social Security cards
    • Filing claims under another persons Social Security number
    • Scamming people by impersonating our employees
    • Bribing our employees
    • Misusing grant or contract funds

    Examples Of Social Security Disability Fraud

    Close to 13 million Americans received social security disability benefits in 2016. Although the precise numbers are unknown, the percentage of Americans who received benefits due to disability fraud is extremely low. But it does happen, and there are stiff penalties for those who are caught attempting to defraud the system.

    What is Social Security Disability Fraud?

    Social security disability fraud is any attempt to obtain benefits you would not be entitled to receive but for the fraudulent action. There are many ways to commit fraud, either alone or in conjunction with one or more people even with an SSA representative. Below are five examples of actions that the SSA considers fraudulent.

  • Lying on your SSD benefits application. In the income section of her SSD benefit application, Sharon listed her monthly income as double what she actually earns. This is fraudulent, because Sharons intent was to increase her monthly benefit amount. Purposely misstating any information on your benefits application.
  • Falsifying medical records. Sharons friend is a doctor. Together they created false medical records to make Sharons disability, and its effect on her ability to work, seem worse than it is. Both Sharon and her friend committed fraud, and each will be subject to penalties.
  • Penalties for Social Security Disability Fraud

    How to report suspected Social Security Disability Fraud

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    If You Have Been Victim Of Fraud

    You can ask for a new SIN only if you can prove that your SIN was used fraudulently.

    However, getting a new SIN will not necessarily protect you from fraud or identity theft. If someone else uses your old SIN as identification and the business does not check the person’s identity with the credit bureau, credit lenders may still ask you to pay the impostor’s debts. Each time, you will have to prove that you were not involved in the fraud.

    If we issue you a new SIN, you will need to contact all your financial institutions, creditors, pension providers and employers to ask them to update your files.

    Note: Service Canada cannot correct a credit file. It is up to you to contact your financial institution, report any discrepancies and have them resolved.

    If you have proof that someone else is using your SIN, an investigation is required.

    An indication that your SIN is being used fraudulently is when you receive a Notice of Reassessment from the Canada Revenue Agency concerning undeclared earnings. This means that another person has used your SIN for employment purposes or to receive other taxable income.

    You must visit your nearest Service Canada Centre with your original proof of identity documents and provide proof that another person has used your SIN.

    Here’s what you will need to provide to Service Canada if you suspect someone is using your SIN:

    When You Don’t Have To Provide Your Sin

    Social Security Number scam is here

    Some private-sector organizations may ask for your SIN. This practice is strongly discouraged, but it is not illegal.

    Here are examples of when you don’t have to give your SIN:

    • proving your identity
    • completing a job application before you get the job
    • completing an application to rent a property
    • negotiating a lease with a landlord
    • completing a credit card application
    • cashing a cheque
    • applying to a university or college

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    You Gave Your Social Security Number Away

    If you suspect somebody has your Social Security Number — whether they stole it from a company or you gave it to them voluntarily –; it’s important to set up credit monitoring. Typically your bank or the company that was breached will provide this to you for free.

    You generally shouldn’t pay for credit monitoring, as high quality free products have proliferated in the marketplace particularly after the incident at Equifax. Paid credit monitoring services can be tricky to cancel, and you can typically achieve the same level of service with a free product.

    Set up alerts so you know the instant anything changes with your credit score — you can usually do this through the credit monitoring program offered by your bank or credit card company, which is almost always a free service. Some of these services are free even if you’re not a customer of the bank, such as Capital One’s Credit Wise. In fact, you may want to do this anyway — monitoring your credit in this manner is good for everyone, not just victims of cybercrime.

    If you provided a scammer with your Social Security Number directly, or you already think your number was used fraudulently, you will need to act more urgently. You can place a credit freeze on your account with the three credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Transunion and Experian.

    Social Security Administration Oig

    If you are a Social Security Administration employee, or an employee of an SSA contractor or grantee, and you suspect fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement in SSA programs or operations, or reprisal against you for reporting wrongdoing, you may report that to the Social Security Fraud Hotline. You may find more whistleblower information at .

    The SSA Office of the Inspector General investigates many types of Social Security-related fraud, including

    Social Security-related scams making false statements or facilitating fraud in applying for Social Security benefitsconcealing work activity while receiving disability benefitsreceiving Social Security benefits for a child not under the recipients carereceiving and using a deceased persons Social Security benefitsconcealing a marriage or assets while receiving Supplemental Security Incomeresiding overseas while receiving Supplemental Security Incomemisusing benefits when acting as a representative payeeSSA employee or contract and procurement fraud

    The following matters are generally NOT investigated by the SSA OIG:

    911 emergenciesMedicare or Medicaid fraud Lost or stolen Social Security cards Identity theft that is not related to Social Security benefits or programs Misuse of Social Security numbers on tax returns Direct Express® account fraud

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    What You Need For How To Report Suspected Fraud Waste Or Abuse To The Oig

    You can use our reporting form to report suspected wrongdoing, or report by , phone or mail. Please provide as much information as possible:

    • Identify the city, town, agency or other public entity involved.
    • Provide the name of individual involved, with their positions or titles.
    • Explain the issue or concern in as much detail as possible, including the nature, scope and timeframe of the suspected wrongdoing.
    • Provide us with information about other individuals who may have relevant information or documents, as well as their contact information.

    Include copies of any related documents, which you can upload with this form or send to our office via or mail.

    We will keep your identity confidential to the extent possible. In some cases it may be necessary to share your complaint if we need to refer the matter to a more suitable agency or work with another agency to investigate your complaint. Even so, your name will not be disclosed without your written consent. You will receive advanced notice from our office in the rare instance that we cannot avoid disclosure. Under Massachusetts law, all OIG records – including your tips and complaints – are confidential and exempt from the Public Records Law.

    If you report suspected illegal activity, state whistleblower laws;may protect your identity and also may protect you from an employer’s retaliation or intimidation.

    Want to learn more before you file a complaint? Visit our fraud reporting FAQ.

    How Service Canada Protects Your Sin

    How Do I Report Social Security Disability Fraud?

    Service Canada stores personal information requested to apply for a SIN in the Social Insurance Register. This information includes your name, date of birth, place of birth and your parents’ names. Dates of death are also recorded in the Register.

    Service Canada protects your SIN in the following ways:

    • we store your personal information carefully on our premises and in computer systems that are only accessible to authorized employees who have a “need to know”
    • we provide guidance about how to protect your SIN and your personal information

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