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Who To Contact For Social Security Fraud

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Social Security Phone Scams

How to Report Social Security Fraud

There is a widespread telephone scam happening right now across the country involving Social Security. Callers say they are from Social Security, and may say there is a problem with your Social Security number or threaten to arrest you unless you pay a fine or fee with cash, retail gift cards, pre-paid debit cards, or wire transfers. If you received a call like this and would like to report that information, please click the button below.

Why Choose The Mattern Law Firm

One of the most frustrating parts of dealing with any government agency is the many gaps and delays in communication and the stress of not knowing where your matter stands at any given moment. But when you work with The Mattern Law Firm, you can rest assured you will receive frequent updates on your case including copies of any evidence the prosecution uncovers. You will have direct access to your Social Security fraud attorney in Los Angeles CA by phone and email, and we will be by your side keeping you informed and protected every step of the way.

To get started, please call 310-342-8254 so that we can provide a free case evaluation.

What Are The Consequences Of Lying To Social Security

If you are caught lying or misrepresenting information to increase your benefits or acquire improper payments for someone else, you may be prosecuted for fraud. Generally, the SSA will first check to make sure that it wasnt a clerical error or an accident. However, if the SSA finds that you knowingly lied or misrepresented information, you will likely be brought up on charges for fraud.

Even if prosecutors choose not to pursue fraud charges, you can still end up paying severe penalties for lying to Social Security. Whether or not fraud charges are brought forward, the SSA has the legal power to take action with the Civil Monetary Penalty program. This program allows the SSA to impose a penalty of up to $5,000 for each time that an individual lied, in addition to making the individual pay up to twice the amount they received in improper payments. Needless to say, you dont want to lie to Social Security!

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The Social Security Administration Warns People To Look Out For Scammers Spoofing The Social Security Fraud Hotline Phone Number

The Inspector General of Social Security has warned people about a caller-ID spoofing scam that makes phone calls look like they are coming from the Fraud Hotline number of 269-0271. This is a scam. Social Security and the Office of the Inspector General employees do not make calls from the Fraud Hotline number. Do not answer these calls or give any information to the caller.

The scammers will lie or make threats to ask for personal information or money. They may ask for your Social Security Number, or they may ask for gift cards or prepaid debit cards. Callers may say they are from a legal department, or say that your Social Security number is involved in fraud. Scammers may also threaten to have you arrested.

SSA and OIG employees do not contact you from the Hotline for official purposes. If an SSA or OIG employee does call, the number will not be the Fraud Hotline number. SSA and OIG employees will never threaten you for information.

If you get a call from the Fraud Hotline number of 269-0271, do not answer and do not give the caller any of your information. Report the call to the OIG online at or call 269-0271.

Equip for Equality protects Social Security Beneficiaries. Equip for Equality staff will always clearly identify themselves when calling a payee, a Social Security Beneficiary or other person. Equip for Equality never calls from the SSA Fraud Hotline number.

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Orono Woman Pleads Guilty To Social Security Fraud

We are constantly expanding our online service offerings to give you freedom and control in how you wish to conduct business with Social Security. Today, you can apply for benefits, check the status of your claim or appeal, request a replacement Social Security card , get an instant benefit verification letter, and much more.

American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

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Protect Yourself From Social Security Number Spoofing Scams

View a video from the Social Security Administration’s Office of the Inspector General on how to prevent fraud. Also, read a recent Social Security blog post: IG Warns Public About Caller ID ‘Spoofing’ of Social Security Fraud Hotline Phone Number

Voicemail – Social Security Scam Audio

Audio transcript: This is the SSN department. My name is Officer Katherine Richardson and this call is regarding to your Social Security Number. Weve found some fraudulent activities under your name. To know more information please call us back on this number: 660-XXXX. I repeat 660-XXXX Thank you.

Nearly all of your financial and medical records are connected to your Social Security number, which is why data thieves are constantly trying to nab it for use in fraud schemes or for selling it illicitly.

Robocall scammers use spoofing to deliberately falsify the caller ID that appears on your phone, disguising their identities in attempts to steal your Social Security number and other valuable personal information.

Often the scammers spoof a Social Security Administration phone number so you’ll think it’s the agency calling. SSA blog posts alert consumers to this spoofing scam and new twists phone scammers use to convince consumers they’re legit.

There are simple steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim of a spoofing scam. Follow the helpful tips in the FCC’s consumer guide on spoofing, such as:

Your Social Insurance Number Is Confidential

If your SIN falls into the wrong hands, it could be used to obtain personal information and invade your privacy. When the SIN is not linked to you as its rightful owner, another person could receive your government benefits, tax refunds or bank credits. Your personal information could also be revealed to unauthorized people, which could lead to identity theft and other types of fraud.

If someone uses your SIN to work illegally or to obtain credit, you may suffer hardship. You could be requested to pay additional taxes for income you did not receive or you could have difficulty obtaining credit because someone may have ruined your credit rating.

There are a number of things you can do to protect your SIN:

  • provide your SIN only when you know that it is legally required
  • store any document containing your SIN and personal information in a safe placedo not keep it with you
  • contact Service Canada if you change your name, if your temporary citizenship status changes to a permanent resident status or if information on your SIN record is incorrect or incomplete
  • take immediate measures to protect your SIN when you suspect someone else is using your SIN fraudulently

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Social Security Administration Oig

If you are a Social Security Administration employee, or an employee of an SSA contractor or grantee, and you suspect fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement in SSA programs or operations, or reprisal against you for reporting wrongdoing, you may report that to the Social Security Fraud Hotline. You may find more whistleblower information at .

The SSA Office of the Inspector General investigates many types of Social Security-related fraud, including

Social Security-related scams making false statements or facilitating fraud in applying for Social Security benefitsconcealing work activity while receiving disability benefitsreceiving Social Security benefits for a child not under the recipients carereceiving and using a deceased persons Social Security benefitsconcealing a marriage or assets while receiving Supplemental Security Incomeresiding overseas while receiving Supplemental Security Incomemisusing benefits when acting as a representative payeeSSA employee or contract and procurement fraud

The following matters are generally NOT investigated by the SSA OIG:

911 emergenciesMedicare or Medicaid fraud Lost or stolen Social Security cards Identity theft that is not related to Social Security benefits or programs Misuse of Social Security numbers on tax returns Direct Express® account fraud

Beware Of Social Security Phone Scams

How to Report Social Security Fraud

The Social Security Administration and Office of the Inspector General continue to receive reports of scammers impersonating SSA employees over the phone, to request personal information or money. Imposters may threaten you and demand immediate payment to avoid arrest or legal action. Do not fall for it!

  • SSA employees will NEVER threaten you for information, or promise a reward or resolution in exchange for personal information or money.

  • Do not use caller ID to verify that the caller is a government employee. Many scam calls spoof official government numbers, such as SSAs National 800 Number, the Social Security Fraud Hotline, local Social Security field offices, SSA press offices, or local police numbers.

  • Impostors may use legitimate names and phone numbers of SSA employees.

  • If the caller demands sensitive personal information, payment via gift card or pre-paid debit card or wire transfer, it is a scam.

  • If the caller makes threats when you do not comply with their request, it is a scam.

If you receive a suspicious call:

  • Hang up!

  • Do not give them money or personal information

  • Report the scam at OIG.SSA.GOV/REPORT

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    A Message From Social Security: Beware Of Scammers Pretending To Be Us

    In the digital age, frauds and scams are an unfortunate part of doing business online. Scammers have many ways to lure their victims into providing information and then stealing their identities. Sometimes they call under a guise of helping you complete a disability application.

    We urge you to always be cautious and to avoid providing sensitive information such as your Social Security number or bank account information to unknown individuals over the phone or internet. If you receive a call and arent expecting one, you must be extra careful. You can always get the callers information, hang up, andif you do need more clarificationcontact the official phone number of the business or agency that the caller claims to represent. Never reveal personal data to a stranger who called you.

    Ironically, the AgeWise editor received this voice message while reviewing this article. It will be reported.

    Social Security employees occasionally contact people by telephone for customer service purposes. In only a few special situations, such as when you have business pending with us, a Social Security employee may request the person confirm personal information over the phone.

    Remember, only call official phone numbers and use secured websites of the agencies and businesses you know are correct. Protecting your information is an important part of Social Securitys mission to secure today and tomorrow.

    This article originally appeared in AgeWise King County .

    What Happens To Someone Who Commits Disability Benefits Fraud

    Social security disability benefits fraud is a serious offense that has genuine consequences. Someone who commits disability benefits fraud may receive up to five years in prison and up to $250,000 in fines. The penalty can be even more severe for SSA employees and doctors, who can receive up to 10 years in prison and face civil court filings against them, in addition to the loss of employment and license.

    Anyone aware of disability benefits fraud is encouraged to report it to the SSA by calling 800-269-0271.

    To assist with benefits application and ensure that everything is properly in place, individuals are encouraged to contact Tabak Law at 800-345-1430.

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    Social Security Frauds: How To Identify And Deal With Them Accordingly

    Social security scams are common in most states. They are a lesson that fraudsters have mastered so well, and they get social security numbers from people purporting to be government officials. According to ID Analytics, most social security numbers are associated with more than one name. Most crooks use this trick to get you to transfer money to them or give your financial data.

    What Is Social Security Fraud

    Local man charged in massive Social Security fraud scheme ...

    Generally speaking, fraud involves obtaining something of value through willful misrepresentation. In the context of the Social Security program, our policy states that fraud exists when a person with intent to defraud makes, or causes to be made, a false statement, or misrepresents, conceals, or fails to disclose a material fact for use in determining rights under the Social Security Act. Information is material when it could influence SSAs determination on entitlement or eligibility to benefits under the Act.

    Examples of fraud include:

    • Making false statements on claims
    • Concealing facts or events that affect eligibility for benefits
    • Misusing benefits by a representative payee
    • Failing to notify the agency of the death of a beneficiary and continuing to receive the deceased persons benefits
    • Buying or selling Social Security cards
    • Filing claims under another persons Social Security number
    • Scamming people by impersonating our employees
    • Bribing our employees
    • Misusing grant or contract funds

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    Heres What You Can Do To Protect Your Ssn:

    If an organization asks for your SSN, give other documents like your driving license, student ID or passport. These can act as proof of your address. Also, inquire about how it will be handled. Its your right to know why its necessary to give out your social security information or number before giving it out.

    Discard all documents with your personal information this can be through shredding or burning. You can as well leave your card at home to avoid loss or theft. Again, some people use their SSN as a password, and this is risky. It makes it easy for fraudsters to hack it.

    Now You May Be Wondering:

    Can a Social Security fraud attorney in Los Angeles CA really fight back against the US government?

    YES. The same principles that apply to any fraud case also apply to Social Security fraud. As your Social Security fraud lawyer in Los Angeles CA, Ms Mattern will thoroughly investigate the facts of your case and determine which of the following defense strategies should be employed:

    • No fraudulent intent: If you sincerely and reasonably believed that you had filed your claims correctly and you had no intent to defraud the government, you cannot be guilty of Social Security fraud.
    • Insufficient evidence: Just because the paperwork looks bad does not conclusively prove Social Security fraud was committed.
    • Mistaken identity: Perhaps someone else actually committed the fraud after stealing your identity, or perhaps your file has gotten mixed up with another persons.

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    When You Don’t Have To Provide Your Sin

    Some private-sector organizations may ask for your SIN. This practice is strongly discouraged, but it is not illegal.

    Here are examples of when you don’t have to give your SIN:

    • proving your identity
    • completing a job application before you get the job
    • completing an application to rent a property
    • negotiating a lease with a landlord
    • completing a credit card application
    • cashing a cheque
    • applying to a university or college

    How To Get A Replacement Social Security Card

    Scam alert: Your social security number isn’t suspended

    To get a Social Security replacement card, visit the SSAs My Social Security account website. Youll be taken through the steps of requesting a replacement card. Keep in mind that you can use this online site to request a replacement card if you:

  • Are a U.S. citizen age 18 years or older with a U.S. mailing address
  • Are not requesting a name change or any other change to your card and
  • Have a valid, current driver’s license or a state-issued identification card from most U.S. states or the District of Columbia. The following states are not currently eligible:
  • Alabama

    To apply for a replacement Social Security card, either online or via mail, you’ll need one acceptable personal identification document. By and large, your birth certificate will suffice, although the SSA will also accept the following proof of identity:

    • A U.S. hospital record of your birth.
    • A religious record indicating your date of birth .
    • A current valid U.S. passport.
    • A final adoption decree .

    There are several exceptions if you cant get the needed identification documents, or dont have them at all. The SSA will accept other forms of identification that show your legal name and biographical data. Acceptable options include a U.S. military I.D. card, a U.S. Certificate of Naturalization, employee identity card, a certified copy of a medical record , a health insurance card, Medicaid card, or school identity card.

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    If An Organization Asks For A Sin And It Is Not Legally Required

    If you believe your SIN isn’t required, ask why it is being requested, how it will be used and with whom it will be shared.

    If your SIN is not required by law, explain that you prefer not to provide it. Offer different proof of identity.

    If the organization refuses to provide the product or service unless you provide your SIN, ask to speak to the person in charge. Many organizations don’t know about the appropriate uses of the SIN. Once they understand, they may willingly change their practices.

    If you are not satisfied with the organization’s response, you may formally complain to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada or 1-800-282-1376. There is no fee for making a complaint to the Privacy Commissioner.

    You can also contact the organization’s industry association, ombudsman or complaint office. For example, the Canadian Marketing Association and the Canadian Banking Ombudsman handle customer complaints about their member companies.

    For more information on laws about your privacy and the Government of Canada, visit the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

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